tagFetishNikki's Watersports

Nikki's Watersports


Nikki, being an Arab, had been raised very repressed. Having been born without a cock made her less than complete, she made almost a fetish of pissing standing up and was fascinated by my pissing, she would often find some excuse to follow me into the bathroom when I was taking a piss. She would stand and watch me; eyes fixed on my cock and her lips parted a bit, her tongue just peeking from between them. She appeared fascinated, and that fascinated me. After we had been fucking for a couple weeks I decided to see how far she would go. Soo…

One afternoon we were lying together on the bed, we had made love and were enjoying just being together. As I relaxed my bladder told me it was time to relieve the pressure, I rose and headed for the bathroom.

"Where are you going?" Came a voice behind me.

"To take a leak, wanna come and help? You can hold it for me."

With that she was up and behind me in a flash. In the bathroom, as I stood by the john, she knelt down, looked up at me and asked, "May I? Please?"

"Go ahead, little girl, go ahead." I answered.

And so, with my permission, she took my cock in her hand and aimed it as I started to let go. Her eyes got big as she watched my piss splashing in the bowl.

I was stroking her hair as she was playing with my cock, swirling the stream of piss around the bowl and grinning like a little kid with a new toy. Finally the stream began to slow until it came to a stop, one drop left on the head. She looked up at me, her tongue between her lips, smiling a question in her eyes.

"Go on, lick it dry. Take a taste."

Her mouth open and tongue extended she leaned forward, licked the head of my cock, looked up at me again.

"Go on!"

Emboldened, her lips surrounded my cock, as she sucked it into her mouth. While she massaged my soft cock with her tongue I released the final bit (yeah, I'm a bastard, I'd saved some for this moment). She jerked a bit in surprise but I held her close.

"Suck it up, girl, don't waste any."

And so she did, sucking the last drops. When she was finished I lifted her up took her in my arms and pulled her close me and kissed her. Her lips, salty, bitter tasting, parted to my tongue, and I probed for hers. Tasted it, still bitter, salty with the taste of my piss, caressed it. After a few moments I pulled back a bit and looked into her eyes. She was smirking and on the edge of giggling.

"How did you know? It's a secret."

" I just know."

And led her back to the bedroom, musing about what I would do to her next. I was thinking it would be a good day to tie her down and treat her ass like her pussy.


That was her first experience with watersports, I discovered that she had very strong and extreme tastes (pun intended) about such things. She was very self-conscious at first, but became enthusiastic quickly. To the point it could be a distraction to me to try to take a piss. But, hell, I loved her and anything that lit her fires lit mine.


Next time she had beaten me to the john, she was sitting there, naked and smelling like seven nights in a Parisian Bordello, when I came up to her. She looked at me and grinned,

"I got here first, you'll just have to hold it."

And, her legs spread, she began to piss - have you ever tried to "hold it" to the sound of running water?

"Bull, make room. Spread 'em."

And I began to let loose a stream, aiming it between her legs. She watched as the stream ran between her legs, joined hers and splashed She leaned back a bit and smiled and spread her legs wider. My response was to raise my aim and the cascade struck her pussy, splashing around her clit and between her lips.

"Ooohh!!" and a soft sigh.

"Like the way that feels, girl? How's that?"

Her response was "OOOh! I didn't think it would feel so hot!"

Then she reached down with one hand and spread her lips' wide exposing her clit to the full effect of the stream. I was watching her - she was looking down at the scene between her thighs, her eyes like saucers, her tongue poking from between her lips.

"Take hold of it, girl. You aim it. Go ahead."

I stopped the flow for a moment; she reached out, took hold of my cock and looked up with a grin. So I pissed all over her tits – she had paid no attention to where she had pointed it. She jerked, looked up at me wide eyed, surprise all over her face – and piss all over her tits. I stopped again and before she could speak said.

"You'd better pay attention to where you point that thing, girl. It can be dangerous."

At that she giggled, and looking down, pointed my cock between her thighs.

"You got anything left, you bastard? Come on!"

Of course I did, and I started to spray her again. Her aim was still off, piss soaked her hand but she corrected and was back on her target. She first directed the stream back to her clit but quickly was moving it up and down between her pussy lips.

"OOOh! That feels good!"

By now I was running low and I stopped the flow. She looked up at me, disappointed.

"How much do you thing I can hold? Now! Lick it and suck it!"

