tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNo Expectations

No Expectations


Blame it on a momentary lapse of sanity. She certainly didn't belong in a place like this. Sitting at the bar with both hands wrapped tightly around a long island ice tea that she barely touched, Kayla regretted every stale cigarette smoke choked breath she took. When a sideways glance to her left revealed the disappearance of the friend she never should have let talk her into this she let out a long sigh and accepted the consequences. There was no one to blame but herself. It was just two hours until last call, and then she could go home and forget this night ever happened.

"You look lost."

The heat of breath on her ear and the barely perceptible press of a hand at her lower back sent a jolt through her nearly causing the loss of her drink. Heart racing, Kayla turned to identify the culprit and brush him off as quickly as possible. Blue eyes, like a shadowed sea, stopped her short.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." He said loudly to compete with the primal bass and electronic notes flooding the air as he took the seat her friend recently vacated.

He was nothing like her preconceived notions. Tall, dark hair, and a mischievous smile with eyes you could get lost in was a stark contrast to the type of person she was certain would populate this setting. If the bar wasn't created to cater to the sexually deviant it might have been the beginning of a night she would never forget. Then again it already was.

"Happens when you're lost." She answered. "Can I get you a drink?"

Kayla might be out of her element but she refused to walk away from any opportunity. It was possible he was in the same predicament she now found herself.

"Sure." He smiled and waved the bartender over.

"Jack, sweetheart, enjoying your night? What can I get you?"

The familiar greeting from their petite blond host, with a chest Kayla was sure to be a man-made marvel, crushed her hopes of another lost soul to keep her company for the remainder of the evening.

"Whatever you have on tap. How's your boyfriend?"

She rolled her eyes beneath smoky lashes.

"I'm far too young to be saddled with his shit." She said with a laugh and turned to Kayla. "Can I get anything else for you, luv? I think that drink might have seen better days."

"No, just his drink." Kayla answered with a half smile.

"Why, Jack, decide to do more than watch tonight and you didn't invite me? I'm hurt." She said with a practiced pout that Jessica Rabbit could not have pulled off any better.

"Man can not live on bread alone, Suzette, but I'm sure you'll find the will to live again." Her companion answered in a melodramatic overture while Kayla began vigorously shaking her head in protest.


"Don't worry, luv." Suzette cut in. "Jack here is the self appointed babysitter for those that get drug here unwittingly." She laughed and headed to her next customer after setting a frosted mug in front of him.

"Glad I'm that obvious." Kayla said with relief more to herself.

"What?" The stranger known as Jack said as he leaned closer.

"I'm glad you noticed I didn't fit in here." She answered loud enough for him to hear.

"So your friend tricked you into coming?"

"No. I don't know what I was thinking." Kayla answered shaking her head. "Consequences of being bored I guess."

"Idle hands are the devil's playground they say. I'm Jack by the way."

"Kayla." She nearly yelled offering her right hand.

He slid his fingers round the tips of hers and lifted her hand to his lips.

"Pleasure to meet you." He said bestowing a brief kiss on the smooth skin.

Kayla blushed.

"No, really, I'm not into any of this stuff." She reiterated as she pulled her hand away.

"Of course. I'm just old fashion." He said with a grin.

"Yeah, that's what you are." Kayla laughed. "I'll probably be sorry I asked but what brings you here?"

"Like, Suzette, said, I like to watch."

"There's porn for that, you know." She cast a sideways glance at him as she sipped from her drink.

"Ah, yes, porn. It's soooo...fake." He commented in a sarcastic tone. "Would you like to move to one of the quieter booths?"

The club was sectioned by a wall. The other side drowned all but the beat of the techno and each booth offered a bit of privacy allowing the club owner to claim plausible deniability over any questionable activities.

"Umm...my friend-" Kayla started.

"Nice friend." Jack interrupted with a frown, "I could just get you a cab, and send you home to try and salvage what little of the night is left."

She had every intention of taking him up on his very generous offer, but there was nothing left to salvage of the night if she left right now.

"Just to talk, right?"

Jack stood, grabbing his drink off the counter, and leaned across her body close enough to whisper in her ear.

"What are you afraid of, Kayla?"

The spice of his scent banished the stale air of the bar. She fought to keep herself from burying her nose in his neck. He was so close that if she turned her head just slightly it would be his lips touching hers. The quickening pace of her heart was not helping either.

"It's just...I don't want you to expect anything from me." She answered holding her breath in a futile attempt to hide the fact that she was nearly panting. The effect he seemed to have on her was staggering.

Jack pulled back but there was little help there. His eyes left her just as defenseless.

"I take it you're used to people expecting things from you."

Kayla nodded, her hands still glued to her drink.

"At least one person in the world does not. I only ask that we move so we don't have to keep yelling. The cab offer still stands, or we can talk about badminton. I have a thing for shuttlecocks."

