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Marcus slowed his car to a stop and waited a few minutes while the dust from the dirt road settled around him. He then stepped out of the car, squinted his eyes and looked back down the road, he then turned his head and looked up ahead. When he confirmed there were no vehicles sharing that expanse of road with him, he stepped to the edge of the road, reached up unzipping his zipper and pulled his cock out of his pants.

Spreading his legs a little wider, he relaxed a bit as a long stream of yellow liquid arched out into the weeds that grew along the dusty roadway. Up to that time he had lived an unremarkable life. Over the past five years he worked as an assistant manager at a small used bookstore, had dated four different women, two long enough to actually have had sex and had owned a pet cat until it ran away two months ago. As he watched his urine splash on the dusty leaves of weeds, he could never know how his life would change in the next few moments.

Something in the sky caught his eye but before he could look up, squint and focus his eyes he was consumed in a rolling ball of heat, steel and dust. He never knew what hit him.

Marcus never knew what hit him until the doctors and scientists told him. It took several months for him to get the whole story because the doctors and scientist could only give him information as it was declassified. Eventually what he learned was that he was found along the roadside by several farmers, followed by the local sheriff, an ambulance crew and finally two scientists. The scientists were frantically trying to track down an errant satellite that had fallen from orbit only to crash into a sparsely inhabited corner of Wyoming.

Unfortunately, the corner of Wyoming was not sparsely inhabited enough, at least for Marcus. Fortunately, for some strange reason that the doctors and scientists couldn't hope to ever sufficiently explain to Marcus, he survived the impact of this (classified) space matter. Not only did he survive, but after a few minor operations, Marcus was able to thrive, albeit with a huge mass of (classified) space junk permanently embedded in his body.

Marcus didn't fully comprehend what the doctors and scientists were telling him until he stood in front of a full length mirror. There he stood, his hair a bit disheveled, his arms a bit bruised up and his legs a bit thin and wobbly, but what shocked him was the odd mixture of high strength alloy steel, glass and plastic torso. Thoughts of the old science fiction movies rolled through his mind as he studied his body.

After the initial surprise wore off, he reached down between his legs and found, thankfully, that his cock and balls remained intact. Initially relieved that his sex life was intact, he later became depressed. "Don't you see Doc," he said to his psychiatrist, "I had a hard enough time with women before all this, what will happen to me now?"

The psychiatrist spent some time trying to get Marcus to understand how lucky he was to be alive. Although Marcus did respond positively most of the psychiatric sessions, he never really got over the sex. For most of his life he had been hopelessly inept with women, but somehow, now, he felt his fate was sealed. He left the hospital convinced he'd never be with a woman again.

Marcus wore a large trench coat as he was rushed out a back door of the hospital and quickly slipped into a taxi, while a black Suburban at the front entrance was impossibly surrounded by photographers, reporters and a strange group of bystanders. Marcus wasn't alone in the taxi, besides the driver, he had a security officer who explained to him that there was a lot of public curiosity about him. Marcus learned that a security officer would stay with him during the next several weeks.

Figuring they were making a big fuss over nothing, Marcus was grateful for the bodyguard when he arrived at his apartment building and found the path blocked by a large group of people. The bodyguard, with the help of a couple of policemen, got Marcus into the apartment without incident, but as he unlocked the door to his fifth floor apartment, he saw the door across the hall from him slowly open.

Marcus turned and found himself looking at a beautiful woman, a woman he had never noticed before. For several moments he stood at the door, completely frozen as he looked over his neighbor. Her short curly hair encircled a cute, round face with bright blue eyes. Looking downward he noticed her two nipples protruding against the fabric of her tee shirt. Her breasts were small, but seemingly nicely formed, with very prominent nipples.

Before he could scan downward he heard her say, "You're the one, aren't you?"

"I guess," he replied.

"It's hard to tell anything with that coat on you like that," she said, beginning to move a bit closer, but stopping as the security guard stepped between her and Marcus.

"It's okay," Marcus said, lightly brushing his hand on the guard's shoulder, "she's a neighbor." Looking back at the woman, Marcus asked, "Do you want to come into my apartment?"

Surprisingly she said, "Yes, I'd like that."

The three of them entered Marcus' apartment, which looked completely different. "Whoa, is this the right place?" Marcus said.

"They told me to tell you that they reworked your apartment," the security guard said. "Something about your restrictions, plus they set up a room for me."

"Oh, you're living with me now?"

"Well, me or whomever is your bodyguard for the day," he replied.

