No Good Deed


All characters are 18 or older.

Li glared down at her phone and chewed her lip. "Where the hell are you, Manolo?" She stood leaning against a pillar in the quad, exactly where she had arranged to meet her sister's scumbag dealer. He was twenty minutes late.

Li wore a black leather jacket that was too big for her, with the top half of a school band camp t-shirt loosely hanging over her chest. The sheer material showed off her generous tits nicely, and a pair of white suspenders rode up from her waist, bent around her tits, drawing them together, and met behind her neck. If she missed her ride to the concert because of Manolo, she was going to stab him until he said sorry. Then stab him some more.

From the air behind her, Li heard a catcall. "God DAMN, I never seen a Chinese girl with an ass looking so fine!" Li felt her cheeks flush, and very studiously did not try to cover up the jean cutoffs that hugged her butt, or the trashy white fishnets that showed off her legs.

"You're late, Manolo."

"I'm late, you're early, it's all perspective, y'know? You call me up, wanna meet, what am I supposed to think?" Manolo strode up and leaned an elbow against the pole. He looked Li up and down, inches from touching her, but never meeting her eyes. "I know you ain't buyin' my product. Dressed like that, maybe you're looking to sell some of your services?" He drifted a finger under the mangled band camp t-shirt to reveal Li's black lace bra underneath.

Li slapped him. Hard.

Manolo spun away from the blow and clapped a hand to his face. He muttered something in Tagalog and spat. "Bitch, whatever this is, it better be good." Beneath his slicked hair and his olive skin, his eyes danced with something dangerous.

"You sell to my sister."

Manolo swept his arms back in a grand gesture. "Oh, why didn't you say so? She's the Chinese girl, right? Can't hold her booze, parents are fobs, thinks she's going to Stanford?"

Li bit back something angry. "Her name is Yu."

"They're all named Yu. Or Wen, or Yi. The fuck do I care?"

"She's a little shorter than I am. She has longer hair. Her tongue is pierced, and so is her nose."

Manolo furrowed his brow for a minute, then leaned back and burst out laughing. "Oh, you've got to be kidding me." He surrendered to another fit of cruel laughter before he looked back at Li. "That bitch? With the huge tits and the-"

"I want you to leave her alone," said Li. She hoped Manolo couldn't see her hands shaking. "Stop selling to her."

Manolo had finished laughing, and regarded Li with a predatory grin. "Selling to her? I haven't sold to that chick in weeks. Where's she gonna get money for coke, huh? Working at McDonald's? She's never been straight two days in a row, that I ever seen."

"You're a fucking liar. You give her the drugs, I know you do."

"Well, yeah. But I'm not selling. I'm just keeping my girls around, you know? Your sister's a freak for blow, let me tell you. She gives better head than my cousin, and that bitch has been whoring it out for years." Manolo leaned forward. The difference in their heights meant that he was looking down at her. His eyes rested on her tits, then came back to her face. "You know, you kinda look like your sister, from this angle. Do you take it in the ass?" He settled back into that predator's grin.

Li held out a hand towards him. "That's twenty two hundred. Everything I have. You take it, and you never go near Yu again."

Manolo grabbed the money and tucked it away without looking. "Done."

Li was halfway to the parking lot before he spoke again.

"I just have to say goodbye, that's all." Manolo's voice was brimming with mirth.

Li stopped in her tracks.

Footsteps sounded from behind her, slow and leisurely. They drew closer and closer, then stopped. Li could feel Manolo's presence behind her, so close she could sense the warmth of him.

"The girl already said she'd entertain some friends of mine tonight. I can't call it off, and she wouldn't want to miss out, anyway." Manolo's lips brushed the back of her neck and she shivered. "So, after tonight, she and I are done."

"I paid you."

"That's right. And me, I always pay what I owe. For example", he said. There came a light rasping sound, like leather rubbing against itself. A moment later, two leather jacketed arms appeared over Li's shoulders. In the distance, she could see the parking lot, where her friends were waiting.

"Over here," said Manolo, shaking a pair of powder-filled plastic packets, "is the usual. Coke. It's the only thing your sister likes more than dick." He leaned forward, and Li could feel his half-erect penis pressing into her ass. Something warm and hungry stirred below her waist, and she nearly vomited. She was getting turned on by Manolo. "And over here," he waved another packet from his right hand. It looked the same, but for a sticker of a bronze star that marked it as unique. "We've got something special."

"What is it?"

"Well, it's coke. I mean, mostly coke. The rest is rat poison."

A cold hand wrapped itself around Li's spine. Manolo pressed into her again, and his teeth scraped against her earlobe. He had gotten harder. And Li could feel herself getting wet. "You come to me and ask me a favor, bitch, you'd better show some respect. Either you show me how much you want to make it up to me, right now, or your whore sister snorts her last line. Tonight."

