tagBDSMNina's Story Ch. 05

Nina's Story Ch. 05


The next morning Nina awoke to the sensation of having her left nipple being sucked on. She thought she may have been dreaming but she opened her eyes and it was light and she looked up into the deep steel blue eyes of her lover. Steele was on top of her, between her legs as he sucked on her tits. He smiled down at her as she blinked a few times and realized she wasn't dreaming after all.

"Good morning my sexy mistress," said Steele and then he gently kissed her lips.

All the memories of the night before came rushing back and she remembered that yes, she was in fact his mistress. She was in love with a married man and even though she never thought she would ever get involved with someone else's man, she could not seem to say no to him.

"Good morning my love," replied a sleepy but happy Nina.

"I've been waiting you to wake up pet," Steele said with lust in his voice, "I have something to give you."

"Oh? And what might that be my prince?" asked Nina curiously.

"This!" exclaimed Steele as he roughly shoved his hard cock deep into Nina's unprepared cunt.

She cried out in shock. Having only just woken up, she wasn't expecting Steele to want to fuck her again so soon. Steele gave her no chance to protest. He wanted to fuck her very hard, just fuck her like a thing to be used. His needs were animalistic but his brain reminded him of his plans for Nina, so he forced himself to slow his fucking down so that Nina would feel that he was making love to her and not being used. Steele leant down and sucked and licked Nina's right nipple as he moved in and out of her. Nina's pussy was now producing lubrication and his thrusts no longer hurt her. She began to moan in pleasure, her hips bucking to meet his thrusts. Steele wanted to cum in her again, to fill up this cunt that now belonged to him and he wanted to make her cum for him. The man is as cunning as he is clever. He knows exactly how to push the right buttons and all with his years in the movie business, he is also good at acting. Steele knew that Nina was not only in love with him but also she was convinced that he felt the same way about her. He would continue to use that to his advantage.

"Oh Nina. I love you so much. I love your body. Your beautiful face. Your sweet tight cunt. It's mine. You are mine," announced Steele as he continued to pound his cock into her.

Nina responded with moans of pleasure. She did not understand why it turned her on so much when he talked dirty to her. Nina was soon finding out that she loved to be dominated. She was happy to be his, wanted to belong to Steele.

"Oh yes David. I love you too. So very much. Yes I am yours forever my love. Take me! Take my body, it belongs to you," Nina said with passion as she writhed beneath him.

Steele grinned at his possession and built up his momentum, thrusting harder and faster into Nina's cunt, pounding her with more force as he approached climax.

"Take my seed my little slut! Take your Master's gift," he demanded between grunts of exertion.

"Yes! Yes! Oh yes Master. Please give it to me," Nina cried out as she came. Her back arched up and her cunt gushed her cum to mix with his as Steele came just a couple of seconds later. He grunted as his sperm exploded from his cock deep into her womb.

Steele collapsed on top of Nina and smiled as he felt her body tremble as the aftershock of her orgasm hit her. He loved that he had this effect on her. He began to kiss her neck while her heavy breathing returned to normal.

"I love you so much Nina. I'm so happy that you are mine," he whispered in her ear between kisses. Nina was glowing in both the rush of her climax and because she was in love.

"You make me so happy David. I love you and I love being yours," replied Nina as Steele slipped off her body and lay beside her.

The cuddled for a little while. Steele pleased with the success of his plan so far. Nina contented in the arms of the man she loved. There was one thing that was bothering her a little though.

"David, I'm a bit worried about something," said Nina quietly.

"What is it pet?" asked Steele.

"It's just that I'm not on the pill or anything and we didn't use any precautions," said Nina concerned.

"Ah ok. Well don't worry your pretty little head about it pet. I have my own personal doctor. I will ring him up and get him over here this morning. He will give you a contraceptive injection and that will last for six months. So why don't you go jump in the shower and I will call him up now and make arrangements." replied Steele, giving Nina a friendly smack on her ass.

Nina beamed a happy smile at Steele as she got out of bed. "Thank you my love," she called out on her way to the bathroom.

Steele got up and retrieved his cell phone from his jacket pocket and rang his doctor.

