tagIncest/TabooNini Discovers Mom In Law

Nini Discovers Mom In Law


My secretary Nini is my partner for lesbian sex. I seduced her to have womanly sex with me. She was unmarried and had a great urge for sex, which had no outlet except masturbation. So, it was easy for me to seduce her. She is now 27 and was married about a year & a half ago. Her sexual encounter with me started almost a year before her marriage.

I am particularly attracted to her body, because of her pretty face, dark skin and the dense & thick bush around her pussy, which she doesn’t shave at all. Her boobs are moderate in size, 34B, and her chocolate coloured nipples are small but very sensitive. They get hard even at the slightest touch. Her bums are not heavy and the crack is very tight, with quite a bit of hair in it. She doesn’t shave her armpits regularly and those are often full of hair. Though she enjoys sex with her hubby, she pines for more sex and is fond of sex with women.

She and I can’t enjoy sex in full, as our encounter is limited to hurried action in the bathroom attached to my cabin. Her widow mother and she desired sex with each other but they were restrained by social inhibitions. I recently broke the inhibition between them and two of them now enjoy sex a lot. Nini is continuously on the look out for lesbian partners. Recently she seduced a 16 year old cousin sister. An aunt of hers also had sex with her. (You may read ‘My mom & dad’ and ‘My cousin’ to know more about her)

She has been talking about her mom-in-law ever since she got married. She & her husband stay with his parents. Her mom-in-law intrigued her a lot. She was not a very friendly sort and though she never misbehaved, Nini was a bit scared & uneasy with her. I told Nini to get close to her, but she never could as the lady maintained some sort of distance. Compared to Nini’s mom, who was rather casually dressed at home (She often wore sari & blouse without bra and at bedtime even took off blouse & petticoat) the lady was very prim & proper and even at home, was neatly dressed in sari, with bra & petticoat. Even at bedtime, the lady didn’t take off her bra. (Nini wondered what she did at the time of having sex)

She was very orthodox in her dress – tied her sari covering the belly button, never wore a sleeveless or low cut blouse, left almost no part of her waist or belly uncovered. She changed dress behind closed doors. So, even after a year of her marriage Nini saw no part of her body except for face, arms and feet. Nini was quite eager to see her body closely because she, at 52, had an excellent figure and a very fair, silky smooth, glowing skin. She was very slim without an ounce of extra fat. Her breasts were not too large but very firm. Her hips were, compared to her slim body, unusually heavy. Because of her thin waist (with no tyre whatsoever), they looked heavier and one could notice her hourglass shape. Nini’s curiosity about her body grew by the day, but there was no opportunity.

Finally, opportunity did come one day. One Saturday morning, Nini noticed that mom-in-law was moving around with a limp. After some time, she lied down in her bed and did not get up for quite some time. When she didn’t get up even for having her bath, Nini went to her bedroom and enquired. She said, she was having a very bad pain in the back and waist downwards. There was none else at home; her hubby & his dad were away to a relative’s place to attend a wedding and were scheduled to be back after two days. Nini phoned the doctor. The doc said he couldn’t come before the evening but prescribed these things – applying a balm all over the area of pain, then hot water bag, later hot water sponge.

Fortunately, Nini found the balm at home and went to her mom-in-law with the balm. She told her about what the doc prescribed. With a lot of apprehension, she told her that for applying the balm, she has to take off her blouse and loosen her sari and petticoat. Without much of objection she sat up on the bed and removing her sari from top, took off her blouse. She untied her sari & petticoat strings and pushed down sari & petticoat by a few inches. Then after unhooking her bra, she lied down on her belly. Wow! Her partly exposed body was so lovely. Her cleavage was sexy, belly button deep set in her fat less tummy, waist narrow and armpit was full of hair.

As she was applying the balm on her silky smooth back, Nini noticed that her bra was getting soiled with the balm. She told her so and mom-in-law sitting up, took off the bra. Now Nini could see her wonderful boobs and pink nipples. Nini helped her in removing the sari too. Now her belly was fully exposed and the petticoat covered her groin & thigh downwards. There were traces of hair on her fair belly and a little bit of her pubic hair was popping out of the top of her untied petticoat. Nini felt very horny and felt like stripping her off completely.

