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No Football


They were coming out of the fast food restaurant when I spotted them. They were two attractive twenty-something women with Reubenesque figures, the kind that turned me on. Okay, all women turn me on but this shape was my ideal. Reasonably trim waist, heavy bottom and top both, and sturdy legs. Both of them, standing together and looking around to see what had changed.

I walked up to them and took a handful of each ass. They turned to look at me as if I had appeared out of nowhere, which is exactly what I had planned. I introduced myself and they responded with their names ... and much more. Nola was 27, married with three children. Lola was 25, married with two children. The two were sisters whose husbands were brothers. The women were dishwater blondes and they were laughing and having a good time when they walked out.

It took me three seconds flat to throw up a control cylinder around them that prevented outsiders from seeing into the cylinder and putting the cylinder's occupants under my control. I walked into the cylinder where the women seemed a little dazed waiting at home for lunch while watching the five children. They were expecting to watch two football games together that afternoon on the boob tube. I sampled a handful of boob from each of the sisters to find them heavy and round and pliable, just as I liked. The women seemed incredulous that I would fondle them like that but neither of them complained nor made any attempt to deter me..

I leaned toward Lola and she leaned toward me. Our lips met and opened at the same time, letting our tongues explore the other's mouth. I was squeezing the asses and pressing tits of both women into my chest. For a full minute, we sucked on each other before I broke it off, turned to Nola and did the same thing. This time when I broke it off, I sent them the direction "You will take me home with you. You will deliver the food to husbands and kids. Then the three of us will go to the master bedroom."

It was a short drive to a reasonably new house. By the time we arrived, I had set up a command block that I dropped over the house. The kids would be well-behaved while their mommies were occupied. The husbands would watch the kids and the games and would not see anything unusual about their wives taking me to bed. Even if they came and watched me fucking the girls, it would be quite all right to them. They would be very engrossed in the games and let us alone for the most part but any time they intruded, it would be very amicable. That is just the way the families greeted us. The men were not even curious why I was there and the kids seemed particularly attached to their fathers, at least while they were doling out the food.

As the girls and I entered the bedroom, I did some delving into their sexual experiences. Both of them had had multiple partners although not very many. Both were used to having sex a couple times a week but a fairly high frequency they did not achieve orgasm. When they did, it was generally only one per session, although Nola had twice had two orgasms in a session and Lola had once had four, although not with her husband.

I set up an aura command around the three of us, commanding that the women were going to love touching me. In fact they were going to love it so much that they would cum after touching me sexually for 180 consecutive seconds, every time until further commands were received. They were going to remember every second of our time together in vivid detail. There would be no regrets, no guilt about cheating on their husbands, and their husbands would tell them that it was okay ... and mean it!

I had the women get undressed and get into bed with me. I was not disappointed in either of them. They had the slightly heavy bodies I knew they had but they had beautifully rounded buttocks and large heavy titties with hard rubbery nipples. At first Nola started fondling and licking my cock and balls while Lola rocked over me so I could suck her tits and finger-fuck her pussy. After her first orgasm, I had her riding my face and my tongue brought her to seven climaxes before she fell off to the side, too exhausted to stay upright. Nola had matched her cum for cum but was puzzled why she was having orgasms just from sucking on my dick. I told her I sometimes had that effect on my partners and she seemed satisfied.

With a bit of squirming, I got my cock inside Lola in a scissors position while Nola lay beside me and let me put my head between her legs. I fucked Lola and ate Nola's pussy until both of them had cum nine more times. After I dumped my load of hot cum in Lola's pussy, the girls had to take a break to let their bodies recover. We lay sandwiched together with Nola high enough that I could suck her titties while Lola lay behind me and held my cock. What surprised both women was that they kept cumming every three minutes, just by having me suck on titties and just by holding my cock. That had never happened with any other men they had screwed.

