No Male Slave


This story is a fiction with forced sex, and beating.

None of this is legal in reality.

Thanks for my editor help: lonesomedove66.


"There have been no male slaves, because they are too difficult to tame, Stevia, and there is no market for them. I mean women are not eager to pay to get a passive man," I explained.

"And the homosexuals?" Stevia objected.

"Even a smaller number of people..." I remarked.

"Patrick, you think women are the easiest to tame?" Stevia said with a grin.

"Not all of them, but the probability stating it is easy to tame a male is lower than what it is to tame a female one. Women are mostly passive and slavery is easier for them." I explained to the sexy free woman.

"I would like to see a male slave for once at an auction, even if you think it's not worth it. How would you train him?" she asked as she played with my red tie. I laughed. Stevia worked for a slave auction society. She knew a lot on salve trade and breaking.

"You know how slaves are trained..." I began while laughing.

"Err I don't want to experiment it, perhaps I shouldn't have accepted a date with a slaver like you!" She joked.

"Most slavers like to discipline a slave at the beginning to let them know who the Master is. And then they are punished more roughly every time they disobey, but this is not the method I use" I replied.

"I'm shivering," she said. But I had no reason to enslave Stevia, at least not for longer than a night...

She had been asking for male slaves for some time now. When she asked to meet me tonight, two days before the auction she was preparing for me, I knew she would insist on this point.

"Of course they are disciplined when they disobey, but I prefer to deprive them of something they like and need to reward them when they are good slaves". I continued, as Stevia kept looking me in the eyes. Her red lips were hypnotic.

"Like pets" she added.

"To remind them they are slaves and to avoid making them cowardly slaves. I like to have them playful." I continued as she was laughing.

"You deprive them of their freedom..." she remarked as her hand passed in her hair.

"As slaves, they have lost their freedom. It is the one thing they don't accept easily"

"They never volunteer, they are forced to become slaves." Stevia objected with her hand at her cheek.

"Some less than others, but you're right, they haven't asked to become slaves" I confirmed.

"So, your deprivation program?" She inquired while crossing her legs

"I also deprive them of taste and sexual pleasure. They are given tasteless food, and when they obey they are granted something better," I explained as Stevia started licking her lips. I knew we were going to have sex tonight. Her actions showed me she was very horny.

"How are they deprived of sex, they could masturbate?" she asked as she passed her hand between her legs to explain it.

"It is forbidden and severely punished. At the beginning of training their arms are tied or they wear a chastity belt," I said. I was getting hard as I watched Stevia in front of me.

"So sex is pleasurable for them?" she asked.

"Not always, they have to be satisfied with what their Master proposes!" I said.

"If I were your slave would I have to offer fellatio in the hope of getting something more satisfying?" She asked.

"That's the spirit," I said. Of course, a blowjob is the base all slaves must be good at.

Stevia, in her long red dress, was against me and caressing my pants, then she opened my zipper. Her hands are caressing my crotch and she let her fingers enter through the opening to get my already hard dick.

She looked at me with a hungry look, took the rod with both her hands and kissed the tip, and began to lick. I moaned in pleasure and she looked at me, pleased to please me. She was like a little girl with a lollipop and red cheeks. Little by little her hands moved farther on my stick and the part in her mouth was longer and longer. I liked her way and she seemed to take pleasure in doing it. She was driving the game between us and I found it pleasing. Soon one hand moved toward my balls and she slowly started to massage them.

I hadn't cum yet when she looked at me. "Do I deserve a reward?" she asked.

"Usually slaves mustn't ask for rewards, but you're not one, at least not yet" I joked. I knelt in front of her and I raised one of her legs on my shoulder and got my way under her dress.

"I would like to have a male slave do that to me, would you like to play the role of my obedient slave," she asked while I licked her dewed slit.

"If you wish" I was pleased to oblige.

"Would you remove your clothes," she asked. I stopped and removed my top. She helped me to remove the bottom and sucked my hard dick, and once naked I once again took her leg onto my shoulder and went below her dress. Her hands were put on my head, and from her noises, she liked the work I did.

"Were you a slave, could I reward you by a fellatio?" she asked. I was surprised by the question.

