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Nina Part Two


I recalled that, when faced with a similar advance upon her person, my mother had given cries of encouragement to her partner, and I tried a few of these to see if they would stimulate my feelings. They did not. However, I had only to gasp "Come on stud!" and "You're the best, baby!" to hear Grope utter a shrill wail, and to feel him thrust his small stick further into the nest of my bosom. With a final gasp, he emptied a tiny amount of fluid onto my tits.

It wasn't quite such a surprise as it had been when Pork had gone off in my hand, but it was a bit of a shock. I mopped a smear of it off with my fingertips, and sniffed it. It didn't smell at all like goat's milk. I licked it, and all I could taste was a kind of spiced salt. It did nothing for me. This action of mine, though, seemed to provide Grope with some enjoyment. He was shaking like a hut wall in a light breeze, and fighting for breath. "Gods..." he wheezed some minutes later. "You're a hot one, aren't you!" I had no idea what he meant. "I've never had any of the other girls get that excited about a tit fuck before! What a horny bitch you are!" I had horns? Was this another word for tits? My vocabulary was growing all the time.

Grope recovered his composure, which meant he become sour and over-bearing. "You needn't think life will be so pleasurable all the time! You'll work, my girl. You'll scrub the kitchens, you'll clean the bedrooms. The only time you'll indulge your carnal lusts are when I bring you here! Understand?" I didn't, but I nodded mutely. "Good." He rose, and unlocked the door. "You shall sleep here tonight," he ordered, leering. He made to leave, so I coughed politely. He might have forgotten, but I had been well educated in the ways of love. Many was the time when my mother had summoned back a departing customer with such a cough.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" I inquired. The Chamberlain scratched his head, much puzzled. "My pay!" I pointed out indignantly. Grope laughed maniacally. "You get your pay at the end of the week, like everyone else!" And with that he left, locking the door behind him.

So, that was how it was to be. I should have expected that they would handle things differently here in the palace. I would be paid, not on each occasion, as my dear mother had insisted, but at the end of each week. Fine Ð I would keep a tally, so that I might reckon how I prospered. Perhaps I would prove able to support Mama's burden after all.


Of course, I still had an immediate problem, namely that of being stuck in this room when I wanted to be with my master, Tumescence, who had paid for my services. I was also quite cold, since Grope had been too excited to notice that I had not just removed my clothing, but torn it to shreds. It was dark Ð the cell was lit only by the murky light which filtered through my narrow window from the upper vaults of the temple. I was hungry. All in all, I was quite unhappy.

It was several hours later, I think, when I again heard one of the sisters call from the floor of the Temple. I climbed to the window, thrusting my head through. It was Charity once more. Nor was she alone. Angelica stood at her side, supporting a stooping old man. Joy flared up in my breast. Though he looked less decrepit than when I last saw him, I recognised my master at once.

He couldn't see me, for he was blindfolded. However, he cocked his head back when I called. I think he was as pleased to find me, as I was to be found. "Where are you, Nina?" he called, huskily. "I really don't know," I replied. "Grope brought me up some long, curved stair from the main entrance to the tower." Tumescence groaned something, and he seemed to be trying to count on his fingers even though he couldn't see them. "Ah!," he remarked after a while. "There are so many stairways coiled about the outer wall of the palace, each serving separate chambers throughout the tower. I can't be sure which it is. I had no idea that there was a chamber overlooking the Temple of Fahni!"

"Nor had we," giggled Angelica. She and Charity blushed richly. "It's obvious that some previous King desired a spy-hole from where he could keep an eye on the Temple," Tumescence continued. "I'll need to read a few documents. All this may mean your rescue is somewhat delayed."

This prospect didn't please me. "Master Grope said he might return at any time! Suppose he takes me away from here? Perhaps we should return to the original plan? I could climb down a rope!" Tumescence shook his head. "Even if you could manage it, it would be difficult to smuggle you out of the Temple. The priestesses are not allowed to mix with the rest of the Tower. If you were discovered sneaking out, it would risk revealing the existence of the spy-room to the High Priestess of Fahni. I'm not ready to face a scandal."

"What do you suggest, then?" I asked. "Stay there," Tumescence advised me. "I have engaged someone to begin looking for you. Even if I am unlucky in my researches, he may find you in a short while anyway."

