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No Limit


There were times when Judy and I keep the kink-fire alive by intense role-playing fantasy sessions. Threesomes, after all, are not really that easy to arrange. I, of course, was willing – slut that I am – but women are generally a bit more "picky" than the average male. For me, if the guy isn't so ugly that he'll make me lose my hard-on, he is probably OK; it isn't the face I look at. But Judy needs an attraction, which is somewhat curious because she refuses, other than a friendly peck hello or goodbye, to kiss another man. And I am not into kissing men. But no male really understands what goes on in the mind of women; it's not for men to know.

She could read me all too easily though; I mean, it isn't that difficult. I love sex. Hot sex. Messy sex. And while I have my limits in some areas, it's mostly pedal to the metal for me. With women. With men. Judy knew about the men thing from the very first time we'd chatted, and she claimed she was OK with it. Intrigued even. What she hadn't realized was how turned-on by it that she would become – especially, perhaps, because it meant that she could have as many men – as many cocks – at a time as she wanted... or dared. She'd asked me how many I'd like to see her do at once, and I think I responded with something like, "What, there's a limit?" An entire, "endless night" of them is probably how I put it to her during one of the many times we discussed it.

It was our discussions of it that turned out to be nearly as much fun as the reality – in a way even more so because we had complete control of the fantasy side of things, and the realities of threesomes are more unpredictable once the proceedings get going.

Judy knows all my kinks. And while the most exciting thing for me is to excite my lover, the same goes for her; and she plays to my weaknesses. I try to do the same for her, but I think she's better at it... or I simply have more weaknesses.

So we put on some porn. Not just any porn – but a long disk of what I've edited down to the best parts. Most porno movies are so lame; they try to make themselves to be movies with actual acting, made by people who usually can't act more than one kind of role. Maybe it's some sort of legal thing, that they must have some "redeeming" content or a story line, but most people that I've talked to simply hate it and wish they'd get to the good parts (maybe like this story...)

So I edit out the "story" and get to the fucking parts – like you can do to this one if you're savvy enough. A long movie of sex scene after sex scene and usually minus shots of the guys' faces. And no sound. Judy and I provide our own.

The first time I put all the toys into the crock pot by the side of the bed, Judy laughed and laughed. But it's great to have a place for them where they'd stay nice and warm.

We prefer silicone based, non-scented lube. It's unflavored for the most part, and it doesn't interfere with the natural tastes that are so much hotter than, say, strawberry or cappuccino flavored pussy.

And so it would begin. Judy laying on her back, me along side, kissing her lips, her tits. She has the most excitable nipples of any woman I've ever been with. Swoons when they're kissed. Put two men on those tits and she's almost able to cum just from having them sucked. But I'd do my best when it was just me.

Her hand, slick with the lube, would be stroking my cock. I love fucking her, love having her suck me, but somehow there's something about her hand on me that's incomparable in the way she can keep me right on the edge for hours as we play and play and play. She squeezes the head, strokes me in response to the throbbing. It's perfect.

I've got this skin-temperature dildo and I'm rubbing the head through her pussy lips as we kiss like that. It's big – bigger than me – just like we like 'em.

"You're very wet, Babe."

"It's you," Judy said. "You do that to me. You always get me so turned-on."

"I love holding his cock to guide it into you."

That makes her moan, and she kisses me with more intensity. She squeezes her left tit and offers it to me. "Suck me." I do, and she squirts a little oil on her other nipple and starts to squeeze it too. "I love them both sucked at the same time," she admits, knowing that it makes my cock throb even harder in her hand when she says things like that. She plays with my lips over her nipple, smearing a little of the lube on us both. "Want them covered in hot cum so you can lick it off me?"

"Mmmm, yes, Lover, I do. All over you."

I've worked the head of the cock into her, it's slowly pumping into her while my hand plays with her clit. "But I love it in you, too. There's nothing like taking hot cum from your sexy pussy."

