tagNovels and NovellasNo Going Back Ch. 38

No Going Back Ch. 38


Author's Note:

Hello friends. I am back to continue with the story . . at least to reassure you that Katie and I did meet back at the nude beach in Jamaica, we are together again, and we both learned many lessons while we were apart.

We have had some unusual experiences since then, one that actually included Jenn. Let me tell you about that.


It was a long drive to the beach, more than five hours. For most of the way, you slept quietly in the back seat, your head rolling gently side to side as the car made its long, lazy turns. As I watched you in the rearview mirror, I wondered to myself about the questionable wisdom of this trip.

It had not been easy to convince Katie to let you come along. If I'd had a few months to make offhand references about you in the context of the book I'm writing on "Technosex and the Twenty-somethings," she might not have been so suspicious about why I needed you on what was supposed to be a vacation. In any case, she relaxed once I promised her she would get all the attention from me that she could possibly desire. I knew that would mean minimal sleep while she and I were in bed each night, but hey, I've had worse challenges to endure.

To be honest, even I wasn't totally sure why I had asked you if you wanted to spend a week at the beach. We'd never met face to face, (all fantasies about being with you and Michael aside) although from the pictures on the Internet, I knew certain intimate parts of you as if we had been lovers for months. That, of course, explained some of why I invited you. I honestly wanted to meet the incredibly sexy young woman who had tantalized my fantasies for so long. It wasn't that I expected any thing physical to happen. I just knew myself well enough to realize that simply having you near would be enough to drive my passion up several notches. Katie would certainly benefit enough that she should have no reason to complain.

But then, why did you agree to come with us? I'd sent you a picture of myself. In fact, I'd sent a picture meant to show my willingness to match your own lack of inhibitions. I knew nothing about me physically could have impressed you enough to pique your curiosity. Maybe, I hoped, you had been intrigued enough by my brazenness in inviting you that you had to find out who this crazy guy really was. And then maybe, you just wanted a free week at the beach. Oh well, as I had acknowledged, just having you around was going to be a thrill for me. That was enough.

I saw you stir and begin to wake up when we reached the two mile bridge across the sound to the barrier island. It took a bit of explanation how the Outer Banks were essentially sand bars, sometimes several miles wide, sometimes only several hundred yards wide. You seemed impressed by the stories of how during major storms, sometimes the ocean cut all the way across the land to the sound, washing out the road and taking away homes. I assured you there were no storms expected while we were there, and you actually pretended to be disappointed. It was funny and sweet at the same time, and I felt a warm attraction to you that had nothing to do with how gorgeous you had turned out to be.

We turned into the driveway just as the sun was sinking toward the horizon in the west. Before I could even get out the door of the car, you were already on your way to the top of the dunes. Katie and I caught up with you as you stood looking out over the ocean. The sun low behind us cast our shadows across the sand toward the ocean. You were laughing as you waved your arms and watched the effect ripple across fifty yards of beach.

Katie pointed to us to look far out in the ocean. All the way out where the water met the sky a freighter was heading south toward Cape Hatteras. The sinking sun was reflecting off the windows in the pilot house, sending back a golden Morse code hinting at the rolling seas beneath the ship's hull. The three of us stood there watching as a few houses down the beach, two large dogs took off down the hills, headed toward the water's edge. As I expected, they barely slowed down as they plowed chest deep into the gently breaking waves. My former pet Chelsea was always the same way. Don't you just love wet Golden Retrievers?!

We sat on the deck enjoying the dogs at play, watching the sky gradually darken, the water slide slowly from sight, and the Milky Way climb into view. Over several bottles of wine, the three of us talked and talked. As we mellowed, I could feel Katie relax about you. We could both tell how very fascinating a person you were, and I think Katie even found herself treating you as if you were her friend, instead of mine. The cute innocent jokes the two of you shared at my expense were so reassuring, I was convinced Katie was now happy you were here. Supper, understandably, was very late.

With an exciting day ahead, we all settled down around midnight. You were in the bedroom on the end. Katie and I had the bedroom in the middle with the door just across from yours. With no air conditioning, all the windows, and even the doors between the bedrooms, were open. We fell asleep with the sound of the curtains blowing in the gentle west breeze.

