tagNovels and NovellasNo Going Back Ch. 31

No Going Back Ch. 31


Jenn and I continued to write to each other, and soon there seemed to be no inhibitions left in what we would discuss with each other in writing. We talked a bit about our fantasies, and finally Jenn told me that she had an Internet camera that she could use, if I wanted to see her while we talked. Needless to say, I was completely entranced by the idea.

It was several days after we started using our cameras that I came in one evening, and when I signed on, her camera was already on, but she wasn't in the room. I waited for a while, but after ten minutes, she still hadn't come in. I decided she must have finished some earlier communication and forgotten that she'd left it on. It made me think about the time I'd had the same thing happen with Chastity, and I decided the least I could do was stay near the computer until she came back later.

I turned my own camera off, so she wouldn't immediately know I was there. I knew that was a bit unfair, but, well, I really couldn't resist. I never could have imagined the result of such a decision. It was about an hour before she came home. When she walked into her bedroom, it was clear right away that she didn't remember the camera was on . . . at least she didn't look toward the camera or show any interest in her computer. I immediately sensed a small thrill go through me, realizing that I was watching her, and she didn't know it.

It crossed my mind to try to let her know I was "here." Unfortunately, all I could do was press a button that would caused a small light on her camera to blink. When a person is sitting at the computer right in front of the camera, the blinking is fairly obvious, but I doubted she would notice it unless she was looking for it. Anyway, this was too exciting an opportunity to waste, so with a small bit of guilt, I decided just to leave the indicator light alone and see what would happen next.

It was late enough in the evening that I was sure she was in for the night. She dropped her purse on the chair next to the vanity and stood there looking at her reflection for a moment. I could actually see her in the mirror, and I enjoyed the little smile I saw on her face. It looked like she was pleased with what she saw. I know I was.

She reached to begin unbuttoning her blouse and I felt that thrill again. This was too wonderful to be true. She very slowly unbuttoned all the buttons, then let the blouse fall open, just a little. I could see the gentle cleavage between her breasts over the top of her bra. Finally, she slid the blouse off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

Again she looked in the mirror. Her bra was of such thin sheer material that I could see clearly the outline of her nipples. The fact that they were already slightly erect certainly helped the view. She lifted one hand and let her fingers slide slowly over the outside of her bra. The nipple responded further, defining itself through the translucent material. I found her nipple wasn't the only thing that was getting hard.

As I watched in breathless anticipation, she unsnapped the front of her shorts and slid them off over her bare feet. As she bent over, the material of her thin panties bunched up between her ass cheeks. She reached behind her and used a finger to slide inside the panties and pull them free from her crotch. For that brief instant, I was sure I could see the tight slit running from her ass to her tummy in front and I found I was forgetting to breathe.

I couldn't imagine this getting any better when she reached into one of the drawers in the vanity and pulled out the largest cock-shaped dildo I had ever seen. It had to be twelve inches long, and I was almost scared to estimate how many inches around it was. She held it in front of her face and used one delicate hand to stroke it up and down as if it were real. It couldn't have gotten any more erect, but her stroking had an effect on a cock much closer to my own interest.

She walked over to the bed, propped up several pillows against the headboard, and lay back in perfect position to see all the way down her body. I held my breath, waiting, and sure enough, she spread her legs wide, and the material of her panties stretched tightly across her hidden, but waiting vagina. As I watched, she took the dildo in both hands, lowered it slowly between her legs, and let the head land softly on the spot where it was intended to reside. She briefly slid it less than an inch up and down across the tight material, and when she raised it from her body, the panties showed a little wet spot, right where the dildo had been pushing the material against her flesh. She was already excited!

My own body felt like it was nearly vibrating. I knew that once she slid that monster cock into her slippery pussy, I was going to cum whether I touched myself or not. And then . . . in a shock that registered total surprise on Jenn's face, the door to her bedroom opened, and two men stepped into the room.

Jenn was so startled, for a moment she didn't even move. The two men had plenty of time to see exactly what she was preparing to do. "Hey, sweetheart," one of them laughed. "Getting ready to play? And without me? How ungrateful."

