tagGroup SexNo Holes Barred

No Holes Barred


Colette's 35th birthday was coming up soon and I asked what she wanted for her big day. We were laying in bed when I asked and she grinned at me and said she wanted another group sex party. She said the three couples of Scott & Lisa, Jeff & Rebecca and us would make it a fun night. Ever since us guys had got back from our cruise and Scott had hooked up with Lisa, Colette had been dying to have sex with Scott's new girlfriend.(see our other submissions for background)

She also said she would think up the raunchiest positions and combinations she could think of and put them on slips of paper to be drawn out of a hat. I was getting aroused just thinking of all the freaky stuff we'd be doing.

Her birthday arrived and it was on a Friday. I took off from work an hour early so I could get everything set up. Drinks, food, sextoys, lube, towels and so on.

Collette arrived to find the lights turned down low, candles lit, wine opened and me naked except for a black bow-tie and a black leather cockring! We got the fireplace going and I put her on the coffee table to begin eating her dripping, shaved pussy. As I was doing my patented Mike Hunt clit lick & g-spot rub combo, our four friends walked in the door. Colette was flushed from coming and her cleavage was beet red to prove it.

Once we all got settled in with drinks & food, we all undressed and caught up with each other, chitchatting. It was kind of funny for Collette & me to be standing in the kitchen talking to Lisa and watching her big transexual cock harden as Scott squeezed her big tits and rubbbed against her from behind. Jeff was leaning over the countertop telling a dirty joke as Rebecca rubbed her strap-on up & down his ass cleavage.

Colette got out the hat and read off all the things she wanted to try out. The first one was for her to lay on the dining room table and get eaten out alphabetically. That meant it would be Jeff, Lisa, me, Rebecca, then Scott. Jeff got down on his knees, pulled Colette to the edge and hooked her legs over his shoulders. Colette's head was hanging off the other side and Scott stepped up to plop his uncut cockhead into her open mouth. I was taking pictures with our digital camera so we could have a keepsake. Jeff was pressing the flat of his thumb against Colette's asshole while moving three fingers in & out of her wet pussy as he licked and swirled his tongue over her clit. She'd just gotten Scott fully erect when she had her 2nd orgasm of the night.

Lisa stepped up next and took taint-to-clit loooong licks of Collette's pussy, all the way from top top bottom. Then she plastered her face to Colette's cunt as it seemed like she was almost trying to shove her whole face in as she lapped away at Colette's insides. Rebecca had eased Scott out of the way and backed her ass up to Colette's face. Rebecca has a really nice ass, round and firm. Rebecca had her ass pushed onto Colette's face so far that all we could see was the underside of her jaw. We heard moaning, sucking and slurping sounds as she tossed Rebecca's salad. Rebbecca was giving us a running commentary, "oooh, fuck! She's got her tongue IN my asshole!" Colette came shortly after Rebecca did and then it was my turn. I did a repeat of my earlier Mike Hunt combo and had her coming but still in plenty of time for Jeff to jam his fat cock all the way down her gulping throat.

Rebecca was next and she didn't eat out Colette. Instead she oozed her thick jelly strap-on into her and began stroking in & out. Lisa was at the other end, with her huge thick cock stretching Colette's mouth. Rebecca turned the strap-on's vibrator on and Colette began spasming on the table as if she were being shocked. Lisa had about 8 inches down Colette's throat but she began gagging & choking as her orgasm took her mind off her concentration.

I gave my baby a drink. A couple minutes later she beckoned to Scott and pointed to her cunt and said, "eat me like it's your first white pussy." He got down there and did his specialty, what he calls the Vulcan Shocker. Remember Star Trek's Spock doing his hand thing and saying live long & prosper? Well Scott had his ring finger AND pinky buried in her asshole as he wiggled his middle and index finger in her cunt, lapping away and slurping on her clit with his tongue. I was looking over my shoulder to watch because I had backed my ass up to her firm raspy tongue. She'd tossed my salad before but never this enthusiastically. She had my ass relaxed and open, with her tongue swirling inside before I knew what was happening. After Scott brought her off to another bucking, moaning orgasm we took a break.

After we all soaked in the hottub and ran back inside before shrinkage took effect, Colette then pulled out of the hat and told us what the next scene was. She told us she'd seen all the pics that Scott, Jeff, Lisa and I had taken during the cruise and said she wanted a bi scene next. Rebecca squealed and clapped her hands in approval. The two of them had said they'd always fantasized about watching guys gay out with each other while they participated.

