tagSci-Fi & FantasyNo 'IM' Ch. 03

No 'IM' Ch. 03


I have had my first encounter with the alien woman, I have no idea just how long I have been in the confined space of the cabin.

I feel a little thirsty but strangely I do not feel at all hungry, I will have to find out something of my place of captivity, there is no other way to describe it.

The only nourishment I have had since I have been here is the delicious nectar from the alien woman's cunt; it was probably the best tasting substance I have ever consumed. I have no idea just how much I drank but it must have been quite a bit, perhaps it has nutritional value as well as the obvious sexual attraction.

I badly want to piss, but there does not seem to be any toilet in the room and I cannot find out a way to open the door she went out, it is almost impossible to find the door at all, but now I know where it is I can find the barest outline where it is, it is obviously airtight and an ultra close fit.

The only solution to my dilemma is just to piss on the floor, so I walk as far from the bunk as possible and just piss.

I love the feeling of pissing, I find it very pleasurable as the golden fluid flows from my penis, and it is a quite of erotic feeling for me.

I watch as the jet of purple piss squirts onto the floor, it looks quite eerie as it glistens in the quite unnatural light of the room; it hits the floor and vanishes!

I finish my peeing and kneel down on the floor and examine it closely, there does not seem to be any dampness or odour from my pee at all, it is as if it has been absorbed into the very fabric of the room, and the floor seems hard and solid not at all porous.

Well that solves my problem of where to piss, you can apparently just piss anywhere and it is absorbed.

I go back to my bunk , it is quite boring, nothing to do at all, I hope my kidnapper returns and enlightens me about my situation, I do not know if she can speak any English at all or if she has any other way to communicate with me.

I lie down on my bunk and I must have fallen asleep.

I am awakened by the light in the room brightening and the door opening.

She stands there totally naked this time; she seems to have decided that there is no need to be clothed in my presence.

Her nipples are hard, and I can smell her from across the room, she obviously wants sex!

I cannot say I am repulsed by the idea myself. I stand up and walk towards her; she stops and waits for me to approach.

She has a smile on her lips and her eyes twinkle, as though she can read my mind.

Well to be very honest it did not take a lot to work out what I was thinking about as my penis was quite hard by now!

I place my hands around her waist and pull her towards me. Our naked bodies touch, and a tingle goes through my whole being as I squeeze her to me. She places her arms around my back gently gripping me.

I reach down and cup her ass with each hand and kiss her on the lips, ever so gently so my lips just barely brush hers. I feel a tingle as our mouths touch. I pull my face back and look into her eyes.

This must be the first time I have really looked into her eyes; they are black and appear bottomless as I stare into them. It is as if I am looking into the depths of eternity, of infinity.

There is no inkling of her emotion except for the sparkle as the pink light from the ceiling shines on to the black surface of her eyes.

I move forward and kiss her again squeezing her ass and pressing her against my body which is squashing my hard penis against her stomach.

She reaches down and cups my ass with her hands and squeezes hard.

We are kissing properly now and out tongues are entwined as we explore around each others mouth.

Her mouth is very damp with saliva and tastes of spice somewhat like cinnamon. It is quite a lovely taste.

I am sure the taste of my saliva is nothing like the taste of hers!

I gently manoeuvred her against the wall of the cabin and hunch down a little and press my hard cock against the entrance of her cunt.

My throbbing penis slides in to her much easier this time; her cavern is very wet and accommodating as I thrust into her.

I have her pushed up against the curved wall of the cabin as I thrust into her; she raises her legs and grips my waist very tightly with her thigh and at the same time interlocking her ankles behind me.

I have my hands behind her back, getting squashed against the wall as I thrust rhythmically in and out of her very wet cavern. Her legs continue to squeeze me and her hands are around my waist holding on to me very tightly.

She moans as our bodies push together, and then slip apart and groaning as I thrust back into her.

I feel the shuddering of approaching orgasm as I feel her body spasm as we thrust against each other and squeeze our bodies together, her pussy is gripping my cock with exasperating pressure.

There is so much pressure she is applying with her thighs, I scream out in pain,"Fuck that hurts!"

It does not stop my orgasm however, as my cock shudders and quivers and shoots my seed into her.

I hold her against the wall of the cabin, totally exhausted and spent, and not at all refreshed like I was after the first fuck.

My limp penis slides out of her body and her legs slip to the ground.

She just looks at me, pushes me back and strides violently out of the room, the door shuts behind her.

I have a feeling that I have learnt something from this experience!

To feel refreshed I need to taste her and drink of her divine juice!

Her exit puzzeles me though. Why? Was she not pleased?

Her orgasm was very good, or so I thought by the pressure she squeezed me with; as her body quivered against mine!

These were the thoughts passing through my mind as I walked back to the bunk and lay down.

But above all I was wondering if she was ever going to say anything to me (assuming she can speak) and let me out of the cabin.

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