tagSci-Fi & FantasyNo Limits Ch. 04

No Limits Ch. 04


While Alexis was in the bathroom cleaning up, for the fourth time today, I ordered the pizza. "Yes, can I get a..." wait "A" pizza? Singular? What the hell was I thinking? "...ten pizza... no sixteen... no twenty... extra-large pizzas and it doesn't matter which kind, just do one or two of each flavor." Yeah, that should be enough.

The girl on the phone sounded confused... totally sexy, but confused. "Uh, wait, you need twenty?"

"Yes..." Oh wait what are the girls going to eat? "Wait, you better throw two more on there just in case."

The girl giggled and said, "So where's the party at? You got a bunch a people coming or what?" trying to be social. It was a college town after all.

"Oh it's just three of us, maybe four, at my apartment." Clearly I had been an introvert and an antisocial for too long. I tried to catch myself, "Well I mean, no, we... I just... we like pizza." But I fear it was too late.

Too my surprise however, the girl laughed, "Holy shit, I wish I could eat that much. I fucking love food."

"Well you can join us if you want to. Lord knows we have enough of it." I felt a little guilty thinking this way but, God I hope she's not ugly.

The girl surprised me again, "Wait, is this Alexa from psych last semester?"

"Yeah," I replied, unsure I should answer.

"Oh my God, this is Kat, I always sat in front of you." She laughed while I tried to picture her in my head. "Holy shit girl, you can eat. Before I knew who you were I just thought you were a big fat chick getting food for well... yourself."

She made me smile. Wow, this girl is funny and if my memory serves, she's gorgeous as well. Now that I remembered what she looked like I couldn't get her image out of my mind. "Yeah, I... let's just say I found a new activity that makes me burn through the calories."

"Have you put on any weight or do you still look the same?"

"No, still the same."

"Dam, if you can eat like this and not gain weight, I might have you show me what kind of activity you've gotten yourself into."

"Yeah..." I smiled devilishly, "...Yeah I think I could show you." I couldn't get her out of my head. I kept imagining her naked, up on the counter with her arms wrapped around me while I pounded her with my supersized cock.

It was all I could do to keep from moaning over the phone, "Well, shit girl, you should come hang out, what time you get off?" Oh my God, when are you going to get me off?

"Oh, I don't get off..." oh God she's killing me, "till midnight."

"Oh come on, blow off work..." and me, "and come have a slice."

She hesitated for a moment, so I thought I'd try to save the situation, "Just think about, I'll bug ya again when I come pick it up."

She giggled and agreed to the terms, then we finished my order. "Uh, you'd better throw an extra two on there just in case."

Kat laughed, "Oh my God, you're funny. You know? When you get here, if you tell me there will be booze, I might just blow off work." Holy shit, she's making my dick hard. I don't think she knows what she's doing to me. Can we just go ahead and say that "work" is code for me.

Dam, this girl's easy. I just hope she is this easy when it comes to sucking my dick. I can't believe how much confidence this thing between my legs has given me. I never would have been so forward before. I wonder if she knows I was hitting on her?

I hung up, threw my phone on my bed and flopped down beside it. I couldn't stop thinking about her. My cock was already getting hard and my hand naturally found its way down and began stroking it. Oh my god, I need to fuck. I wanted Kat, but she was at least a couple of hours away.

I was struck with an idea and before Ali finished showering, I sneaked through the bathroom door, and ripped open the curtain revealing her flawless naked body.

Ali screamed, "Oh, fuck."

I threw my arms toward her, tickling her, almost pulling her out of the shower. The fear passed and Ali giggled, letting me take her. Knowing that the food was going to take a while, I stripped down and joined her in the shower.

We laughed and played for a moment, our breasts shaking and bouncing as we moved, sliding off each other, like a greased pig. My cock brushing her wet, slick legs was just too much and I couldn't take it anymore. An image of fucking Kat popped into my head of the two of us on my bed. She sat on top of me cowgirl style and rode my shaft like a champ. This turned me on even more, and I decided to take it out on Ali.

Taking her body with my arms, I pulled her into me. My cock filled up with blood and became rock hard, sticking straight between her legs running the length of her body's thickness. The top of my shaft was running across her slit, and I felt a bolt of precum fly out of my tip, hitting the wall of the shower. It didn't stop there though, it kept flowing out of me, but it was more now. The changes I made must have been taking place.

