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I kneel silently with my head bowed as you walk around the room gathering your toys. I can't help trembling in fear and anticipation. I jump slightly as you come up behind me and place a blindfold over my eyes. I like my dry lips as you pull me up and urge me to lie on my stomach on the bed. You start to caress my back, butt, and thighs as you whisper in my ear what a good girl I am. Slowly I start to relax, your hands and words soothing me. I cry out loudly as you smack my ass hard. You shush me and rub the spot you hit. As soon as I relax you lay another blow on the opposite cheek. I bite my lip to stop from crying out as your hands rub the heat over my ass, building a steady pace of spanking me then soothing the pain.

"Red is definitely my favorite color of the day," you whisper as you continue spanking me, and I can hear the smile in your soft voice, your breathe on my ear causing me to shiver. I almost whimper as you move away but you quickly return. As you spread my butt cheeks, I stiffen as you rub my anus, spreading something cool on.

"Relax baby....I won't hurt you, I promise." I take a deep breath and try to relax, trusting you completely. You gently slide a nozzle deep into my ass and soon after I feel liquid start to pump into me. After a few minutes I begin to squirm as I fill uncomfortable full, cramps starting to build. I whimper softly and you turn the water off, quickly pulling the nozzle out and sliding in a thick plug. You gently turn me over, raising my arms above my head and trying them to the bed posts. Next you spread my legs apart trying my ankles to the bottom posts. You softly rub my stomach, massaging the cramps as you slowly slide a medium sized vibrator deep inside my cunt, turning it on high and leaning down to suck on my clit gently. I try to buck my hips up, but you have me tightly tied. I moan loudly tossing my head side to side helplessly. Breathlessly I cry out, "Please fuck me Sir!"

I feel you smile against my clit before pulling away and sliding the vibrator out of my tight cunt. Then I feel you move over me, lowering your head taking one of my taunt nipples into your hot mouth sucking hard. Agonizingly slow, you push your thick cock in, stretching me hard around you. In and out you move as you bite hard on my nipple, causing me to cry out. I can feel the water in my bowels rumbling as you start to thrust faster and harder. You move to my other nipple, giving it the same painfully pleasurable attention, making me whimper.

"Mmm...that's a good slut...let me hear how much you enjoy me." Again you bite painfully as you make a vicious thrust in. I cry out loudly, tears coming to my eyes underneath the blindfold. You slow down as you move to my neck, biting hard enough to be sure to leave a mark. I wince slightly then gasp loudly as you reach between us, rubbing my clit. I moan loudly starting to tremble as I get close. You speed up as you feel me tremble, knowing i won't be able to hold long.

"Please let me cum Sir! I need to cum and I can't hold it much longer!"

"Not yet, my little slut..." You take your hand away and start to thrust hard, making me whimper from the intensity. You bite my neck hard again and go faster, and I know you're close.

"Please let me cum Sir! Please!" I whimper pathetically but you don't answer. You thrust harder and tense up groaning loudly as you cum, coating my cunt thickly. You rest against me for a long moment before pulling out and move off the bed.

I whimper loudly. "Please Sir, I still need to cum and I really need to go to the bathroom." I wait a moment but hear no answer. "Sir?" Again no answer. surely you didn't leave me like this! "Sir!" I yell loudly. No answer. You had left me.

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