The scene – she was sitting on the toilet, naked and I, also naked, was standing before her. She was wet with piss from her tits down, she had one hand between her legs, holding her pussy and the other was holding my cock. She extended her tongue, leaned forward, and licked a drop from the tip of my cock.

"Please, may I suck you dry?"

Good girl, she had remembered.

"Yes, you may."

Her lips parted, sucked my cock into her mouth. Lips tight around my cock, she sucked, her tongue massaging the bottom of my cock. Well, bastard that I am, I gave her more than just a taste, I flooded her mouth with piss, she started for a moment but recovered and sucked it down. Not a lot but an ounce or two – enough to fill her mouth and make several swallows. When I finished she continued to suck for a moment, seeking the last drop. Finally, she released me and looked up at me, lips still wet.

"You're a bastard! You didn't warn me there was so much left!"

"Of course I am! But I'm your bastard and you're my slut. And I love you!"

I lifted her up into my arms (she weighed but 95 pounds) and kissed her, tasting first her lips and then her mouth. I set her back dawn, on the top of the tank and, dropping the lid, sat on it. She was perched so her pussy was just below my face, I reached and licked her belly, and began to work my way lower.

"You wouldn't dare! Would you? Oh God!"

I would, I did. As my tongue sought out her lips, she lifted her legs – damn near slide off the tank – grabbed my hair, pulled me to her.

"You dare! You bastard, you do! OOOHH! GOD!"

I lifted her from the tank top; she wrapped her legs around my neck, my hands under her ass. I licked her clean, her lips, her clit, then just ate her, licked her, sucked her clit into my mouth, held it between my teeth and flicked it with my tongue. Until she came – she came beating her fists against the wall.

I let her slide down the wall, to the tank top and then in front of me on the seat. I stood up and looked at her. Her eyes were glazed – dazed, her face was slack - flushed, she sat there limp. She looked up at me and started to speak. I shushed her, took her hand and led her to the shower rinsed of her tits, her belly. Then dried her and led her back toward the bedroom.

"Why did – How could – I mean… You're a man, and I have to – well, anything you want. But..."

"Crap, little girl, you love it…"

"Yeah, I do but you…"

"Love you. And will never ask you to do anything for me that I won't do for you."

"Do you mean…"

"Of course, I do. But we'll save that for another day. Right now I want to fuck you until you squeak."

And I did. And she did. Several times.


As we went along, she became more experienced, less self-conscious, about talking about things or letting herself go in her fantasies. Old and experienced as I was (no modesty there) she did surprise me several time with just how far, how much she would do.


Another time I had had to piss before we bathed and tease that she was she had stripped while I was sitting down, I did that sometimes when she was watching, ever try to stay soft while the love of your life is watching, and drooling? She sat on the edge of the tub to watch.

"Hurry up! I gotta go, too!"

She was rocking on the edge of the tub, hands between her legs, gripping her pussy. Needless to say, I forgot why I was there, my cock rose up to say hello to her.

"Well, look who's come out to play!"

Oh hell, I could do that later, if she wanted to play, we'd play. How we'd play was a different story, I had a thought.

"Ok, you little tease, come over here."

I drew her onto my lap and kissed her – first teased her lips with my tongues and then probed into her mouth, our tongues wrestling as I ran my hand down her side. My other hand grabbed her ass and pulled her close, my cock fitting between her legs and against her cunt. I broke our kiss to start on her neck.

"What? You wanna here? OOH!"

She began thrusting against me, rubbing her clit on my cock. I was working my way down her neck to her tit, surrounded a nipple with my lips and sucked it in. Held it with my teeth and flicked it with my tongue. She grabbed my head with both hands; I'd not get away, at least not soon.

"OOOH!! AHHH!!" and other more inarticulate sounds filled the room. Her pussy was growing wet as she continued rubbing her clit on my cock. I lifted her by her ass.

"Now girl, sit on me, its time to fuck." And slipped her down on my cock, feeling her pussy surround it, swallow it. She raised her knees, slid close, belly to belly, wiggling.

"We've never done it here, fuck me!"

I grabbed her hips in both hands and stopped her squirming.

"Hold still, you little slut, hold still! I thought you needed to pee? Well, now's your chance. Go on, now!"

"What? I can't! Not like this. You're inside me!

"Oh hell, of course you can. Just relax."

I reached over and turned on the hot water tape in the sink, and then reached back and flushed.

Suddenly, between us was a gush, as she began to empty her bladder. God! And it felt hotter than I had expected.

