Nina's Game


Nina wakes to darkness. Her eyes creep open, but she's dazed, and not sure where she is. The room smells dank and wet, and there's a terrible draft. She goes to reach for her covers, thinking she must be dreaming. But there is no blanket to cover her now naked body. In fact, she can't move at all.

The haze of sleep fades away and Nina's breaths quicken. She tries to remain calm and a scream dies in her throat, coming out as a meek whimper instead. She surveys her surroundings frantically -- it's a dark nasty place she's in, looks more like a dungeon than a basement.

How could this have happened? The last thing Nina could remember was hitting the books before her Bio Chem final, and falling asleep in her college dorm room. None of that seemed to matter now.

Nina is strapped down to a bed with shackles around her throat, slender waist, wrists and ankles. Her hands are clasped above her head and her legs are spread, leaving her delicate pussy fully exposed. The chill in the air helps to wake her. Nina's lithe body shivers and her pert breasts quiver, nipples rock-hard from the cold.

Suddenly a noise from another room grabs her attention and Nina quickly thinks up a game plan -- she decides she will feign sleep until she can determine just what's going on here and how dangerous these people are. Nina focuses all of her might on lying still and slowing her rapid breathing.

"Let's see how our girl is doing," says a man's deep and level voice as he steps into the dark room. Nina closes her eyes just as two men approach. "Yes, we're going to have a lot of fun with her," said another voice. "She has no idea what's in store for her."

Nina felt a hand pass along her cheek and it was all she could do not to jerk away. The hand maneuvered down to her breast, cupping one, then the other, and gently teasing a finger along her nipples.

Nina could feel her breath quickening, and her body shivered against the unwanted, but somehow gentle, touch. Her captor noticed the change in the rising and falling of her perfect chest and grabbed a nipple and twisted it brutally. Nina's eyes shot open and she let out a shriek.

"So I see you're awake! Good. We can begin our game." Nina's eyes took in her captors faces. One was rugged, with wild black hair and the scruff of a two-day beard. The other man looked somewhat more refined and was clean-cut and handsome. Still, she was afraid to even look at them.

"What do you want with me?" Nina pleaded, unsure if she was ready for their answer. The rugged man grabbed her long brown hair and leaned in close, almost mouth-to-mouth, and said, "We want to play."

"Here's the name of our game -- you're going to like it. You will enjoy everything we do to you, and if you don't, we'll let you go. Yes, my dear. I'm going to start by warming up that little pussy of yours. If you don't cum, you're free to go."

Nina's eyes grew wide. She didn't care what these creeps said, she wasn't going to like this. She needed to get out of this place but saw no means of escape. The rugged stranger bent over her naked body and started to caress her face, breasts, and stomach. His fingers lingered and pulled at her flesh. One of his hands slid downward and Nina tried instinctively to close her legs but it was useless with them trussed apart as they were. Rough hands explored her well-groomed mound and rubbed gently against her pussy lips.

Nina was petrified at this assault and feared how far it would go. As the stranger's rough fingers probed between her lips she grew increasingly worried at her growing excitement. Nina looked up at the clean-shaven man lurking beside her, watching his friend violate her, and he saw the shame and excitement flashing in her eyes.

He walked over to her and put two fingers in Nina's mouth. He started drawing them in and out of her mouth slowly. With her neck securely fastened to the bed, there was nothing Nina could do but suck them. The gentle teasing at her crotch had grown into a finger-fucking frenzy as the other man quickly plunged his rough fingers inside her and then withdrew them to soft, wet slurping sounds.

Nina couldn't help but raise her hips to meet his thrusting hands. She started to suck the fingers in her mouth more passionately and the handsome stranger removed his hand from her pretty lips and unzipped his pants. Now Nina was hungry for it, and when she saw his thick and veined cock coming for her mouth she welcomed it. Nina took as much as she could handle, and since she couldn't really move her neck, the handsome stranger began to fuck her face.

Nina's hips were bucking wildly as the other man began sucking on her clit as he fingered her harder and harder. She slurped cock and gagged, was drooling all over but didn't care. She needed to come. Nina was moaning now, and her abdominal muscles were a column of tension as she writhed with the two men on the bed. The man working on her cunt sure knew how to tease her. She was wondering if he would ever let her come.

Just then, as she was approaching orgasm, when she thought he would pull away to tease her, the man kept on and increased the pressure of his tongue on her clit, and at the same time rammed three fingers into her tight, wet pussy. Nina flexed and screamed through the cock in her throat, her body racked with orgasm and spasming uncontrollably. She bucked against them both and then went limp, needing to recover for a moment. The cock slipped from her mouth with a wet pop, and the other man surfaced from her crotch with a smile.

"You see, baby? Knew you'd dig it. Are you ready for the real fun to start? Cause here we go.." be continued...

Author's note: This is my first erotic story. Criticism and comments are very welcome. Thanks!

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