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"Dude, happy birthday," Dan said in his typically low-key fashion as he handed Mike an envelope. Mike was partly surprised that Dan even knew about his birthday. His friends usually didn't keep track of those things.

Still, he couldn't resist giving Dan some crap, so he replied, "You do realize that you are a week early?"

"Oh, I don't think you'll mind," Dan replied with a smug grin.

Mike ripped open the envelope as his friends watched with the same cat-that-swallowed-the-canary look that Dan had. Clearly they all knew what was inside and were looking forward to Mike finding out. "Holy shit!" Mike exclaimed. "Are these real?"

"100%, good as gold," Dan replied trying to sound cool.

"How the fuck did you get your hands on these?" Mike asked in shock.

"I know a guy who has a friend that works there, and he owed me a favor. I figured what better way to celebrate your turning 21 than this?" Dan answered.

Mike stared at the tickets in his hand again in disbelief. The bold orange lettering across the top proudly declared, "No Limits Halloween Ball". His friends all broke into happy chatter and exchanged high fives as Dan went into the kitchen to grab another round of beers.

The No Limits Halloween Ball was infamous in the college town where Mike and his friends attended school. The legends and stories about the party were too numerous to count. According to the stories, the party was basically a drunken orgy of the rich. Stories about "a friend" who had gotten into the party ran wild around campus all through the weeks approaching and following Halloween. Invariably this "friend" returned with wild accounts of sexual depravity and fucking of all sorts and types.

Mike never was really sure if the stories were true and he never knew anyone who had actually gone. Due to the high price of the tickets none of the students from college could ever afford to go, at least none of the students that Mike knew. The tickets in his hand had a price of $1,000 each on them. There were obviously many people around for whom the cost of the tickets didn't matter because the tickets always sold out a few hours after they went on sale.

Mike was excited to find out if all the stories would live up to his reality in a week. Mike would be turning 21 the day before Halloween and so would be allowed to get in. The security at this event was also legendary and nobody under 21 was allowed with absolutely no exceptions. He was the last of his friends to turn 21 and so all five of them would be going together to find out the truth behind the legend.

The party took place at a very upscale resort on the edge of the town. Guests reportedly came from hundreds of miles away and would fill the hotel rooms the night after the party, as most were either too drunk or horny to go back home.

The week leading up to Halloween passed quickly. Mike and his friends talked excitedly every night about the big party on Thursday night. By the time of his birthday on Wednesday there really wasn't much of a celebration. Everyone was so excited and looking forward to the following day that they just sat around over a few beers talking about what might happen at the party.

Mike was so excited the night before the party he had a hard time sleeping. If the stories were even half-true then he surely would be in for the most amazing experience of his life. He and his friends had gone to Florida for Spring Break the previous year and they fully lived the Spring Break experience complete with lots of partying and lots of women. He expected that this night might top even that experience.

Other than looking forward to Halloween about the only other thing that happened on his birthday was that his mom called to wish him a happy birthday. As usual she would be coming up to visit him for his birthday. Every other year she came up on the day of his birthday, but this year she said she had some plans for Halloween so instead they arranged for her to arrive on Friday and stay for the weekend. She lived about a two-hour's drive from Mike's school so it wasn't impossible to drive up and back in the same day, but it made things much easier on her to spend the weekend.

Mike had casually asked what her plans were for Halloween and she had simply answered that she was going out with some friends. Mike didn't ask any other questions and was just happy to see her getting out again. His dad had walked out suddenly about a year and a half ago after telling her he'd been fucking one of his co-workers for nearly a year and he was going to move in with her.

Needless to say, Mike's mom was devastated and she and Mike spent a long time working to get her back to her normal, happy self. Mike had hardly talked to his dad since he left and neither Mike nor his dad really seemed to care. His dad never made an effort to contact him and Mike decided his dad had to be the biggest asshole in the world and so didn't care if he ever saw him or heard from him again.

Since he left Mike knew his mom hadn't been getting out much. He thought it would do her good to go out with some friends and have some fun so he was happy to hear of her Halloween plans.

The tickets to the party came with fairly specific directions. Every guest had to wear a mask at all times during the party. It seemed that the masks helped to unleash everyone's deepest inhibitions plus they had the added benefit of hiding the identities of more than a few prominent people who liked to attend the gala event.

The tickets also stated that every guest had to come in full costume. Apparently, it wasn't enough to simply come in a simple mask with no other costume. The tickets also made it very clear that the risk of violating either rule was to be ejected from the party with no hope of re-entry.

Mike and his friends all had to scramble to find costumes on such short notice but they all succeeded. By the time they gathered to meet the taxis for the drive out to the party they assembled as a surgeon, a gladiator, a Chippendale dancer, a bicyclist, and a fireman.

Ordinarily Mike wasn't much for dressing up in costumes like this, but he was so excited about what might happen tonight he didn't mind. He felt particularly odd wearing the black mask with his fireman costume but the directions on the tickets had been very clear and he wasn't about to risk missing out on this night.