"Then I guess we'll need more than one, won't we," she answers, and my cock lurches in her hand at the very idea.

"How many more, Baby?"

"There's a limit?" she laughs the question. "I thought you wanted an endless night of them."
"I do. For you."

"For you."

"For us."

"My tits and clit covered in sexy cream. Watching while you lick it off. Sharing it with me."

I've seen her covered in cum, and it's deliciously sexy. I've tasted it many times mixed with her own sultry lotion.

I push the thick cock deeper into her and she spreads a little wider.

"So hot to touch you both where he enters you."

"So hot to have your mouth right there. Isn't that what you want? Do you want to suck my clit, lick my cunt lips while he fucks me?"

"Oh, yes, I do," I say into her mouth as our tongues dance together.

"Show me. Suck me while I take that big cock. While you give me his big, thick cock."

So I turn around, her hand still stroking me, and begin licking her clit, watching the soft lips move in and out, carried along with the veined shaft that looks so sexy pumping into her.

"You're going to fill me with his cum and drink it from me, aren't you?"

"Yes, My Love," I answer.

"All of it, I want you to take it all from me."

I take that big cock from her and immediately replace it with my mouth. My tongue probes her deeply as she moves her hips to smear her love lotion all over my face. I fuck her awhile with my tongue, fuck her with my chin while I suck her clit, then I move back up and we kiss. "I'll share it with you," I tell her as I begin to pump her again, driving that hot cock into her as deep as it will go.

"That's so hot," she tells me. "I love the taste of cum... and I know it turns you on too."

"And yours," I add, as I offer her my face to lick where I've covered it in her juices.

Her eyes are looking directly into mine, the flickering of candles gives the shadows life of their own. Our lips lightly touch each others as we talk. "Your hand feels so good," she tells me, "on his cock where he's sliding into me... caressing my pussy lips. Put your fingers inside me too and rub the head of his cock."

I do, and tell her: "You've got him so slippery. You're so very wet, Babe."

"That's 'cause you get me so worked up, Lover."

"It's soooo hot feeling him throb inside you like that. Feeling his slipperiness leak from him and mix with your love."

"Lick us again." She kisses me before I go down, my mouth exploring every part of their juncture. I pull the cock-head out until it rests just inside her flowing cunt. She watches as I lick her sexy juices from it, washing my tongue over that big mushroom-shaped head that is rubbing her clit and holding her wide open. "That's it, My Love, taste how slippery you've both made us." I do. I know how sexy that does taste; her cunt flowing with her own juices and that of another.

I give the cock a sudden thrust, burying it as deep as her body will allow, and she gives a sharp moan before I withdraw it again, to massage her clit with the soft head. Then again deep, and back out, each penetration at that big cock's maximum depth eliciting another verbal reaction that, had I not known her so well, I might have misinterpreted as pain rather than the abrupt rush of pleasure that it is. Her hand tightens around my own thrusting cock as I fuck her curled fingers and she plays with the head, mixing the pre-cum with the lubricant.

"Fuck me," she begs. "Make him fuck me. Feel him fuck me." The deep thrusts become more regular, building in time with the movement of her hips. "Oh yesssss!" The penetration of her body becomes even more intense, all the way in and nearly all the way out. "Ohhh! Fuck me."

I move up and kiss her moaning mouth, still giving her hot, steamy cunt a rhythmic workout. "Tell him what you want, Baby," I whisper into her ear, licking and kissing her neck. "Let me hear you talk to him."

"Fuck me," she says, her eyes closed and mouth in a delicious agony of delight. "Fuck me hard," she implores, as we listen to the wet sounds the union of her gaping pussy is making as she impales herself on that big, thick cock.

"Go ahead, I love to hear you lose control... tell him."

"Fuuuuuck meeee. Oh yes! Give it to me. Give it to me."

"You know what you want, Babe, what we want. Just say it."