"Good morning Mr. Steele," said Doctor Vincent as he answered the phone. He had Steele on caller display and knew who was calling. "How can I help you today sir?" asked Dr. Vincent respectfully.

"Hey Doc. I need you come to my apartment now and give my new girlfriend a vitamin shot. Only I want you to tell her that it's a contraception injection," instructed Steele. He spoke quietly so that Nina would not be able to hear him over the noise of the shower.

"Hmm ok sir. I will be there in thirty minutes," replied Dr. Vincent.

The doctor did not question Steele's reasons for the deception. He had been Steele's doctor for many years and had done things in the past that were questionable. But Steele paid him extremely well for his discretion and Steele had also sent many very rich clients his way. Steele had other ways of rewarding the doctor for his loyalty and the doctor was hoping that he was in a generous mood again today.

"That's good doc. I won't be here, but I want you to give her the shot and tell her that it will prevent her from getting pregnant for six months. OK?" instructed Steele.

"Yes sir. Not a problem sir. Do you want me to examine her while I'm there? Check her out and make sure she is healthy?" asked Vincent hopefully.

Steele grinned, knowing what the doctor meant by that. "Yes doc. I want you to give her a thorough examination. Check her over completely. You have my permission to check every inch of her," said Steele with a chuckle. "But remember I plan to impregnate her, so keep your dick in your pants."

"Yes sir. Thank you sir!" replied Dr. Vincent excitedly.

Steele hung up before anymore was said. Then he got dressed quickly. Nina appeared from the bathroom smelling all fresh and clean. She looked puzzled when she saw Steele was already dressed.

"Oh aren't you going to have a shower too David?" inquired Nina.

"I can't. I have to go right now. Something just come up. All I have time for is to brush my teeth," said Steele as he rushed off to the bathroom. He relieved himself and then washed his hands and face and then brushed his teeth and combed his hair.

Nina looked disappointed when he came back into the bedroom.

"Don't worry pet. I will be back soon. The doctor is on his way over to see you. He is going to examine you and give you the injection." informed Steele.

"Examine me? What for?" asked Nina.

"Oh its just routine pet. To make sure you are fine and so that he is satisfied that the injection will be ok for you. It's nothing. Just do what he asks and be nice to him. He's been my doctor for years. You can trust him Nina." replied Steele.

Nina nodded in agreement.

"Ok David. Whatever you say. Thank you for arranging this for me," said Nina gratefully.

Steele came close to her and kissed her lips softly. Then he took her hand and brought it to his lips and kissed it knowing how much she liked it when he did that. He smiled at her and she smiled back, looking back at him with love and adoration.

Steele left and went home to his wife. As soon as he left, Nina got dressed and waited for the doctor to arrive. She helped herself to a coffee while she waited as Steele had told to make herself at home.

Once Steele got home he went straight to his bedroom knowing his wife would still be in bed as she loved to sleep in. She didn't need to work so she lived a very easy life of luxury which included sleeping late every day. He walked up to her side of the bed and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the fall and he pulled down his boxers. His semi erect cock grew harder when he pulled back the bed clothes to reveal his naked wife. Katrina stirred and opened her eyes. She looked up and saw her husband's hard cock swaying in front of her face. She didn't even have the time to say anything. Steele stuck his hard cock directly into her mouth. His cock muffled whatever she was about to say. Steele grabbed her head and held her still while he fucked her face. His cock tasted of sex. A cocktail of his cum and Nina's coated his penis and this is why he did not shower first. He wanted Katrina to taste him like this. He enjoyed flaunting his affairs in front of her. His actions daring her to say something, to complain, to accuse him of cheating on her, betraying their marriage. But she never did. Katrina knew that she was sucking her husbands cock clean from fucking some slut but she obliged and kept quiet about it. She loved her easy life of wealth. And besides she also was under his spell. Steele's magnetism was hard to resist.

It only took a few minutes when the flavor of stale sex was soon replaced with some fresh stuff as Steele exploded cum into his obedient wife's mouth. He grunted as he came and let go of her head. Katrina hungrily swallowed all his cum and then went about cleaning his cock some more with long licks and then moved on to clean his balls too. She licked and sucked them gently and lovingly. Steele patted her on the head as if she was a good dog.

"Good girl," he said patronizingly.

Katrina looked up and smiled at him.

