tagErotic CouplingsNinety-Six Ch. 01

Ninety-Six Ch. 01


(Originally titled Diary of a College Whore)

All characters are 18 or older.



Critics are nasty, aren't they? My cup size is 34D, so you can suck my ass, Anonymous.

I'd say college may be interesting. My professors are nice, mostly, and there are a handful of cute boys in all of my classes. As much of a whore as I seem, I can be a bit shy when I'm around new people. At first, that is. Eventually I may warm up and do something as weird as fucking the teacher. By the look of the bulge in my Geography teacher's pants, his wife must love that cock. Yes, I said wife. He's got a ring on his left hand. One or two guys and girls in my classes had rings too, which I don't particularly enjoy. But you didn't come here to hear me rant about my ideas on life, you came to read about me being a little whore. And if you did come to read about me as a person and not just a whore, I respect that. It means you're better than most other guys.

Where do I start? Move-in day was hell, but they had a bunch of people in matching t-shirts to bring stuff in. Just drive your car up, and they'll take your stuff to the room. Pretty simple. A cute guy helped bring their stuff in. I learned later on his name was Duncan, and you'll see why.

I live on the second floor of this freshman dorm. Freshman are required to live on campus their first year, which is a stupid rule. I guess their idea is that if they surround you with as many people as possible, you'll make friends more quickly. Or you'll die of anxiety, whichever works the quickest. The dorm's co-ed, which is self explanatory. I've never been anywhere co-ed before since the high school always segregated the students by sex during bus rides and whatnot. The RA will soon find that making the dorm co-ed will be a big mistake.

After parking my car in a parking lot too far from the dorm, I made my way to my room. My roommate's name was April, and I got to know her very well as soon as I opened the room door. I ignored the "do not disturb" sign on the doorknob, and walked right into a graphic scene featuring my roommate and her well-endowed boyfriend. His name was Joshua, and he was off limits. I may be a whore, but I respect all relationships. No exceptions. Unless they just don't tell me, which has happened before. That was only a handjob, though, so it wasn't that bad.

Anyways, this boy was pounding his cock in and out of my roommate like in hardcore porn. Her fingers were digging into the pillow in front of her, her face planted onto it, drooling. Her ass was red from all of the spanking he clearly was doing to her. They weren't quiet either. I knew I heard moaning from the hallway, just didn't know it was coming from my room. As soon as I opened the door, Joshua turned and immediately panicked, flinging himself under the covers next to him. April got up too, but out of mere excitement of my presence.

"Close the door! Don't want the RA to see."

"Where is the RA?"

"In the lobby with the other big names of the dorm. Just pull your stuff in here and close the door."

I did as she said, rolling in my suitcase and carrying in my laundry basket full of basic living shit. I travel light, clearly. April stood in the middle of the room, fully naked, just basking in the warm summer sunlight gleaming through the window. Her smile was huge, like her big brown eyes. Joshua sat on her bed, covering his slowly deflating cock with the blanket. His face was beet red, and could only muster a weak smile towards me. I smiled back, politely. After putting my things down, April ran over and hugged my tightly. Her pale skin was soft, and her ass jiggled as she wrapped her arms around me. If I hadn't walked in on her fucking session, she would've seemed so innocent to me. I hugged her back slowly, yet surely.

"I didn't think I'd see you naked until much later in the year."

She jumped backwards, her whole body shaking with excitement, speaking in a high squeaky voice, "Well I guess it's better to see things sooner rather than later. I'm sure I'll see you naked at some point!" Her boyfriend didn't seem to like that by the look on his face. He got up from the bed, and started looking for his clothes. His soft cock swung between his legs, probably around 6 inches soft. I didn't get that good of a look at it erect, but I knew that his cock was in the big category. Porn star status right there. April spun around to her dressing boyfriend, and groaned.

"Don't you want me to finish you off?"

"You can do it later, babe. I've gotta get back to my room. Orientation's probably starting."

"Okay. But you blue-balled yourself this time."

After he dressed, they kissed. It was just so casual, like they've known each other for years. I didn't see any rings, so they were still boyfriend and girlfriend, but damn. They need rings. It's like they were perfect. After he walked out, April turned back to me.

"That's Joshua, my boyfriend."

"Oh, how long have you two been together?"

"Three years, seven months, and twelve days."