"Who is they?"

"The doctors and scientists I guess. It was my boss who told me to tell you."

"And what if he wants to be alone with his guest," the woman asked.

"I can step into my room or wait outside the door, whatever Marcus prefers."

The woman looked at Marcus and said, "Do you mind having him wait outside?"

Marcus looked at his bodyguard and asked, "Do you mind?"

"Not at all sir, if you need me you can radio me on your cell phone, it's quicker than calling my number," he replied, heading for the door.

When the door closed Marcus looked over to the woman, "You know, for as long as I have lived here, I don't remember seeing you."

"Actually, I'm watching over the apartment for my brother. He's on vacation."


"I'm Susan, Susan Butler, Jerry's sister," she said, holding her hand out to Marcus.

Marcus took her hand and said, "You know, I've seen your brother a number of times, but never knew his name."

"Well, aren't you glad I just happened to be here?"

"What a coincidence," Marcus replied.

"Coincidence, yes. Say, you going to keep wearing that coat?"

"Oh, no... it is getting a bit warm," he said, unbuttoning the coat. Before he could get it completely off he felt Susan run her hand up one arm and onto his metal chest. He let the coat fall to the floor as she pushed him back onto the couch.

Before Marcus could say anything, she had figured out his pants and pulled them and his underwear off. She reached out and slipped her fingers around his, now stiffening, cock. He moved up on the couch, propping his head on a pillow so he could watch as this strange woman began sliding her hand up and down his shaft as she ran the fingers of her other hand over his metal torso.

Feeling her release his cock, Marcus watched her stand up and quickly pull off her tee shirt, shorts and panties. He couldn't believe it, he had been with just two women before in his life and suddenly, just minutes after he got home and this beautiful woman stood naked before him. Just as he was looking at the curly hair between her legs, she dove back onto him, taking his cock in her mouth as she began pushing her pussy onto his steel torso.

Moving her head up and down on his cock, she moved her hips, grinding herself on him. Marcus could see her juices glistening on the dull steel of his chest before it ran down and dripped onto his couch. He worried her wetness might short out some of the circuitry of the (classified) space debris that she was presently fucking with a furious intensity. As she moaned loudly, Marcus watched her juices roll down to the glass gauges on his side, but surprisingly, they simply pooled a bit and then trickled around the glass openings.

Just as Marcus was beginning to feel a pressure building in his balls he heard Susan moan loudly and lift her mouth from his cock. Though she continued stroking him, she paused a moment to catch her breath and then returned her full attention to him. Taking his head in her mouth, she sucked hard while stroking her hand up and down his shaft wildly. Marcus tried to lift his hips but couldn't, instead he stretched his legs out and came, spurting an odd mixture of cum and an odd tasting fluid into Susan's mouth.

After the first spurt, Susan pulled her head away, letting the strange cum spill out of her mouth. Marcus' second and third spurts splashed on Susan's face and breasts. She went to wipe the strange cum away and found it rubbed into her skin making it feel so soft and moist. Taking his cock and milking out a bit more of his conglomerated cum, she rubbed it on an elbow, amazing herself with how nice it felt.

Marcus caught his breath and realized something was very odd, even though he had just come, his cock was still hard, as hard as when he first started with Susan. Just a few moments after Marcus realized his cock was still hard, Susan moved herself downward. He closed his eyes as he felt his cock slip into her pussy, the wet warmth of her surrounding him with pleasure.

He began to feel some odd sensations so he opened his eyes. As Susan was sliding herself up and down the length of his erection, she was running her fingers along the scar tissue that formed at the edge of the (classified) metal that made up most of his body. Marcus found the sensation of her fingers on the tissue very stimulating and he began to respond to her, raising his body up to thrust his cock deeper inside her. As he got closer and closer to coming again he found himself actually lifting the woman off the couch.

He finally turned and stood up bringing Susan with him. Standing in front of the couch he continued fucking her wildly as she was held in the air by only the cock impaled deep into her body. Listening to her gasp for breath as she climaxed, Marcus watched as she grabbed two of the glass ports on his chest and leaned back so she was parallel to the floor.

Reaching under her and grabbing her ass with his hands, Marcus slammed his cock into her as he came once again, this time spurting his warm fluid deep into her cunt. As he felt the pulsations from Susan's climax rolling over his cock, he again noticed his cock didn't soften any and he kept himself shoved deep inside her as she remained suspended over the floor supported by his cock and the grip she has on his glass ports.