After finishing the back Nini pushed down the petticoat as much as possible and now her bums were fully exposed. As she massaged her bums, she felt that those were not as soft as her mom’s and were very well shaped. The skin of the bums were very fair & smooth and had no hair, except that just above the crack between the bum cheeks there was some light hair, which looked pretty sexy to Nini. She ran her finger over there and then slowly moved her finger in the crack. The crack opened easily and had quite bit of hair.

After finishing the bums, Nini pushed down the petticoat further down to expose her thighs. Mom-in-law now turned partly to her side and Nini could see one boob from the side. She could also see the lower part of her hair covered pussy and the crack of her bums through the gap between the thighs. She noticed that her dense pubic hair extended through the crack. Nini was getting impatient to touch her more closely, but hesitated. After she finished applying balm, mom-in-law possibly had some relief from the pain and had fallen asleep. She was totally naked except that she had just the petticoat on her, which covered only her legs below the knee. Nini looked at this naked woman lying partly on her side and was amazed at her physical beauty.

She removed the petticoat and then brought a hot water bag. As she was slowly pressing the bag on her body she immensely enjoyed touching her. At this stage, mom-in-law woke up and murmured thanks to Nini. She now turned and lied on her back, oblivious of the fact that she was stark naked. Now Nini could see her more clearly. Her belly was almost flat and waist was quite narrow. She had a few not too prominent stretch marks around her bellybutton. She had a fair amount of hair in her pussy & armpits.

Her pubic hair was not as dense or thick as Nini’s, but was rather long & very much spread out and spilled over her belly & thighs. Another difference was that mom-in-law’s pubic hair was not as curly as Nini’s. Her legs were quite hairy and her thighs were also covered by light hair. Her boobs looked shapely even when she was lying flat on her back. As Nini sponged her body with a towel she touched her boobs and nipples as much as she could. She felt that the nipples showed signs of hard on, but was not sure. She felt very nice while touching her silky pubic hair. While cleaning the top part of the thighs she tried to touch the pussy and took the chance of putting her finger through the pussy lips. As she was scared of possible adverse reaction, she hurriedly took out her finger. In those split seconds, she felt that pussy was wet inside!

After she dried her, she sprinkled some talc on her. Mom-in-law asked for her perfume and she directed her to spray it in her armpit, belly button and around the groin. Now the problem was dressing up. The orthodox lady wore nothing but sari. But even now with much less pain, no way she could take the strain of wearing a sari. Nini made her to agree to wear one of her housecoat. As she was much taller than Nini, the housecoat was quite short and her legs were exposed calves downwards. As the bed linen was spoilt with stains of balm, Nini changed it. Nini then fed her and put her to sleep again. After that Nini went for her bath and as she undressed she found her panty quite wet. She was horny like mad and fiercely fingered herself to climax.

After bath, Nini wore a nightgown, without any undergarment. On other days, she would wear petticoat, panty and bra underneath. But today, she took this liberty. After having her lunch, Nini lied down beside her mom-in-law, who was fast asleep. Nini also slept for some time. As she woke up, she found mom-in-law was sitting near her head and her hands were affectionately placed on Nini’s forehead. From mom-in-law’s smile it was immediately clear that the cloud of uneasiness between them had blown off.

Nini got up, hugged her and kissed her on the cheeks. Mom-in-law hugged her back and for both of them it was a moment of delight. Then Nini made tea for both of them and they had tea sitting on the bed. Nini asked her did she feel comfortable in the housecoat. As she said yes, Nini asked her why was it that she was always fully dressed in sari, even at bedtime. She gave a smile and said she will change her habit now.

Though her pain had reduced a lot, mom-in-law still had difficulty in moving around. Nini helped her in going to the toilet and stood by her side when she relieved herself. She took her to the TV room and both of them saw programmes of Nini’s choice. Later in the evening, the doctor visited them and listed out many do’s and don’ts. He also showed Nini a few special ways to do massage which made mom-in-law quite dependent on Nini. After dinner, Nini made her undress again and applied hot water bag on her naked body.

Nini was less hesitant this time and played on her boobs. Now there was no doubt that her nipples stood erect. Nini got encouraged and saw that mom-in-law had her eyes closed, with a pleasant smile on her face. She played with her boobs longer and felt like going in for more. But she was undecided how far to proceed. So she limited her touches to outside the pussy and ass hole. She just managed to part her bum cheeks a bit and see her pink ass hole, which had quite a bit of hair. She also parted the pussy lips and saw the clit. All this time, mom-in-law kept her eyes closed. Nini wasn’t sure if she was sleeping or not.