For a while Mike and his friends were afraid they were going to be reduced to wearing the cheap little black masks that anyone can pick up at a corner store around Halloween. They would have been effective, but not quite the suave look they were going for. Fortunately, at the last minute Dan had located a store that still had a few fabric masks left. The material of the fabric felt odd on his face, but far better than any other mask he had ever worn. He readjusted the mask's knot on the back of his head as they sat in the cab on the ride to the party.

When they climbed out of the cab it looked like the resort had been absolutely taken over by the party. People in outlandish costumes and wild masks were milling about or walking toward the entrance. The entrance itself was elaborately decorated making it clear to anyone passing by what was happening there tonight.

The lobby of the resort made the decorations on the outside pale in comparison. It was decorated so elaborately that it was like walking into a different world. Mike and his friends wandered through looking at the wild decorations and at some of the other partygoers.

The security to actually enter the party was unlike anything Mike had ever seen before. The tickets were scrutinized closely for authenticity and their ID's were evaluated with the same care. Finally they were allowed inside.

After stepping through the heavy, velvet curtains Mike and his friends found themselves standing on a landing looking down at the party set up below them. To get to the party they had to descend a flight of open stairs.

Before going down Mike paused at the railing and looked around to get his bearings. The party was being held in a big open area spreading out below him. To his right was a large area that hosted the bar and many big tables full of fantastic looking food. The bar was already ringed with a big group of people getting the party started off right.

Directly in front of him was a huge hot tub and to his left was a moderately sized pool. Everything was elaborately decorated and there were some party guests milling around all through the room. A few of them already were sitting around the pool with their feet dangling in the water.

Mike followed his friends down the stairs. They immediately went to the bar and got in line waiting to order their first round of drinks. While waiting Mike looked around and saw that the whole room was ringed with banquet and meeting rooms, some large and some small. The doors to each of these rooms were propped wide open and each room was elaborately decorated.

After getting their drinks they walked around looking at the layout of the party. In several of the larger banquet rooms there were additional bars serving drinks. To Mike's excitement he noticed that most of the rooms had couches, loveseats, or daybeds ringing the perimeter of the room.

They had arrived to the party fairly early; another aspect of the instructions on the tickets was that there were strict time limits on when the doors would be open. Come too early or too late and there would be no entry. Also, once a guest was inside they were not allowed to leave. Once someone left there was no re-admittance, so once inside you were in for good.

When they finished wandering through the maze of rooms set aside for the party it was nearly the time when the doors were to be closed. They stood in the corner looking around at the sea of people that had seemingly just poured into the room in the past few minutes. The scene before them far surpassed anything they had experienced during spring break or anything they heard about Mardi Gras.

Many of the guests' costumes were wildly outlandish. Mike, Dan, and the others pointed out some of the hotter women as they laughed and talked excitedly about what might come to pass later. As Mike looked over toward a "naughty nurse" that Dan pointed out his sight was pulled to another woman walking past. In fact, it seemed that wherever Mike looked his vision was quickly pulled in the direction of some passing woman.

After a short while longer Mike, Dan, Evan, Cole, and Jim began wandering around the party again occasionally stopping to dance or flirt with women. Mike was having a blast hanging out with his friends, watching the other guests, dancing, and flirting. However, after a while he realized that, aside from the outlandish and sometimes very revealing costumes, this party wasn't really all too different from any other party.

The other thing that Mike noticed was that he and his friends were perhaps the youngest people there. It was often difficult to determine the ages of some of the other guests, but of those that he could determine it seemed that the rest of the guests were at least 10 years older than him and his friends. There were a few young, "trophy" girlfriends in very skimpy costumes draped on the arms of obviously older men but in general it was an older crowd. Mike guessed this had to do with the high cost of the tickets and the fact that returning guests were given first shot at reserving tickets before they went on sale.

Mike didn't so much mind the fact that many of the women at the party were older than him. He had always had a little fascination with older women and often fantasized about fucking women significantly older than himself. He didn't have any problem dating girls from his classes but a hot looking older woman never failed to turn his head.

As Mike and his friends continued to mingle Mike began to notice the attitude and feel of the party changing. More and more on the dance floor there were couples, threesomes, or groups acting very overtly sexual toward each other. Some couples were openly groping as they danced and some were exchanging very obvious open-mouthed kisses as they gyrated to the music.

Mike stepped into one of the banquet rooms and saw that one couple had moved to a couch and were in the midst of wildly making out with each other. The guy groped at his partner's tits and she fondled his cock through his pants. Mike watched the couple discreetly wondering how far they were going to go and quickly noticed that many of the other guests were being far less discreet about watching the couple. Some of the other guests even made catcalls and encouraging comments as the couple on the bed continued making out as if they didn't notice anyone else.

"Hey," Jim said shooting an elbow into Mike's side, "check it out." Mike turned and saw that Dan had moved over and was talking with a woman dressed like a catholic schoolgirl. The lady had an extremely short plaid skirt that barely covered her ass. Underneath she wore a pair of lacy white panties that could be seen easily as she danced or whenever she bent over in the slightest. The panties didn't exactly match her costume, but they looked sexy as hell. Her stockings stopped at mid-thigh and her white oxford style top was unbuttoned well down her chest leaving much of her cleavage in full view. To complete the look her hair was done up in two pigtails over her plaid mask that matched her skirt.