"Really." Kayla couldn't help but laugh though it did little to dull the nervous anticipation coursing through her muscles as she stood to follow him.

"Well, you may be subjected to my terrible innuendos, but I'm a guy. Comes with the territory." He led her through the maze of people and randomly placed tables to the bar's partition.

Through the door the air was still stale but there were worse possibilities. The ability to hear herself think was a welcome relief as she gazed across four rows of canopies hovering over circular booths. Shear cloth draped from the canopy to the floor of each taking up where the simple wood dividers ended. Kayla made a point not to note anything going on around any of them.

"This is really going to be more comfortable?" she asked nervously.

"Quieter anyway. The beat of the music still masks...anything else." Jack replied as scanned the area.

"Right. So, which one?"

"Here." He led her to an unoccupied corner that seemed to be separated from anyone else by several booths. Kayla did not look hard enough to verify that assumption however.

She took a seat on white pleather that smelled faintly of bleach on one side of the table while he slid in on the opposite side. The partition of the drapes gave them a shadowed view of the wall which appeared to have a mural on it but there was not enough light to pick out any colors beyond dark and light.

"Not a lot of light here." Kayla ventured into the silence.

"Well, not exactly a place where people want any light shed on what they are doing, no?"

"No, guess not. So, badminton?"

"Hmmm...don't play." He shifted to a more comfortable position. "You?"

"It's just about the shuttlecock, huh?" She teased. "What exactly do you watch around here?"

"Ha ha, funny. But, just so we are straight, shuttlecock is the only cock I go for." Jack answered in a mock-sober tone.

Kayla could feel the heat pooling across her cheek bones. This wasn't exactly the way she should be leading this conversation here. Now. Then again how many 'what if's' would she be left with if she stubbornly maintained a straight and narrow course. Maybe, this time, she should just go with it.

"Right, of course. Should I take notes?" She laughed

"You blush easily."

"I know, it's a curse." Kayla couldn't resist the urge to duck her head in her embarrassment.

"Not really. I mean if you just talk about cock all day then you'd never have to buy rouge."

"I guess you could look at it that way, but I could definitely see some drawbacks."

"True." He agreed, laughing. "This is fun."

"Not regretting missing out on sex with random strangers then?"

"Watching." He corrected. "We could always get a girl over here to make out with you and make sure that I'm not regretting anything...you know...since you obviously care a great deal." He grinned.

"No!" she a protested a little too quickly. "I mean...you're joking right?" she finished nervously.

"Yes, Kayla, but you are a bit stuck on sex you know." He commented, still laughing.

"Right. It's kind of...in the air." Her eyes wandered to any point but his as she tried to drum up another topic. Nothing presented itself.

"Again, true. And if that's what you want, that's what I'm here for. No expectations, remember?" he said, catching her gaze.

"Yes." Kayla lowered her gaze to the dark table cloth. "So, no sex with random strangers then?" She finished timidly, her curiosity, and more, longing to be sated.

"Random, no." He reached across the short distance between them and lifted her chin with his index finger. "A stranger...maybe."

If a momentary lapse of sanity was the culprit for her agreement to come here, then it must have been a precursor to a complete and total loss of reason. She was letting this go to a dangerous place yet she could not find the will to stop herself.

Kayla pressed her body against the back of the booth abruptly breaking their contact.

"I have no clue what I'm doing here." Her tone was tinged with frustration.

Jack sat back too, taking a sip from his mug.

"The way I see it you have three choices. You could move closer and find out why you are here, you could make an honest effort to ask or offer something that is not sexually related -- though I don't see that happening - , or I could get you that cab I offered you earlier before you go any further down this road. Your call."

Her call. The answer was obvious; she takes the cab. So what if she never stopped wondering what might have been. The fantasy was always better right? Neither her mouth nor her body wanted to cooperate with that decision however.

Kayla felt the seat shift and the rough texture of jean material settle against her skin where the short skirt she wore no longer protected her thigh.

"Making my decision for me?" She asked without taking her eyes off the table.

"Taking a gamble you've already made your decision, and, maybe, jumping the gun a bit. I'll push you out of the booth if you think it will help you change your mind though." Jack placed a hand on her knee and one on her shoulder and pushed slightly to back up his claim.

"You should."

"You'll have to tell me to. I'm only so chivalrous."

"I guess my ass is remaining seat bound then."

"For the moment." He whispered darkly against her ear as his hand slid further up the inside of her thigh.

Kayla closed her eyes, parting her knees for him and bracing herself for his touch and the release of tension the last hour had been building. She let out a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding when his hand deviated to her hip.

"Lift up." He told her quietly, sliding her panties down as she did and placing them on the table. She started to move them, but Jack caught her hand.

"What are you trying to hide, Kayla?" He asked, his eyes capturing hers. He drew close and she closed her eyes anticipating a kiss only to find herself sitting on the edge of the table quite suddenly.

