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Nipple Clamps 101


Okay, so you’ve decided to spice things up a little in your sex life and are curious to know what those little things called nipple clamps are all about. Or perhaps you were browsing through your local adult toy store or your favorite online shopping place and saw them. Maybe you’ve already purchased a set. Well, if you are confused about which ones to buy and how to use them, look no further. Having just a bit of experience in this area myself, and having shared that information privately with friends, it has been suggested that I share what knowledge I have to a greater audience. Now, I certainly don’t have the only handle on this, but what I can give to you is basic knowledge and understanding, safety tips, and some ideas about how to get the most out of these delicious little treasures. Ready? Okay!

The most important decision regarding nipple clamps is choosing the pair that is right for you and your partner. There are many to choose from, including that old faithful – the clothespin. If you’ve looked at the various types of nipple clamps, you’ve probably noticed everything from how pretty some are to how painful others look. So, let’s discuss the basic styles, shall we?

The most inexpensive are clamps are commonly known as alligator clamps. For those who were around during the 60s and 70s, these look just like roach clips did back then. These are relative small, so women with larger nipples will have difficulty using them. Also, they do not, as a rule, have a latex or rubber tip which will make them very painful to use. I cannot recommend these for use. Most people are influenced by the cheaper cost, but these make a very poor investment.

The next clamp I would like to discuss is called a tweezer clamp. They are called that because, well, that’s what they look like. These are very graceful looking and aesthetically pleasing. The delicate look appeals to most women. They just look feminine. The tips are coated with latex or rubber, so they provide a certain measure of comfort. They have a tiny ring at the closed end that slides towards the end that encloses the nipple that allows for increased or decreased tension. These clamps do not provide an intense amount of tension and are probably the best to begin with. The cost is actually quite reasonable as well.

Clamps that have a blunt end and a screw in the middle are sometimes known as bull nosed clamps. The tips are covered in latex or rubber, providing the same comfort as the tweezer clamps. The screw in the middle of the clamp often confuses those who are unfamiliar with clamps. The screw is used to increase or decrease the tension applied to the nipple. Tightening the screw actually decreases the tension by opening the clamp wider. This allows the clamp to be applied with a minimal amount of tension for the novice or the woman who doesn’t like the intense feeling of being clamped immediately. Once the clamps are placed, the screw can be slowly released, causing the clamp to close and increasing the tension. By doing this slowly, you can determine the exact amount of tension that is comfortable and enjoyable.

Clover clamps are a little more difficult to explain in appearance. They appear to be very complicated, but they are rather simple. They are sometimes also known as Japanese clamps, as they are featured in many Japanese style porn pictures. They have a smaller point that meets the nipple and those points are rubberized. Clover clamps are not adjustable and provide for the maximum amount of intensity. It is advised that these be used on women who are used to having their nipples clamped or who desire a strong feeling of tension. Also, these clamps are heavier than their counterparts, which may increase or decrease one’s pleasure depending on how much tension they find pleasurable. Clover clamps can be pricey, and while I recommend these highly, I would suggest waiting until experience has been gained before making this purchase.

Although not a true clamp, there are what looks to be vises that can be rather popular. These are not latex or rubber covered, and basically give the nipple a crushing feel. They are fully adjustable, so they can be a fun alternative.

The household clothespin has long been a favorite for clamping nipples. They are inexpensive and one can purchase them without having others know what they are to be used for. If you want to use clothespins, that’s great; however, it is best to stick with the wooden ones. Plastic clothespins have a strong bite to them and are difficult to adjust. To use wooden clothespins be certain to loosen the tension before applying. You can do this by forcing the closed tips farther apart than normal, stretching the spring that joins the two wooden pieces together You might want to try this to varying degrees so as to have multiple clothespins with differing tensions. This way, you can build up from least intensive to most intensive.