"Oh! I want your cum. I want you to fill me with your cum!" she is breathless, nearing a climax, unable now to separate fantasy from reality, carried away by the moment, unstoppable. "I want it. Give it to me. Pump my cunt full of your hot cum. I want my lover to suck your sexy cream from me, lick it up and give it to me. I want to feel you pump me so full."

"Oh yes, Love; that's what I want to. I want to feel him give it to you. Tighten your pussy around that big cock. Milk it all from him." I can feel Judy do just that, the wanton frenzy with which she works on that thick shaft is mesmerizing to us both.

"Cum in me," she tells our lover. "Give it to me now. I'm going to cum all over your cock as you fill me up. I love cum. Please! Oh! Yes, I'm... Oh!," and the dam breaks, her thrusting to meet the thrusts of the cock I'm giving her, her body swallowing nearly the whole thing, her gushing cunt lips slapping against my hand around that veined monster, bucking, thrashing on the bed as we kiss. She almost incoherent as our lips and tongues mingle, tasting her hot love on my mouth and she slowly comes down from her high.

Still, I don't completely stop working her with it, but, rather, return to a slow, enticing massage of her most intimate places.

"I love you," she tells me with her eyes half-lidded, a far away look in her eyes, remembering, perhaps, other times other partners who'd joined us in our bed.

"I love you too," I tell her.

"You love my hand on your cock," she teases, giving me a squeeze.

"Yes, that too."

"You feel wonderful," she says.

"You touch me just right." I throb in her hand, still wanting more.

She knows it. "You know what else I love?" she asks with a wicked gleam in her eye.


Another extra squeeze. "Cock," she admits. "I do love cock."

"Cock as in plural?"

"Yes," she tries to look shy but her lust gives her away. "I love cocks." Then that evil grin, our eyes looking deeply into each others. "Just like you do."

I grin back, kissing her, knowing she still wants to give me another time of our lives.

"Yeah," I admit, though it's not anything I haven't admitted before. "I love cock."

"You like to share them with me?" she asks, knowing the answer to that too. "Big. Thick. Juicy cocks?"

"How many?" I ask.

"Is there a limit?" she laughs quietly as she moves her hips again to meet the one I'm still using to slowly fuck her.

"No, not really."

"Not really?" she teases more.

"No, not at all," I admit. "There's no limit. All night long and the next day. An endless succession of hot, throbbing manhood for us to enjoy."

"Mmmmmm..." she gives in to the wicked thought of it. "One after another, or..." she leaves the question hanging.

"You know me so well," I kiss her again. "How many at a time, Love?"

"Oooooo," she coos, "I'm not sure; what are you thinking?"

"One huge cock between your legs... one for you to suck," I tell her.

"Only one?" she asks.

"All right, two. One kneeling at each side of your head."


"Oh aren't we the greedy slut."

"It's you," she says. "It's you who wants all those cocks to have their way with me."

"Yes," I say, "I do. One for each of your hands, so they can dump it all over your beautiful tits."

I guide her hand to the one in her pussy. "Let me see just how you want to be fucked. Show me how you want him to fuck you." She takes over for me, never missing a beat. "Well, for now, just slow and sensuous like this." I watch, mesmerized as she pumps the thick shaft into herself, her cunt lips moving nearly inside her as she pushes it all the way in, then trailing long as they dispense their slippery lotion along it as she pulls it out again. After awhile of kissing her and sucking her sensitive nipples, I lean over and reach beside the bed and pull our double-headed dildo out of the warming water.

"You do want more, huh?" she asks in mock naivety.

"I think you want more, don't you." It's not a question.

"Yes." Her voice takes on that breathless edge again. "Yes. I want more."

"More cock?"

"Yes, more cock."

"More cum?"

"Yes. I want more cum."

She's still laying on her back; I'm on her left side, and her left hand is around my engorged cock, right hand thrusting the first dildo into her pussy with an increasing tempo. My left hand is stroking between her clit and her luscious tits, covering her body with her sexy cream. I take one of her swollen nipples into my mouth. I reach around her with my right arm, cradling her head close to my shoulder, and I use my right hand to hold one of the cock-heads pointing down at her mouth.