"Err... if it is your choice as a mistress. Usually, the slave must make his Master or Mistress cum to be rewarded. What is important is that the slave depends on its Master or Mistress for its own pleasure" I said while stopping my work.

"Would you let me reward you? My play-time slave?" she asked. I stopped and helped her to remove her dress as she just began to do. And she resumed her work on my rod.

I was near the edge when she stopped. "To avoid the slave masturbating one can use chastity belts?" she asked. "Of course" I replied. "Would you accept to wear the one I brought with me?" she asked.

I was uneasy but I let her vaporise a cooling spray so my cock deflated, and she threaded a steel tube around my member. The sound of the click was terrible. I think I understood the emotions some of my slaves went through. "I'll remove it as soon as your play-session is finished" she promised. I was beginning to languish.

"Work on me" she ordered, spreading her legs wide. Being chastised changed my point of view. I needed to get the reward to have the chastity belt removed. I ate her pussy, pointing my tongue in her love canal and caressing her breast with my hand. I was so eager to please her that my movements were abrupt, I think.

"Oh, you're molesting me!" She shouted pushing me back. "Turn around, put your hands behind your back," she said. The cuff clicked and she had me resume my work. I felt so helpless in the chastity tube and cuffed. It aroused me also, it was something new for me.

"I understand the power you have on your slaves, do you have a collar?" she declared. I always have one not far. A lot of my lovers liked to experience wearing one: For the thrill to become a slave for an hour, for the thrill to know if I will open it again. Well once or twice it stayed closed, but that's another story. That day it was my turn to experience that thrill. I was excited to be collared and anxious at the same time.

"Yes, there's one here!" I said. 'I shouldn't have' I thought. But what could I do, I had already accepted too much to refuse it now.

"If I lock it around your head, will I be able to remove it?" she asked. I nodded yes. Was I mad to accept? But she closed it around my neck. It was the first time I wore one. It wasn't heavy, but I knew its meaning. Everyone in the house would command me now. That added to my hands tied behind my back and the tube that emasculated me, I felt I was her creature. I belonged to her.

"You're my slave for the time being. If you don't make me cum within 15minutes, I won't remove the collar and you'll be a slave for life" she laughed and opened her thigh for my tongue. I worked and enjoyed it. The tube made me feel castrated, but at the same time, I felt my sex trying to get hard in the too small sheath.

It didn't take 15 minutes for her to cum, but she didn't remove my collar immediately, she took a leash and clipped it to the collar. "You won the right to have the collar removed, but not yet, I want to play a little longer," she laughed and led me through my house. I thought we were going to the bedroom and I obediently followed her. Just as we passed the door I asked: "Please Mistress?"

"Oh, slaves shouldn't speak when not asked to!" she said and added to my slave attire a gag. It was a punishment gag. One that had small peaks that penetrated the tongue when the wearer tried to move it.

She closed my nose and put the gag on. I tried to protest and discovered it was too efficient.

We went down to the basement, where the slave cells were... I was in trouble!

She called a guard.

"I want this slave punished, ten swats of the cane on each thigh back!" she declared, I opened my eyes wide in shock. She was to have me broken the hard way! The guard looked at me. He went on to remove my gag. What would I say, I was wearing an official slave collar! Protesting would earn me more punishment!

"No, I want him punished while wearing this gag" she added.

"It's a punishment gag, Madam!" the guard protested. I suppressed any protest to avoid the peaks.

"You will use him orally afterwards and let him rest for the night in a cell." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. But with that gag, I couldn't react.

"I were you I would be in a panic," the guard said. He untied my hands. I tried to resist. But felt his whip near my cheeks.

"It's a bad idea, 20 strokes of the cane will be bad enough to add some whips strokes, don't you think?" he declared, so I let him tie my hands onto the pillar. Next, he cuffed a spreader bar between my ankles. I was unable to move. I knew this guard and he was fair with slaves. Fair or not fair I was about to be caned!

"It will hurt like hell. But, try not to shout with the gag you're wearing. I will do one stroke on one thigh, then the other." He explained. I felt him behind me. I turned my head to look at him, but he was too far behind me. I felt the stroke was about to be delivered, my breathing was becoming difficult. I heard the sound of the cane, then the sound of it against my skin. I couldn't suppress my cry and I impaled my tongue on the gag peaks.

