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"Move back a bit Paul until she says it is uncomfortable to arch any further."

I moved further back and she arched completely, her shoulders and head landing on the mattress in front of me in some kind of crab like yoga position. She could not hold it so propped herself up on her elbows hanging her head back towards me. "Perfect" Nigel said as he got yet more oil from the almost empty bottle. I got the last pillow and laid it under her shoulders so she was able to come off her elbows with her head off the back of the pillow resting on the mattress she looked back at me and then closed her eyes with a deep sigh. She put her hands above her head on the mattress.

Nigel worked the front of her thighs, kneading hard into the muscle and now openly rubbing the patch of material between her lips. He looked at me for approval and I just held my hands up. She wasn't objecting, quite the opposite in fact, so I was not going to spoil anyone's fun. As he pushed and pulled at her thighs, her loose bra slowly slid its way down the slope towards her neck. Both her nipples were now openly on display and, judging by their hardness, were clearly rather enjoying the sensations from her legs and above. Nigel noticed her bare breasts and picking up the oil bottle dribbled a small pool of oil onto each nipple. Sarah groaned and gasped as he rubbed her clit hard on the upstroke and again on the down stoke. He motioned to me to rub the oil into her nipples. I started to massage the slippery warm oil into her breasts and rock hard nipples, rolling the nipples and folding them into her breasts . She groaned even louder.

As Nigel again rubbed hard over her clit again, she breathed in hard, biting her lip so hard I thought she was going to bleed. I massaged the oil in, kneading her breasts firmly and squeezing her erect nipples, rolling them between my fingers while Nigel continued massaging her thighs and clitoris. She was pretty much trapped, unable to move anything but her arms which she clasped around my leg. She started to push her hips upwards into Nigel's upward pushes to match his stroke and soon, as they pushed together, he slipped his thumbs inside the tightly pulled triangle of her thong and moved them down over her sopping clit. He worked both thumbs into her opening on the upstroke towards her clit, pulling her lips further apart.He stopped there and gently massaged her, rubbing over her clit and back into her again with his thumbs until she arched hard and groaned.

"Oh Jeeesus Christ." she almost whispered as she held the arch as high as she could, forcing herself into Nigel's willing thumbs. "Fuuu uu uck!" she wailed bucking up and down until she finally slumped back onto the pillows, still widely exposed and beaten entirely by the effects of four hands massaging her most sensitive body parts.

Nigel continued rubbing her thighs, staying away from her rather wet but now loose thong. She took my hands from her nipples and held them as she slowly regained some consciousness. Nigel slowed up the massage until he finally stopped. He picked up the now empty oil bottle. "Sarah. I think your hip should be a little less troublesome. If not, and if you'd like, I'll come back and I'll have another go. Sometimes, after two or three sessions, some really exciting results can be achieved."

"Oh, really, you think?" sighed Sarah sarcastically. Nigel looked at me and winked. I nodded and he bid us good night. I saw him to the door and asked after Katherine.

"Maybe she got way laid" he said.

"Well at least she got laid. Good job Nige. Goodnight." I locked the door behind him and came in to the room just as Sarah was untucking her legs from underneath her.

"Well you made a really lousy job of protecting me didn't you." Sarah said sitting up."You even left me on my own with him. You took so long you missed the first orgasm"

"I really can't believe you let him go that far" I replied with a smile.

"I could see, judging by the bulge in your pants, that I wasn't the only one enjoying it and as you clearly weren't going to stop it, I decided not to spoil it. I think it safe to say he enjoyed it as well." she added. "Mind you, Monday morning could be interesting."

"Now." She said "Talking about that bulge." She stood up and peeled off her sodden thong. Laying back on the bed she said "Come fill me with it."

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