tagSci-Fi & FantasyNina and Renee Return Ch. 03

Nina and Renee Return Ch. 03


This story is an erotic sci-fi tale in a very futuristic setting. It will draw directly upon characters and events from "A Union Consummated" and "Gift from Outer Space."

This chapter spends time describing sci-fi concepts, many of these deal with a single despotic antagonist. There is a lot of body switching and some gender-bending in the process. There is some strong non-consent involving realistic, sentient sex dolls. There is also tentacle rape. Yes, there are still dick girls. The bad things like rape are part of an unfolding story about a man who loses his humanity trying to cheat eternity. Keep reading, and you may be in for a few shocks.

Disclaimers: I do not recommend this as a starting point, because it is devoid of a protagonist. No humans are under age 18, and no clones or other characters are built to look or think as underage persons. This chapter is only *lightly* sprinkled with sex. I keep the non-consent pretty brief. There are NO long passages devoted to specific sexual encounters in this chapter. The next few chapters are full of hot sex involving young, horny coeds and dickgirls in space.

Orth was a red dwarf star near the center of the Milky Way. It had four planets of middling size and three vast rings of asteroids. Long ago, the Orth system was colonized by a race of aliens known as the Ryztins. They chose the Orth system because of the promise held by its second planet as a habitable world. Its distance from the red dwarf star was optimal, and its size and atmosphere were near tolerances. Its pleasant 30 hour days and robust magnetic field were also welcome advantages. However, Orth-2 was a lifeless rock, covered with volcanoes that spewed magma relentlessly. Its sooty atmosphere was full of poisonous fumes.

The Ryztins were a race of tough but wiry aliens. Their home world had a much higher gravity than Earth, but their underlying biology was otherwise similar to humans. In order for them to colonize Orth-2, it would take a tremendous effort in terraforming.

That is where the asteroids came in. Orth was ringed, much like Saturn, with three glorious rings of ice and rock. Even the rocky asteroids had large quantities of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon locked inside. Using a massive harvesting effort, the asteroids were hurled toward a processing facility known as the Nyrion.. This remarkable, gigantic spacecraft hung in low orbit around Orth-2, dangling a massive tube down into the atmosphere. The platform melted the ice blasted the asteroids into their constituent elements, reassembling the molecules into water and other desirable substances. It pumped these, via the enormous pipeline, directly into the planet below.

The process was slow, but in time Orth was cooled by reflective clouds and placid oceans. The Ryztins developed a very hospitable, comfortable climate on the world that would support wildlife. Animals were introduced, along with nano-bugs to handle the breakdown of wastes the animals produced. Soon the Ryztins were ready to move in and explore the world they had made.

As planned, it was a resounding success. The fine climate and beautiful star studded night sky became a popular feature of the growing colony.

The effort, planning, and vision paid off for the Ryztins, whose new real estate became a hub for their civilization. The remains of the second asteroid belt could still be seen from Orth-2's surface, when the air was clear, as a big ghostly line across the sky, usually broken only by Orth's shadow.

With a slow burning sun and the Ryztins as its capable defenders, it was said that Orth-2 would be a Ryztin stronghold for eons. Ryztins went on to rule Orth-2 for 15,000 Earth years. Then, 7,000 years ago, Behtor's Alliance conquered a quarter of the galaxy and a fleet led by General Bronz brought them to their knees in surrender.

Well, Ryztins don't have knees, but let's discuss the man who called himself Bronz. He was born with the name of Shepard 10394 in the time of the ancient hegemony. He had been a natural, flesh and blood human being when he first befriended Levitt 5489. The two had been loyal friends ever since they first took jobs as crewmen on a ship together, and they always helped each other out. At the time, spacefaring humans were second class and only permitted certain menial jobs. The two proved so resourceful that their captain secretly promoted Levitt to his First Mate and Shephard to be his Security Officer. They chose code names for themselves, to hide their identities in the ship's manifest.

Shepard called himself Bronz. Levitt called himself Behtor. As they earned their way, fate would make Behtor the captain of that ship. They took on their own crew, then a sister ship, then two. Along with it came the funds to do great things. Aspiring human pilots flocked to the band of rebels, which flew under the radar of the hegemony which did not approve of humans with power.