"OOH! That's… It's… Hotter than I thought! OHH!!"

I was back to fucking her while she was still going, hot, wet, splashing between us as I filled her with my cum.

"OOOH!!! God! Shit! Shit! What!!"

"No shit, girl, no shit! I'm cuming!" and did.

And she did. Shuddered in my lap. She looked at me.

"You're a bastard. You didn't tell me. Ask me! Damn you!"

My hands still on her hips, I kept her close, my cock in her pussy slowly softening. I wasn't done with her – not yet. As my cock grew soft inside her, I kissed her, whispered in her ear, rocking together. Then I reached back and flushed again, now soft, I began to flood her, fill her with my piss. For a moment she didn't respond, then…

"What! What!! You're… NO! Shit! Shit! Stop! Dammit! Stop!"

"No." I whispered in her ear, holding her close.

Her pussy filled, piss squirted out around my cock and drained, splashing. She was beating on my shoulders and chest.


And I did, finally empty. Held her cheeks, kissed her softly, laughed.

"I love you, really, I do!"

At that she giggled.

"Some way to show it!" and giggled more.

"Actually it was kind of fun. Neat. Well, no, not neat. A mess. Hell, just tell me next time. And I love you too. But you're a bastard anyway."

I am that, but I was her bastard.


I am a bastard, but a bastard how believes in 'turn about'. I can and have (a different series of stories) played the dominant, at bondage, even kept a lady as my slave (she volunteered) but I will do nothing, take nothing, demand nothing that I will not give in return. Actually I insist, its half the fun, and only a wimp can't/won't take what he's willing to dish out. And so one day I got even for all the games. Put her on the spot.


One day I decided that it was time for turn about – did you think I'd forget a promise? Never, but sometimes I'm sneaky about it. She had come in after school; I had started a bath. She came in the bathroom in a hurry, stripping down.

"God! I gotta go."

Struck by inspiration, I looked in the tub, just a couple of inches of warm water, fine. I stepped in, sat down.

"Wait, girl! Come here."

She looked at me – stared.

"You wait, I gotta pee!

"Well, just come here, come on!"

And I smirked at her. Reached out, took her hand, pulled until she stepped in the tub with me. She looked down at me, wondering. Holding her by the hips, I leaned forward and kissed her belly, ran my tongue down to her pussy, parting her lips and teasing her clit.

"Not now! I gotta go! Stop it! Stop that! Ooh! But that is good. But I gotta go stop!"

Standing in front of me, she was fidgeting, trying to push me away. Still holding her hips, I pulled her down, onto my lap.

"Now's your chance girl. It's your turn. Are you up to it?"


She leaned back on my lap, smirked at me, her eyes glittering. And there rose between us a yellow steam, striking me on the chest. Splashed down over my belly, soaking into the hair around my cock.

"AAAH! Gotcha!"

She started to giggle, shake, sprayed wildly about and, finally, stopped. She put her arms around me, held me close, still giggling.

"Wait! Just wait. I'm not done with you yet! No, I'm not! It's my turn, you bastard!"

She fought down her giggles, pushed my hands away, stood up and looked down at me grinning.

"Now, you say 'please'."

I am nothing if not difficult in such situations. She'd get what she wanted, but I'd make her work for it.

"Please what?"

"You bastard, you know. Please may I lick you dry."

"Oh. OK. Please, my lady, may I lick you pussy dry?"

I think she like to faint at that. Surprise or shock I'm not sure but one. Her tongue between her lips, her eyes big watching me, she leaned forward, bent her knees and spread her legs a bit, put her hands on my shoulders. I reached out, held her hips, leaned forward and licked her pussy, parted her lips with my tongue and – oh course – she pissed on me. Mouth open, I pressed my lips to her pussy, sucked her, licked her clit as she filled me with her piss. Salty, bitter, I swallowed some, let some run out around my lips. She damn near fell on me. Collapsed into my lap, the last of her gushed between us. Panting, gasping, laughing, crying, she put her arms around me and kissed me, her tongue probing my mouth.

"God! I never… You… I didn't believe that… Thank you! I loved it."

I drained the tub, started it filling again, and considered. I'd started the day with her a 'top', why not continue? I'd had her on her knees, tied up, tied down, and – well, a lot more. Turn about's fair play and it was time for her to learn. We'd see how good a 'Mistress' my little mistress would make.

Pretty good for a beginner.

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