tagLesbian SexNina's Story Ch. 01

Nina's Story Ch. 01


Nina's story started out like so many other young up-and-coming, promising wanna-be's. She had done well at school, top of her class in drama. Even had private acting lessons paid for by her rich daddy. But at the age of 23 she naively expected to be able to just walk into an acting career.

Coming from a family with money had its perks; daddy dearest had connections and managed to get her a few small jobs doing commercials. But being born with a silver spoon in ones mouth also had its drawbacks.

Nina had no idea what the real world was like, how hard it was to make it as an actor and her father had kept her sheltered from the most of life's harshness. He had over protected her since her mother had died when Nina was 3, to the point of it being unbearable at times.

She hadn't even dated much. Every time a guy showed any interest, her father, Jim put him through the third degree so much that they quickly lost interest. He pretty much scared away any prospective suitor.

Not that Nina was keen to settle down anytime soon, she was focused on her acting career. She had great plans to be famous before she hit 30. But she was starting to wonder if she might have to sneak out behind daddy's back if she was ever going to lose her virginity.

Yes still being a virgin at 23 did bother her, but not as much her lack of acting opportunities did.

She was starting to feel suffocated by her over bearing father and made a decision that if she was ever going to make it big and be her own person, that she was going to have to leave the big beautiful home that she grew up in.

When she broke the news to her father that she had decided to leave home and go to L.A. to 'find herself' and to find a great agent and start the life she had always dreamed of, it went as expected.

Jim freaked out, yelled at her that she couldn't go, that it would be too hard, too scary, and that she had no idea how to look after herself.

When he finally calmed down enough for Nina to talk, she explained that she is no longer a child and as an adult could live wherever she wished and then to reassure him, promised that she would give it 2 years and if it didn't work out, she would return home.

Her father still wasn't pleased, but relented, knowing full well that his daughter had a slim chance of ever becoming a famous actor let alone being able to cope out there in the big wide world without him.

So he deposited enough money into Nina's bank account to live comfortably on for six months, telling her that when it ran out if she didn't have an acting career by then, she would have to come home before he would give her anymore. He thought that would be a good way of getting his daughter back and he was already planning an 'I told you so' speech.

So a very excited Nina was packed and on her way to L.A. within the week. Jim took her out to the airport and reluctantly said his goodbyes, making sure his last words were "See you soon", he half expected her to be home within a month. Jim was worried about his daughter, even though she was 23, her lack of life experiences made her appear so much younger, an easy target for any predators out there in the real world that he had so expertly kept her from all these years. He was now questioning himself if he had done the right thing by sheltering Nina so much.

Nina was so determined to make it on her own that she only stayed in the hotel her daddy had booked for her for a week. She was proud of herself that she managed to find a great apartment so quickly, having no idea that she was being grossly over charged on the rent and that at this rate daddy's money would run out fast.

But she was used to living well and didn't even realize that her fully furnished new home was expensive.

As soon as she was all settled in, Nina looked through the yellow pages in her search for an agent to represent her. That was harder than she thought it would be. All the ones with big ads didn't even want to see her and after hours of ringing around she finally had managed to set up a few appointments for the following week.

Needless to say the interviews weren't as she had imagined either and after many disappointments and reality finally starting to kick in, Nina was feeling despondent. But then with her last appointment with an agent who kind of gave her the creeps, but she shrugged it off, she eventually had her own agent.

Nina felt pleased with herself but at the same time a bit discouraged, she really thought she would sign up with an agent that handled lots of famous people, not some sleazy guy in a small crappy office that smelt funny.

Bert promised her that he would have a job for her within a week and took lots of photos of her. He seemed all excited about Nina's prospects, telling her that he had knew a guy that was doing a bikini shoot this week and that it would be a great addition to her portfolio to have some professional photos done.

"Actually Nina, it would speed things up if I took a couple of bikini shots of you now. So that I could hand them over to Rick tomorrow. You don't want to miss out on this one sweetie," said Bert with a grin.

"Oh, I don't have anything to change into sorry Bert," Nina replied.