Ali moaned, "Oh my God Al." She clamped her legs together, squeezing my cock between her thighs. "I know it hasn't been that long but, your cock is getting bigger."

I took a step back purposefully sliding my length along her slit, making sure she felt every inch. I looked down and sure enough, it's gotten longer. About three inches. It's getting wider too.

"Holy shit," I said loud enough for her to hear, grinning wide. "Are you looking at this?"

She smiled as wide as she could, "Hell ya I am, you wanna give that bad boy a try?"

Without saying a word, I lunged forward, wrapping my arms around her. We locked lips in a fury, my cock sandwiched between us spurting out copious amounts of precum that coated our breasts.

Ali looked down at my cock, and then back up at me, "Well, this presents a challenge." Like a pro, she grinned and stepped one foot on the edge of the tub, "don't worry, I'll get that thing inside me if it's the last Goddam thing I do."

She stood with both feet on the sides of the tub, grabbed my shaft and aimed me up for entry. I stepped in closer, placing my hands on her hips and kissed her belly button over and over. She moved my cock back and forth on her slit, spreading her lips with my tip. She lined me up and slowly bent her knees.

"Oh fuck." She cried out as my crown slid into her.

I agreed with her exclamation of pleasure but all I could do was sink my fingers into the flesh of her perfect ass and pull her in close as I helped her slide the rest of the way onto me. Her breathing sped up the further I made my way inside her.

"God," she screamed again. "Fuck, it's ripping me apart." I began to pull out and she screamed again, "What are you doing?" She clawed my back, pulling me into her and sat down even harder, taking my larger shaft into her so fast it caused her to scream indiscernibly. But that didn't stop her, not until my crown pushed against her cervix.

"Oh my God Al," I grunted. "You are so fucking tight."

She looked sown at me with a creepy smirk, "Thanks." She pushed her leg up as far as she could till I pulled out and just my tip was inside her. "You said my body's going to stretch to make room for your huge cock, right?" She asked as she began descending down my length once again. She kept stroking my shaft with the walls of her cunt as she raised and lowered her body, each time pressing harder and harder on my crown. She was able to take me further and further inside with each stroke of her body. Precum was still flowing from my tip and eventually it made its way around the lips of her cunt, running down my shaft.

"Holy shit you're a fucking genius." When I made it all the way inside her and we were back at eye level, I hugged her tight and twisted us both around in circles until she landed on her feet. We both let out little screams and giggles as we celebrated our triumph.

I slowly began to lower my body, getting ready to thrust back in. I pulled out till I was just inside her, letting the precum build up inside. As I pulled out of her a large amount of the fluid came gushing out at the same time and I could feel it hit my feet. I looked into her eyes and whispered, "You ready for this?" She smiled devilishly, giving me the go ahead.

I sunk it to the hilt on the first swing of my hammer. Straightening my legs and thrusting my hips forward at the same time. I hit her hard and she was so tight that we both cried out in unison, "Oh God."

Our lips locked and she thrust her tongue deep in my mouth. I reciprocated her favor, all the while my hips never stopped thrusting into her. The precum didn't stop, it just came out faster, almost like I was cumming. It felt great pumping with the full length of my hard cock. A wave of pleasure crawled up my spine till it hit my brain.

Our breasts pressed together as I pounded her cunt, flowing with nectar. I slid into her hard, every time, enough to lift her off her feet till just her toes were touching the floor. She grunted each time, holding onto me with her finger nails digging into my back.

"Cumming," she screeched out between thrusts.

I wasn't there yet but I didn't want her to cum without me. "Hold it, wait for me."

Like she was reading my mind, Ali pushed off me just enough and leaned down to take one of my breasts into her mouth.

"Oh God, yes." It was definitely helping. She clamped down on my nipple. I screamed and my cock twitched inside her letting me know I was close.

She couldn't hold it any longer. Her entire body tightened and her back arched causing her to collapse into my chest. Our tits smashed together as she screamed into my shoulder, "Oh fuck!" Her fluids hit and mixed with mine. Like a waterfall gushing out of her, running down my shaft, tickling my lips as it made its way to the drain.

