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No Limits


My master wakes me with a fist in my hair and drags my mouth to his crotch. It's still dark outside. I know my role here; I pull his soft cock into my mouth and begin to suck. He quickly comes to attention in my mouth and I keep sucking, drawing out master's first load of the day. I swallow, savoring the taste. His cum is like honey on my tongue. It sustains me.

Master makes a low noise in his throat, giving me the signal to slink out of the bedroom and prepare his breakfast. The D-rings on my collar clink as I scramble his eggs and toast his bread. Shortly, master descends the stairs and sits at the table to eat. I kneel next to him. He feeds me scraps.

Before he leaves for work, master removes my chastity belt for half an hour, to let me relieve myself and to massage the area. Master has a gentle touch when I've been good. When I've been a naughty slut, he teases me, bringing me to the edge of orgasm and then taking his hands away entirely. He slaps my face if I whimper. "You brought this on yourself, whore," he says. This morning, when he replaces my chastity belt, he inserts a medium butt plug, lubing it with my pussy juices. Replacing the belt over my nether regions, he gives me a stern look.

Walking out the door, he tells me, "This house had better be spotless, or you're in for it." The room echoes with his absence.

I spend most of the day cleaning master's house, the butt plug in my ass a constant reminder that master is trusting me to do a good job. I vacuum all the carpet, sweep and mop the kitchen, dust everything that collects dust, and wash all the dishes. In the beginning of my term as master's slave, I was a bit wary of washing the dishes completely naked in front of the kitchen window, but I quickly learned to obey master no matter what. I went from feeling uncomfortable being naked all day to feeling uncomfortable on my very infrequent clothed outings.

I pause in my housework to think about my last outing with master.


He had wrapped me in a trenchcoat and driven me to a biker bar in the next county, where he'd led me into the bathroom. There were three stalls, two regular and a handicapped. He pushed me into the handicapped stall and closed the door behind us. Ripping off the trenchcoat, he removed my chastity belt and began rubbing my clit gently.

"Do you want to please your master?" he asked.

"Yes sir," I whimpered, reveling in the warmth spreading from my pussy.

"Then you will service every man I send in here, but you will not cum. For every orgasm you have without my permission, you will spend two days in your cage."

"Yes sir."

Master sat me on the toilet lid, facing the wall and tied my hands to the safety bars on either side. He put a blindfold over my eyes and gave me a long, impassioned kiss before leaving me there.

I must have sat there for ten minutes before anyone came in. I heard a zipper go down and I felt some rough hands on my breasts. I gasped a little bit, unused to anyone but master touching me. The strange man turned my head so it could reach his cock, which was already stiff. I sucked earnestly, easy to please master and this man master had sent to me. Before long, the man withdrew from my mouth and pulled me to my feet. I was bent over, hands still tied to the rails, exposing my bare, glossy-wet pussy and my little puckered asshole. The stranger pushed his cock into my pussy and began to hump me. After about five minutes, he shot his load inside me. Pulling out with a wet sound, he slapped my ass and left.

There had been about ten other men to use me that night, and it was heaven, all for master's pleasure. I had even resisted orgasm through all of those men fucking me, difficult as it was.


I jerk out of my reverie. It is almost five. Master will be home soon, and I haven't even started his dinner. I will be in trouble if it's late. I look on the notepad to see what master wants to eat, and begin chopping vegetables. I'm just throwing everything into a pan to stir-fry it when master walks in the door. I am, indeed, in trouble.

"Why are you late, slut?" he asks me, laying his briefcase on the table by the door.

Still cooking, I answer meekly, "I lost track of time, sir." He crosses to me and snakes his hands around to the front of my body, groping my bare breasts as I stir the vegetables in the pan.

"You know you'll face a punishment for this."

"Yes, sir," I answer, fighting back tears of anger at myself for letting this happen.


During dinner master feeds me nothing; instead he waits until he's done and makes me eat what's left of his plate on the floor like a dog. He attaches a leash to my collar and practically drags me to the living room, where he reclines on the sofa, using me as a footstool while he watches the news.

When the news is over, master has me follow him on all fours to the basement, where he keeps our larger pieces of equipment. He grabs a length of rope and uses it to harness my breasts so they stick out from my body. He attaches the leash to a ring on the wall and removes my chastity belt and the butt plug he put in this morning. He ties my arms behind my back, hand to elbow, and puts a spreader bar between my ankles.

"Do you know why you are to be punished, slut?"

"Yes, sir. I was late with your dinner."

"What do you think is reasonable punishment for this?"

I think carefully. If I suggest too harsh a punishment, he will deliver it anyway. If I suggest too light a punishment, he will punish me doubly.

"Perhaps...fifteen lashes with the flogger, sir?" I try. Master smiles devilishly.

"Now, slut, you know that won't be good enough. You know what's going to happen now, don't you." I nod slowly. Master moves forward, shoving two fingers into my perpetually dripping pussy. I moan. He stabs at my g-spot with his fingertips and I cry out. He grabs my face with his other hand and gives it a slap. "Shut up, whore," he hisses, fingerfucking my pussy. I feel an orgasm building almost instantly, and he can tell. "Don't you even think about cumming, slut. At the rate you've been going lately, you won't cum for a year." I fight to hold back my ecstasy. Master edges me fifteen times before unclipping the leash from the wall and guiding me by my hair upstairs to the bedroom.

"I had not intended for the day to end this way," he says as he drags the cage out from under the tall bed. The cage is about the size of a large trunk, with several quilts laid on the bottom for padding. He unties my arms from behind my back and massages the muscles for a minute before inserting a large butt plug and medium dildo under my chastity belt. Having both in at once makes me feel almost uncomfortably full, and with the chastity belt on there's no way I could remove them, not that I would risk master's wrath that way.

Master has me lie down in the cage and padlocks the top. I am lucky that this time he doesn't slide the cage back under the bed. Instead, he ties my arms to the cage bars at my sides, and does the same with my feet. I can't do much but wiggle. I look up at him with pleading eyes.

"You look like you want to ask me something, slut. You may."

"Master, how long will I be in the cage this time?"

Master chuckles softly, crossing the room to turn out the lights. "It wouldn't be any fun if I told you."

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