We said okay but what was the combo going to be? Colette said she wanted to suck one of us guys off as he sat on a cock, she'd be on her hands & knees as she got eaten by Rebecca and another guy would have his cock in her ass while he got buttfucked by a guy. Wow! That was going to be intense. Neither Lisa, Scott, Jeff or I had come yet so we were all backed up and ready to shoot our loads. Rebecca got down on the floor and Colette wriggled over Rebecca's face in a 69 position. She told me to sit on Scott's cock and for Lisa to fuck Jeff as he buttslammed her anus. Scott got in front of Colette's face and she spit on his cock as I slathered lube into my assring. Scott had his legs spread in a vee as I straddled him and took hold of his fat black monster to aim it at my opening. I wedged the head inside and eased onto it until I felt the head spreading my assring. I swirled my ass around to get my assring used to the intrusion and allow it to relax it a bit more. Colette was staring at us but broke her spell and took my cockhead into her sucking mouth. She really sucks cock well and can easily take my thick cock balls-deep without choking. Scott nudged upwards and his round cockhead pushed past my sphincter. I gently bounced up and down a little and then sat on his cock until I had the head deep in my ass, squished up against my sigmoid sphincter.

Meanwhile, at the other end, Jeff had pushed his veiny, thick cock into Colette's anus all the way and was holding still so that Lisa could get behind him and work her long, thick cock into his ass too. Colette's assring was clenching and squeezing Jeff's meaty dick and his hips were twitching as Lisa pushed her girlmeat home. She had her large fake boobs pressed up against his sweat-slick back and was holding him hostage by the hips. From the happy squealing sounds coming from Rebecca, she must have had an eyeful of Lisa's cock stretching Jeff's asshole.

We all got moving but due to the tight quarters, no one could move that much. When we did move, somebody slipped out and we had to stop until we were plugged in again. I'd been gyrating my hips and keeping downward pressure on Scott's cockhead so that it would gently nudge open my sigmoid and I could sit all the way down on his long snake. It's always amazing when the first surge of manmeat or dildo oozes past your sigmoid and when it happened to me right then, I came hard in Colette's mouth. She wasn't ready for it and choked on my load. My anus was clenching and squeezing Scott's dick real hard and the stimulation made him pulse a big load deep into my guts. Colette had an orgasm right then and had just the tip of my cock in her lips, sucking & vacuuming so hard that I could feel the cum getting pulled out of my urethra. Amazing.

Lisa had only got half her big dick into Jeff but she came soon anyway. As she did, that set off Jeff and he had his hips wedged firmly up against Colette's hot ass as he pumped all his cum into her bowels.

We all cleaned up and then hugged Colette and kissed her, asking if she'd enjoyed fulfilling her fantasy. She said we should all go to bed and get rested so that we could fulfill her final fantasy the next morning after we'd had brunch.

The next morning, Colette and I were soaking our sore muscles in the hottub outside and drinking mimosas when the sliding glass door opened and Lisa came out. She said Scott was still snoozing but had heard the bubbles kick on and thought she'd join us. She sat down on the other side of Colette from me and we both began massaging her. Colette turned to Lisa and tongue-kissed her. I sat back to watch as Lisa sat on the edge of the tub and stood up Colette so she could eat her. She got Colette moaning and then had Colette straddle her. I reached between their legs and grabbed Lisa's ironhard dick to rub it back & forth along Colette's cuntlips and get the head wedged real good into her opening.

Colette sat down on Lisa and I watched her puffy cunt lips stretch wide to accomodate Lisa's thickness. She had her eyes closed and was trembling from having such a thick, long cock in her belly. She leaned forward so that their tits were rubbing together and she tongue-kissed Lisa hungrily. Colette posted up & down on Lisa and had a series of mini-orgasms while I was watching her straining cunt lips flap back and forth along Lisa's shaft. She moved a little faster then sat down all the way on Lisa and cried out with another spasmodic orgasm. I quickly buried my head into Colette's ass cleavage to lick her for more stimulation. She slowly stopped trembling and bucking.