The guard went with a cloth and wiped my mouth. "Next leg, now!" he just declared.

The next stroke was just below my cheek and symmetrical with the preceding one. I was in pain standing and helped myself onto the pillar. Once again, the guard wiped my mouth "I'll stroke an inch lower, it will still be sensitive but less so than near the cheeks" he advised.

By the fourth stroke, I was in tears. My thighs ached badly, and my tongue was a mess. The guard was still mopping blood all around my mouth at each stroke. "Don't tell it to your mistress. I will remove this gag," he said.

He gave me a leather stick to bite in. "Thanks, Master" I tried to pronounce without success.

"You think you can get through the sixteen strokes left?" he asked. I nodded no, hoping he would save me.

"I don't know how you ended up with this collar, Patrick, but you are forgetting your own lessons. Pain and sexual arousal are the same, you must be horny with that chastity tube, aren't you?" he explained.

While he continued to mark my skin with equally spaced red lines, I thought of what he said. If I was to make it all the way through, I had no choice of course and had to choose to do it. I must embrace the pain instead of fighting it. God, how difficult it was!

"It's always the one that works and the other that complains," he told me.

I hesitated to reply and propose him to exchange places, but I decided to keep quiet. I was in another world, hanging from my wrists as my thighs were unable to absorb my weight. And in my world, I was fucking the pole, or the cane was fucking me, I don't remember exactly, but I wasn't in my body anymore, I was like a spectator of what was happening to me. Each stroke was a wave of pain for sure, but it was also a wave of excitement. Eventually I was welcoming the stroke to come.

"There are still 4 strokes to come. I'm approaching the knee. So the next strokes will be on your cheeks" he said and did it. I got two more lines on each cheek just above the first ones. I was glad he took care of my knees. I was kind of proud of me: I had taken the whole thing without calling for mercy.

He untied me and helped me to lie on a bench. "You did well, I will apply an ointment and lead you to your cell, but before you go you must suck my cock", he said. "You'd better not bite" he added.

When Stevia asked for that, I was too afraid of the beating to think about it and it should have made me ill. But, at that instant, I was so horny: It was a special moment. My thighs and cheeks were burning in pain, my tongue was a bloody mess. My cock was fighting the tube. And, when the guard exposed his cock, I was enjoying it. Like I was sucking myself, I opened my mouth and cried because my tongue hurt, but I sucked like there would be no other time to do it.

"I know it's humiliating, but you're doing fine, perhaps you could try using your tongue a little more," he suggested. I did the trick even if it was hell in my body, it was heaven in my head. His felicitations helped me. When he cummed I tried to swallow but most of his jazz spilt out of my mouth. He didn't seem to care. He helped me to the shower and washed me, then lead me to a cell and I laid on the mattress. He spread the ointment on my thighs and left me.

I just thought about the error I made. I was a slave now. Stevia just tricked me. I was very angry with her but tried not to show it to avoid any further punishments. I would just have to be a good slave and I swallowed. But deep in my mind, I was pleased from the experience. I just wanted to stay a free man.

"It seems you were stoical," She said after waking me the next morning. As I opened my mouth she stopped me.

"I'm sorry for the gag, it was a bad idea, don't try to speak" I looked at her. I was happy from what I took as a compliment, and furious at having been tricked. I knew I should better hold it back.

She helped me to walk where we left my clothes the day before.

"It was just a game, but I wanted you to experience what slaves go through," she said while removing the chastity tube and the collar.

"It's only fair, that once you recovered, I will be your slave also," she said. I saw she was afraid to say that.

I was nude and began to dress. The pain from the strokes was unbelievable. I was happy to have my sex hard again. Then, I looked at the collar and the chastity tube. How powerful they were toward me. I thought of the preceding evening. I never thought I would feel like that. It was what I explained to my slaves to be. But, at that time it was a live experience.

I packed up everything and went down to the basement. When the guard saw me, he was uneasy.

"I'm sorry Boss, you were wearing the collar... so" he began.

"You did your work and pretty well," I answered, and I saw a smile begin to appear on his face.

"Do you think you can have an untrained slave ready for the auction?" I asked.