I don't know what awakened me. The breeze hadn't changed, but as I lay there, I heard you sigh in the room next door. You were awake, too! I sighed quietly and sensed you pause. You were listening, trying to be sure. For several minutes, we played a delightful game of tiny sounds and countersounds . . . communications without words. Listening, hoping.

I noticed that the breeze had stopped. I listened, and waited, and then felt it. The wind was shifting, it stirred the curtains on my southern window. Within several minutes, I could tell it had swung 180 degrees. Then . . . I heard the first sound of little waves stirring beneath the eastern winds. I wondered . . . did you hear them? And then . . . oh yes, the smell. That delicious beach smell, picked up by the freshening air and carried directly into my room, and then on to yours. I heard you breathe in a deep breath. Oh yes, you were awake now.

I thought I heard your bed squeak, a zipper softly rasped, and I sensed rather than heard you move past the door. When the outside door rattled, I got up and quietly followed. I caught up to you as you stood on the dunes. Moving quietly, I came up behind you and slid my arms around your waist. You leaned back against me, grateful for the warmth in the pre-dawn coolness.

The sky was barely beginning to show any light, the horizon a thin gray line barely discernable above the waves. Our dog friends were already up and exploring the beach, so I took your hand and we followed. I laughed at you as you hopped through the little pebbles between the dune and the softer sand near the water. Such sensitive feet. I pretended the stones didn't bother me at all.

Reaching the water line, you took off in bounding leaps of your own and I smiled at your puppyish enthusiasm. How lovely you were, your hair flying, your bare legs splashing in the retreating waves along the shore. By the time I caught you, it was no longer a race. You were now lost in the magical leavings of the prior evening's tide. Shells, seaweed, and the remains of tiny sea creatures . . . I think they appealed to you almost as much they did to the dogs.

We walked and walked as the sky brightened. As an even brighter spot began to grow along the horizon, I again took your hand and pulled you away from the water. Climbing the dunes, we reached one of the rare stretches of beach with no cottages. There, high above the shore, we found a spot where the winds had scooped out a depression between the top of the dune and the remaining slope toward the beach. I sat with my back against the slope and you slid down to sit in front of me. The little rise in front of us hid all but our heads from anyone walking along the water.

It felt so wonderful with my arms around you and my knees cradling your sides. I wondered if I was being far too forward with you, but then you snuggled back against to me and started to speak. "Shhhhh," I whispered. "Watch."

You looked back toward the ocean, and as we watched, a blood red sun slipped stealthly out of the water, almost hissing as it rose. I heard you catch your breath and sigh. Within minutes, the sun was out of the water and little slivers of dancing reflections began to run from the horizon directly toward the shore. As the light grew and the waves began to glisten in the morning light, your breathing became even faster. I touched your cheek and you turned slightly to face me.

Our eyes met, then closed, and as our bodies melted against each other, our lips met. You turned again to watch the sun, leaning even more warmly in my arms. Unwrapping my arms only slightly, my hands came to rest on your stomach, my fingers touching the bottom buttons on your blouse. Sensing no protest from you, I unbuttoned the first button, then the second. I let my fingertips slide delicately over your navel, down to the top of your low cut shorts, then up again to the next button.

I felt rather than heard a small sigh from you and proceeded slowly unbuttoning the rest of your blouse. Finally, the buttons were all open, and grasping the sides of your shirt, I pulled the material sideways across your skin. As the edges rubbed over your bare breasts and the cool morning air found them, the hard little nipples climbed determinedly out from the dark surrounding flesh. They pointed directly at the sun, as if they were seeking a warmth they desperately needed.

I had the solution for that problem. I slid my hands up along your tummy, then higher still, first cupping your breasts in my hands, then wrapping my fingers around those exquisite nipples. I pinched them carefully, feeling you respond as I had imagined in my fantasies, but never thought remotely possible. To my amazement and great pleasure, you slid your hands down past your hips to my own inner thighs, then forced them back behind your ass. You found what you were looking for, straining against my pants, hard and ready.