"Let me see what you'd do with this, Babe."

"You want to watch me suck his cock?"

"Yes, I love watching you suck."

Her tongue reaches out to lick the head. I do so love watching her perform. And she loves to perform for me.

I lower it for her to put the head between her lips. "Mmmmmm..." she says around it as it fills her mouth. I begin to fuck her mouth and kiss her face, my tongue licking her lips as they take it in.

I take it from her, watching her lips and tongue follow after like she's trying to recapture it. I fold that long dildo in two and aim both heads down at her.

"Ummmm... Two, huh? You want to watch me do two?"

"At least two..."

Judy starts to lick them both, showing me exactly how'd she suck those two hard cocks. She looks so very sexy doing it. One rubbing her face while she takes the other down her throat. Me telling her how hot that looks. She getting wilder about it again, one hand stroking my cock, keeping me rock-hard, the other fucking herself for me, her hips coming off the bed with each thrust.

"I want to see you suck that cock too, like we did that first time with Ken," she tells me, reaching up to push a fat head in my direction. I take it in my mouth at the same time I reach down toward her slippery cunt to resume her fucking with the other one. She feeds it to me; "That's right," she moans, "take it. Show me how much you want it." I take it as deeply as I can, sliding my lips right up to where her hand holds it, licking her fingers, marveling at the lust so evident on her face. "That's it, Baby," she tells me, "I know how much you like hot cum too. I love to see it shoot all over your tongue. Hold your tongue out for it."

I let it slip from my mouth, but hold my tongue out obediently, licking the cock-head as she rubs it all over my tongue and through my lips.

"Ooooh yeah," she whispers urgently, "that is so sexy. I'm going to pump his white-hot cream all over your tongue, then share it with you as we kiss." My cock is throbbing with a regularity that can only mean that I won't be able to hold back much longer. She takes the other end in her lips and we play the game to see who can deep throat far enough to kiss the other on the mouth. I'm so turned-on that she could fuck my throat with the whole length. I'm at her mercy, she at mine.

She pulls them from us, wiping the still-hot wands of love all over us. "Do you want them these big cocks to dominate us, have their way with us, Baby? I do," she says before I can answer, "Yes!"

She is building toward another great orgasm, as I am to mine. "I can feel you're ready," she says. "Now it's your turn to give it to me. All over me. I want your sexy lotion all over my tits!"

I rise up, knowing that I can't wait another minute, another second. Her hand milks my cock as it explodes all over her, covering her beautiful breasts with stream after stream of pent-up cum. I'm still pumping her, fucking her, watching her mouth again, seeing exactly how sexy it looks when she's devouring another man. Her nipples are slick with it, her tits dripping with it. It runs down into her cleavage and pools there, while I look upon her cock-crazed frenzy. One in between her lips, one plunging between her creamy thighs, and another rubbing along her cheeks.

I bend down and begin what I know she wants, to lick my juices off her heaving bosom, gathering the white cream onto my tongue, tasting it, then coming up to share it with her. She sucks it off my tongue, licks it from my lips. I go back for more.

"Yesssssss!" she pleads for release. "Oh. Oh! OH!" I hold the cock that is once again in possession of her womanhood, reaming her, pumping, a race to the finish.

And then it takes hold of her, "Uh. Uh. Uh." her guttural cries rush together into one long sound of urgency. And she cums, thrashing about once again, her juices rushing from her all over my hand and the cock that it holds. It lasts so long I fear she'll pass out for the exertion she expends. She's kissing me, licking my cum-covered face, telling me she loves me. It's an exquisite end to our lovemaking. Neither of us moves for awhile, our blood is rushing through our veins, our bodies trembling.

Finally, I kiss and tell her how hot she is. How sexy. I love making her cum twice like that, I tell her.

"Twice?" She has that smile and a wicked glint in her eye. "Is there a limit?"

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