The walls of her pussy tightened and clenched around my shaft taking me further inside her. It made it difficult to keep thrusting, but I made due. Within seconds I was there. She was still pushing into me from her orgasm, and when mine hit, I pushed back.

I grunted, "Fuck."

Her cunt was so tight that I could feel everything including my cum rushing up my shaft and exploding from my tip. Not only did my cock grow from the changes I made, but I produced more cum, and it shot out of me with force. I filled her up with just a few ropes of cum. Something deep inside of me burst. Something I had never felt before and like a dam being released a new wave of cum came shooting out of me.

Like a flash, my nectar blasted into her, pushing up toward the surface. My knees were weak and I could hardly stand, but I kept thrusting into her. With each push I pumped more and more cum into her and her pussy was so tight that only small amounts of the fluid could escape.

Ali screamed from the pressure, "More, keep it coming."

Our arms were wrapped around each other tight, helping hold each other up. The cum kept building up and soon pushed against her skin. I felt it pushing against my tummy.

"Oh God, more." She kept begging and somehow I was able to keep it coming. Squeezing me with her body and clawing at my back, Ali kept me going.

I kept pounding her but I had to slow down. It felt like energy was just draining out of me. I wasn't going to be able to hold myself up any longer unless I wanted to crash to the floor. I stopped almost completely and pulled out of her. Ali didn't want it to end but it had to. Without even thinking, Ali clenched her pussy shut, to hold everything in. Even though I was out, my body didn't want to be done, and my cum kept flowing out of me. My cock sprung up toward my head, shooting ropes of cum straight up. Frantically, we both tried to catch as much of it in our mouths as we could.

I looked up at Al, sucking my tip, like a new born to a nipple. Sucking, slurping and guzzling, she swallowed as much as she could. The cum she couldn't swallow, spilled out of her mouth and ran down my cock.

When my nerves finally decided to calm, my cum slowed down till it was just a trickle. Ali's body was completely covered in my own spunk and I began to kiss down the length of her body, sucking it into my mouth.

I looked up, "Holy shit." She looked down with me and we both giggled at the fact that I pumped so much cum into her that you could actually see it pushing out from the inside. "Is that... my cum."

She smiled with a devilish grin and said, "Yup, and it's all yours." It wasn't a large lump, but you could see it protruding just above her belly button.

I smiled back at her and kissed the rest of the way down her body. I reached her pussy and slowly pushed my tongue inside. I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled my face into her cunt and sucked with all my might. She pushed down a little and suddenly a gush of my own product came rushing out of her, hitting me in the face. But that is what I wanted, I drank it all. I couldn't get enough and all I wanted was to have more of it inside me. Guzzling as much of it down as I could but that was it, I couldn't take anymore. The rest of it spilled out around my mouth. Down my chin and slathering my tits before it made its way to the floor. As good as it felt in my mouth, it felt just as good, if not better, covering my entire body.

When her cunt had no more to give, I sucked a little more, just to make sure. I stood up with a mouth full and pressed my lips to hers, sharing the gift my body had to give.

My cock was still rock hard, pressed between our bodies as we kissed. The water ran cold over our bodies but it wasn't till we finished that we noticed. I kept kissing her, and reached a hand down to crank the handle to the left, as hot as it could go. Though it wasn't much considering how long we've been in here.

I gasped, "Ah, holy shit we gotta go."

"what? Why?"

"I ordered pizza an hour ago, it's prolly ready by now."

Using the last bit of warm water, we lathered each other with soap and rinsed off before the water froze us in place. We ran to our rooms to dress, naked and unashamed. There was something liberating about not caring about anything. I began to grow fond of the massive python between my legs. Running down the hallway with Ali right behind me threatening to tickle me was exhilarating. Back and forth, it swung on its own, slapping either leg as I ran. I screamed as I rounded the corner to my room and jumped onto the bed.

Ali stopped at the doorway, smiling and laughing so hard she could barely hold herself up. "K, we'd better get ready if we wanna get the food."

She left to her room, but I could stop laughing. I couldn't stop smiling either. I know she was my sister, but I'll be damned if it didn't feel good to be in some sort of sexual relationship, espessially my best friend. I tossed and turned, smiling on my bed, letting my cock flip and flop any way it wanted.

I finally found the strength to collect my things and dress myself. By the time I started, Ali had finished and come into see if I needed my help. She just smiled when she saw that I couldn't stop laughing.

