Nina's Story Ch. 03


She couldn't stop looking at him. She had never seen a man quite like him before. In just a few minutes he had completely rocked her world and she was starting believe their really was such a thing as love at first sight and soul mates and everything else she had ever read in any romantic novel.

Nina was pleased she had brought the script with her as even though she had memorized her lines at home, she couldn't trust her brain to work properly right now in the presence of him.

"Please take a seat Nina," said Steele as he motioned her to sit in the chair opposite his desk as he went behind his desk and sat down in his luxurious black leather chair, reclining back, showing how relaxed he was.

Nina sat as requested. At this point she would have sat on the floor naked if he had asked her to. She couldn't comprehend why but she felt she would do anything Mr. Steele wanted her to. She was mesmerized by him.

"Right. Now I'm sure you are a little nervous. But please don't be Nina," he said in a friendly and relaxed tone, "Just relax and when you're ready, please read from act 1, scene 2 when Amanda first arrives at the hospital."

Nina took a deep breathe and called on everything she had ever learnt. She used all her will power to try to ignore the effect Mr. Steele was having on her and to bring forth her best performance so she could nail this role. It had meant a lot to her to get this job before, but now after meeting him, she knew that she just had to work for this man. She cleared her throat and began reading.

She did well. It wasn't her best piece of acting ever, but considering the circumstances and the fact that she appeared to be under a spell, she made a pretty convincing nurse Amanda.

"That was wonderful Nina. I could really picture you as the Amanda I was going for with this role. I think you will be perfect!" announced Steele after Nina had finished her lines.

Nina smiled, well more like beamed at his praise.

Suddenly it felt like there was nothing more important in the world, than to please Mr. Steele.

"Thank you Sir," said Nina humbly.

"What are you doing this evening Nina?" enquired Steele, "I would like to take you out for dinner and we can discuss your contract."

"You mean I have the job? Just like that Sir?" asked Nina, astonished.

"Yes. Just like that!" exclaimed Steele as he jumped out of his seat and came to Nina to shake on it. "That is if you want the part?" he said rhetorically.

"Yes of course I want it!" squealed Nina excitedly. "Oh thank you Mr. Steele. Thank you so much!"

Steele still held Nina's hand from the handshake. He then lifted it up and kissed the back of her hand like an old fashioned gentleman. The man just oozed charm and charisma. Nina was putty in his hands. Putty that he was looking forward to molding.

Nina blushed at his kiss but secretly wished he was kissing her lips and not just her hand.

"Just leave your address and details with reception and I will pick you up at eight" announced Steele. "Oh and dress formal, we won't be going to McDonalds," he said with a chuckle.

An excited Nina left the studio after giving the receptionist her personal contact details and headed straight for the shops. She was going out with Mr. Steele to a formal dinner and nothing she owned would be suitable, so of course she needed to buy a new dress.

She was becoming aware that her bank balance from daddy's money was starting to dwindle but was no longer worried due to the fact she just landed her first acting job.

So it was time to celebrate, not only with going on a date with her new boss, but nothing makes a girl feel better than some retail therapy.

Of course a formal dress doesn't come cheap and after trying on several different colors and styles at several different designer stores, Nina finally picked this beautiful dark red satin number that showed off her cleavage. She looked stunning in it and it made her feel sexy and she really wanted to appear sexy to Mr. Steele. Nina just couldn't stop thinking about him. He was so hot and even thinking about him made her heart beat faster and her temperature rise.

On her way back home she passed a shoe store and then remembered she didn't own any shoes that would go with her new dress, and so more money was spent, not forgetting the matching handbag the store clerk convinced her she simply must have.

Nina had already spent more on her new outfit than she would earn in her first week acting but she felt so alive and happy that she did allow herself to think about it.

Once she was home she rang Bert and Lisa to tell them the good news. Then she took a shower and proceeded to get ready for her big date.

She had only just finished putting on the last touches of her make up when there was a knock at the door. She hurried to open it, looking forward to seeing the handsome Mr. Steele again.

"Good evening ma'am," said a man she had never met before.

"Mr. Steele is waiting downstairs in the car Miss. If you are ready?" said the driver, although it was more of a request than a question.

"Oh yes. Of course," replied Nina, taking one last glance in the mirror and then locking her door on the way out.

Mr. Steele got out of his limo as he saw Nina approaching to greet her.

He took her hand and kissed the back of it gentlemanly as he had done earlier.

"You look stunning my dear," he complimented as he looked her up and down appraising her.

"Wow a limo!" exclaimed Nina, "Oh and thank you Sir. You look amazing Mr. Steele."

Nina could not help but notice that he looked even more handsome than before in his black Armani suit. He was even wearing a red tie, almost the exact shade of red as her dress. It was if he knew what she would be wearing.

Nina felt like she was dreaming as she rode in the back of a limo with a man who resembled a God in her designer dress on the way to an evening of glamour. It was if she had skipped all the hard parts about being an actress and jumped into the life of a star.

Mr. Steele was charming and treated her like a princess the whole evening. They wined and dined and danced until late. Every moment with him she felt like she was falling more and more in love with him. He made her feel like she hadn't been fully alive until now, she had been just sleeping and he had awoken her.

