tagBDSMNo Free Rides Pt. 02

No Free Rides Pt. 02


Thank you to all who popped in to tell me how much you loved this story. Here is part two of what I had already written. I will be finishing this story so feel free to keep an eye on my profile for more to come! As always- Happy readings!


To say I panic when I saw my own blood dripping from his mouth was to put it lightly. I tried to lift my arms to fight him, but nothing on me was working. I screamed and screamed only to realize that the sound was in my head. The world slow began to blur then fade as I laid there on my back staring up at him unable to move.

My last sight was one of Mattais' sad, helpless eyes as he slipped his wrist up to his mouth and bit down on it.

Then nothing.

Until the red haze of dark burning pain struck. Whereas a few minutes ago I hadn't been able to move though I had desperately wanted to. Now my limbs were flailing around everywhere and I couldn't control them. My eyes flew open and the bright lights of the room seemed to burn them. Everything hurt. Every muscle in my body went into spasms and every nerve ending was on fire. The sounds in the room and outside of the room bombarded me until I covered my ears trying to block them out. Hands grabbed me and I fought against them with all my might because the simple touch of skin on skin was an agony that I could not handle.

Whimper, crying and screaming the pain never left me no matter what I did. My stomach twisted in nausea and I tried hard to get up, needing to make it to the toilet before I became sick. Someone stuck a bucket under my face and I violently purged my stomach of all its contents before I flopped back on the bed. I curled into a ball just wanting it all to go away.

I was dying, I just knew it. But, I didn't care. Instead of wishing for my life, I wished for death so this pain would end.

"Chloe!" shouted someone in the room.

I couldn't think of who it was, my mind was just a jumbled mess of pain and noise. A face popped into my very limited view and the source of this agony became clear.

"Chloe!" he shouted at me again forcing my attention to stay on him.

"W-what did you do to me?" I wailed in barely more than a whisper, though to my suddenly extremely sensitive ears it sounded as if I yelled it.

"I'm sorry, my love. But, it'll be over sooner than you think. Once you've passed this stage you'll sleep for days allowing your body to finish the conversation without you feeling it," he said still shouting.

I covered my ears. "Why are you shouting at me?"

"I'm not. Your hearing is now heightened. Just hold on, my love. Hold on, this will not be forever and then when you wake up I'll show you a world you'd never imagined."

I screamed and cursed and pleaded with him to just kill me at that moment. When the pain finally started to melt away I knew this was it. I looked up at him wanting his face to be the last thing I saw as I drifted into my death. Tears were rolling down his face as he bent to press a gentle kiss on my forehead.

"Sleep, my love. I'll be here when you awaken," he whispered.

I didn't bother correcting him. Not that I had the energy to anyway. I just let my lids fall and drifted off into the darkness once again.

The next time I awoke the world had become eerily quiet. No, not exactly quiet, it was more like the world was muffled. Cautiously I opened my eyes and waited for the searing pain to consume me again. When it didn't I let out the breath I had been holding and attempted to push myself upwards. The effort it took to maneuver myself was astounding. By the time I was done I was breathless and weak. It took a moment for me to get my baring and I couldn't really remember what had happened. It was all a blur of ecstasy then blinding pain. I looked around trying to get some sort of idea as to what happened the night before. But, as I looked around the room I realized that I had no idea where I was. Nothing looked familiar at all. The oversize thick curtains covered the windows and the large four post luxurious bed was not the one I fell asleep in last night. I continued to gaze around trying to find something that would hint at where I was. I looked down as a cold breeze brushed over my breasts. Where were my clothes now? When no answers came to me I gave up and tried to get off the bed. But my knees began to quake as soon as I tried to put weight on them.

"Don't get up."

I turned quickly and the sudden movement ended with me on my butt on the ground. A bitten curse echoed through the room and a set of strong arms lifted me back on the bed.

"Do not get up again. You're going to be weak until you feed. You need to stay in bed," Mattais told me firmly.

"W-what happened?" I asked him softly as I grasped the sheet and pulled it up to cover myself.

A flash of guilt raced through me as his obvious displeasure at me covering myself crossed his face. But, it soon went blank again as he began to speak.

"Do you believe in vampires?" he asked.

"Oh, dear god," I groaned. "Are you serious?"