"you are so fucking cute, You know that?" she said trying not to laugh with me.

Ali helped me get dressed, pulling my panties on one foot at a time. She pulled them up over my hips and did her best to tuck my length into the front of my panties. It was crude, but it did the trick, holding it up and out of sight. She helped me on with my skirt, then my tank top.

Still laughing, I blurted out, "Thank you Al... for everything."

She smile and kissed me on the lips, "anything for you... I love you so much Al."

When the laughing finally subsided, we left the house and made our way to the pizza shop. I leaned in to Ali as we walked, "This is the first time I've left the house with this little clothing on."

She smiled and replied, "well get used to it honey, cause the world is yours." She didn't know how right she actually was.

We walked to get the pizza, tickling and playing with each other. For a while we tried skipping, but parts of me fell out and swung loosely. For a moment I didn't care that my cock was flopping about in public until a group of students came around the corner startling us. I ducked as fast as I could, tucking myself back in. We laughed and continued on our way.

The door to the shop swung open as Ali and I crashed through, laughing and screaming. The crowd inside turned to see what had happened, with mouths full of pizza. We stared at everyone who was staring at us as walked up to the counter. We waited for a minute or so but didn't see ayone. I rang the little metal bell once, then twice.

Kat finally came around the corner with nine pizzas in hand, and a young man following behind her with the rest. They sat them down on the counter and the young man returned to the back.

She leaned against the counter, laughing "I can't believe you. And is it just you two?"

Holy Shit, she looks just as perfect as she did in my mind. Blond, slender, and gorgeous. Which was more than enough to make up for her slightly less than average breasts. "Yeah, just us. Unless you wanna join us?"

She giggled and looked down, "No, I'd better not... I..." Something hit her, and before she could finish she looked me up and down. "I... I mean... holy shit." She brushed her hair behind her ear and stared me in the eyes. "I don't know what it is, But..." Her breathing picked up and she started to walk back to the kitchen.

When she disappeared, Ali asked what was going on. I told her everything, about talking on the phone as I ordered, and wanting to get in her pants.

"Wait, why didn't you tell me."

"Sorry," I said, "I guess I was just distracted with my cock up your VAGINA!" Ali smiled and hit my arm.

We overheard Kat speaking to her boss, "Sorry, I just had something come up... I don't care... yes... K, I'll be back to work tomorrow."

I leaned over to Al, "Not if I have anything to do with it."

Kat stormed through the doorway that led to the back and past the counter at which I was standing. She stepped close to me, "I think I'll take you up on that offer." She hesitated and looked me up and down again, and then bit her lip. "Oh my God." She leaned in too kiss me, but before she did she said, "Holy shit, I... I don't know what's going on, but we need to get out of here."

Do we need to pay for the pizzas?"

Kat looked us both up and down, "Hell no. Fuck him. Let's get out of here before he notices."

Kat stepped back from me and stared at Ali, "Oh fuck." She wrapped an arm around Ali and laid one on her, thrusting her tongue inside. Two boys sat at the table nearby with open eyes and smiled.

I could tell that our pheromones were working and I knew she was hooked, no matter what either of us could say. So I leaned in, "You guys are making me so wet." Just then, my cock twitched and a little precum splattered on the floor. I could feel my cock starting to swell, pressing tight against my panties, "Guys... we need to get out of here, NOW!"

We all grabbed eight or so pizzas and headed for the door. I lowered the boxes to cover my semi hard cock from view and we giggled and laughed as we walked. Kat couldn't get enough of us. She still had her wits about her but something made us irresistible to her. As we talked and walked, she would lean into kiss me and then Ali a moment later. We kept this up till we reached our apartment.

We stepped on the front porch and while Ali was unlocking the door, Kat leaned in and kissed me. When she pulled away from me I noticed her legs shining in the light coming through our windows. Her fluids were flowing, running down her legs. "Oh shit," I said quietly. Seeing her fluids running down her just made me horny. My cock twitched and soaked my panties with more precum.

I moaned and then they both turned to look at me. I froze in place, "What? You guys are turning me the fuck on." They both laughed.

Ali turned the key and we all filed into the apartment. Kat sat her armful of boxes on the table and, now with full light shining, looked down at her legs and gasped. "Fuck, " she ran outside, taking a seat on the steps.

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