"That's ok doll, we have a whole wardrobe full of stuff here. Come with me and we will pick out a few, we have a dressing room and a studio in the next room," Bert said as he put out his hand to escort Nina to the next room.

Nina was unsure if she was doing the right thing but the thought of not succeeding and having to go back home to daddy kept pushing her to carry on.

She went with Bert through the door and she saw at one end of the room was a big white screen with lights and cameras and there were all sorts of clothes hanging on racks. Costumes and lingerie as well as ball gowns and of course bikinis. Bert sifted through a few of them and picked out a skimpy bright red one as well as a 'barely there' black one that was really just a g-string bottom and not much more than a thin strip of fabric for a top.

"Oh, I don't know about those ones Bert. I think they look too small. Have you got anything in my size?" Nina asked warily.

"Nonsense Nina! These are perfect for you baby. No point in being shy if you want to be an actress. Now listen to your uncle Bert, I know the industry honey, so take it from me, these will be perfect", he said with a gleam in his eye. "Now be a good girl and go put these on and let your agent earn his commission by getting you your first job ok?"

Nina was so determined to get a job soon so that she didn't have to depend on daddy's money that she was almost ready to do anything. She had even thought that if she started making money soon that she could send back most of the money her father had given her as 'starting out' money. After all it's only bikini shots, its not like Bert asked her to get naked or anything.

Nina forced a smile at Bert and stated, "Ok Bert, sure why not!" and off she went in the direction of the small room Bert had pointed to. She didn't notice Bert watching her ass move as she turned and walked to the room.

Once inside the small room that had mirrors on every wall except the one with the door, Nina quickly undressed and put on the red bikini first. Had she been more worldly and observant she might have noticed the small camera in the corner above the mirror.

The bikini barely covered her private bits and she felt very conscious about walking out of the room again. But she took a deep breath and whispered "Showbiz" to herself as she opened the door and walked back towards Bert.

"Wow! Simply stunning sweetheart", exclaimed Bert and he added a wolf whistle for effect.

Nina blushed, but it made her feel good to be admired even by a man so creepy as Bert, so she also smiled and then walked to the white screen and Bert followed her over admiring her body.

They did lots of shots and Nina began to relax and was no longer feeling nervous about Bert looking at her body and he knew just the right compliments to say to make her feel at ease. Nina even started to enjoy herself, to the point that when she went to get changed into the black bikini, she didn't even really mind that the g-string bottom really was nothing more than a piece of black string wedged between her firm ass cheeks.

Bert resisted telling Nina what he really thought of her in that black bikini, but if she had been more observant and if Bert hadn't been wearing such baggy trousers, then she would have seen exactly what Bert thought of how she looked.

After about 2 hours of shooting many different poses, Bert told Nina he had enough and she went back to change into her own clothes.

All that posing and flirts from Bert had an effect on Nina that she didn't want to admit or even understand.

As she undressed, she noticed the crutch of the black g-string felt wet. She stood naked in front of the mirror and moved the g-string up to her nose and inhaled. It wasn't just sweat from the bright lights that she smelt. The familiar scent of her own pussy juices wafted through her nostrils. Nina was aroused from all the attention. She had been so busy with settling in and everything that she hadn't even taken any time to pleasure herself since she moved to L.A.

Many years of dates with guys too scared to touch her in case her daddy found out had not only left Nina as a virgin but had also forced her to find pleasure from her own hands time and time again. Masturbation had become a necessity to be able to cope and to keep her mind focused on her career.

But as Nina stood naked and aroused in front of the mirrors, she found her hands wandering over her body. She watched herself as she squeezed her plump round breasts and gently pinched her hardening nipples. She sighed softly as she allowed her right hand to move down to the folds of her moist pussy and rub the nub of her clit causing her to let out a quiet gasp. Then she closed her eyes as she pushed her finger inside her warm,wet little hole and just for a moment she imagined giving herself to Bert, to let him finally take her virginity. So desperate to know how it would feel to be fucked that she almost made a huge mistake. Nina was quietly and slowing finger-fucking herself standing naked in the room with the mirrors, when Bert suddenly knocked at the door.

"You ok Nina? I just got to make a phone call. Come back into my office when you are ready ok doll?"