As they grew older, they both decided to extend their lifespans by converting their consciousnesses into machine brains. They then installed these brains into durable and physically capable robotic bodies, known commonly as avatars.

It was around this time that the Ryztins and others sought realized what was going on, and sought to put an end to the upstart human-owned-and-crewed space frigate, declaring human captains illegal. However, the Ryztins underestimated Bronz's strategic capabilities, and the fledgling fleet inflicted several embarrassing defeats upon the aggressor hegemony.

Behtor and Bronz fought back with vengeful zeal. Word spread of their victories among humans and those sympathetic to humans. A revolution was born, under the banner of Behtor's Alliance. Uprisings and rebellion spread through the galaxy. After four centuries, a quarter of the galaxy had undergone tumultuous upheavals, occupations, wars, and sometimes entire planets were wiped out by orbital bombardments. Billions upon billions of lives were snuffed out.

7,000 years ago, Behtor's alliance was mopping up after what had been a very vast undertaking. A quarter of the Galaxy was now under their control, or would be soon. However, a pivotal battle was being waged in the Orth system. Bronz was preparing to force the last stronghold of the Ryztins to surrender, this time without resorting to orbital bombardment.

He had been dared to attempt the impossible. Ryztins were wiry and capable fighters, denser than humans and extremely nimble. They were deadly on solid ground, and Orth's high gravity gave them the advantage. Not only were they good in close quarters, but they moved swiftly, making them much more effective in ambush tactics and urban maneuvers.

During the years of blockading, Bronz searched for an alternative to bombardment. Serendipity produced an alternative.

His men located the Nyrion, the massive ship that had been used to terraform Orth-2. It was in orbit around Orth-1. They brought it back online and positioned it in low orbit above the blockaded planet. Once the fleet began hurling asteroids its way, it poured – literally bombarded Orth-2, with enough water to fill a stadium every few minutes.

At first, the Ryztins did not know what to do. If the Nyrion were to crash into the planet, it could cause mass casualties. However, as the water level began to rise they were forced to take action.

Bronz's armada defended the Nyrion against several desperate assaults. Fortunately for Bronz, the massive, funnel shaped spaceship dwarfed Mars' Mount Olympus and could take quite a beating.

When the Nyrion was finally shot down, the oceans had risen only a few feet. The flooding and mass casualties occurred when a large chunk of the ship landed in the ocean at terminal velocity. The shockwave tore leaves off of trees hundreds of miles away. Minutes later, tidal waves began hitting the shores, and for a day, one coast after another was hit with hundred foot waves. Every shore was hit. Some islands were washed away completely. Entire cities were wiped out.

Although the Ryztins were scrappy and tough, their density made them poor swimmers. Without flotation devices, hundreds of millions drowned before the waters receded. Surrender came shortly thereafter.

After the victory, General Bronz treated Orth-2 as his own planet, bought and paid for with the blood of mankind. Behtor's alliance claimed a quadrant of the Milky way as part of their empire, and declared the new capitol world to be Serra-5. There, Bronz planned to live out the rest of his days.

Bronz had a mighty fortress built on Orth-2, that he might be ready should war break out again. Because Orth was near Serra, it was a highly strategic system.

Much of the rest is history. Behtor has been relatively peaceful for 7,000 years, ushering in new prosperity for all humans and all races in the quadrant.

However, Bronz was no longer allowed to be the de facto ruler of the Orth system. He grudgingly set up a special election to allow the humans and Ryztins to form a new cooperative government. Behind the scenes, however, he burrowed his way into every facet of the Ryztin's legal system, interpreting Behtor's laws as they applied to Orth-2's constitutional charter (a charter he helped devise). His interpretations were confoundingly obtuse when they served his objectives.

Even with all these preparations carefully laid, he rigged the first election in favor of the Heritage party. The Heritagers already controlled much of the power structure on Serra-5. His cronies there ensured a constant stream of money in return for patronage and favors.

Nothing was left to chance by Bronz, after fighting four centuries not just for human power, but for his power.

Life was grand, for a while. He had money, and he tossed plenty at charities and causes. He was celebrated for his philanthropy and his honorable service. He attended concerts and ceremonies, and held amazing parties of his own. Not only did he date the most gorgeous women in the system, he dated lots of them at the same time, and juggled them into his days with all the skill of a Casanova. His computerized brain pulsed with steady activity, healthy thoughts, and soaring dreams.