Jack pushed her down onto the hard surface, moving their drinks in the process, and lifted her skirt past her hips. The cool air, a stark contrast to the heat between her thighs, reminded her just how exposed she was.

"Wait!" she protested, trying to push her skirt back down, but Jack stopped her.

"Would you rather I continue tormenting you," he said with a wicked grin, "or...did you change your mind?"

"No." Kayla shook her head weakly. "It's just someone..."

"...will see." He finished for her.

He allowed her no further chances to protest. A moment later Kayla tensed, gripping the edges of the table tightly, as his tongue invaded her sex with the ferocity of a starving man tasting his first meal in days. She bit her lip in an attempt to keep quiet while he explored the sensitive silken folds until he found a spot that caused her to cry out despite every effort not to.

He centered on that place and she clamped a hand over her mouth to muffle the cries she could no longer control. Just as the sensation neared the point of pain Jack slid two fingers deep within her effectively diffusing the building explosion throughout her entire body. He withdrew slightly and she braced her feet his knees to raise her hips and drive his fingers deeper; an action he repeated in time to the beat she could feel vibrating through the table.

Kayla drew near to her climax like the soft roll of thunder before the ground shook as the super heated air exploded in the sky. She sank her teeth into her hand in a bid to stifle the scream she was sure it would illicit when Jack suddenly pulled away and drug her off the table to straddle his knees.

"What the fuck?" She growled barely recognizing her own voice. "I wasn't finished."

"I know." He answered, pressing his palm against the drenched flesh between her aching thighs. The action was enough to drive her nearly mad with need, but offered no hope of release.

"Do you just want to torture me?" She asked nearly in tears while he captured her hands behind her back to prevent her from doing anything to ease her suffering.

"Maybe." Again he flashed that wicked smile, then brushed his lips tantalizingly close to hers before pulling away again. "I want to fuck you, Kayla. I want to feel you cum from deep inside you."

"Yes! Please. Anything." She pleaded almost completely lost to desire.

There was nothing gentle in the way Jack kissed her, stifling any sound she might have made when he hauled her forward and impaled her on his waiting cock without warning. His hand snaked into her hair pulling her head back exposing the taut smooth skin of her neck. Kayla grabbed on to his shoulders as he used the leverage he had on her to guide her body along the length of his shaft in powerful thrusts. The feeling of his teeth grazing her throat pushed her over the edge, and she awkwardly attempted to cover her mouth as she felt the overwhelming strength of her orgasm start to take her.

"Scream, Kayla." He commanded softly, deflecting her hand.

The thunder cracked, the ground shook and Kayla could not stop herself crying out. Several moments later she collapsed in his arms, boneless and trembling. Jack pulled her close, thrusting deep and burying his face in her neck to soften is own roar.

"That wasn't fair." She whispered once she finally caught her breath.

"I know. I like the ego boost though." He laughed tenderly.

"Why Jack, I think the entire room is jealous of her now."

Kayla squeaked and wished she could disappear into him when she heard Suzette's perky voice behind her.

"Good." He replied in a satisfied tone.

"Just need to let you know its last call. The lights will be on shortly. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here and all that." She laughed in a sing-song way that faded as she moved on.

"She's gone." Jack whispered and Kayla began disentangling herself so she could attempt to stand on unsteady legs.

"I guess this is goodbye then." The lights flicked on as if on cue blinding her for a few moments.

"Fuck! There you are you are. What the hell, Kayla?!" Kayla looked around, startled, finally focusing on the little short haired pixie with the ring in her nose that ditched her earlier in the night.

"I-" she looked back at Jack seated comfortably as if nothing had happened at all, "I got tired of the music and came back here." Then Kayla's eyes narrowed. "You certainly didn't seem that worried about me when you left me at the bar."

"It's not my fault you don't like to have fun." The pixie answered acidly. "Do you want a ride home or not?"

Kayla's soon to be ex-friend stomped into Jack's field of vision and stopped.

"Well hello there good-lookin. To bad you didn't run into me instead of sourpuss here. I guarantee your night would have seen a lot more action." The pixie informed him confidently the moment she saw him.

"Not likely." He answered as he stood, picking up Kayla's panties in the process. "I didn't have time for a trip to the clinic in the morning anyway so it's probably for the best."

Kayla turned scarlet and dropped her eyes to the ground while her ride home turned nearly purple with rage watching Jack walk up to Kayla.

"See ya around. Hope you don't mind if I keep those." He pressed something into her hand and walked away.

"Oh, so now you're whore. Whatever."

Kayla didn't feel like paying for a cab home so she just tuned the girl out for the 5 minute drive to her apartment. It wasn't hard. She'd been doing it for the better part of the last year anyway. In all likelihood she would not being doing it again.

While the pixie ranted Kayla looked at the object Jack left with her; a crumpled napkin. She turned to the window and, using the light of passing cars, opened it to find a note.



no expectations

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