"But I'm cold and I'm hungry. Grope could come back at any time. And I don't have any clothes on. I tore them up to make a cord." I noticed that Tumescence seemed to faint at my words. Charity and Angelica bore him up on their arms. I chastised myself for being so selfish. Here was I, forced to endure a little suffering, and my Master was ill.

"Oh, Master, forgive me. You are still weak. And is there something wrong with your eyes? Ð I notice you wear a bandage!" The mage regained his balance, and the two women stepped away. "There's nothing wrong with my eyes!" he sighed. "However, there are strict laws pertaining to the Temple of Fahni. The only male allowed to gaze upon the sisters is the High Priest. This was the only way I could get in. Not to mention the fact that I wasn't sure I was ready to see you again anyway. I need more time to recover my strength!"

"Is it true then, mighty wizard," interrupted Charity, with a strange smirk on her face, "that practitioners of magic are weakened by sex?" Tumescence half-turned in her direction. "Not all practitioners, no. Some forms of magic actually depend on sexual energy for their power. Those of my branch of magic, however, find that pleasures of the flesh sap our magical potency."

"It sounds as if you made a very difficult choice," remarked Angelica, stepping closer to her colleague. She whispered something into Charity's ear that made them both smile. "Not so very difficult," Tumescence continued meanwhile. "Those other magicians, with their orgies with succubi and vampires, they're not so clever. And I can indulge in some wild fun of my own twice a decade, without ruining my magical appetite."

"You must have a strong will," murmured Angelica provocatively. I watched her stand behind Charity's back, and lift the black-haired novice's robe up slowly, revealing her long thighs and the jumble of ebony hair between her legs. "It's absolutely essential," Tumescence replied quickly, still ignorant of what was happening. Clutching Charity's robes in one fist, Angelica was reaching around with her free hand to stroke the top of her fellow priestess' thighs. Charity spread her legs wide, allowing the other girl to insinuate her fingers more deeply, and ground her buttocks against Angelica's strong legs.

Tumescence seemed to hesitate, tilting his head this way and that, as if he had heard some soft and intriguing sound. In the deep silence of the temple, I could hear it too Ð a low, soft moan from Charity's lips, and a wet, sloshing sound where she was spending liberally over Angelica's hand. Tumescence began to look pale, and to shrivel in his clothes. I knew I had to rescue him at once.

"Master! How am I to be saved?" The wizard tilted his head back, following my voice back to its source high above. The distraction had worked. "As I was saying, I have engaged the services of a hero who will seek out your chamber. You must listen out for him. Only if Grope reappears should you risk climbing down into the Temple!"

The plan was agreed. I let down my cloth rope, and Angelica released Charity for long enough to tie a more substantial rope to its end. I hauled this up, and tied my end to a metal ring I discovered set in the wall. By the time I returned to the window, Tumescence and the two sisters had gone. I watched for a while, but no-one entered the hall below, so I resigned myself to waiting. The already-gloomy cell grew darker, and I knew that the light from Fahni's Temple was being dimmed. In the blackness of night, I finally drifted off to sleep, naked, hungry and cold. I'm not sure how long I slept, but I awoke to hear a key turning in the door.

The door swung open. Whoever had entered bore no light, and I couldn't make out any sign of who it might be. Nor did the person make a sound, even when I asked who it was. Instead, I felt a hand reach out and touch my quivering breast, and I panicked. Who else could this be, but the Chamberlain? Instinctively, I reached out and grasped the handle of a small bucket which stood in the corner of the room. Swinging this with all my might, I brought it down hard on the head of my assailant. There was a loud crack, a short grunt, and he fell flat on the floor at my feet.

I could still see nothing. I reached out my hands to see if I could find anything of interest on the Chamberlain's unconscious body. Almost at once, I knew I had made a mistake. Instead of Grope's angular torso and limbs, I encountered a large plain of taut muscle. Exploring in one direction, I discovered a broad chin, and a solid, square face framed by a swathe of hair. Going back down the powerful chest, I met a wide belt, from which hung a small square of cloth, and then beneath that Ð to my amazement Ð a long hose-like object, curled in the giant's lap. What could this be? I gave it an experimental tug, but it did not come loose. Instead, it seemed to become a little larger. Now I knew what I had found!