Nini realised that even if she was faking being asleep, it must be because she was feeling nice but wanted to avoid embarrassment. That gave her courage to put her fingers inside the pussy. Oh! It was very wet. After keeping the finger in for some time Nini took it out. She thought it would be too much to start fingering her right now. In stead, she decided to give the lady a chance to express her desires.

So, she kissed mom-in-law in her cheeks and whispered in her ears, “Are you comfortable? Would you sleep like this?”

Mom-in-law opened her eyes and whispered back, “I am feeling very nice. Don’t mind sleeping without clothes, when only you are with me.”

As Nini covered her with a sheet, she said, “If you don’t feel uneasy, why don’t you also take off the nightgown?”

“I have no problems, Ma.” Nini said and puled off her nightgown.

Mom-in-law now watched Nini’s nudity with wide eyes. Nini took her time to get ready for bed so that mom-in-law could see her properly. After a while she switched off the lamp and lying down beside her, crept under the same sheet. Now their naked bodies touched and Nini felt wonderful.

Under the sheet, their bodies touched. Mom-in-law turned to her side and placed her arm around Nini. She moved her hand all over Nini’s back and later on her bums. Nini got herself closer and made their boobs touch. She put her hands on mom-in-law’s back & bums then on her belly & thighs.

While moving her hands over her satin smooth skin, Nini whispered, “Ma, I have never seen any one with such smooth skin as yours.”

“Hmmm” came the answer.

Now Nini held her boobs in her grip to feel the firmness and said, “Your breasts are like a eighteen year old girl’s.”

“You think so?” she answered with her hands now on Nini’s boobs, unhesitatingly playing with the tiny nipples.

Nini played with her large nipples and said, “My nipples are too tiny. Aren’t they?”

“When your baby drinks your milk they would grow bigger” she assured her.

Now Nini’s hand was on mom-in-law’s heavy bums feeling the roundness and she asked, “Can I ask you a question? How come your hips are so heavy, when you are so slim all over?”

“I was a dancer before marriage and as I gave up dancing my hips became too heavy.”

At this stage, they got into the mood of chatting and Nini decided to probe in to her privacy. As Nini asked intimate questions, mom-in law answered frankly –

Nini – Ma, tell me if you had any lover before your marriage. Mom-in-law – Yes my child. A young man from my college loved me. Nini – Did he become naughty at any stage? Mom-in-law – Oh yes dear. One day, he came to our house when no one was there. He kissed me and even touched my breasts. Nini – That’s all? Mom-in-law – Yes, I didn’t let him go further. Nini – Only one boyfriend you had? Mom-in-law – There were many other so called admirers, but I never showed any interest. But there was one very bad fellow… Nini - How bad? Mom-in-law – He was really mischievous. He was a leader of sorts and arranged for an overnight trip for a group of boys and girls. Other girls helped me in getting permission from home to join the trip. After we started, I realised it was a group of couples. Other three girls’ boyfriends were in the group. That guy Raja was the only one without a girl friend. I felt that I was tricked into this, but there was no way of getting out.

In the hotel, four double rooms were taken two for the girls and two for the boys. The day passed off peace fully and Raja did nothing offensive. I felt a lot relieved. In the evening, the boys brought out bottles of drinks and asked the girls to join them. I had no scope of saying no, as the other girls readily agreed. They gave us some kind of sweet drink, the taste of which I liked. I wasn’t sure of what I drank, but enjoyed it. All others also drank merrily and the mood was in top gear. We sang and some of us also danced. As the mood was getting buoyant, one of the boys started kissing her girlfriend. Soon two of them left the room. By that time, the other two girls were in close embrace with their boyfriends and a little while later they also left.

Raja and I were left alone. I told Raja that I was feeling sleepy and must go to my room. Without waiting any more, I went to my room and knocked at the door. After a long wait and a number of knocks, the door opened. It was the other girl I shared the room with. She was wearing nothing other than her panty!

She told me in a drunken voice, “I can’t let you in. I am having fun.”

As I turned back, I saw Raja was standing behind. “You will have to go back to that room and sleep there.”