"Bobby, what the hell are you doing here? You didn't say you were coming over . . . and who is this guy? What do you think you're doing, bringing somebody here like this?" Jenn realized this was not a good situation, and she moved to try to cover herself with the bedspread.

"Don't bother, baby," Bobby instructed. "Jeff and I just wanted to catch a show, and tonight, you're it." Before Jenn could move, the two men had lunged to the bed and grabbed her by each arm. Apparently, Bobby knew just what he was doing, and he had told Jeff what to expect. He and Jeff reached under the mattress and pulled out hand restraints. The loops slid on Jen's wrists with no effort and clipped immediately to rings just out of sight on the back of the bedposts. In seconds, her arms were spread wide to her sides, and she was helpless.

"God damn you, Bobby, stop this, right now!" Jenn screamed.

"Too much noise," Bobby cautioned, and he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket, stuffed it Jenn's mouth and quickly wrapped it in place with a roll of electrical tape pulled from the other pocket. In horror, I watched Jenn's head whip back and forth as she tried to resist. I could hear muffled noises coming from her, but no words were even remotely recognizable. Her feet were flying out at the two men, trying to kick them, but they avoided her attempts with little effort.

"Now you're going to have to stop that kicking," Bobby said menacingly. "We could tie your feet, but that wouldn't be half as much fun. You're going to cooperate willingly, or you just might regret it more than you know."

"Now you listen carefully. I promised Jeff here a little show. I told him he can't fuck you, but he can play with you as much as he wants. If you're good, all you get is what you were apparently ready for anyway. If not, well then, I guess my big buddy Jeff here might just have to use his own ready made dildo on you. I doubt you really want that, especially considering which hole he prefers, if you get what I mean."

As Jenn continued to struggle, Bobby leaned over her, "Look bitch, I know this is what you want. You been showing off what you got to anybody on the Internet who wants to see it. You get off imagining guys are seeing you shove your toys up in your twat. Well, this is only the next step. Jeff just wants to see what you're showing to everyone else. You're gonna love this, you know you will, and if you don't . . . hell, who you gonna complain to? I'll just show them the pictures on the Internet, show them all your toys, and Jeff and I will both agree that you asked us to do this."

"You see? I got this all figured out. This is kinda like an experiment. If Jeff really likes this, I can probably get guys to pay money for this kind of fun. We can make some really easy bread this way. Of course, that pussy of yours will probably get worn out sooner or later, but not before we clean up. And best of all, it's safe sex, isn't it? How can you complain? So . . . don't complain . . . you hear me?"

Jenn had stopped thrashing around and was looking at Bobby in true horror. I could tell from the look on her face that she had never given Bobby any indication this was what she wanted. At the very least, this was an assault, and it was about to turn into rape. I had to do something!

I'd never felt so helpless. I didn't know Jenn's address, I didn't know her telephone number, I had no way to contact her, other than through the computer here in front of me. Quickly I tried every type of communication the equipment allowed. Even though I could see and hear what was happening in Jenn's bedroom, Jenn had left her computer unable to accept pictures or sound from me. All I could do was turn on the indicator light that would show her I was trying to communicate with her.

My computer told me the light on her camera was now flashing. If she saw it, she would know I was there trying to contact her. I watched the men now sitting on the bed on either side of her. They had wasted no time sliding up close to her nearly naked body. I watched, my stomach in knots, as they each put out a hand to engulf one of her breasts. She threw her body side to side trying to avoid their hands, and I saw Bobby reach up and grab her by the hair.

"Don't make this so difficult," he said with a smile. "Of course, the struggling is certainly exciting, and if you're doing this for Jeff's benefit, that's cool. Just don't play the part too far, OK?" Jenn's response was to try to kick him with one of her free legs.

"Not cool, Jenn, not cool at all," Bobby sighed. He reached to Jenn's chest and snapped open the front of her bra. The stretched material flung itself apart, exposing her firm, white breasts to the men's hungry eyes. Bobby dragged the useless bra from under Jenn's back and threw it across the room. He took her hair in his hands and lifted her head off the pillows to look down her body. "This is mine now," he said gruffly. "Look at what I'm claiming as my toy for the night. You're mine Jenn. Accept that."