Now, you’ve decided on the type of clamp you want and perhaps have even purchased it. You’re looking at these strange creatures and then your partner’s nipples, and saying, “Now what the hell do I do?” Not to worry. I won’t have you standing there looking like you are inexperience in this, would I? Of course not!

The first step is preparing your lady to be clamped. Trust me, this is quite enjoyable for both of you. Sucking, licking, pinching, soft biting, among other things that you know your lady likes is really all you need do. Pay lots of attention to those wonderful nubs of pleasurable flesh! Get them stiff and hard and ready for play. When her nipples are standing straight up and she’s begging for more attention, gently and slowly apply the clamp. If you or your partner is new to this, be certain the clamp is open to its fullest. Gently apply the clamp onto the nipple. Watch your partner’s reaction carefully as you release the clamp. If she yells and tells you to take if off now, do so! If she sighs, whimpers, or begs for more, you know you can continue.

Take your time and try not to rush things. Teasing your partner and going slow will make this experience far more enjoyable for both of you! Once the clamps are applied, kiss her, stroke her body, lavish attention on her. The clamps provide the feeling of your fingers gently pressing the nipples, so keep teasing other parts of her body with your lips, tongue, and hands. Then, gently and slowly, increase the tension of the clamps. Remember, no sudden moves here! Easy does it and slow going. Allow your partner to get used to the feeling. And watch her expression and listen to her. If she appears to be in pain or discomfort, ask her if she is okay. Your partner must communicate with you throughout the process. She must let you know what feels good and what hurts.

If you increase the tension and she says that you’ve reached a point that hurts, do not be discouraged. Simply release the pressure back to what she finds pleasurable. The idea behind the clamps is to imitate the same feeling as your fingers pinching her nipples or your teeth biting down. Each woman is individual with this. Some women can only take a slight amount of pressure. Other women like the feeling of having their nipples almost crushed. And most women are somewhere in between. The majority of fun behind nipple clamps is finding that zone your lady loves.

Okay, now you’ve got the clamps on, and you’ve adjusted the tension to what she likes. She’s writhing in pleasure on the bed, floor, or wherever you are. She’s begging you to do something. But what do you do? Here is where you must use your imagination! Now, I can’t tell you what your partner will like, but I can tell you what I’ve enjoyed and perhaps you can take it from there. Sound fair?

Almost all nipple clamps are attached with a chain. The most obvious fun is to tug or pull on the chain, increasing the pressure on her nipples. Try pulling up towards her chin, then down towards her tummy. Try pulling straight out from her body. See how she reacts and look at how delicious her breasts are in these different positions. Take the chain and place it between her teeth and ask her to pull her head back. This will cause the clamps to pull her breasts upwards, and increase the tension. Another good factor about this is that she can control the amount of pressure or tension, giving you some indication of what she finds pleasurable.

Nipple clamps can be great fun during intercourse as well. While in the missionary position have either you or your partner take the chain between your teeth. If you have the chain in your teeth, each thrust you make will send ripping sensations of pleasure through her nipples. If she keeps the chain between her teeth, you have the added pleasure of watching her tease and please herself while fucking her at the same time. And for those ladies who happen to be reading this: pulling and shaking the chain while it is between your teeth is a terrific way to tease your partner and add to his pleasure at watching you!

If you and your partner prefer having her on her hands and knees as you fuck her from behind, clamps on her nipples will provide a very different sensation. The weight of the clamps will provide a bit more intensity. Also, with every thrust, the chain will sway back and forth again adding to the increased sensation. For the truly adventurous, have your partner lay the upper half of her body down against the mattress. This causes the clamps to press even more tightly against the nipples and also holds them in an upright position, increasing the pressure tremendously. If your partner’s nipples are very sensitive, I do not advise doing this – it can be incredible painful for some women.

Now, some people think that the initial clamping is what causes pain. Nope, not really. Others think it is the tugging and pulling that causes pain. Wrong again. The worse pain can be when the clamps are removed. If done incorrectly, the pain can be excruciating. But would I let you do it the incorrect way? Heck no! I want both you and your partner to have fun with this!