"I thought you might like some breakfast in bed," said Steele sarcastically with a chuckle and then walked off to his ensuite to shower.

Meanwhile back at his penthouse apartment, Dr. Vincent arrived. He knocked on the door and smiled when Nina answered it. He was very pleased but not at all surprised that she was beautiful. He never knew of Steele to go out with any woman that wasn't gorgeous.

Nina smiled back at him. "Hi there. I guess you must be the doctor," said Nina, noticing his medical bag.

"Yes. Good morning Miss. I'm Doctor Vincent. Mr. Steele asked me to come and see you," said Vincent politely.

Nina invited him in and observed that the doctor was a good looking man. He wasn't of the same caliber as Steele but she definitely would have been interested if she wasn't already with the man of her dreams. She guessed that he must have been about twenty years older than her; he had light brown hair with only touches of grey. He was old enough to be her father but still she found him attractive.

Dr. Vincent put his medical bag on one of the dining room chairs and took out a notebook. Then he sat down in another of the dining chairs, facing Nina. Nina went to sit down beside him, but he stopped her.

"Oh you may as well remain standing my dear. I need to examine you thoroughly before I can give you this injection. Could you please undress," instructed Vincent in a very matter-of-fact tone.

Nina was puzzled as to why the doctor wanted her to take off her clothes, but she remembered that Steele had told her to do as he asked and that Steele trusted him and that was good enough for her, so she took off her dress and stood in front of him in just her bra and panties.

The doctor looked up at her from his chair casually. "As I don't have my examination table here, we will just have to use the dining table. Could you please get me a towel for you to lie on top of on the table?" asked Vincent.

Nina complied and retrieved a large white spa towel from the glamorous bathroom and gave it to the doctor. He laid it out flat on the table and then sat back down in the chair.

"Please continue to undress my dear. I need to check you over completely. No need to be shy. I've seen it all before," said Vincent with a smile trying to reassure Nina.

"Oh ok doctor," said Nina shyly as she took off her bra and panties.

She stood completely naked in front of this man she had never met before and felt very embarrassed and vulnerable. She thought of rushing off to the bedroom and hiding but she really wanted to be able to keep having sex with Steele and didn't want to risk getting pregnant right now just when her career was just starting to lift off.

The doctor didn't seem to even notice that she was naked. Nina presumed he must look at naked women all the time and it was just work to him, so she tried to relax a little.

"Right. Please come here and sit on the table so I can have a good look at you my dear," requested Dr. Vincent.

Nina did as she was told and sat upon the towel on the dining table with her legs dangling over the edge. The doctor remained seated and was writing information down in his notebook. He asked Nina her name and other personal details while he wrote down her answers. It did not occur to Nina at the time that he could have just as easily asked all these questions about her medical history while she was still clothed. Once he had finished with noting down all he needed, the doctor stood up very close to Nina and shone a light in her eyes and ears, then he asked her to stick out her tongue and say ahh while he looked inside her throat as well. He seemed happy with what he saw, making quiet sounds of approval and nodding his head as he checked each part of her, pausing to make notes of the results. Nina just sat there quietly letting him go about his business.

The doctor got out his stethoscope and put it on Nina's bare chest, asking her to breathe in and out slowly as he listened to her breathing. He was holding the stethoscope in his right hand and he held his left hand on her back while he listened. Nina could feel his warm breath on her naked skin. The he moved the instrument to her back and asked her to take a few deep breathes while he listened again. Nina did as he asked but she felt that it was a little strange that his left hand had swapped places and now rested on her bare chest slightly touching her breasts.

The doctor removed his stethoscope and smiled at Nina. "Your lungs sound good. You needn't look so worried Nina. So far you seem very healthy. I'm just being very thorough as requested by Mr. Steele." said Dr. Vincent to reassure her.

Nina smiled as she understood that when Mr. Steele gives an instruction, anyone that is employed by him usually complies completely.

"I'm fine really doctor. I'm just a little bit embarrassed as it's been a long time since I've been to a doctor and I don't think I've been naked in front of one since I was a baby," said Nina with a nervous giggle.

Dr. Vincent smiled at her. "Well there is no need to be embarrassed Nina. You have a beautiful body and you should be proud of it."