It was then I saw her gaze rise from her bare defenseless body and fall on her computer across the room. I could tell the instant when she saw the blinking light and realized the camera was still on. Someone was watching . . . someone could see everything that was happening to her . . . someone was about to watch her be violated in the most humiliating of ways . . . and that someone . . . I could tell she knew . . . that someone had to be me!

The realization must have stunned her completely. I understood almost exactly what went through her mind. In the midst of this horrible assault, a person she had begun to see as something other than a voyeur was now exactly that. A person she had begun to know as a friend, someone with whom she now shared not only her intimate pictures, but parts of her real self . . . he was there . . . watching this. For the first time since she had decided modesty was a total waste . . . she was totally and horribly . . . embarrassed.

I saw her entire body convulse, nearly throwing Jeff and Bobby off the bed. Caught by surprise, and angered by the resistance, Bobby dropped his body across Jenn's chest, knocking the wind out of her, blowing mucus out her nose. Immediately, I saw great fear race across her face. She desperately needed air in her lungs, and the only avenue was through her nearly blocked nostrils.

My own lungs felt empty as I watched her trying not to suffocate. Bobby wiped her nose and her face, but did not remove her gag. He let her alone for a minute until it was clear she wasn't going to die. Once she was breathing again, and not moving a muscle she didn't have to, he spoke to her. "OK, Jenn, that was your fault. I told you you don't want to make this difficult, or even dangerous. You just do what I tell you now, and you'll be fine. You got that?"

The fear had taken all the fight out of her. I knew she understood the most important thing for her now was to concentrate on her breathing. That was her lifeline. Then I saw her look again at the computer, and I realized she knew there was one other lifeline she had, one other way to survive this . . . this rape . . . and maybe someday make these animals pay for what they were doing. She realized . . . she had me.

Her eyes locked on the camera, and I felt her, I honestly thought I felt her spirit reach out to me. I concentrated as deeply as I could and sent back to her my recognition of her entreaty. I saw her eyes widen, as if she had received my message, and we began the effort to get though this experience together.

Bobby and Jeff were now touching her breasts, running their hands over her chest and stomach, exciting themselves by the power they held over the helpless woman. "That's better, Jenn," Bobby crooned. "That's a good girl. You're gonna like this, I bet. You'll see."

I saw Jenn turn her face to Bobby, and the look in her eyes was so cold and determined that I could tell he was actually a bit intimidated. He could tell exactly what the look on her face meant. I thought for a moment he might stop, but then Jeff called out to him, "Come on, man, get her panties off. I want to see this thing in her!"

Bobby took a deep breath, pulled out his pocketknife and cut both sides of the panties. He grabbed the tiny underwear and ripped it off her body without her having to open her legs. She was now completely naked.

Jeff was sitting father down the bed near Jenn's knees. "Get her to open those pretty legs," he demanded.

Bobby placed a hand on one of Jenn's breasts and took the nipple between his fingers. He squeezed just hard enough to get her full attention. "Do it," he said softly. "Open your legs."

She shook her head slowly side to side, and I saw him squeeze hard enough that her eyes watered. She opened her eyes, and rather than look at Bobby, I saw her turn her vision back to the computer. She locked her eyes on the camera, stared deeply into my computer screen, and as I watched, I saw her legs slowly begin to spread.

I'd never seen a more dramatic unveiling. My gaze was torn between the desire to return her deep, searching stare, and the need to see the vision being offered up to my eyes. Realizing with guilt that she had no way of knowing where I looked, I dragged my eyes away from hers and stared at that burning spot between her legs.

As her legs gradually opened, her vagina unfolded like a many layered Japanese fan. First the outer lips spread, as if a rock dropped in a pool was sending waves rolling in each direction. Next the inner lips, their moisture holding them together until the last moment, stretched and then sprung apart, revealing the deep red flesh that lay within. Finally, as her greatest strength of will allowed, her outer thighs met the bed on opposite sides of her hips, and her vagina actually opened fully, presenting a deep dark cave that seemed to reach down into the innermost center of her being.