I was uncomfortable. This girl kept track. I knew some girls kept track of boys they've slept with, which is what I planned on doing, but not relationship length to the day. Either this girl is secretly insane, or she just likes to be organized. One of these I can accept. Not the other. I went with organized, and calmed back down. My eyes darted around the room from her brown eyes, noticing a poster of The Rolling Stones. Classic rock. That's my shit.

"Do you like my poster?"

"Hell yeah I do, the Stones are the shit."


God dammit.

"The Stones. The one with the red tongue."

"Oh, I just like the logo."

God fucking dammit.

"So, April, how long have you been here?"

"I got here this morning. I'm a bit of early riser, so I decided to get here early and unpack."

This girl is still naked. I can't stop glancing at her tiny tits and her shaved pussy. She was somehow shorter than I was, probably 5'1". How she could fit his cock inside of her, I will never know.

"Are our suite mates here yet?"

"Yeah, they're probably smoking in the bathroom."

"Is that allowed?"

"Not if the RA finds out."

I stood there awkwardly for a moment, still looking at this girl's smiling face. I turned around and knocked on the door to the bathroom. I heard a "come in, but don't leave the door open", so I quickly opened the door and stepped in, April following me in. April closed the door behind me because I froze in my tracks. One girl sat on the counter, lit cigarette in hand, with another girl kneeling on the floor, face in the first girl's crotch. Lesbians, gotta love 'em. The first girl had piercings all over her face, kind of scary looking. She wore a schoolgirl outfit, skirt and all, with her panties hanging off of one foot. She just stared at me while one hand put the cigarette to her mouth, her other hand rubbing the hair of her friend that was still eating her out. Her friend was wearing all black, Pink Floyd t-shirt and blue highlights in her hair. Both looked pale and sickly. April spoke first.

"Ladies, this is Katie. Katie, these are our suite mates. The receiver is Brooklyn and the giver is Stacy."

Stacy came up from Brooklyn's pussy to greet me, her entire mouth wet with Brooklyn's juices.

"Pleasure to meet you, Kaitlyn."

"It's Katie."

"I know."

April explained to me that Stacy preferred to call people by their full names if she could tell they were shortened. I began coughing up a lung, so April took me out of the bathroom and back into our humble abode.

"They're lesbians."

"Thanks, April, I couldn't tell."

"They're actually dating. They both lived in that room as freshman, and they decided to stay in the room their sophomore year. Brooklyn's bisexual while Stacy's just full lesbian."

"And how do you know this?"

"I asked."

April finally walked over to her bed and started pulling on her clothes. I averted my eyes from seeing her full pussy when she bent down to pull up her jeans. She wore no panties, true whore fashion. She's been around the block, though she didn't look like it. I started unpacking my things, filling my dresser with clothes. Thongs, panties, rock t-shirts, skinny jeans that are just too small for me. I've never really noticed how much of a whore I was until I encountered April. I was an amateur compared to her. She's already gotten the big stuff, something I hoped to achieve quickly.

Remember the cute boy I mentioned earlier that helped bring my stuff in? I said his name was Duncan, and I found that out because I saw him entering his room. They put our names on our doors so people can find us, so I saw Duncan on his door. Oh, right. I forgot. He has a roommate named Marshall, so I guess I could've mixed the person and the name. I also heard a guy say "Bye Duncan" just as he was entering his room. I'm such a stalker. He came by to say hi since we'd be across the hall from each other for the year. He did the same thing my suite mates did and kept his room from this past year, meaning he's a sophomore. I asked him why he did so, and he said that it's because freshman have more fun. Then he gave me a wink and asked if I wanted to join him for the orientation. I told him yes, and he went back to his room after giving me his number. He became my fourth friend, after my roommate and suite mates, but he became something else as well.

Shortly after orientation, he became my first fuck buddy.

For these journals, I'm gonna be numbering off the guys I have sex with, just for fun. I'll mention another reason later on, but it'll be to keep track in case you feel like skipping through these things and just skip to the sex scenes. I'll get to the fucking in a moment, though, so just have a little patience for old Katie.

Orientation was pretty boring. I got to meet my RA, some asshole junior named Rodney, who was known for being a total hardass who liked to do random room checks. Yes, I checked with the other RA's, and it's allowed. For some reason. We learned the basic rules, something about guests in our rooms and smoking and stuff. But I wasn't listening. I was focusing on the snake in Duncan's pants.