Best of all, he was free to act on those dreams. The galaxy, at least the friendly part of it, was his oyster. He traveled all over the quadrant in search of new sights and experiences.

His mechanical brain sustained his consciousness. Many were skeptical if an organic consciousness could really be transferred without being destroyed. If his consciousness was merely a new emulation, then it still had all the quirks of a normal human psyche. Bronz had memories that could be vague or vivid, impulses, even hatreds. He had regrets and bad memories too, some that wouldn't go away.

He could depress or stimulate his mind with software that simulated drugs like serotonin. He experimented with these. Ultimately Bronz grew sickened of the ecstasy of fake happiness, like all methuselahs who attempt to drown their emptiness with the pleasure button of the human brain.

Every few years, Bronz replaced his human form with a fresh clone, always keeping the same brain. Even his consciousness could be smoothly transferred to a new brain if the old brain started to break down. Medical science could have sustained his consciousness forever, but it could not sustain his sanity. He could not erase his regrets.

As time went on he began to feel the same mental weariness that affects all humans who live so long. His new bodies could not undo his boredom. Nothing pleased him anymore. New lovers were like chores. He couldn't stand them. He became given to bouts of anger and irrationality.

One day, he took to his bed a girl who had just won a galactic beauty pageant's top prize earlier that year. When he found out she had given him her virginity, he spewed insults at her for several minutes, leaving her crying in shame. She later attempted to commit suicide.

Bronz realized that whatever had come over him was an emerging pattern of his behavior. It was a disease, infecting his mind. He didn't want to cause anyone else pain, so he began to seclude himself from the outside world, living as a mere reclusive land owner on Orth-2.

No longer was he capable of pursuing his dreams. He could no longer travel or explore. His boredom intensified exponentially, and his thoughts turned to death again and again.

Bronz regarded his deteriorating condition as a mental disorder. He decided to try to spend his money in search of treatments.

He spent his fortunes outfitting his fortress with diversions and entertainment. He then contracted a company called Living Mate to send him clones, female simulacrums that imitated human appearance and emotions. Each was beautiful and well endowed, with an hourglass figure that just begged to be fucked. They could be programmed to be docile or intelligent, slutty or demure. These became his sex toys, imprisoned in his lair to be used at his whim. If he wanted, they would obey his every command.

However, without free will, they were boring as well.

Thus, he spent a fortune on a new headservant, a gorgonite similar to Lady Vera of pleasure castle. As a gorgonite, she was a kind of android, and with minimum maintenance she could carry on indefinitely. Headmistress Wen's sole job was to provide Bronz with fresh entertainment. She planned parties, ensuring that none would be alike. She planned romantic and sexual fantasies for Bronz involving the simulacrums, and provided the simulacrums with unexpected whims and desires, that they might excite and intruige Bronz. The investment proved to be worthwhile. Bronz lived on, even as Behtor finally succumbed to sweet rest at the ripe old age of two thousand Earth years.

So Bronz roamed his inner lair, in search of diversions. He had many avatars to choose from. Some of them were mechanical shells, gorgonites essentially, with the power to teleport and shoot beams and such. Bronz sometimes played with these, but he favored his organic shells when it came to pleasures of the flesh.

He started collecting different sizes and shapes of men, some more muscular, some with dark skin, or even stranger beings. He didn't always enjoy being too big or unwieldly, as his weight would be too much for his lovers to support, especially on Orth-2.

Sometimes he considered less bulky shells to be his body. Sometimes they were even dainty.

At the age of three thousand, Bronz decided to experiment with placing his brain into a female shell. As a female, She-Bronz still sought out sex with other female simulacrums. She spent time dressing up like them and learned, painstakingly, to adopt their mannerisms. She and her simulacrum girlfriends would try on every kind of gown and costume and wearing every kind of hairdo, and then She-Bronz would watch as they got romanced by other clones.

She-Bronz enjoyed her female existence. She still had control over all of her servants, and they performed every act at her behest. Her female genitalia also granted her unexpectedly intense pleasure, and she became fond of having her pussy licked and tongue fucked. When she was close to orgasm, she liked to grip a clone girl's head between her thighs and feel the flurry of licks on her clit intensify.