I was overwhelmed, I couldn't think, I could barely breathe. With great reluctance, I raised my eyes, to find hers still glued on my face, as she must have imagined it in the camera. "Are you there?" she seemed to be asking. "Are you there to help me, to save me, to . . . love me?"

"I am here," I answered, as best as I could. I saw her take a deep breath and relax, awaiting what she knew would come next.

The wait wasn't long. I saw Jeff pick up the dildo and pass it back and forth between his hands. He was testing the weight and the balance of it, and I was sure he was impressed. It looked massive. I saw Jenn glance at it, close her eyes for a moment, and then look back at me.

"Does she really take this entire thing inside her?" Jeff asked Bobby.

"Oh yeah," Bobby said, with what sounded like pride. I've got the whole thing inside her before and then even got my fingers in her ass. She really likes that."

"Cool!" laughed Jeff. "I'd love to try that." I grimaced, sure that I didn't want to see anything like that happen while I was watching. At least, I thought I didn't.

Jeff lifted the long heavy implement and began moving it between Jenn's legs. Involuntarily, she tried to close her thighs. "Uh, Uh!" Bobby cautioned, and I saw Jenn slowly reopen her legs. One tear fell from each eye, running down her cheeks toward her ears as she looked fearfully down her body.

Jeff took the huge dildo and placed the fat head against Jenn's wide spread pussy. He rotated it slowly, not yet pushing it against her. The still dry dildo pulled on her pussy lips as it rotated, twisting her gently in an incredibly erotic way. I could barely hear a small sound coming from behind Jenn's gag, and I knew it was a combination of fear and humiliation.

As Jeff continued to move the head of the dildo over her moist, but not wet slit, Bobby apparently took pity on her. "Here," he said, passing Jeff a bottle of lubricant. "If you don't use this, you'll probably rip her apart. Better protect this investment, don't you think?"

While Jeff coated the dildo, Bobby dribbled a stream of clear liquid directly onto Jenn's gaping vagina. It ran down into her hole and the excess overflowed into the crack of her ass and onto the bedspread. "You can thank me later," Bobby said to Jenn with a smile.

Jeff replaced the monster cock at the entrance to Jenn's pussy and began a more determined massaging of her with the hard rubber dildo. Even from the camera across the room, I could see her pussy rapidly adjusting to the size of the tool. Yes, she had had this inside her before, and the realization was a bit uncomfortable for me to acknowledge.

Jeff was getting impatient, and Jenn knew the time had come. As he placed the head of the dildo securely at the center of her opening, she looked again in my direction. I saw her focus narrow, her eyes burning into the camera. I saw her stare in my direction, as if I were truly there with her in the room.

Then, it came clear to me what Jenn was attempting to do. Rather than experience what the two men were doing to her as it really was happening, I could see she had decided to send her mind somewhere else. I saw her vision draw me through the camera, over the Internet, and into her arms. I saw my sweet Jenn prepare to accept my massive cock deep inside her body.

The wide head on the dildo pushed itself against the resisting outer ring of Jenn's tight pussy. Jeff slowly moved it firmly against her, backed away, and again pushed it firmly toward her. I saw Jenn close her eyes, take a deep breath, and stretch her legs as far open as possible. Her vaginal muscles relaxed a tiny bit more, and I gasped as the head of the huge staff popped soundlessly into her body. It was in her!

Jenn's body shuddered once as she felt herself stretched as wide open as seemed humanly possible. She opened her eyes briefly to look once again directly into my eyes. "I accept you inside me," she seemed to be telling me. "Come all the way into me. I want you to have me," I felt her eyes promise.

Jeff was surprised that the gigantic head had slid into her so easily. With a great smile on his face, he leaned again on the long staff, and with steady force, he slowly shoved a full six inches of it deep into my dear Jenn's tightly stretched body. As it ground into her, Jenn's body convulsed again, her legs straining to lift her hips several inches off the bed.

I looked at Jenn's hands, bound tightly to the bedposts. Her fingers were not clenched in fists, but were extended to their full length. Her hands actually looked like they were reaching out, rather than pushing away. I suddenly imagined her hands on my shoulders, and I wondered if at this moment, she was imagining her hands in the same place.

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