#1 - Duncan

Duncan and I stood close to each other during orientation, mostly because the lobby was packed with freshman and sophomores who didn't want to change dorms. His body radiated heat as we stood, shoulders touching. My hip brushed his hand, on purpose, obviously, and I saw a smile out of the corner of my eye. I smiled too. We slowly moved to the back of the room so only the wall could see our actions. His hand moved to my ass and squeezed it.


"I know."

I looked to his khakis to find a hard bulge running down his right thigh. Standing to his right, it was easy access. I rubbed it slowly, his pelvis shifting at the sudden feeling of a hand on his bulge. He leaned into my ear and whispered.

"You a virgin?"

"No, are you?"

"Of course not."

I smiled. I felt his hand reach towards my belt, and his fingers started sliding into the back of my jeans, and into my panties. He leaned in more closely.

"You know another name they have for freshman year?"

His hand went lower.



"Mating season."

My body shivered as a finger slipped into my aching pussy. My legs quivered as I sank a little bit next to him. I gripped his bulge tighter as he chuckled into my ear. A smile came across my face as I looked up at him. His green eyes stared back at mine, and he bit his lip. HE BIT HIS FUCKING LIP. Game over, he's mine. I wasted no time sliding my hand down his pants and feeling his cock. This cock was so warm. Circumcised, veiny, and throbbing. It was so thick, too. My fingers couldn't go all the way around it. He groaned softly as he tilted his head back. Then I pulled him towards the door of the lobby. It led outside. His head came back down, and he looked at me. He raised his eyebrow as if asking a question, to which I nodded. I took my hand off of his cock, and he took his finger out of my pussy. We slid out the door, nobody noticed.

After we got out the door, he took the reins. He took me to this secluded spot behind the dorm where the trash was put. It was cramped, but I didn't care. I needed his college cock in my mouth NOW. He pulled me into the space as he spoke.

"Who first, you or me?"

"I don't know."

He paused.

"Turn around."

I did as he told me, and he pressed his bulge against my ass. I gasped at the intensity of it. This boy knew what to do. He started unbuckling my belt, unbuttoning, and unzipping.

"If you want to, after this, I'll introduce you to my roommate. Or my suite mates. We can all get acquainted with each other."

The way he said "acquainted". He knew what I wanted. I'm not the first whore he's met.

"Yes, please."

"Good girl."

My pants slid down now. The cool breeze made my thighs quiver. His hands worked like magic. He felt the goosebumps going up and down my ass as he slid my panties to the side, and worked my cunt with his fingers. Was this guy a musician or something? Duncan sure knew how to use his fingers. So fast, and with such precision. My mouth hung open as if I was witnessing the return of Christ. My eyes felt like they'd pop out of my head, but instead they rolled upwards towards the sky.

"I love your pussy. It's so tight."

"I've never experienced anything too big."

"You're definitely a freshman then."

His fingers went deeper, and I yelped in ecstasy. Every breath out of my mouth was a moan, begging for his fingers to fuck me harder and faster. His breathing was deep, moving along my neck. His breath was hot. My hands reached back. His hair was soft and curly. My knees buckled and shook, my panties must be soaked by now. Slowly, I felt something build.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum."

"That's it, baby. Cum for me."

I pushed my hips back to feel his bulge once more. He just chuckled and forced his arm onto my ass, pushing his fingers deep again. Holy shit. Holy fuck. He's not even touching my clit either, his other hand's wrapped around my neck. He doesn't squeeze, he doesn't know if I'd like that. But it's firm, it keeps me in place. He can feel my gulps through my throat as I cum on his fingers. My hips rocked back and forth faster and faster as I came. I let out a long groan as I sank down towards the ground. He tried to pull me back up with his fingers, still in my quivering pussy, but I spun around, facing him, his fingers leaving quickly. He gave me a startled look, but I just gave him a grin. Then I sank down to my knees.

I rubbed the throbbing bulge in his khakis, and went to work with his belt. Then his button. Then his zipper. Then the rest of his khakis. I yanked them down along with his boxers, and good lord above. What a beautiful cock. 9 inches. I could tell right away. My eyes are like a ruler, able to tell any length under a foot. So thick too, and dripping with precum. I held that cock in my hand, admiring it's beauty when he chuckled.

"You like it?"

I gave him a smile, "I fucking love it." And I drove it into my mouth.