Li swallowed hard. The parking lot in the distance had grown blurry. "Tell me what I have to do." She blinked tears out of her eyes, then turned to face Manolo. He grinned at her, and slipped his packets back into his coat.

"That's better. Now get down on your knees."


Li leaned back and gasped for breath. Her knees burned from scraping against the concrete, and tears filled her eyes.

Manolo put his hands around the back of her neck. His cock stared her right in the eye, most of nine inches long and slick with Li's saliva. "Not bad. But I can show you a thing or two. Make a fist with your thumb inside, and squeeze." Li did as she was told, still staring at the cock in front of her. It twitched just a little every time his heart beat. Then he leaned forward and the head pressed into her lips.

Li opened her mouth and took him in. She bobbed up and down on him, sliding her lips around his shaft. He was hard and smooth and oh so hot. The head of his dick bumped into the back of her mouth, and somehow she didn't gag.

"Good girl. Just keep squeezing your fist." Manolo's voice wavered, as though his control was slipping.

She squeezed her first as she was told, and went back to sucking his dick. Her pussy was still wet, but she was too aroused to be embarrassed. Then Manolo tightened his grip behind her neck, and she began to panic.

"Mmmm. Mm mmmmm!"

"Just relax, girl, you're doing fine." Manolo pressed his dick as far into her mouth as it would go. Then he pushed further. Li felt her throat stretching around the head of his dick.

Manolo moved one hand to her forehead and tilted her head back. Li's throat opened up and he pushed his cock another few inches into her throat. Li squeezed her fist harder and enjoyed the sensation of his dick sliding over her tongue.

He groaned with pleasure. Li felt per pussy twitch.

"Hold still, girl." Manolo drew back until he was almost out of her mouth, then thrust back in steadily. He rocked back and forth in her mouth, moaning with pleasure. Li couldn't do much but sit back and enjoy the feeling of getting her face humped. She was absolutely not enjoying it. She swallowed a mouthful of Manolo's precum for the third time. How much of it was he going to leak before he came?

Manolo bottomed out in her throat again. "Suck," he said. Li sucked on his dick as he slid it out, and caught her breath while he pushed back in. "Suck", he repeated. And she sucked.

The speed of his thrusting increased, and his moans got louder. Li noticed her nipples had begun to poke out against her shirt. She grasped one of her breasts and squeezed herself. She moaned in pleasure around Manolo's dick, and he responded by upping his speed again. His dick skimmed back and forth over her tongue; her lips began to go numb from the friction against his cock. She was having trouble breathing.

Manolo grabbed the back of her head and jerked her mouth forward. His cock pushed deeper into her throat than he had gone before. "Come on, baby, swallow it all." The iron grip on her neck didn't let up, and soon she felt her nose pressed all the way against his stomach, with his balls dangling forward on her chin. His cock penetrated so deep into her throat, she worried he might tear her. But the sensation on her chin tickled so much, she nearly laughed.

Then Manolo came.

He thrust forward again, and Li felt her head being pushed backward, off-balance. A stream of cum poured out of him and down her throat. Hot. Wet. Then Manolo groaned and another jet of cum shot down Li's throat. And another. And another. She swallowed around his dick, and felt the hot cum spreading warmth all the way down to her stomach. And he kept spurting. Li swallowed again, noticing how her jaw was aching, and the way that Manolo's dick kept her throat from swallowing the way it should until halfway down, where his cum was spurting. Manolo's moans reached a peak and began to trail off. He shot three more jets of cum down Li's throat, and she swallowed them all.

Finally, when his dick had started deflating, Manolo pulled back and took it out of Li's mouth. She gasped for air, then sputtered and coughed when strands of his cum still blocked her throat. She swallowed a few more times, then tried breathing again. It was easier now. But her throat felt sore and stretchy, the way her pussy always did after sex.

Manolo took the opportunity to wipe his half-erect cock all over Li's face. "Suck my balls, girl." Li took only a moment to glare at him, then did as she was told. She took his sac in her mouth and sucked. He let out another groan to show his approval. Li sucked his balls more, and was surprised when one of them passed through her lips and into her mouth. She suckled at him with her lips, and stroked him with her tongue.

"Mmmm," said Manolo after a few moments. "You're better than I thought."

Li said nothing. She noticed one hand was still fondling her tit, though.

Manolo put a hand on her forehead and shoved her back. Her mouth detached from his balls with a pop, and she fell over on the concrete. Manolo stood in front of her, apparently oblivious that his cock was still hanging out of his pants. He dug in his leather jacket until he found a strip of paper, then handed it to Li. "Be at this address at ten. You suck dick like your sister, so you can take her place. Don't show up, or don't perform, and our deal's off." He walked away, zipping himself up, without looking at her again.

Li was left sitting on the concrete, wetter than she had ever been before and full of frustrated lust that she couldn't release. What on earth had just happened?

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