Gradually we slid lower until we were completely hidden from anyone's sight. All we had to protect us from the sand was my shirt, which suggested slow, cautious movements. The restriction actually made what was happening even more incredibly intense. I lay on my back and let you straddle me. I wanted you to set your own pace, or even to change your mind if that was necessary.

As you positioned yourself on top of me, your face came close to mine. I looked into your eyes, searching for any discomfort or reluctance. In your smile, I saw many things. I saw a joyfully innocent child who was saying to the world, "This is OK, I'm a big girl and I can do what I want." And I saw a mature, intelligent woman who was saying clearly, "This is OK, I'm a big girl and I can do what I want." But most of all, I saw a person who I realized had the same desire as I to know another special person in this most intimate way of knowing. For now, in this time and this place, we shared the understanding that, yes, this was right. We needed to discover, and to share, the unique individuals we were, and to learn if with each other, there might be a great deal more to learn.

You began to slide your hips lower, and very quickly, a long, hard obstacle blocked your movement. I saw you smile, you adjusted your hips slightly, and then with no more hesitation, you slid yourself onto me. From all you had said about your experience with "large" toys, and based on my own average, although wonderful, size, I expected our connection to be anything but . . . tight. To my surprise and delight, as your already wet vagina closed around me, I felt a warmth squeeze me as securely as any virgin I had ever known.

Sending my thanks to heaven for the elasticity of youth, I wrapped my arms happily around you and pulled you closer against my chest. My hands slid sensuously through your hair, across your back, down to the narrow cleft at the top of your ass. I'm not even sure if you noticed, so deeply you seemed to be concentrating on the incredible movements your hips were making.

I would have been willing, and probably able, to make the experience last for a long, long time. To my surprise, and to my great pleasure, in only a few minutes, you began sliding up and down on me, your breath rasping in your throat. "Cum with me . . . please!" you whispered in my ear. It was my joy to comply, and as I felt your pussy tighten and release over and over, I let myself go, filling you with the evidence of how deeply you had excited me.

You lay finally on my chest, letting our breathing return to normal. We looked once more into each other's eyes and I sensed no sorrow over what we had done. You smiled at me, lay your head back on my chest, and let the gentle breeze blow across your back. By the time we again peeked over the lip of the dune, the sun was well above the horizon and the day was beginning to show the warmth that would later become the cleansing heat of mid-summer.

With one final kiss, I lifted you up and we brushed ourselves off. The dogs playing on the beach saw us, and bounded up the hills to greet us. Surrounded by dancing puppies, our secret lair was secret no more, so we strode back down the dune, back toward the cottage, back toward our lives. Walking hand in hand, we were silent, each probably thinking many of the same thoughts. We wondered if this was one special unique moment, or if we really did have more such moments lying ahead of us.

As the sunned warmed us from above, I know we each felt a warmth within that was not going to go away. We slid closer to walk with arms around waists and smiled shy smiles, hoping we truly were thinking the same thoughts, dreaming the same dreams. As we approached the cottage, we saw Katie watching us from the deck. She waved, a big smile on her face, and we realized not only that she "knew," but that she apparently understood. You waved back, but did not move away from me, and my heart began to beat in time with yours.

Katie waited for us on the deck and kissed me on the cheek when I reached the top of the stairs. I sensed her take a deep, deliberate breath, and I realized she was sniffing me with a purpose. I knew she would smell the sex, and sure enough, she stiffened as I passed. I then saw her take a long look at you which you were careful to avoid.

This was going to be delicate. It was impossible to guess how Katie would react, but as the day wore on, she seemed calm enough. In fact, as we lay in the sun on the beach later, I noticed her taking a good look at your scantily clad body. There was no question that you were young, beautiful and very sexy, but Katie had a healthy enough appreciation for her own body that I knew she wouldn't be intimidated.