So, it wasn't the Chamberlain after all. Who, then? A rescuer, sent by Tumescence, or some lackey of Grope's? How could I be sure? What clinched it was that he had a key, which I reasoned meant he had to be an ally of the Chamberlain's. I decided to play safe, and to escape from the chamber while the giant was out cold.

But before I could think of leaving, I had to satisfy my curiosity about something. After all, I had just spent several long hours with nothing more to ponder than the sight of Charity and Angelica sucking the priest's cock while they invented lascivious dreams for his entertainment. What, I wondered, did a man's thing taste like?

I made sure I had the key safely in my fist, and that the giant was still slumbering peacefully. Then I knelt over his body, and dipped my head towards that hard muscle my hands had discovered. It lay, curving slightly, across the flat plain of his belly, the tip two-thirds of the way to his navel. Coarse hair surrounded its base like a forest, and his sack nestled between his thighs. I let my hand travel across them lightly, and then searched for him with my lips.

First, I placed a small kiss on the middle of his long tube. It felt slightly hot to the touch, and there was a strong, but very pleasant odour of sandalwood and oil. Pleasantly surprised, I kissed his flesh again, lingering longer, and opening my mouth to take a small portion of him inside. There was a hint of salt about him, and something else I couldn't place. I grew bolder, and touched the slick skin with my tongue. It felt luxurious.

I was enjoying this activity so much, that I settled myself more comfortably, and slid my hand around the base of his tool, to raise the head towards my lips. It twitched slightly, and seemed to reach out towards me. The flesh grew slightly warmer, and much harder. I investigated the soft, gentle skin at the tip, and the small hole there, probing gently with my tongue. I rolled the flesh around in my mouth, and felt it swell. I licked the underside of the stem, then took the length of it in my mouth, imitating the sucking motions I had seen. The cock grew longer and thicker, and I felt myself grow hungry for it. I licked and sucked, and let my teeth run along the skin. Finally, I took as much of it in my mouth as I dared, letting the glans touch the back of my throat.

Suddenly, the cock was twitching violently, and the man was stirring. I jumped to my feet and raced for the door even as he spent across his belly. I scrambled for the door in the darkness, and slipped out into the stairway, pulling the door closed behind me and locking it.

My mind was in a torment as I raced down the stairs, finally reaching the entrance to the palace I had wandered through before. Nobles and servants alike scattered from my path as I ran into the courtyard. My mind was racing, but I heard a great deal of shouting and swearing, not least from the smith, who had dropped an anvil on his foot. As I ran into the open air, I realised that I was completely naked. I caught sight of Titania, standing amongst some other Rough Riders, watching me intently, but no-one moved to stop me as I raced towards the small building into which I had watched Tumescence disappear when I first arrived.

I found myself in a small room, deeply carpeted, and lined with shelves along every wall from floor to ceiling. The shelves were full of jars and other containers. I ignored them, and fled through a beaded curtain which led into the rear of the building. Here I found some sleeping quarters, and a locked door. Just when I thought no-one was here, a hidden door opened at the back of the building, and Tumescence walked in. When I saw him, in his majestic purple robes, I bounced up and down with glee and threw myself towards him. When he saw me, as naked as the day he bought me, he aged ten years and fell over.


It took me a few hours to wake him him, during which I discovered a trunk full of costumes. I had the presence of mind to select some clothes to cover myself with, since I feared that my master would be unable to stay conscious long if I remained as I was. I then remained with him for those few hours, dreading that someone would come at any moment to take me away from this place.

But no-one came, and Ð finally Ð Tumescence stirred. He still looked pretty ancient, but at least the grey pallor had been washed from his face. He opened his eyes, and found me cradling him in my arms, sitting on a low divan along the wall of what I took to be his bedroom. He uttered a low moan, and took a nervous look about the room. I couldn't be sure if he was pleased to see me or not, but I was very glad to see him.