The premise behind nipple clamps is that when the clamps are applied they cut off the circulation of blood to the nipple. This does cause a little pain, yes. However, when the clamps are removed, the blood rushes back into the nipple, and this is where the true pain comes from. At the same time, if your partner has experienced an orgasm, her nipples may be more sensitive than normal. So here is what you do. Before you remove the first clamp, have your partner take a deep breath. As you slowly release the clamp, have her exhale very S L O W L Y! Once the clamp is free of the nipple, suck and lick the now very tender flesh. Be gentle, be very gentle. The pain she feels will still be there, but as soon as your tongue and lips start working on her nipple, the pain will go away almost immediately. Repeat the procedure for her other nipple.

It is not uncommon for nipples to remain a bit more sensitive after the clamps are removed. This can last anywhere from a few hours to a day. If the nipples are clamped a few days in a row, this increased sensitivity might last several days. The increased sensitivity might be very mild or might be pronounced. Each woman is individual and only she can tell you what she feels.

Now, I would not be doing right by you all if I didn’t warn of safety hazards, would I? It is important to keep in mind that clamping does cut off blood to the nipple. Cutting off blood to any part of the body for long lengths of time is not a good thing. Therefore, it is advisable that you only clamp nipples for 10 minutes. This is a general rule of thumb, and can certainly change from person to person. Some women can go longer than 10 minutes, but it is advisable to begin with a 10 minute limit. A woman might tell you she can go longer, and this could be caused by a very temporary numbing effect that some women experience. This happens to me. When my nipples are clamped, they begin to feel numb unless the chain is pulled or tugged. Therefore it is up to my partner to determine when the clamps come off as my sense of judgment is distorted. As you continue in this, your own sense of judgment will make you feel more comfortable as to how long to leave the clamps on.

Watch for signs of distress. If the nipple begins to swell or turn color, remove it. This could be normal, but it is best to err on the side of caution until you and your partner are more experienced. If you partner at any time says she is uncomfortable or that the clamps hurt, remove them. If the clamps have been on for any period of time, remove them in the manner described above or you will cause further pain.

The wonderful thing about women is that they are all built just slightly different from each other. Variety is such a wonderful thing, is it not? And not all nipples are created equal. This might be true of your partner as well. Here are some tips on the not so normal nipple conflicts that some, including myself, have encountered and ways to overcome those obstacles.

For the woman with very large nipples, finding clamps that open wide enough can be a problem. The tweezer style would be best suited for this type of woman. The tension is not as strong as other clamps, but she might find others a tougher fit.

There are women whose nipples don’t stay hard for long. Another complication is the woman with inverted nipples. (Inverted nipples are those fun little creatures who are a bit shy about coming out to play – I know, I have one!) Confronted with this can seen daunting, but it need not be. One trick is, rather than clamping the nipple directly, try gently pulling the nipple from the body and applying the clamp just behind it. Another trick is to clamp the nipple sideways instead of from the front. Playing around with different techniques will help you work out what is best for you and your partner.

Now, that wasn’t very bad, was it? I hope not! And I hope this provided some value to you in understanding the wonderful world of nipple clamping. Most people worry they are not doing it right. I can understand that, however, the best part of this – as with sex in general – is the experimentation and discovery. You and your partner may not get nipple clamping figured out until after several tries. That’s okay. As long as you have fun during the process, who cares about the rest? It’s all about providing mutual pleasure for you and your partner, right? Right!

So go ahead and buy those clamps. Light the candles, get the incense burning, put on that wonderful music, and have a glass of wine. Then let the fun begin! And yes, I do welcome comments and questions. If you’ve tried my suggestions and would like to give feedback on your experience, I would love to hear from you! But above all, I sincerely hope that both you and your partner gain some bit of fun and pleasure from this! Enjoy!

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