Eventually I got hard again and I rearranged the girls so I could stick my cock into Nola's pussy in a scissors position and finger-fuck Lola. Once again the women started cumming every three minutes and didn't stop until I worked up another load of cum and sprayed Nola's cunt. By then Nola had cum 23 times and Lola 22 times since we started and they were as limp as wet noodles. The last several times their bodies had not been able to generate any juices and they turned out to be less than wonderful dry humps. I took the commands off and we lay together to rest. The women marveled at how fantastic it felt to have so many climaxes and agreed that I was far and away the best lover they had ever had.

Forty-five minutes later, we climbed into the big shower stall together to wash up. After some fun with the soap, I hid my salami in Nola's rectum. I only spent ten minutes there before pulling out. Lola demanded equal time and both stated that they liked it, at least in the wet shower environment. After we cleaned up and dried, I turned on their commands again and we went back to bed and did the same things as before but partners swapped positions. While Lola sucked my cock, Nola rode my tongue until both had cum several times. Then I fucked Nola while eating Lola.

I became aware that the husbands were watching when one of them said something and Nola answered just as she started another climax. I spread Lola's legs so I could hear and let my tongue push on her anus. The guys watched the women cum through four climaxes and wandered around the bed, checking to see what I was doing to them. When Nola told her husband that she had already cum 27 times since we started, he was incredulous. Lola said that I'd made her cum 26 times and she didn't know how but she loved it.

I knew the hubbys weren't about to complain about me screwing their women either so I told Lola to hold her leg high so her hubby could see my face buried in his wife's cunt and I held my own leg back so Nola's hubby could see my thick slick cock sliding in and out of his wife's juicy pussy. As I worked the women, they both climaxed again and the men commented about it being amazing. I felt the bed move and glanced down to see Nola's husband's face just inches away from our connection, watching to see what I was doing that was so magic. Looking upward, there was Lola's husband staring intently at my tongue teasing his wife's clitty. I was ecstatic.

And then I started cumming. I let four spurts splash into Nola's pussy and then perversely pulled out. The fifth shot landed in the middle of her husband's face and he jerked back instantly. I pressed forward so that my cock pointed toward Nola and the remaining seven shots sprayed up her body, covering her curly pubic hair, streaking her stomach, splashing on her tits and even landing across her face.

"Holy fucking shit!" said her husband, wiping my cum from his face with his fingers. He smeared the sticky white liquid across his wife's right tit, since it was one of the few places spared a direct hit. Since I had broken the connection with Nola, I touched my tongue to Lola's anus just long enough for her to have one last orgasm. By then, Lola was already leaning over Nola's body, slurping up my cum everywhere. I rocked back a little and propped up, watching sister lick her sister clean, even sucking Nola's cunt free of my seed.

When every one was resting, the guys sitting on the side of the bed, Lola's hubby said "we came to see if you wanted to watch any of the second game but it looks like you're having more fun in here."

Nola said "No, I think we'll just stay here a while longer, huh, sis?"

Lola agreed. I asked "Have you guys ever swapped before?"

In unison, all four said "No." I said "Well, now's the time." A quick little command block and the four prepared to swap partners. I aligned the girls side by side and knelt above their heads. Nola's husband Tom knelt at Lola's cunt while Lola's husband Don knee-walked up to Nola's pussy. As they slid their hard-ons into their respective sister-in-law, I had the girls twist inward and lick my cock and balls. Keeping constant contact with me, they both came four times while their brothers-in-law plowed their love tunnels and pumped their loads into the women just a minute apart ... in time to get back to the game without missing too much.

The women and I took another shower together and again I filled both ass holes with my cock for several minutes, long enough for each of them to cum four times and I shot a load of cum into Lola's ass. Finally we washed up again, dried, and returned to the bed for a little more rest. By half-time of the game, we were in a final round of fucking but I did them one at a time, missionary style, and deposited one last load in each cunt. I didn't finish off Nola until the game had ended and the guys were back watching while I screwed her. Then I laid in the middle of the bed, one beautiful naked lady on each side of me smothering me with kisses while their husbands watched.

When I was dressed and ready to leave, Tom asked me if I'd like to come back again the following weekend. There would be another double-header of games and he knew their wives would like it. Of course I accepted ... even though I had engineered their offer.

Oh, yes. I made sure that the foursome would be ongoing swappers, at least among themselves and at least a couple times per month.

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