Lisa hadn't come yet but just then the rest of the gang walked out. Scott picked Colette up from Lisa's lap and her cunt made this really raunchy slurpy sound as Lisa's thick tool plopped out of her cunt. She was embarassed but all of us were giggling. As everyone stuffed scrambled eggs and bacon in their mouths and guzzled mimosas, I asked her what her next fantasy was. Colette blushed and said she wanted Jeff & me to double-stuff her cunt while Scott assfucked her and she tried to deepthroat Lisa. When we'd all cum, then she wanted Rebecca to eat the creampie out of her sloppy, stretched open cunt. My girl had hidden depths to her I apparently wasn't aware of!

Rebecca squealed again and kissed Colette, telling her this would be so fucking hot and that she wanted the same treatment on her birthday. Rebecca laid a bunch of patio furntiure cushions and spread them over the patio and then placed towels over them because she said it might get messy. Then she got a thick double-ended dildo and had Jeff and I lay down on our backs facing each other. We scooted our butts together and Rebecca eased the lubed dildo into Jeff's butt and then mine. We scooted closer until our asscheeks were jammed together. He has real good control of his assmuscles and proceeded to impress me by using them to push the dildo further into my ass!

Then Colette straddled me and squatted her pussy down onto my erect cock. She looked back and told Jeff to grab his dick and try to squish it in. We're both pretty thick and she wasn't having any success. Rebecca came over and slathered a bunch of lube on Jeff and took a gooey bunch on her fingers and rubbed it up into her pussy, tickling my dick as she did so. Jeff had no trouble getting his cockhead wedged into Colette's pussy after that and shifted his hips a little to get the rest of his meaty cock into her cunt. Colette sat up and then plunged her hips straight down onto our cocks to get fully doublestuffed. Without touching her clit, she came right there. She literally screamed her orgasm. I'm just glad our neighbors don't live too close and that we'd packed the kids off to their grandparents for the weekend!

Then Colette gaspingly told Lisa to sit her asshole onto my face and grab her dick to stuff it into her mouth. Lisa straddled my head and lowered her sexy ass cleavage over my face. I was licking up and down her crack as I heard Colette spit a big gob of saliva onto Lisa's straining girlmeat and begin sucking on it. She wasn't demure about it either. She made all kinds of moaning, sucking , slurping sounds out LOUD as she wriggled her hips on Jeff's & my cockmeat. Scott told her he was lubing up his long, ropy cock and was going to squirt a little of the lube directly into her tight anus. She held still for a second and from the alarmed squeal she hummed out, I could tell that Scott must have been squirting most of the bottle into her backside. He said he wanted it to be as slippery and comfortable for her as possible seeing as she'd have so much manmeat stuffed into all her holes.

Rebecca was taking shot after shot of us as Scott eased up behind Colette. He made her lean forward until her tits were squished into my chest and she held still. I could feel Scott fumbling a little as he tried to wedge his thick head into her stretched-tight asshole. But he backed off and got a few fingers into her ass and slowly wiggled them around until her ass muscles were relaxed. Rebecca gasped out loud that Colette's asshole was gaping and Scott moved forward to squish his man-head into her while he had the chance. Colette tried to grunt hard but Lisa chose that moment to shove her hips forward to get more of her girl-cock into Colette's throat.

She and Scott both began jabbing their cocks into Colette and I could feel a sudden gush of liquids on my cock as she had another spasmodic orgasm. Scott shoved his cock in until it reached her sigmoid colon and then began plunging his cock in and out of her shithole at full-stroke. Lisa was moving her hips back & forth as she shoved her cock deep into Colette's choking, straining throat. All four of us fucked the living daylights out of Colette for about 5 minutes. Colette was making this high-pitched squealing sound in between animal-like grunts and then the sheer freakyness of the whole thing made us all come within seconds of each other. I could feel Lisa's anus spasming on my tongue as she pumped her girl goo into Colette's mouth. Jeff and I were coming at the same time and I could feel all of our liquid-hot manjuice combining and spilling out of Colette's stretched cunt to run over our balls. Last, Scott had managed to shove another 4 inches in, past her sigmoid, and he was basting her bowels with his thick creamy cockjuice.

Rebecca was fingering her clit like it was guitar-strings. She'd dropped the camera as her hips pumped up & down in orgasm.

As we all got disengaged, Colette remained on top of me to place a kiss creamy with Lisa's juices on my lips and murmur an "I love you". Rebecca climbed onto the cushions and began massaging Colette as Jeff, Scott, Lisa and I went back into the hottub. We all watched as Rebecca slowly relaxed Colette and then slurped and licked our loads out of her creampie and brought her to one final langorous, dreamy orgasm. Totally fuckin' hot. Happy birthday, baby!

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