The classic catholic schoolgirl costume was always a sure-fire turn on and this woman was pulling it off quite well. She looked hot and Dan was flirting with her quite obviously. Watching her closely Mike noticed that she was probably much older than Dan. Just based on the way the skin on her exposed thighs, arms, and chest looked Mike guessed she was perhaps as old as 45 or maybe even 50. Clearly Dan didn't mind as he continued flirting with her.

A few moments later Dan returned and reported that he thought he might be on to something. Jim teased him briefly about the woman's age. "All the better," Dan replied with a wide grin, "I wouldn't mind getting some experienced pussy." He went on to tell Mike and Jim that his mystery woman was here with two of her girlfriends, so Dan said that if they played their cards right they might all get a taste of some older pussy.

The three of them continued dancing, drinking, and watching other couples as more and more of them moved to the furniture around the rooms or began kissing and fondling each other openly on the dance floor.

At one point the room broke into wild cheers as two women, one dressed as an angel and one as a devil, began kissing as they danced together. Encouraged by the calls of the crowd their kiss intensified and the women began fondling each other's asses. Before they finally parted their kiss they briefly fondled each other's tits. Mike could feel his cock growing stiff in his pants from watching the brief girl-girl encounter.

Dan continued flirting with the schoolgirl and soon her two friends appeared. One was dressed as a pixie or some sort of fairy. She was entirely covered with blue body paint and had silver glitter sprinkled all over her body. She wore a small pair of wings on her back and other than that it looked like she only wore a very skimpy bikini. The bikini had been painted along with her body so it was hard to tell where her skin ended and where the fabric started.

As the three ladies and five horny boys danced together Mike noticed that the pixies' bikini bottom was a thong style and stared at her bare ass under the layer of paint. The schoolgirl's other friend was dressed as a leopard, and her costume was without a doubt one of the hottest he had seen so far. To say she was dressed as a leopard really wasn't the correct word for it.

Other than her mask, a pair of fake ears on her head, and tall, spike heeled shoes it was hard to tell if she actually had any clothes on at all. Her leopard costume was literally painted on her body with the same sort of paint the pixie had used. The body painting was so complete and elaborate that it wasn't possible to even determine if she was wearing anything at all. Mike tried hard to see her nipples or pussy, but he couldn't see anything under her expert body painting. From the way her tits so temptingly swayed as she danced Mike guessed that she wasn't wearing any sort of top. Mike and the leopard exchanged a few teasing, flirtatious smiles and he continued staring at her tits and ass as she danced.

It was very difficult to tell the ages of the pixie and the leopard due to their elaborate body painting. As Mike excitedly watched both of them he guessed they were older than him and his friends. There was definitely a certain something about how they moved. There was something graceful, erotic, and self-confident that Mike noticed with older women but not necessarily with women his own age.

Furthermore, Mike noticed how the leopard's tits drooped and sagged and how both of the painted women seemed to have certain physical features that he associated with older women. Neither was overweight but both had small bellies. Also, both of their bodies had full, round shapes that were still fit for their age but nothing like the lean, taut bodies of the sorority girls from college.

Everything about their bodies suggested they were older and Mike was becoming very excited and aroused by them. He guessed they were very near the same age as the schoolgirl, which would make them all around 45 or 50. He guessed they were definitely old enough to be his mother but also hot enough to cause his cock to rise.

Despite his best efforts he had yet to sleep with anyone more than a couple of years older than him despite his fantasies of older women. Rarely was he in a situation to be with older women and he was growing very excited about the idea of finally being with an older, experienced woman.

The eight of them continued dancing together for a long while. Mike and his friends were getting very excited by their prospects with these three. The problem clearly was that there were too many of them and not enough of the horny older women.

As they danced Mike found himself more and more watching the three older women lustfully. He was particularly drawn to the pixie and the leopard. He couldn't get over how hot and exotic they looked in their body paint and the way their tits rocked and bounced as they danced. The body paint made them look very mysterious and sexy and they definitely had the bodies to pull off the revealing outfits. Why he was drawn in particular to these two was a bit of a mystery but there was something appealing and comfortable about both of them.

Unfortunately, Mike could read the group dynamics as they played themselves out and he was seeing himself on the outside. Dan and the schoolgirl were definitely hooked up and the schoolgirl's two painted friends seemed more interested in Evan and Cole than in Mike or Jim. Mike tried to get their attention a few times in a last ditch effort to make his older woman fantasies come true, but before long Mike knew it was hopeless.

Eventually Mike and Jim decided to go off on their own and leave Dan, Evan, and Cole alone to continue their flirting and dancing with the three older women. Mike was a little disappointed at seeing his chance to finally live out his fantasy disappear, but he knew there were plenty of other available and seemingly interested women at the party. He and Jim set off to find a couple of them.

As they got new drinks and wandered around the various rooms it was clear that the party was becoming the drunken orgy it had been rumored to be. The dance floor was covered with couples and groups kissing and openly fondling each other. It was also becoming more frequent to find a couple or group openly fucking while other guests watched and cheered them on.

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