Nina blushed.

"Now I know you said there is no history in your family of breast cancer, but these days you have to be careful. Prevention is the best cure. Do you check your breasts regularly Nina?" inquired the doctor.

"No doctor," Nina confessed, "I'm sorry to admit this, but I've never checked them."

The doctor shook his head disapprovingly.

"Tisk tisk my dear. You must check them every month. You wouldn't want to lose such fine specimens to such a tragic disease. After all, as well as acting you might want to do some modeling at some stage. And frankly my dear, with a body as lovely as yours, you really should." commented Vincent.

Nina blushed again at his compliments.

"Well never mind Nina, it's never too late to start. I will show you how to check them and then from now on you can do a self examination each month. Ok?"

Nina nodded, "Oh ok doctor. Of course if you think so. You know best."

The doctor grinned at Nina and then he placed his left hand under Nina's right breast, cupping it and with his right hand he began to feel her beautiful firm tit. At first his actions felt very clinical and Nina just tried to relax as the doctor's hands massaged her soft tender flesh. Nina could feel herself becoming aroused. She tried to block it out and tell herself that this was just a medical exam as the doctor moved his hands to her left tit and went through the same procedure.

Dr. Vincent was enjoying every minute of it and his cock was growing harder as he took his time massaging Nina's lovely breasts while he pretended to be looking for lumps. Then he moved one hand and placed it on her right breast so that he had a hand on each tit. He began moving his hands in circular motions round and round both tits at the same time. This did not feel clinical at all to Nina, it felt like a massage. It felt damn good.

The doctor continued his pretense of an exam and was talking as his hands worked her over. "You just keep doing this circular motion like this Nina, making sure you don't feel anything that doesn't feel right, like a lump. Ok my dear. Just like this. You may like to do one breast at a time."

The doctor's hands moved around and around and Nina's nipples hardened from the stimulation. Dr. Vincent began to change his tactics; his hand motions became more like a milking action. He would massage all around the breast then close his hand smaller and move it off the breast, pulling it towards himself until only his fingers remained, gripping on Nina's nipples. She gasped as the doctor pulled her hard nipples. Nina was about to protest, tell the doctor he was being inappropriate, but then he repeated the action and when he pulled on her nipples once more, her body betrayed her and she sighed in pleasure.

Vincent smiled when she sighed but Nina did not notice as she had closed her eyes, momentarily lost in the pleasure of his experienced hands. The doctor repeated this action another five times and Nina felt her arousal increase. She could feel her wetness indicating her sexual desire.

"Well no problems there my dear," announced Vincent as he suddenly stopped fondling her breasts. "There is no sign of anything abnormal. Your breasts are as healthy and beautiful as they look."

Nina opened her eyes, startled when the doctor spoke. She had almost forgotten what he was here for, temporarily lost in the moment.

The doctor wrote some more notes down. He was finding it difficult to stay calm with his erection pressing hard up against his zipper.

"Ok Nina. All good so far. Now could you please lie down on this towel? I need to give you an internal examination too." instructed Vincent.

Nina didn't even question it. She was feeling quite aroused now and the idea of him touching her pussy seemed very appealing right at that moment. She lay down on the towel and awaited his instructions.

"That's a good girl," said Vincent, "Now please open your legs wide Nina. I need to check that your virgina is normal too."

Nina complied and she looked up at the ceiling. She wanted him to touch her now, to poke and prod her body. She felt like a piece of meat on a slab for inspection and it turned her on big time. She didn't understand why but right at this moment she was so worked up that if he had climbed on top of her and fucked her hard right here and now on Mr. Steele dining table, she would have loved it. Of course Dr. Vincent wanted nothing more than to do just that, but he was under strict instructions. He had Mr. Steele's permission to touch but not to fuck.

The doctor didn't put on any gloves like he is supposed to. He just put his left hand on top of Nina's pussy and pressed down gently but firmly and with his right hand he inserted his index finger. Nina gasped as she felt his finger penetrate her. She was already wet from having her breasts manipulated, so his finger slid in easily. The doctor moved his finger around as if he was checking her internally. Then he inserted his middle finger as well. Nina tensed up and clamped down on his fingers as they violated her. She began to pant.

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