Slowly, my master recovered his wits, and struggled to stand. He removed himself from the divan, and staggered across to a desk against the opposite wall, sinking into a hard, wooden chair drawn up in front of it. I followed, bringing him a small cup which I had filled with wine I had found in a bottle under the divan. I remained standing in the centre of the room my head lowered respectfully. Tumescence drank a little wine, and recovered the use of his voice.

"Nina. You escaped."

"Yes, master. A minion of the Chamberlain unlocked the door, and I struck him with a bucket."

Tumescence widened his eyes in astonishment. "Didn't the man I sent to find you set you free?" I thought deeply before answering. After all, the fact that he had sent someone doesn't mean that it was the same person who found me, right? So, naturally, since I couldn't actually be sure who it was I had struck with the bucket, I decided to do what any girl would in the circumstances, and lied.

"No, master."

He looked fairly puzzled by this, but then he wasn't entirely recovered from his collapse. He took a longer gulp from the glass I had poured for him, paused, then took a long look around the room.

"You haven't touched anything, have you?" he asked. I froze on the spot. Were we still talking about my Ôrescuer'? I realised that Tumescence meant something in the room. "There was the wine..." I confessed. "Yes, but apart from that?" I thought hard. "The glass?" Tumescence winced, and shook his head vigorously. I gave the matter some more thought, worried in case I had transgressed so early in my new employment. "Only you, master!"

"What?!" he cried, and I almost burst into tears. "Only you. I had to pick you up, and sit you in the chair and..."

"Enough!" he spluttered. He gripped the edge of the desk by which he sat, and took several long breaths. "What I mean is... look, you have to understand something about magic. In the wrong hands, it's dangerous stuff. Even simple potions have to be handled with extreme care. Magic feeds on human energy Ð that's why there are so many different types. There's necromancy, which feeds on dark evil; there's white magic, which feeds on purity and truth. Then there's sex magic, which Ð" he gave me a long, lingering look, then shivered. "Ð but we'll talk about that later.

"In the meantime, you have to understand that you mustn't touch anything that might have a magical purpose unless I specifically tell you otherwise. That means you mustn't touch any of the bottles and vials in the shop, nor any of the books in the library, nor any of the equipment in my laboratory."

"What about stuff in here?" I asked. "Am I to handle anything in the bedroom?" He shuddered again.

"Especially not in here!" he wheezed.

He showed me round, pointing out a small chamber where I could sleep, and the basic facilities of the building. I noticed it didn't include anywhere to cook. "You'll have to eat with the other servants," he remarked.

"Master Ð what exactly will my duties be?" I asked once the tour was almost complete. He had a long think, as if realising that the moment had come when his whim in adopting me could rebound on him like an avalanche on a loud climber. Then he started rummaging under his robes for something. I started to lick my lips Ð I thought I had a pretty good idea what was coming next Ð but instead he produced a key, and advanced on the library. I watched him unlock the door, and then step inside. Slowly, I stepped inside.

It was starting to dawn on me that there was something quite strange about Tumescence's residence. The library was the tenth room I had visited, and yet Ð from the outside Ð the building had appeared to be quite small. When I stepped into the library, I knew something had to be wrong with my eyesight, because it was vast! Row after row of bookcases stretched off in two aisles along the length of the room, and each shelf was filled to bursting with books, scrolls and clay tablets. Even more volumes and discarded sheaths of paper and vellum littered the floor. The forests that must have been felled to fill that room...

At the end of the room by the door there was a small desk, with various writing implements stored on its surface. A rickety chair stood before the desk, and there was a large cupboard with drawers and pigeon-holes in the corner. Apart from those three items, the room was crammed with shelves, books and more books.

"If you expect me to dust all those shelves, you've picked the wrong girl," I muttered.

Tumescence worked his way through the debris towards the further aisle, and tottered off, beckoning me to follow. We walked for some distance. In places, we had to ascend piles of fallen books, scattered like a paper rockslide. Eventually, we reached a shelf in a poorly-lit section of the room.

"Your job, Nina, is to help me with these books." I cast a critical stock-taking eye over the groaning shelves. 780, give or take a dozen either way. "What's so special about these ones?" I asked. Tumescence gave a strange giggle.

"They are books which relate to a particular form of magic Ð one which I find it hard to concentrate on."

"Oh, really?" I asked. "What sort of magic is that?"

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