"I take that as a no."

"Come on. What did you do to me? Did you drug me?" I accused him.

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair then began to pace around the room. I tried hard not to notice how drop dead gorgeous he looked in his loose fitting, almost pirate like, shirt and tight jeans. He really looked as if he belonged in another era. If he was trying to portray a vampire he was succeeding.

"I turned you," he finally admitted.

I felt a moment of panic. He'd turned me? Into what? A vampire? No, that was just crazy. Don't let the crazy man talk you into his fantasy, Chloe. I chided myself.

"What the hell are you talking about? The last thing I remember was this amazing feeling then nothing but pain," I told him putting my hand on my head trying really hard to remember what happened.

"I had to turn you. The moment we'd joined I knew you were the one and I couldn't let you go. I couldn't stop myself from biting you. The only choice I had was making you into one of us," he said.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me," I groaned as he continued with his crazy story.

I pushed myself to the edge of the bed and prepared to get up again. My knees felt even weaker than before and, now that my mind was on my body again instead of where I was, I could feel my strength waning even more. I fell back on the bed with a pitiful moan.

"I told you not to get up!" he growled.

His eyes had darkened to an even deeper purple and suddenly a memory flashed through my head. His mouth had blood dripping out of it and his normal canines had become lethal looking.

Fear and panic slammed into me and I began to scramble back on the bed as far away from him as I could. He spun away from me and when he turned back again he looked normal. We'll as normal as a man like him could.

"I want to go home," I demanded surprised at how calm I sounded.

"You can't go home," he said softly sadly.

"What are you going to do, Mattais? Tie me up again? Because I'll tell you right now that that would be kidnapping," I sneered at him.

He gave a loud sardonic laugh. "Trust me after everything that has happened kidnapping is the least of my worries. The most important thing now is that you feed. If you don't you will die."

He stepped up to me and held out his wrist. When I shied away I saw him wince before his face straightened out again. It was barely just a tick but I saw it.

"Look if you don't do this on your own I'm going to make you do it. I just didn't want to invade your mind like that. Not when you are so unused to everything that we do."

Now, that one I really did believe. I had felt his power and I'd seen what he could do with it. Oh, so you believe he can control your mind, but you don't believe he's a vampire? I chided myself. My mind was getting cloudier by the minute and my gaze began to fade a bit. Mattais gave an aggravated sigh.

"Fine, you want to be stubborn than we'll do this the hard way," he said.

Before my eyes he lifted his wrist up to his mouth and his 'fangs' made another appearance moments before he bit himself. Blood welled up and began dripping down his arm. An intense hunger came over me and my eyes never left the wound as he placed it in front of me. My gums tingled and inched then I felt something push its way out. I ran my tongue over my teeth and found the same elongated canines he had. If the overwhelming hunger hadn't taken its toll on me I would have panicked and ran screaming out of the room.

At this moment, however the only thing that I cared about was the flowing blood that was escaping his wrist. It became my world... my obsession... the center of my being and nothing, not even an explosion, could have stopped me from having it. As soon as my mouth latched onto it Mattais let out a gut-wrenching groan. I looked up at him to make sure I hadn't actually hurt him and found his eyes darkened to the deep violet that I'd seen when it had been his cock in my mouth. A flush of desire pounded me and I forget everything else except the feeling of his blood flowing into my mouth.

It was rich, exotic, and highly addictive; my very own drug that I'd never get enough of. Every deep pull on his wrist drew another sound of pleasure from him and sent a flash of heat racing through me. The moisture pooled between my legs again and I squeezed them together trying desperately to find some relief.

"Yes, my love. Drink from me. Let your Master, your new king give you life," he whispered almost unaware he was saying anything.

The deep hunger abated, giving way to a new powerful urge. I needed him. Now. I released his wrist and reached for him. A satisfied look crossed his face as he knelt on the bed next to me. I reached for his shirt and began to pull it over his head. His chest was the hard chiseled perfect that I remembered from last night. I lean forward and pressed a gentle kiss to his collar bone. I was shocked when I realized I could hear his heart beating.

"Your hearing has improved. It's what I believe a few of the newer ones have called a perk," he said huskily.

I lifted my gaze up to glance at him and watched in fascination as he lifted his wrist to his mouth. He licked it then allowed me to watch as the wound healed itself right in front of my eyes.