It was during this brief phase that Wen prepared something special for She-Bronz. One day when She-Bronz was wandering Lod'amere, she met a simulacrum who did not realize she was in the presence of the Master. This clone behaved freely because Wen actively controlled the servant in such a way that it appeared to be whimsical, impulsive, and unique.

To She-Bronz, there was newness and excitement in the encounter. There were sparks of attraction as well. Seeking out privacy, they began squeezing and fondling each other, and soon they were licking each other from one sweet climax to the next.

What followed was a heated romance and one She-Bronz would never forget. She wanted to repeat it, only to make it different, better.

Wen had freshly whetted She-Bronz's appetite for love, the kind he used to engage in before he became accustomed to domination and control. Thus for a time She-Bronz pursued lesbian romances. Lady Wen was pleased to find that She-Bronz enjoyed the give-and-take. Her regained capacity for patience and empathy was vital to her mental health. The last thing Lady Wen wanted was for Bronz's to lose these and grow depressed or schizophrenic.

"If all that is left of me is a desire to see pain and misery, you are ordered to destroy me," Bronz had once told her. "If I use torture to get my kicks, and you know, not rough sex kind of torture but real, black, pain and death kind of stuff, just put me out of my misery. Once I reach that stage, I can know no happiness."

Wen nodded.

"You are correct, Master. However, I won't let that happen to you," she replied.

"It probably will happen. It will, Wen, listen to me. I'll run out of fuel eventually." He paused. "By the way, if you do have to destroy me, make sure you see to my estate. After that, self destruct."

"As you wish, Master."

She-Bronz tired of her lesbian affairs after only a few short years. Lady Wen held parties and tried to get She-Bronz back into role-playing mode by creating interesting characters using simulacrums of galactic celebrities and so forth. Eventually, this tactic backfired as well.

One time, Wen had a simulacrum of a virgin princess created, a native of Serra-5 named Daphne. This Princess Daphne clone was a surprise guest at a party. Daphne had a fancier hairdo and a more resplendent gown than She-Bronz, or anyone else in attendance. She-Bronz was incensed, and nearly threw everyone out of the party.

Even though Lady Wen did her best to salvage the situation, She-Bronz plotted her revenge. The thought of watching the princess get fucked by two girls with big dicks entered her mind.

She-Bronz knew one way to make this fantasy come true.

Lady Wen made the arrangements, of course. She hired a pair of girls who were joined to Alhani symbionts to visit Lod'amere. These symbionts were in effect girls with very large cocks. She-Bronz watched the symbionts seduce Daphne. In a private room, they took her virginity, then fucked her every which way, until she was limp, quivering, and covered with cum.

It was evident that "Daphne" had enjoyed all of it, even when she was getting a crash course in how to deep throat. She-Bronz enjoyed the show so much she offered to buy the symbionts outright. However, they were not for sale.

Bronz had invested resources in the mining of raw materials for thousands of years, and he had reserves on hand. He purchased his own pair of symbionts direct from the Alhani space merchants. He sent these dormant phalluses to nearby Serra-5. There, Lady Vera selected beautiful volunteer candidates to be joined to the symbionts. One of the criteria Bronz asked for was that the candidates be "rather mean" or "comfortable with bullying."

After two years of training, these symbionts showed up for work at Lod'amere. They were to act as servants. They would obey She-Bronz's commands and fuck whomever she chose for as long as she desired. She enjoyed watching them fuck the pretty simulacrums from both ends, and the symbionts put on a good show with their big cocks and massive cum-splattering orgasms. The simulacrums seemed to enjoy it most of all.

She-Bronz had a rule for his symbiont dick girls. They were to never ever offer her their cocks, or even their touch.

"Never, ever, even think about fucking the boss. I don't want cock. Period."

She-Bronz was just playing a woman. Inside, she was still a man and a former general. Get fucked like a trifling whore? That's what the simulacrums were for.

Yet each time she watched the simulacrums enjoying a good fucking, she wondered what it was like. She consistently saw glee and delight in their faces the moment that sweetened cum burst from the heavy, meaty cocks of the symbionts. Phrases like oh god, I can feel your cum filling me, and shower me with your cum were used quite often by the simulacrums.

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