After our light candlelit dinner, we sat for the longest time, saying very little and then only short phrases of affection, punctuating our long periods of looking through each other's eyes, drinking each other in.

We moved into the living room and stood embraced by the fire, he standing behind me so that I felt warmth both from the fire and from his body pressing against mine. Rubbing my arms, waist, shoulders and breasts in long gentle strokes, he began to softly nuzzle my neck, his warm breath washing over my neck and shoulders. We began to sway slightly, as if to invisible music, the gently rocking motion seeming to hypnotize me into a heightened sensual state. I began to see, hear, feel and be conscious of only what was happening in that moment.

He undid my blouse and bra, removing them and exposing my breasts directly to the warmth of the fire. He kneaded them deliciously, at first not touching the nipples at all. Then his hands focused more and more on the points of my breasts, eventually rolling and stretching my nipples deliciously in the thumb and forefinger of each hand. I felt the warmth spread from my breasts to that "butterfly" craving deep in my uterus and a delicious tingle in my pussy as I began to get very wet.

He moved one hand down and rubbed the globes of my ass deliciously. While I'd never done "anal", I've always loved, even craved attention there. He undid my zipper and in a series of delicious strokes somehow had the remainder of my clothes lying at my feet. He continued his attention to my ass while still twisting my nipple with the other hand. I now felt his hard shaft lying down along the crack of my ass, just pressed against me lengthwise, rolling and moving slightly both with his pulse and with our now more pronounced movements. He began a series of soft nibbling kisses on my shoulder, in the nape of my neck, then my earlobe and jaw. This was getting so delicious. I began to turn my face toward him, just as he decided to move around to face me.

Once in front of me he continued the tender kisses around my jaw to my lips. He only suckled my lips briefly before traveling around my face again with those nibbling kisses. He eventually returned his kisses to my lips and began to suck, press and chew gently at my mouth. His lips and tongue felt so soft and smooth. In the meantime, one hand had resumed attention to the more neglected breast and nipple. His other hand made delicious circles over my still fluttering abdomen, then slowly traveled down to gently knead my pubic mound and squeeze against my pussy with his fingertips. The sensations in every part of my body almost made my knees fail. Somehow sensing this, he guided me around slightly so that I was leaning against the warm, wood-paneled wall.

He now moved his kisses slowly down my neck and chest until he was deliciously teasing my areola and nipple with his tongue. He adjusted the hand on my pussy slightly so that he was squeezing my mons and beginning to diddle my clit, gently at first, just the right touch. The hand displaced by his mouth on my breast now moved around to my back. He made a series of long strokes up and down my back, pressing the long muscles firmly from hip to shoulder. Then he moved his hand down and began again to squeeze and stroke my ass. The combination of his hands working both sides of me while his mouth continued to attend to my breasts was getting me extremely excited. I was beginning to breath more and more quickly.

His hand on my pussy began to slide down so that he was stroking my clit with his thumb, while he inserted a finger fully in my dripping pussy. He massaged my labia and pussy inside and out with his finger while pressing up under the pearl of my clit with his thumb, stroking it back and forth from beneath. As he continued this attention to my clit, he hooked his finger up into my G-spot and pressed into it, making tight circles there in time with the strokes on my clit. I relaxed to enjoy the sensations, aware of the fact that this was as good as any foreplay I had experienced. Just when I had more or less settled into his rhythm, he began to do more.

He began sucking in as much of the end of my breast as possible, moving his head in and out so that he alternately pulled my nipple taught and then crushed my breast with his face. With the hand that had been massaging my rear end, he began to slide his fingertips up and down the length of my crack until he was dipping those fingers slightly into my dripping pussy and spreading my lube steadily back onto the area between my pussy and anus. Eventually he had me wet the full length of my ass and just continued stoking back and forth from my pussy up past my anus and back. I thought I would faint from the combination of what he was doing to my clit, pussy and ass. I had never been stimulated at such length and in so many ways simultaneously before. I grabbed his head and dug my fingers in his hair, hanging on for dear life.

