NKOTB Ch. 01


I'm the biggest New Kids on the Block fan in the world. When I was a kid, I had all their records. Well actually, they were tapes. I listened to them all the time and had my favorite songs. At first, it was Hangin Tough, but then I fell in love with Cover Girl. I didn't have a favorite out of the five of them. I mean it, really. I liked all of them for their different reasons.

I was so excited when I heard that they were going back on tour. I couldn't get tickets when they went on sale so I called and stalked one of the radio stations in town until they gave me tickets. The great thing about getting tickets through the radio station is that five of us got to go back stage after the concert.

The concert was amazing, but it was better was afterwards. I was backstage and there were so many people around. Women my age were just as excited to see their favorite singers. I hadn't met any of the band members yet. I was trying to get close to them. I turned around and ran straight into Jordan Knight.

"Oh. God! It's you! Jordan Knight!"

I was screaming like a teenager. I looked up and smiled. He smiled back.

"What's your name?"

My heart was beating so fast. "I'm Josie. I'm from Ottawa. I'm like your biggest fan."

I was talking like an idiot. I was about to open my mouth to apologize when he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big hug. I'm quite short and petite and he actually lifted me off the ground. I squealed and wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt something against my thigh and then realized what it was. Jordan Knight had a hardon. Was it from me? Was he looking at some tall blonde haired girl that was standing behind me? I wasn't blonde nor was I tall. I was barely five feet tall and had mouse brown hair that I had curled especially for the concert. Of course, now it was frizzy and messy.

"Does your boyfriend know you're here tonight?" Jordan was whispering in my ear and after he finished talking he started licking my earlobe. I was in heaven. I could barely concentrate.

"I'm single." I wrapped my legs around his hips and smiled as I felt him carry me down an empty hallway to what I assumed to be his dressing room. He kicked open the door and then looked into my eyes.

"I loved when you sang Cover Girl tonight." I gulped. Was this really happening? Was I about to have sex with Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block?

"I wake up in the morning and I see your face girl."

I couldn't help but let out a loud moan. As he sang to me, he had sat down on the leather couch that was in the corner and was beginning to undo his pants. I was mesmerized by his voice and didn't realize that his fingers had found their way under my jean skirt and were gently stroking my pussy.

"Oh." I cried out. I blinked and looked down. One of his hands was under my skirt while the other was stroking his hard member. I was looking at Jordan's cock. Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block was hard for me.

"No other girl could make me feel the way you do. You're my everything." I cried out. Jordan had lifted me up easily and impaled his hard cock into my pussy. I closed my eyes. He was still singing the chorus of the song. It sounds so beautiful. He guided my hips up and down, fucking my pussy so hard. I couldn't speak. I placed my hands on his shoulders and whimpered. His cock was so thick I could feel it stretching me.

"Oh oh oh, she's my cover girl." Jordan was still singing, fucking me harder and faster. The song was almost over, but I didn't want this to end. He cried out the last words as he exploded inside me.

I held his face in my hands. I had just fucked Jordan Knight. He had cum inside me. I had never been sung to while having sex. I had never randomly had sex with a stranger, but he was not a stranger. He was Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block.

"I need to get back to my other fans. I'm glad I could fulfill one of your fantasies, Josie."

I stood there as he fixed his pants and then left his dressing room. I was in awe. This had been the best day of my life. I could die now. I had seen New Kids on the Block in concert and had had sex with Jordan Knight.

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