Nina and Renee Return Ch. 05


"It's going to take a few hours," she told him. "He'll be refreshed and awake when I'm done, so I could do it during the night cycle, to save time."

"Get started then," Chester replied.

Macy got up immediately and headed out of the cockpit. Everyone watched her ass when she left.

"Oh, he is going to love that," Leifa murmured, leering at Macy's pert buns openly. That man deserves it too, she thought to herself. She turned and looked Chester in the eyes and as she held his gaze, as she slid her long tongue out of her mouth and flicked her nipples with it.

"Okay, Loki, I'm going to have to ask you to report to your surveillance cell. Or just get off the ship, preferably. No use putting off the inevitable."

"You two have fun. I'll be laughing tomorrow." He vanished without a sound, teleporting to his surveillance cell.

"Master, please fuck my mouth before bed," Leifa immediately began, dropping to her knees. "One good orgasm before bed, at minimum--"

"I know, I know, will help me sleep better. Well don't you worry about that tonight. I'll be giving all of your holes a turn," Chester replied. "Come on, let's go to bed."

Leifa jumped up and down, ecstatic.

"Oh, master!"


Nina searching for Renee and the others on an Amphitryon. She had a sense that someone was looking for her too. She couldn't tell who, but she felt a palpable sense of apprehension. The lack of gravity was strange, and being naked didn't help.

The absence of gravity made Nina disoriented and confused, even though she knew the Amphitryon's halls well. Over and over, she went floating down a hallway only to pass the passageway she intended to take. Confused, she would backtrack, only to find the corridor was not what she expected. She felt clumsy and disoriented, as though she were half dreaming.

Her symbiont was attached to her body. It dangled limply between her legs, and seemed to flap about as she maneuvered weightlessly around corners. She felt exposed, in full view of whoever -- or whatever -- might be watching from the shadows of the darkened halls. She couldn't find her clothes.

At first she found a few unlocked doors. Now all of the rooms were locked. The few lights that were on were dim, on their night cycle. Many more were turned off completely for some reason.

Finally she found the hatch to the passenger deck, but it was locked. She decided to head down a darkened corridor, one that led to the aft cargo hold.

She could hear noises, panting and moaning, and the slick rhythmic sounds of lubricated sex. She couldn't tell if the sounds were getting louder or softer, but they permeated the ship. They frightened her.

"Doesn't this ship have any light switches?" she asked aloud.

It felt creepy in the aft of the ship fumbling about in near darkness. She turned to leave, but found herself face to face with Macy and Leifa.

"What are you doing back here?" Macy asked, taking a step closer. "We've been looking all over." Although Nina did not notice the change, suddenly there was gravity again.

The Avashai both smiled at her. Their breasts all lined up, looked so inviting. Their hips and waists, so curvy and appealing, drew Nina's gaze up and down. Her cock was growing harder, jutting up in front of her.

"Do you think we'll get caught?" Leifa asked, leaning close for a kiss.

Nina welcomed her kiss, longed for their comforting touch. She allowed their hands to caress her body, and soon the two Avashai were on their knees, licking and stroking her cock. Their long tongues encircled the shaft fully, squeezing and pulling on it like a pair of plush, wet hands.

She could feel their tits mashing against her thighs.

Nina's cock grew and grew. It was now easily longer than her forearm, with room for each of the Avashai to encircle with their tongues and wrap a fist around. Nina's perspective changed, and she watched as a third person a side view of tongues and hands all stroking her shaft in random directions.

Then the Avashai began to move in unison, stroking up and down. The pleasure was intense. She could feel it, and it felt real. She could distinctly feel the difference between their hands and their tongues. Their coordinated strokes along her shaft felt like fucking, and a pleasurable tension began to build inside her. Before long she was ready to blow.

Nina could feel others watching, as she was, from the third person. She looked away from the sight of the Avashai both licking and stroking her. Peering into the shadows, she began to recognize who they were. It was her mother and father and her big brothers. The looked on with muted emotions, as though it was no surprise. Renee was there as well, wearing a wedding dress. So were Bonnie, Josie and Kirsten. They were all similarly expressionless.

As they watched, Macy sucked on Nina's pulsing shaft. Nina threw her head back and let herself go but with everyone watching, she just couldn't cum. She grabbed Macy's head and started fucking her mouth harder and faster, but somehow it seemed like there was no friction. There was only her hardness straining for release.

Nina woke with a rush of adrenaline.

Renee turned, looked up at Nina, then rolled over again.

"You okay?" Renee murmured, reaching out for Nina's hand.

"Yeah, I'm okay." Nina lay down again and tried to go to sleep.

"Bad dreams?" Renee asked. The first few nights after being joined with the symbiont, Renee dreamed some crazy dreams herself.

"A little. It wasn't really bad, just creepy."

Renee groped around and found Nina's raging hard on. It was so big there was almost no missing it.

"Hmm. Maybe you should go see Leifa," Renee suggested.

Nina's heart was pounding, but she wondered if the dream was really all that unusual.

"I guess," she said, not knowing how she was going to make it down the hallway with her boner at full mast. "Maybe tomorrow."

"Okay. Meanwhile, I think TeeGee has a situation," Renee said smilingly, stroking the underside of the throbbing symbiont.

Renee spooned up against Nina, pressing the cleft of her ass against the underside of Nina's cock. She felt precum oozing from the tip onto her lower back.

"Renee, I need you," Nina whispered, sliding her cock down and between the blonde's slender thighs. Renee closed her legs together and Nina began thrusting between her thighs.

"Oh yeah baby I'm here," Renee replied, thrilled at Nina's girth. She reached down to rub Nina's tip. Then, she tucked her legs in, exposing her sex to the rampant symbiont.

Nina felt her entire being urging forward, wanting to penetrate Renee's delicate flower and deposit her copious seed. She slowly slid the aching mast into the heat of Renee's silky folds.

Nina's cock plunged deliciously into Renee's tight wetness. With each thrust, Nina went deeper, until she reached the top of Renee's inner walls. Nina found that from behind, she could really penetrate Renee deeply if she wanted to. She found an angle that let her thrust hard without hurting the sexy blonde.

She held Renee tight and began sawing in and out of Renee's pussy. Her breasts were pressed against Renee's back and she had her hands squeezing and fondling Renee's sensitive nipples. They moaned and squirmed and screwed.

In a few minutes they climaxed together. Then they fell back asleep, this time more restfully.

The story will continue to unfold, so stay tuned!

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