Nina jumped and opened her eyes in surprise. Bert's voice bringing her back to reality.

"Sure. Thanks Bert. I will be there in a minute", she answered quickly as she pulled on her own underwear and got dressed as quick as she could.

"Damn it girl, don't be so stupid", Nina said to herself in the mirror, "You can do better that him for your first!" She scolded herself. Then she stared into the mirror to make sure she looked ok before venturing out, pausing to suck on her finger to taste herself before exiting. "Fancy even thinking about giving my virginity to Bert", she muttered to herself as she left the dressing room.

Back in Bert's office, Nina signed a contract without even bothering to read it. Bert telling her that all she was signing for was that he would get 20% of anything she made. It seemed a fair deal to Nina but she had neglected to read that the contract was for life. They shook hands and Nina made her way back to her apartment, feeling pleased with herself to be finally making a start in her career and also feeling the need to get home and finish off what she had started in the dressing room.

As soon as she had gone Bert locked his office door and turned the open sign around to say closed. Then he went to the back room that was behind the dressing room and rewound the video tape and settled down to watch Nina getting undressed. He knew he was going to enjoy this and right away had his zip down and cock out and then he slowly stroked as he watched the private strip show Nina had unknowingly provided.

Nina did not disappoint, she looked even hotter naked than she had in those sexy bikinis. Bert began to moan softly as his strokes got firmer and faster. He loved how she looked at herself while she changed. He loved her firm ass when she bent over to pick up the bikini from the floor and he imagined how good it would be to take her from behind and fuck her hard until she screamed his name. And then just as he was fast approaching orgasm and thinking this was his lucky day, Bert could hardly believe his eyes when the screen changed to show Nina touching herself.

"Oh my God she's masturbating for me!" Bert exclaimed just before he lost control and came all over his own fingers. "Oh fuck! Oh yes", he sighed as he climaxed, totally missing what Nina had spoken out loud while she had been fingering herself.

Bert quickly rewound the tape to replay and listened this time as he absent-mindedly sucked his cum from his fingers as he always did when he masturbated. Nina's show couldn't have been better if he had filming a porno and she was the star, he couldn't believe his luck. But what he was most interested in was her words.

Nina was not only beautiful and naive, but she was a virgin.

That was something his boss would be most interested in, very interested indeed. Bert could feel a big bonus was going to be coming his way soon.

He almost thought twice about it, questioning as to whether he might get lucky with Nina first, but then reality kicked in and he knew it was a slim chance where as his boss giving him a big bonus for finding Nina was a sure thing. And after all he had this video tape which he could play over and over and that would keep him happy for quite some time. Of course he would have to make a copy and keep it to himself, as tempting as it was to sell it, couldn't risk that in case boss found out there was more than one copy. This tape of Nina would provide many hours of private entertainment for horny old Bert.

After copying the tape, he locked away his own copy and brought the original one with him back to his office. He relaxed in his chair feeling quite smug about his discovery and picked up the phone to call his boss on his private line.

"Yes?" was all he said upon answering.

"Mr. Steele, I have some good news for you Sir" exclaimed Bert excitedly "I've found a girl for you. She's perfect, just what you have been looking for. Pure and sweet boss."

"Interesting," mused Steele, "Do you have her on tape for me?"

"Of course Sir! I will bring the video over right away Mr. Steele" said Bert, too keenly.

"No. We are entertaining. I will need time to get rid of our guests. Meet me at my office in two hours."

"Yes Sir. Of course Sir." replied Bert, but Steele had already put the phone down.

Having time to kill, Bert called Rick and let him know he will be sending over a new girl for the bikini shoot tomorrow, adding that she was going to be hot property and giving his best selling spiel to try and impress.

Rick had heard it all before and rolled his eyes.

"Whatever man. I got too many girls already. I only need six and I have nine and now you want to send over some fresh meat that I have to baby-sit. I haven't got the time to fuckin' train 'em as well as shoot them you know!" he complained.

"But this one will be worth it. She's fresh alright, never been touched. A virgin even" he said with a smirk.