"You thinking of the lady? No, Boss, it will take longer..." he began, then stopped as he saw what I had packed.

"You... You want to be sold as a slave at the auction?" he asked. I just nodded.

"If you're willing to do it, it is possible, but it will be difficult, Boss..." He continued.

"I know... But... we'll do it!" I began to put the collar back in place.

"Stop, Boss. Don't put the collar on while you're dressed, otherwise, I would have to punish you for being a clothed slave," I shivered at hearing him. What was I doing? I undressed. I still hesitated, but I had to experience what I lived the day before again.

"Think twice about it, Boss, once the collar is locked there would be no way back," he said.

I was in the nude and I began to put the chastity tube on.

"Just put on the collar I will do the rest," he said. "If you want something special, ask it before locking the collar, afterwards, you will not be allowed to speak unless spoken to. And you won't have a choice in what concerns you." I was a fool. I put the collar on, but before closing it, I asked.

"I think you should have my tongue pierced."

"Do you want it before locking the collar?" he asked, but the collar was already locked.

"Too late, I hope you realised slaves don't have anaesthesia," he said. I swallowed. It was done.

"Now, kneel in front of me, thighs spread wide, and hands on your head," he asked with force. I obeyed but saw in his eyes I was too slow to do it. He took the whip at his side. He touched my head "look down", then my thighs "spread wider". "I want to see those balls dangling" he laughed.

He took some items backwards and locked cuffs on one of my hands and moved my hand to the small of my back, he then took the other one. My hands were cuffed behind me.

"Get up to the showers" he ordered. I was afraid, but I was glad he didn't use the leash. He wet me with cold water and sprayed a foam all over my body. I understood he used a depilatory cream. I felt humiliated as my body hair slowly dissolved. He then rinsed me with cold water. I had no pubic hair!

"I will lock you in that chastity tube you bought when you evaluated to the opportunity to train males." I remembered I took the smallest I could find.

"Do you want to jerk off one last time before the auction," he offered. I suppose you haven't had the opportunity since your friend set you free," he laughed.

"Yes, Master" I was ashamed.

"You can do it, but now in front of me. It's perhaps the last time you do it... it is perhaps the last time someone touches your sex, It will depends on your future Master," he said. It had a full effect on me. I was humiliated, but I began stroking myself.

"Not easy to do it in front of someone" he laughed at me.

"No, Master".

"Oh, and you're a slave now, so ask before you cum or I will add smaller lines between the ones you already have." He stated.

I was mortified, and when I was about to cum, I asked: "Can I have your permission to cum, Master?"

"Of course not, don't touch it anymore" I lifted my hand and he locked them behind my back. I hoped he would finish me, but I saw the same can of spray, Stevia had used. In a few minutes, my hard cock was embedded in a small steel cage. I moaned in frustration. I felt again that castration feeling from the day before. It was stronger because the tube was smaller, and I had no more pubic hair.

"You'll need this sexual energy, for what is to come," he said. I swallowed. Why did I lock the collar again? To feel that embrace of the chastity belt!

He led me to a training room and asked me to stand, leg spreads, hips wide and my hands at the small of my back. Once again, he controlled me with his whip: "head down." Then he ordered me to kneel. He controlled me again, and then, "stand, quick!" This time the corrections were small whippings on my naked skin. "Kneel, quick!" The positions went on without end and the small whip strokes corrected each error, crisscrossing my shoulders and hips in small red lines. I had tears in my eyes when he proposed a pause. I thought I could rest, but he went in front of me while I was kneeling. I saw the bulge in his trousers. I felt my cock trapped in my chastity belt. I couldn't believe it. I was watering and I asked to suck him. It felt like the preceding evening when I sucked him.

"This time, do not spill it!" He said. I thought he didn't care, but this time he did. I opened my mouth and licked the tip of his rod. I was surprised at how I liked to suck him. Like being chastised made it implicit that I had to pleasure other men. I never had homosexual tendencies. Not that I had. It wasn't something between the guard and me, it was between his cock and me. I liked to feel the vibrations in it. I jerked him with my hands while my tongue turned around the head of his dick. The skin there was so soft, and it was a kind of relief to my hurt tongue. The smell and taste were different from what I was used to when eating pussy, but it was intoxicating and nourished my excitement.

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