It was nearly painful how hard I tried to watch you both out of the corner of my eyes without being obvious. What surprised me was how Katie finally seemed to decide she wasn't afraid of you. When she stood up in front of us both and stretched, she was a sight to behold. She took a minute or two to twist and turn like she was trying to get the kinks out of her back. Then she bent over and touched her palms to the sand, her own barely covered ass sticking directly back at both of us.

She held that position for a moment, then stood back up, turned toward me and bent over again to touch her toes. The top on her bathing suit was loose enough that I could see her incredibly lovely breasts cradled in the cups of her top. Her dark nipples stood out from her firm mounds, and I felt a reaction between my legs that I wasn't sure I wanted here on the beach.

She stood up, smiled at me, and I saw her throw a proud and defiant smile in your direction. "I'm going in the water," she said, and her look was clearly an invitation. I stood up and walked by her side toward the ocean. Without stopping, we walked hand in hand into the warm water and moved far enough out until we were up to our necks.

With no one near enough to hear us, Katie moved to stand facing me, her back to the horizon, mine toward the beach. "Remember the first time we swam together?" she asked with a sly smile. I nodded at the same time I felt her hand slide down the front of my bathing suit. I was already hard enough that her fingers wrapped around me like she was ready to shift me to a higher gear. I think I was.

"Uhh, sweetheart, I don't think this is a good time . . . for . . . ," I gulped.

"I know," Katie laughed. "I'm just making a point here. You understand, don't you?" We both laughed at the joke, since I was the one who was doing the pointing. "What happens at the end of the week? Where does Jenn go?"

"She goes back home," I said clearly. "This is a one week visit that has already turned out different than was intended. Jenn is a friend who shared a lot with me over the Internet while you and I were apart, and I do owe her respect and consideration, but that's it. She has her life, and you and I have ours. I honestly do expect to stay in touch with her, but only from a distance. I hope you can believe that, and I hope we can all have a reasonably comfortable time together the rest of the week. If you don't think that's possible, I can get her on a plane tomorrow, I expect. It's really up to you."

"Roger, don't be silly. The girl can stay. My concern is more for her than for me. I don't want her getting any ideas that lead to her being hurt. I just hope you've been honest with her."

"She understands, Katie. Actually, she knows almost all that you and I have been through together, so she knows exactly how important you are to me. I realize there are an awful lot of things that I maybe shouldn't have told her, but at that point, I didn't know if you were ever coming back. I was trying to work through all that had happened."

I realized I was starting to ramble, and anyway, from the look on Katie's face, I saw she was still adjusting to the realization that Jenn knew so much more than Katie had expected. I could tell Katie was uncomfortable and would have to think about what I had just told her. "I'll tell you what, you go swim for a while. I want to talk with Jenn alone. Go do your long swim, and I'll see you in about an hour, OK?"

What could I say? I turned to the south and began swimming along the beach. Katie headed in, and by the time I lost sight of them, Jenn and Katie were sitting side by side on the beach.

I didn't know whether to cut my swim short to get back as soon as possible, or to swim farther to give them more time. In spite of my curiosity, once I got halfway down the beach toward the fishing pier, I decided to do the full round trip. It was more than an hour and a half when I got back to the cottage. The beach in front was deserted.

I walked up to the house and could tell that they were sitting in the living room still talking. I took my shower downstairs under the house and changed. When I got upstairs, they were stretched out, one on each couch, wine glasses in hand. An empty bottle sat on the floor next to Katie. They both seemed relaxed and happy, at least they were both smiling at me as I entered.

"Why don't you make us some sandwiches?" Katie suggested. "Open another bottle, give us a refill, and use the tomatoes on the windowsill. There's bacon left from breakfast and lettuce in the fridge. Jenn, you take mayonnaise on yours? Yes. Got that, Roger?"

Katie was in her "authoritative" mode. She always characterized it as her "helpful" mode, but I was always inclined to salute when she got rolling like that. I decided sarcasm was not the best current reaction. I moved to get some lunch together and listened to them talking in the other room.

They had apparently covered all the sensitive stuff, and Jenn was now telling stories about college and theatre and teaching and things that I had heard but Katie hadn't. It sounded like neither of them had a care in the world. I hoped that was close to the truth.

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