"Oh really?" replied Rick, sounding a little more interested now.

"Yes really. But she belongs to Mr. Steele and he wants her to remain pure. He didn't say anything about her mouth though and she really does have a pretty little mouth" Bert said with a chuckle.

"Tell her I will see her at ten. I don't have anyone in white. That should suit our virgin", Rick said with a grin and then hung up.

Bert sat there for a moment, reclining back in his chair with a grin a cheshire cat would be proud of and then rang Nina.

"Hey there gorgeous. It's your uncle Bert. I've got great news for you doll. You are gonna be so pleased you signed up with old Bert."

"Oh hello. I didn't expect to hear from you so soon Bert," replied Nina, somewhat surprised.

"Yep. That's me, the agent of the year," he chuckled, "and I've got two assignments for you already babe."

"Wow! Two? That's fantastic Bert! Let me just grab a pen and paper to write this down," said Nina as she shuffled around and found a scrap of paper.

Bert told her the address to meet with the photographer Rick tomorrow morning.

"Oh and he said to wear a white bikini for the shoot. Don't forget."

"Yes. No problem Bert. Oh this is so exciting. My first job in L.A. I can't believe my luck", exclaimed Nina, almost bursting with joy.

"Oh and didn't you say there was something else too? You said two jobs?" asked Nina.

"Yeah. The other one is even better but it really depends on how things go with Rick. If he likes you then you will be a shoe in. So whatever you do, make sure Rick likes you. Do whatever he says and be prepared to do anything it takes to get chosen. There will be ten girls and he only needs six for the magazine he's shooting." declared Bert.

"Ok sure Bert. I will do anything he asks and do my best. But please tell me about the other job. Is it another modeling one or will I get to act?" Nina asked hopefully.

"Well my girl, you will be happy to know that I know a guy and he's a producer for this day time soap. It's no Oscar potential, but its doing ok in the ratings for its timeslot and its exposure. TV baby TV!" exclaimed Bert excitedly.

"Oh my God! Wow! Yes, oh how I'd love to get a chance like that. Can you get me an appointment to see him Bert? What part is he looking for? How soon can do a reading for him?" Nina rattled off so fast, she sounded like an over excited school girl.

"Hey hey, calm down girl. Yeah I think I can get you to see him next week and his show is a hospital drama. I think he's looking for a new nurse to play the part of one of the main characters bit on the side. I'm not sure if it will just be a short stint for a couple of episodes or maybe for the whole season. I guess it just depends if Mr. Steele likes you and if the audience likes you. It's all about ratings baby." Bert answered.

Nina was so excited by this bit of good news that she wanted to squeal, but not wanting to scream down the phone at the messenger of such great news, she bit her lip and only let out a little squeak.

"Heh, I told I had good news sweetie. Now make sure you great a good night's sleep and give it your best when you see Rick tomorrow. Don't forget, if Rick likes you then your chances of meeting Mr. Steele are excellent. Think of the shoot as kind of an interview. Do anything he asks and I mean anything! Are we clear on that Nina?" said Bert authoritively.

"Yes Bert. Crystal clear. Thank you so much. Talk to you soon. Thanks again."

"See you sweetie. Good Luck. Oh and if you need to ask any of the girls anything, talk to Lisa. She's one of mine too and she will help you out." replied Bert.

As soon as Nina hung up the phone, she jumped up and down and squealed like a school girl.

After she got that out of her system, she suddenly realized that she didn't own a white bikini and quickly grabbed her handbag and went out shopping to find the sexiest white bikini money could buy.

Bert meanwhile was sitting back in his office chair chuckling away to himself.

Mr. Steele could give a rat's ass what Rick thought. Hell he didn't even like Rick. Actually Bert wasn't even going to mention sending Nina over to Rick's place. But what Bert did know is that Rick would enjoy Nina and that then Rick would owe Bert a favor and in this industry, having someone owe you a favor is almost as good as them owing you money.

Nina spent way too much on the bikini. She was used to shopping in designer fashion stores and was still finding her way around the big city and didn't really have the time to shop around anyway. Daddy's money was slowing dwindling away and she really wasn't aware of how fast.

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