tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNo Dinner Ch. 01

No Dinner Ch. 01


While enjoying a family visit away from home, Sir receives a text message from his Doll. He is not terribly surprised, and quirks a slight smile as he looks at his phone...


"Sir? Are you there?

I'm um.......

In need....?

I'm sorry! I know you are trying to have family time."

While he always attempted to foster his Doll's independence, it *had* been several days since their last contact. Sir considers ignoring the text, but honestly... he misses his Doll, and she has done nothing forbidden.

"It's okay, Doll. I told you it was okay to text me. Yes, family time is important to me, but so are you. I won't be here much longer.

Remember I have made reservations for us tonight. You will have to be patient until then. Besides, you have plenty to do to get ready. I want to see you in the new dress."


Doll knows to expect Sir at the apartment by six, and she knows he will be right on time. He is never late for anything. She sits thinking of how she can't wait for them to be together again, how much she needs him, and how she will please him. Doll's skin is flushed and her breathing speeding before she realizes how excited she is making herself with her daydreaming... or how much time has gone by!

By 5:45 Doll can tell she won't be ready. Barely out of the shower, and just barely calming down from her daydreaming, she throws on her dress, sets out her shoes etc and rushes back to see what else she can get done in the next few minutes.

Knock, knock, knock...

"Oh nooo... "

Doll groans, turning at the timely sound of his arrival. Her body quickens - excited to see him - and at the same time dreading that their reunion will begin with a disappointment.


Sir has enjoyed his time away. His parents and sister were wonderful, his brother-in-law a long missed good friend, and the nephews full of beans and as rascally as anyone would expect of Tom and Huck. The boys loved him, and he them, though both boys knew there were limits to shenanigans in Uncle's presence.

Doll's text message whetted his appetite for the evening. Her eagerness always charmed him, and his cool exterior hid the fact that he would not have tolerated another day apart. After a fond farewell, he turned toward home. A short enough drive, but he felt the hurry of anticipation for the feel of her, the smell, the taste of her... especially the taste!

"Hah!" He laughed to himself. "I guess my Doll is not the only one eager for tonight!"

Only a few short final steps to reach her door, and he wonders how the evening will begin. He thinks about how he always wants her choices to set the tone of their time together -- and how much her choices have changed over time. Though he determines consequences, it is always Doll who turns left or right...

As the door opens, a blonde vision greets him. Shower-wet hair. sweet blushing cheeks uncomplicated by cosmetics. A natural beauty in a sexy short cocktail dress. He prefers less makeup to more... but none means only that she failed to finish preparing for his arrival.

Doll's smile fades as Sir holds her gaze. He does not smile, and then walks into the kitchen without greeting her.

She closes the door and listens as he calls to cancel their reservation

"No dinner!" Doll gasps to herself, unconsciously covering her mouth with her hand

Sir can read her easily and knows she is both scared & very turned on. He looks back at his Doll, but she won't make eye contact. She knows what is coming and bites her lower lip.

"Doll. Come here please... "

"Yes, Sir." She says quietly

When she reaches him, he takes her wrist and spins her to the table. Doll is surprised at how strongly his hand pins her down. She can't move and some of her excitement changes to real fear that she might be in for more than she expected.

"The dress is very pretty. We will have to show it off another time." She holds still except for a small quiver as his eyes take in every inch of her. She knows she has never been able to hide anything from him...

"No stockings, I see. Do you have anything on under this pretty dress?"

As Sir holds her down with his left hand, he slowly runs his right up between Doll's legs... Raising the hem those few inches until he finds that, no ... there is nothing between his fingers and her flesh.

"Doll, you are wet! We missed our date because you weren't ready... you should NOT be enjoying this!"

He never raises his voice to her, but she cringes anyway.

"But I am so excited to see you, and..."

Without warning ...


The loudness startles her before she feels the pain and she inhales sharply in surprise.

"I don't ask my Doll for much, but being ready on time is important ... to both of us."


Doll twists under Sir's hand, but he has her.


"I'm sorry Sir!" She pants out between shuddering breaths,

A caress smooths across her skin as it turns from pink to red. She is so soft under his hand.


"You are my beautiful Doll, and I cherish you more than anything. We will have another night out soon. You really do look lovely...."

As he praises her, he dips his fingers between her legs.

"Oh my Jesus!" she whispers to herself as his first touch ignites the fire that has been simmering all afternoon.

She is absolutely dripping now. He sees the tremor in her ass and legs and knows it will not take her long, unless he deliberately pulls her back. But he won't do that tonight...

"Are you ready to come for me, my Doll?"

"Only if it pleases you, Sir."

She knows he might ask her to wait -- to hold back her cum for his command -- but she is not sure she would be able to. Definitely not if he keeps touching her like that!

"You stood your spanking well, and I'm proud of you. Now your reward."

He presses his fingers into you... Twisting and pulling against her flesh. He takes his left hand from her back and runs fingers over the front of her sex, as he penetrates her with three fingers of his right hand.

"He is driving me Insane!" she thinks... sooo good...

Now Sir thrusts his fingers deeply into her, strumming her at the same time with his other hand, and he tells her to bite down on the dish towel beneath her cheek.

"You may scream, Doll... if you need to."

She clenches and screams and grips his hands with her thighs.

"Please Sir!"

She begs him to stop, but he won't accept anything less than all she has to give.

"shhh..." He whispers ... "Let's see if she can take it..."

And he starts to speed up again. Strumming and stroking and penetrating her... until Doll's whole body shakes and she loses her grip on the table.

Sir catches her as she collapses and lifts her into his arms. He drapes his Doll on the couch and goes to fix something quick for them to eat from the kitchen. She is going to need her strength for the rest of the evening...

As she twitches and sighs and finally relaxes across the plush cushions, Doll thinks;

"You are truly my master....fucking incredible"

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