Still pulling as much of my nipple and breast into his mouth as possible, with a thumb pressing under and onto the pearl of my clit, two fingers now in my sloshing hot pussy, his other hand continued to rub fingertips up and down the crack of my rear end and tempt my anus with tender ministrations, a little more firmly now, making me wonder through the fog of intense sensations just what his intentions there may be. Suddenly my attention was pulled forward again as his free fingers on the "pussy" hand begin to creep down in short strokes into the sensitive area between my pussy and anus, rubbing tight wet circles. Then he began to press under and just onto the firm ring of muscle at my anus, over and over. As his other hand grabbed my butt-cheek and squeezed firmly, just short of painfully, his little finger of the "buried" hand came up full onto my anus and just pressed slightly into the soft outer center. There I stood, with a fingertip just shy of breaking through my anus, the next pressing that sensitive area in between, the two fingers in my pussy now curled up and pressing fully into my G-spot. He began to work his thumb rapidly across my clit, while rapidly vibrating his wrist back and forth, making it feel like some live alien thing that had latched onto my most private areas in order to ravage me. Inside my closed eyelids I began to see a fireworks show of multi-colored flashes of light, barely able to catch my breath for hyperventilating.

As he continued this way to rapidly stroke all my most sensitive areas, the fireworks went off like crazy on the backs of my eyelids. Just as I felt my knees weaken further, he threw my leg over his "engaged" arm so that he was behind me but still ravaging me. I was totally disoriented but just followed his will as he pressed my back with his free hand and practically lifted me off the floor with the hand now embedded in my most private places. I fell forward with a feeling of complete abandon and blind trust, to find myself bent over the soft padded arm of the couch. I had only just realized this made me even more exposed to him, when he pressed to take full advantage. He suddenly rotated his hand so that his little finger now pressed under and whipped over the pearl of my clit in short quick strokes. He then slid all three remaining fingers into my hot dripping pussy, stretching it gloriously. His thumb pressed into the soft area between and then pressed the outside of my anal ring. I began to totally lose myself into some other dimension of total ecstasy. When I thought I had peaked and could feel nothing greater, he dove into my anus with his lips and tongue. I lost all control and began screaming, grunting, howling as he gently mouthed, lipped and chewed the outer ring of my anus, while forcing his tongue to dip in as deeply as possible to swirl around the smooth sensitive interior.

As he continued to ravage every nerve ending, every orifice, I went further and further out into a delicious oblivion, like some sort of out-of-body experience. As I finally began to plateau and return slightly to my senses, he suddenly pulled his face out of my ass, nipping at me gently with his teeth, first around my anal ring, then on each buttock, not too hard, but enough to startle me and set me even further off balance. Then, just as I recovered from that little jolt, I felt something large, but deliciously warm and soft pressing against my pussy lips, only just vacated by the volume of most of his hand. He placed the head of his cock just slightly within my pussy lips, holding it there and then oscillating only slightly back and forth, just beginning to roll my labia inward and outward, tormenting me into needing more. I couldn't stand it anymore. After screaming the most vulgar pleas I could, I finally drove suddenly back toward him with my hips. He must have been waiting for me to do exactly that. At the same moment I drove back, he slammed his full length into me, thrumming my uterus as he drove by it and hit bottom, causing a delicious ache deep inside my abdomen.

We continued this way for several savage thrusts, the ache beginning to turn into a delicious glow of light and warmth. Then, on the next "backstroke" he pulled out again until the head of his cock was just brushing back and forth again on my labia. This time he slowly dug his grasp roughly into the fleshy top portion of my hips with each hand, then used his incredible grip and his strength to pull me savagely back onto his shaft, driving deeply again. He continued to use his grip and position to literally throw me back and forth on his shaft, fucking me harder than I ever thought possible. The warm glow I had felt before suddenly exploded in waves of light and ecstasy throughout my body. I began to scream, loud, total, primal screams, as if possessed by some savage wild animal. I left myself somehow and went to places I had never felt before. I was weightless, riding waves of ecstasy into a place that felt as if it was familiar but long forgotten. I lingered there as long as I dared and then felt the need to return, lest I be consumed like the phoenix or lost forever in some other dimension.

As I slowly came back to the physical realm, I felt him swell inside me suddenly. In one forceful stoke he groaned ecstatically then froze for a moment buried to the hilt. I swear I felt every throb and every jet of his cum hit me deep in my belly. Then he just stayed inside me and collapsed over my back. I felt his face nestle into the curve of my neck, heard and felt his breath wash over me as I myself gasped desperately for enough oxygen to survive. We lay that way for what seemed an eternity, joined as if one being, momentarily sensing an almost spiritual sensation, somehow familiar, but slowly slipping away. The otherworldly feeling was slowly replaced by a tender and overpowering love, a knowledge that we had been blessed to share something few have shared, feel as few have felt, and seen a glimpse of something beyond normal existence. I lay there and basked in a feeling that this was only a small taste of what might await us both... someday.

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