Not only was Nina's heart telling her she loved him and wanted him, her body was screaming it at her. Just being so close to him on the dance floor almost made her faint. She felt light-headed and it seemed all the moisture in her body had accumulated between her legs. Her body ached for him to take her. Every second she kept wishing he would tell her he wanted to fuck her and make her his. She was so obsessed with him that she wouldn't even have cared if he had wanted to bend her over in the middle of the dance floor and taken her virginity there and then in front of a room full of strangers.

Of course Steele had no intention of doing anything of the sort. He was doing exactly what he planned to do. Make Nina crazy with lust; make her fall in love with him. He was used to being in control and getting what he wanted and he found this act of grooming Nina to be most enjoyable.

So all night Steele was the perfect gentleman. Never touching Nina inappropriately, just holding and kissing her hands, gazing into her love-struck eyes, stroking her face gently. Doing all the things he knew would make her want him even more.

Even when at the end of the evening when he took Nina home and she asked him to come inside for a drink or something, the 'something' meaning herself, he stayed the perfect gentleman. He declined her offer, they both knew what she was actually offering, but he did kiss her goodnight.

He took her face and held it in his hands and kissed her passionately.

Nina responded by kissing back hard and excitedly. She wanted him so bad. She loved feeling his tongue in her mouth, dancing with hers. She could feel the heat rise in her body, the need for this man and her hand reached out to feel his crutch, her body wanting to tell him without words that she wanted him, that he could have her here and now, however he pleased.

Steele pushed her hand away, but not before she was able to feel his arousal.

He broke the kiss and stepped back from her. Nina was confused and frustrated.

Steele just smiled at her and thanked her for a wonderful evening.

"I look forward to seeing you tomorrow on the set Nina," said Steele, "And I will send over your contract to Bert for you both to sign first thing in the morning."

It was only then that Nina had realized that the dinner was supposed to have been for the benefit of discussing the contract but the subject hadn't even come up all night.

"Thank you for a fantastic time Mr. Steele. It was the best night of my life," replied Nina blushing. She was embarrassed that her advances had been rejected and also because what she just said sounded so lame and desperate.

He just seemed to have this effect on her; she found it hard to be cool and collected in his presence.

"Good night my princess," said Steele as he took her hand and kissed it once again, then backed away from the door to take his leave.

"Good night Sir. Sweet dreams," replied Nina with a smile and then she closed the door.

She leaned up against the closed door and bit her bottom lip to prevent from screaming with excitement in case Mr. Steele was still within hearing distance. She just couldn't believe the day she had. First getting the job, then a date with her new boss and then falling in love with him.

She wanted to squeal like a school girl. This had to be a perfect day.

Well almost perfect, if he had taken her to bed then it would have been she thought and snickered to herself.

Nina was still feeling hot and horny as she undressed, taking off her beautiful new dress and carefully hanging it up. She had been wearing a sexy lacey red and black G-string and matching bra in the hope of getting lucky with Mr. Steele. She sighed as she looked in the mirror wondering why he hadn't wanted to fuck her. The brief moment she had felt his hardness still fresh in her memory. His cock was definitely hard so he must have found her attractive in some way she thought to herself as she tried to understand why he rejected her advances.

Looking at herself in the mirror she soon found her hand wandering down to her pussy. She slipped her fingers beneath the fabric of the G-string and felt her wetness. Her cunt was very wet and wanting attention. She slipped off her panties and found the crutch of them to be soaking. She brought it to her nose and sniffed in her scent. It smelt good and made her wish Lisa was here so they could fuck each other silly. But it was so late now, just after 2am she noticed as she glanced at the clock on the wall, so she wasn't about to call up Lisa.

So instead she went to the fridge, took out a nice big carrot and went to bed.

Nina inserted the carrot deep into her drenched pussy and gasped from the coldness of it. But it felt great to have something big and hard up her cunt. She wished it was Mr. Steele's cock but for now just imagining it was his would have to do.

Nina moved the carrot slowly in and out of her hungry pussy as she sniffed her own panties, her already sexually stimulated body getting more and more worked up as she fucked herself.

Then as she got hotter and hornier from masturbating, she did something she hadn't done before, she put her panties soaked in her own pussy juices in her mouth and sucked on them as she continued to shove the big hard carrot in and out of her wet cunt, so wet it made loud sloppy sounds with each thrust.

Nina imagined each thrust of the carrot was his cock driving home hard into her and that the taste in her mouth of her own pussy juices was from her sucking her juices from his cock. Nina was panting hard like a bitch in heat as she imagined he would fuck her hard and fast and as she thought of the things he would do to her, she thrusted the carrot harder and faster until she was rewarded with a powerful orgasm.

Her body when stiff for a moment and she called out between the puffs and pants as the wave of passion cascaded through her body.

"Oh! Oh! Oh yes yes yes! Oh Mr. Steele yes!"

And then she collapsed letting go of the carrot inside her and removing her panties from her mouth. She lay back on her bed to catch her breath. It was then in the after glow as she came down from her erotic climax that she realized something.

Nina had fallen in love and in lust with a man of whom she didn't even know his first name.

She giggled at that thought and then she drifted off to sleep wondering what his name might be and if she would ever get the chance to replace the substitute carrot with the real thing.

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