His groan when I shoved it into my mouth was so satisfying. The best part about a blowjob isn't the thickness of the cock, the taste of the cock, or the cum that spurts out of that cock. To me, it's the boy attached to it, or in this case, the man. I've been sucking high school cock, and never really experienced a man. THIS was a man's cock, no doubt about it. And I loved every throbbing, veiny inch of it. Duncan tasted so good.

"Oh fuck yeah, so that dick."

I never was a fan of the word "dick". Such a boy thing to say. Cock is much more intimate in my mind. I realized at that point that my hands rested on my goosebump-covered thighs. I moved one hand to one of his hair thighs, and another hand to his cock, which I stroked as I alternated between bobbing my head back and forth on it and swirling my tongue around his bulbous head.

"Oh fuck."

His hands finally came into play, stroking my hair and pushing my head further onto his cock. I squeezed my left thumb before attempting to get it all down my throat. I read somewhere that squeezing your thumb turns off your gag reflex. Turns out it was right. I deep-throated that cock, and boy did he love it. He moaned even louder at it. I looked up at him to see his eyes shut and his mouth hanging open, just like mine was. Perfect. I know how to pleasure college cock. He yanked my hair back at one point, sliding his cock out of my mouth. I gasped for air, drool connecting my lips and the head of his cock. His hand went for his beautiful shaft, jerking it quickly. He kept it pointed at my face. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, letting my tongue hand out.

One, two, three, four, five spurts of cum shot out of the end of his cock and onto my face. Thick and ropy, just how I like it. Much of it missed my tongue and landed on my face instead, but I didn't mind. His cum tasted wonderfully. This man reads articles online, because his cum tasted sweet. Pineapple. Write that down, boys. I gave him a smile as I swallowed whatever landed on my tongue, and he gave me a smile back, pulling up his khakis. I stayed put, and gave him a seductive look.

"You've got a nice cock."

"Thanks, Katie. Awful sweet of you."

"When are you gonna let that big boy in my pussy?"

"In good time. You've gotta build up to a cock like mine."

He took my arms and brought me up to him. He whispered in my ear again.

"I'd try one of my suite mates first. I'll introduce you sometime."

I looked into his green eyes, and smiled.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

I licked my lips. "Your delicious cum."

He laughed. "Well, thank you for making me... Katie."

I pulled him in and kissed him. He kissed me back before letting go.

"We should... probably..."

"Yeah. We should."

We got our clothes back together, but I didn't clean the cum off of my face. I went back to my room like that, hand in hand with Duncan. My first man to have his juicy cock anywhere near my in college. Hell of a first day indeed. I walked into my room and straight to the bathroom. April noticed me and gave me wide eyes. I just smiled at her and walked into the bathroom. Inside was Brooklyn, brushing her teeth while fucking herself with a dildo. I stood there for a moment before she looked at me like I was crazy.

"What? Never fucked yourself while brushing your teeth?"

"Not really." I went to the sink to wash up.

"Who spunked?"

I just smiled. "A guy across the hall."

"Oh, Duncan?"

I almost passed out right there. NOW I was looking at her funny. But she just smiled and put the dildo on the counter. She leaned against the counter like what I just did was a silly freshman mistake.

"Duncan likes to introduce freshmen to the community. He had a threesome with Stacy and I our first day here. After that, he grew a reputation in the dorm as the 'freshman with the perfect cock'. What'd you think of it?"

I didn't know what to say. I stumbled over my words, but didn't get anything clear out.

"It's nice isn't it?" She smiled at me through her piercings.

"Y-yeah, I guess."

Her smile lowered into a friendly grin, and she patted my shoulder.

"Don't worry about it, Katie. Guys are whores too. He was my first, certainly wasn't my last. Everyone's a whore. People fuck, it's what they do. Wanna see my list?"

I gave her a look. List? What list? She stepped back into her room and came back with a notebook. I opened it up to find groups of lists of names. The groups were labeled by semester: 1, 2 and 3. 3 was empty. I pointed to it.

"Yeah, I've got Stacy now. The boys will have to stop for now. There'll be an occasional threesome, but Stacy's full lesbo. Doesn't care for guys."

I looked at the other two semesters. Good lord. The first semester lists 17 guys, the second semester lists 31. At the top of the first semester? Duncan. Brooklyn just looked at me as I looked at the lists. I couldn't tell if I was proud, jealous or what.

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