It was hotter than the hubs of hell out, as my Daddy used to say.

Summertime is my favorite time of the year, except for when the temperature outside hits 100°!

I am off work for a few weeks in the summer, the college where I teach my massage therapy classes has mostly couples classes and makeup work, so I get a lot of free time.

I usually try to make up for that by booking more sessions in my home practice, but that has been slow this year, too.

I was sitting out on the back deck hoping for a bit of wind when Lee called out to remind me that I had a 2:30 appointment.

"Crap!" I thought, not in the mood, but I got up to catch a shower and get ready. I was just slipping a clean T-shirt on when I heard voices in the other room. So I grabbed my scheduling book to check the name, "Nikola" it said. Hmmm...someone new.

I walked out into the living room, here was Lee chatting with what at first glance seemed to be a young boy, then she turned and smiled at me. "Hi, I am Nikola" she said.

I hesitated, then smiled and introduced myself, looking her up and down. She was maybe 5' tall, thin as it is possible to be, Blonde with short cropped hair. I guessed her to be 25 or so.

I realized that I could probably encircle her waist with my hands, this lady didn't weigh 90 pounds!

She must have read my mind, because she said, "Don't worry, I like deep work!" I smiled and handed her the worksheet to fill out for my records, Lee gave me a peck on the cheek and headed off shopping someplace.

"Well, come on in!" I told her, showing her to my nice massage room.

I had the room built special, you would need to see it to appreciate. There is a fountain off to the side, I like the sound of gurgling water instead of the usual boring music when I work. The room has a high ceiling, with skylights that let in light filtered through some huge trees outside. It is bright, airy and nicely decorated and what I like most is I have room to move around. None of these tight little rooms with walls in the way.

Nikola looked around and said, "Nice!" I told her to go ahead and get undressed and hop on the table, and before I could turn to leave the room she had reached up and slipped a catch at her shoulder and was standing there naked, just like that.

This isn't normal at all, she smiled and said, "I am not bashful!" "I see that!" I answered with a grin. I looked her up and down, one odd thing was her nipples were as pale as her skin, it was like there weren't any! Just a larger swelling at the tips of two small mounds all the same shade.

I washed my hands as she slid on my table, and I flipped a soft towel over her fanny as she lay there.

Then I started to work. I was forced to use just part of my hands and a couple of fingers on her ankles, they were so tiny. I started softly, then increased pressure as I went on. After a few minutes, she asked me to work deeper, so I did, and she asked for more pressure. As I worked up her legs, I was using quite a bit of my strength, and I am not small at all, coming in at around 230 pounds.

She just kept asking for more! I was beginning to worry about hurting her when she finally said, "Ahhh! Just right!" Hell, I was starting to sweat here. I never did air condition my room, after all, this is out in the woods in Oregon.

But suddenly it was hot in the room. I stopped for a second with an apology to get a drink of ice water, Nikola turned her head to look at me and said "Why don't you just undress, you will be cooler."

Now I have never worked nude, although I have ended up nude during some sessions when things went a little past a normal massage.

So at first I muttered something about it not being a good idea, she said, "Oh come on! It's hot and I don't mind!"

"Interesting!" I thought, starting to get an idea where this might be headed.

So I did, I slipped off my T-shirt and dropped my trousers, feeling the glimmerings of an erection as I did so.

Then I just went back to work on Nikola's upper legs and fanny. Such a soft sweet curve, as my hands slipped down into the crack of her behind slightly, I felt her move and open her legs to give me access.

I had gotten a glimpse of her before when she dropped her dress, she was obviously a true blonde. But now I was treated to a sweet view of her pussy lips from behind, already swollen and engorged.

I played it straight and avoided any intimate touch, although I got real close as she seemed to shift towards my fingers with each stroke.

Then I stepped around to work on her back and shoulders. This placed my cock, now about halfway erect, just inches from the top of her head and a bit below. She was laying with her face turned to the side on a small pillow, then she turned to face me with her head tipped back.

I could feel her eyes looking right at me, and I started to get harder. She just lay there looking at me as I worked on her back.

Finally I finished up, and got a drink, offering her one. She sat up and sipped some water, then leaned back. She reached down and dropped the towel to the floor, opened her legs a bit blatantly and tucked the pillow under her head.

I stood there for a moment simply enjoying the sight. She was tiny, but also a purely sexual creature. I took in the shape of her pussy, for a small woman she had large protruding lips. Her obvious excitement added to that, of course.

I started at her upper body, noticing again the pale nipples. As I worked her sides, I let my hands flow up and over her breasts, avoiding contact with them.

After a few strokes like that she said, "Pinch my nipples!" Now that was also a question I had never been asked before, but I reached down and took each one in my fingers and pinched lightly. "Harder!" she said, so I began to roll them firmly. "Harder!" she said again, now I was bearing down about as firmly as I dared.

I saw a little ripple go through her abdomen and she let out a small sigh as I released them. I looked and noticed the redness, her nipples took on a pink color from the pressure, and they seemed to flatten out and get even larger in diameter rather than firm up and get crinkly looking like most.

I then began to work on her legs, after a couple of minutes she asked for a larger pillow. I got one and placed it under her head and shoulders, this put her in an almost sitting up position.

As I went back to work, I could feel her eyes on my again, I looked up and she was staring at my cock.

As my hands reached her upper leg, she turned her knee out to the side, giving me full access between her legs. I still avoided her pubic region, finishing up the one leg and moving to the other. She did the same thing on that side, now her legs were spread as far as the table would allow.

I looked and noticed her lips had opened outwards, like a flower, and I also realized I now had a raging hard on!

Then Nikola simply scooted down to the foot of the table, legs wide open and apart, and she said, "Come on!"

"Uhhh..." I started to say. She said "Come on!"

I hesitated, she didn't say eat me or fuck me she said "Come on!"

"You mean...?" I began. "Yes, right now, come on!" she demanded.

So I stepped forward and let the end of my cock just touch her as I used my thumbs to brush softly upwards over her, lifting her clit with each stroke.

She simply leaned forward, reached around behind me, and pulled rather forcefully for such a tiny thing. Her lips were wet, I started to slide into her, then I plunged in all the way.

I had expected her to be so tight that it would be difficult, it wasn't. But I did feel myself hit bottom, which got a grunt out of her, then she was bouncing her hips at me.

Hell, I wasn't fucking her, she was fucking me! All this didn't take very long, either, she let out a moan and started coming. I was quite a ways behind her actually, so I just kept up the gentle motion as she did most of the work.

Then I was blasting in waves at her too. I am sure she came again then but I missed most of it.

Afterwards, we were naked out on the deck sipping some ice water. I told her she was probably the most sexual lady I ever met. Nikola just smiled at me and said she had come over because she was horny.

That puzzled me, I asked her how she knew to come to me?

She said, "Tina is my Mom, I am in town for a visit."

.."Oh," I thought. Tina is the wife of my Doctor, who I have worked on many times. But Tina has dark skin and dark hair....Then it hit me...

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