"Another one," he whispered as he dipped his head and took my mouth before my mind could recover.

His tongue plunged inside and branded every spot of my mouth with his taste. He dueled with mine, fighting with it until it submitted and followed his lead. I melted against him enjoying the feel of his hard chest pressing against mine. The sparse hair he had tickled my nipples causing them to rise. A soft moan echoed into his mouth as they began to tingle with need. He pulled away and looked down at me with a very pleased expression.

"You look so beautiful like this. Your body flush and soft with desire. Willing to do anything to for me," he said gently running a finger down my cheek.

His thumb touched my bottom lip and rubbed it before pressing into my mouth. I accepted the digit with enthusiasm, sucking it deep into my mouth. The salty flavor of it reminded me of his cock and I grew wet just remembering the feel of it in my mouth. I hungered for more and my eyes pleaded with him for it. I licked and nibbled his thumb anxiously hoping to inspire him towards more. My sharpened canines nicked the fleshy tip a zing went through me as a drop of blood touched my tongue. I jumped as my already smoldering desire slammed into me even harder.

He must have felt it to because before I could continue he yanked his finger out of my mouth. I looked up in confusion to watch as he practically ripped off his pants then shoved me back on his bed. The look of hunger on his face was primal and animalistic. I should have feared him but I didn't. I burned for the heat in his gaze and the power behind his touch. He threw the blankets off the bed, leaving me without any protection. I rose up on my knees determined to meet his wild desire with my own. He crawled across the bed towards me like a panther having spotted his prey.

An overwhelming urge to jump off the bed and race away from him hit me. "Stop," he growled in an inhuman voice. It resonated with power and I couldn't move.

"Lay down and do not move," he demanded.

As if by it's on volition my body did as he asked. He shoved my legs apart until my dripping pussy was bared to his gaze. He didn't slow down even as his eyes devoured the scene in front of him. He hooked one arm around my thigh so I couldn't move it even if I'd wanted to close my legs to him. That was one thought that hadn't even crossed my mind. My passion was so inflamed that the only thoughts going through my head was 'more' and 'don't stop'. Fingers spread my labia wide and he quickly latched on to my clit sucking it into his mouth. With a sharp cry, my back arched off the bed. The pleasure was bittersweet and I had to grip the covers so my hips didn't jerk away. Especially when I felt the slight bite of his teeth. I shook my head back and forth on the bed unable to vocalize the pain/pleasure sensations that he was evoking.

"Mmmm, your clits very sensitive, isn't it?" he rasped against my skin with a chuckle.

"Yes," I whimpered.

A slap on my leg caused me to yelp and jump. Thank goodness, his teeth had let go of my clit at the time.

"Did you forget who your Master was?"

"No! No, Master. I'm sorry, Master," I gasped out in a hurry.

Yes, I had forgotten. But, not because I was trying to be rude but because last night was still such a blur that it was hard to keep things clear. It was coming back slowly, but that part had been forgotten. Until this moment. Now the memory of him tying me up and explaining his rules to me came back clearly. And another gush of juices spilled from me as I remembered the power of his dominance.

His lips turned up in an arrogant smile as he stared down at me.

"Look at that flush... look at that sweet little cunt of yours gushing... I think you like that I'm your Master. Don't you?" he asked.

The question had to be rhetorical since he could already tell what I did and didn't like. But I knew he wanted my answer none the less.

"Yes, Master," I agreed demurely.

He chuckled and slid a finger into my slit. I bit my lip and tried hard to concentrate on what him. But as soon as his tongue touched my clit again I was gone. This time he wasn't harsh or savage as he played with it. But it was no less mind blowing as he began to flick it with his tongue. He was pushing me increasingly towards a mind-blowing climax. Demanding it with every lap of his tongue and every thrust of his finger. As the pleasure began to mount and build inside me, my hips took on a life of their own and began to thrust back against him.

"Oh, please, please more!" I began to beg him unable to help it.

"Pinch your nipples," he demanded his mouth barely pausing in rhythm.

"W-what?" I asked breathless trying to figure out what he meant.

"Pinch your nipples. Imagine it's me twisting those juice little buds until you scream."