Although so many things were happening around me, I was not shocked at all. I was probably drunk enough to take these things in stride. I walked back to the room with Raja. The double bed was strewn with so many things and Raja cleaned them all.

He removed the cover and said, “Now you can sleep.”

“Oh, my change of dress is in the other room” I said.

“Forget it,” he said.

“Ok” I said and flung my self in the bed.

As I was about to close my eyes, I remembered that Raja had no where to sleep. I saw him standing at the window and smoking.

“Raja, where are you going to sleep?” I asked.

“I will stay awake all night” he grinned.

“That can’t be. Come here and sleep by my side.”

He came and sat on the bed. He chatted with me and held my hand. After a while, he said he was feeling warm and took off his kurta. I loved his hairy chest. He took off his pajama too and had only a brief. I was very attracted by his manliness and moved my hand over his hairy chest. I felt very nice.

“Aren’t you feeling warm?” he asked.

“Yes”, I said and took off my skirt & top. I was now in my bra & panty only.

“I am still feeling hot, I need a shower. Don’t you want a shower?” he said and went into the bathroom.

I followed him, but my legs were tottering. Somehow I managed to reach the bathroom. As I pushed open the door, I saw Raja under the shower fully naked. This was the first time I saw a naked man and looked at his manhood with awe. He had a huge one and I gasped looking at it. (Mom-in-law pressed Nini’s boobs hard) Seeing me, Raja came out of the shower and unhooked my bra. I pulled down my panty. I felt nice without clothes and Raja held me with his wet body and took me to the shower.

My legs tottered again and Raja held me close. As sharp jets from the shower hit me, I felt very nice and hugged Raja close. Standing under the shower I felt his hairy chest on my body and his strong manhood touching me. I was completely mesmerised and just clung to Raja’s body. (Nini fondled mom-in-law’s belly and put her finger in her pussy, which was dripping wet) After a while, Raja stopped the shower and after drying ourselves, he took me back to the bed. Now I was almost asleep. At this point I felt Raja kissing my body. He placed his lips on mine and we kissed deeply with our tongues entangled.

I felt Raja all over my body and my whole body was shaking with desire. I held Raja’s manhood in my hand and fondled it. I felt so fond of it, that I placed my mouth on it and kissed it. I took it in my mouth. As it was too big, I almost gagged but still felt very nice. Raja took it slowly out of my mouth and he made me lie flat on the bed. He made me fold my knees and spread my legs. He placed his head between my thighs and soon I felt him sucking me. It was such a pleasure that I screamed in joy. After some time, Raja took out his mouth and spreading my legs further thrust his huge thing in.

Oh, what a pain it was, as if something pierced me and I screamed in pain. In a short while the pain subsided and I started feeling nice. As Raja stroked me, I felt great pleasure. With each stroke it was a combination of pain & pleasure and I shrieked with each stroke. Soon I was getting wild with pleasure. It finally ended as lots of hot liquid filled me. I felt as if I was in seventh heaven. I was almost sense less and as I recovered I could only feel Raja’s soft kisses on my body. I don’t know any thing after that and I fell off to sleep.

Next morning, I was shocked to see myself stark naked and the bed sheet stained with lot of blood. My memories came back as I saw naked Raja beside me. I had a mixed feeling of anger and pleasure. Raja woke up and held me in his chest. I felt so nice that my anger vanished. Raja kissed me again, and I felt wonderful. Soon I felt a surge of desire again and I held his thing in my hand and put it in my mouth. Raja squeezed my breasts and I felt unbearable pleasure. Little later, Raja entered me again. This time, though it pained, it was not unbearable and I didn’t bleed. Soon I got the heavenly pleasure again with hot liquid feeling me.

We then went for a shower and after dressing up came out of the room. On our way back, Raja complained to everybody that I was so unfriendly and made him sleep on the sofa. I felt grateful to him. Afterwards, I was very scared that I did this without any protection. But as I had my period in time I felt so much relieved. Later, when Raja tried to meet me alone again, I told him that “once was enough” and he never bothered me again.

As mom-in-law ended her story, both of them were highly charged. Mom-in-law threw away the sheet and said she was feeling too warm. Nini was dripping wet and was perspiring like anything. She got up from bed, switched on the lamp and ran the fan in full speed. As she saw mom-in-law lying on bed stark naked, her fair sexy body adorned with drops of sweat, she felt an unbearable urge.

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