Past any inhibitions, I rushed to do what he said. I grasped my nipples with both hands and tweaked them gently, then harder as the pain enhanced the sweet torment he was giving my pussy.

I writhed in mounting erotic bliss as a powerful orgasm swiftly built in me.

"Oh, god! Yes, Master! Please! I'm going to cum!" I cried to the ceiling.

Suddenly his hands were gone and he was rising above me with a triumphant wicked look on his face. I cursed at him but he simply grasped my wrist and pinned them above my head. Without even a fore warning he slammed his hard, thick cock deep inside me.

My curses turned into a helpless scream, but he still did not relent or slow. His thrusts were wild, erratic, and so good. My legs spread themselves wide so that every movement would have his pelvis hitting my clit sending me reeling. My womb clenched and I knew there was no stopping my climax this time.

"Fuck, Chloe. I can feel you tightening. You're going to cum, aren't you? That's it baby shout my name. I want you to know who's giving you this orgasm," he demanded.

He let me go and wrapped his arms around me. I caught a glint of light shining off his teeth before he sunk his canines into my breasts. I didn't know if it was the pain from the bite or the intense pleasure from every sharp tug of his mouth on me, but next thing I knew my spine bent itself backwards and the first hard spasm hit me. With the last little puff of air I had in me, I screamed his name out. My pussy clenched and released him, pulsating with sweet tingling pleasure. He released my breasts as his own climax hit him. He roared triumphantly as if he was a lion that was claiming his lioness. My eye latched onto a thick vein pumping down through his hard pecks. That same compulsion came over me and before I knew what was happening I had latched onto him.

"Fuck yeah, baby. Feed from me," he said his voice trembling with a tenderness that belied his words.

He cradled my head while I took long pulls from him. Some panicked, crazed voice in the back of my head screamed at me to stop. This was how addicts got started. When I pulled away I dropped back on the bed shaking. From fear, from weakness, from all the other emotions that were slamming into me as if I was a lottery ball turner.

He gently pulled out of me leaving odd little spasms to cascade from my sensitive pussy walls. I bit my lip trying not to moan at the loss of him. He smiled at the little noise that I couldn't completely smother. Then he laid next to me and gathered me close, nuzzling my hair gently.

"Sleep now, my love." Was the last thing I heard before I drifted into the darkness again.

When I awoke again it was dark outside and the heavy blinds over the window had been drawn back. The moon and stars above shinned so brightly that it took a moment for me to realize that the light in the room wasn't on. At the end of the large bed was a neatly folded pile of clothes. A flush crept up my cheeks as I realized that I was naked and someone had come into the room. A knock at the door startled me and caused me to let out a little squeal.


I didn't recognize the hesitant male voice on the other side. I raced to the clothes and threw them on quickly. The very last thing I wanted was for him to come in while I was still naked.

"Hold on one moment please," I called when the act of putting on clothes seemed to take a bit longer than I'd expected.

"That's fine, miss. My lord wanted to let you know that your presence is requested in the parlor," the voice said through the door.

I paused in the process of trying to figure out how put on the tiny scrape of dress that had been left for me.

"My lord?" I asked curiously.

"Yes, Lord Mattais."

I felt my knees weaken and a gentle buzzing echoed in my head. "Mattais?"

"Yes, miss. Lord Mattais requests your presence in the parlor," the voice said the words real slow.

I shook my head to clear the buzzing and to try and focus on the outfit. "I'll be out as soon as I finish getting dressed," I answered then whispered, "as soon as I figure out how to put on this damn piece of cloth."

"This lady's maid will show you, miss," he said through the door obviously hearing me just fine despite the quiet words.

The door was pushed open a discreet amount allowing a lovely young lady to walk in. She was very pretty and the tight maids outfit hugged her curves in a very enticing sort of way. As soon as she drew close I could smell the blood pounding through her veins and my mouth watered. In a daze I took a few steps towards her wanting... needing to grab her. I was hungry, starving and this woman was my banquet. She moved forwards slowly as if she was in the same daze. She tilted her neck offering the slender thing to me, beckoning me closer with a look of ecstasy. I hurried forward suppressing the urge to lick my lips like a starving man at a buffet. I swept her in my arms and opened my mouth wide as I felt a tingling in my gums moments before the fangs dropped through.

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