They were in that position when the bodyguard peeked his head around the corner and said, "Marcus, I need to talk to you."

"Is it important?"

"Well yes, the lady's "brother" is demanding to see her. Apparently they are engaged and she had just moved in with him."

Marcus looked at Susan and said, "He's not your brother?"

"Well no..."

"He's your fiancé?"

She nodded shyly.

"So why are you doing this?"

"Well, I just heard about you on the news..."

"What, are you just a publicity freak?"

"No, no, it's just that... it was just a fantasy."

"What kind of fantasy?"



"Yes, half machine, half man, I always wanted to..."

"Wanted to what?" Marcus demanded.

"I've always wanted to be fucked by a robot," she said, pushing herself back and sliding off his cock.

"I am not a robot, this... this (classified) metal slammed into me. It's not really part of me."

"I felt your skin, it's attached to the it. It is part of you."

"Damn it, you are no more human than I am," Marcus said, feeling his body tremble.

"Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?"

"You're the one, you're the one who isn't human," he screamed. "Get her out of here."

Marcus watched as the bodyguard tossed the woman a towel and then helped her gather up her clothes, putting them in her arms. He walked into his bathroom as the bodyguard led her to the door. He guessed she'd catch hell from her fiancé after being led out into the hallway wearing only a towel, but at this point he just didn't care.

Once inside the bathroom he stood in front of his mirror. For only the second time since that afternoon when he stood by the side of the road relieving himself he really looked at himself in the mirror. Running his fingers along the edge of the (classified) space debris he began to realize just how much it was a part of him.

When he stepped back into his bedroom he noticed his bodyguard standing in the doorway. "Oh, how did it go when you returned her to her fiancé?"

"Well he was waiting at the door and was pretty shocked when she stepped out wearing just a towel. He wanted to come in after you, but I was able to convince him that it was his fiancé who threw herself at you. After he understood that it only took a quick twist of his arm to convince him he needed to work things out with Susan. I don't think he will disturb you."

"Okay thanks, you know I never did get your name," Marcus replied.

"I'm Sidney," the bodyguard replied.

Holding out his right hand Marcus said, "Well, just call me Marcus." Feeling the man's firm handshake Marcus realized just how important this man would be to him. "Would you like a beer, Sidney?"

"I'd love one," Sidney replied.

Marcus led him into the kitchen, grabbed two beers out of the refrigerator and then sat down at the small, round table. He motioned for Sidney to sit down and then slid a beer across the table.

"I don't know Sidney, I never was much with women, hell I'd only been with two before this Susan thing. I just didn't know what would happen there."

"Don't you get it man, I mean excuse me for saying, but this Robocop thing has made you very popular with the women. I've seen them Marcus, you got the tech freaks just wanting to do it with a robot and then you got the Peter Weller fans, wanting to live out a fantasy they've had deep inside ever since seeing the movie for the first time."

Marcus looked at Sidney as he talked, watching him motion with his hands as he got excited. Occasionally, the man would run his palms up over his bald head. He'd pull hard on the skin to where it would pull his eyebrows up. Marcus was surprised he didn't hear squeaking as the dry palms slid over the shiny head, squeaking like tennis shoes on a freshly waxed floor.

Sidney continued, "I tell you Marcus, all you have to do is give me the word and I'll go down and pick out any woman you want. Hell I can probably bring three or four if you want a bit of a group thing."

"No man, hell, for now I think just one will be as much as I can handle."

"Look," Sidney said, rising from his chair. Marcus watched him move to the window. "Come over here, you can see the crowd outside."

He stood up and moved over to the window next to the bodyguard. Glancing down he saw a group of men and women, mostly women. "And you say all of them..."

"Not all of them, but most of them would be glad to come up here just to get fucked by you Marcus, by you."

"No, they want Robocop."

"Marcus, why get caught up in the distinction? You are you, flesh, bone and (classified) chunk of steel, glass and plastic that those women want to feel on their bodies."


"I hear what you are saying man, they are treating you like a robot, like a thing, but man don't fall into their trap. It is their misconceptions, they are the nonhumans here, you are human, a hell of a lot more human than them. Just go with it and enjoy. Who knows tomorrow the whole fucking space lab may come crashing down upon us all and the last thing we will be thinking is, 'Damn, why didn't I fuck that tall redhead?'"

"Tall redhead?"

"Yeah, right there, or perhaps the black chick, you ever have a black chick?"

"No, just the two woman..."

"I haven't either, but now is our chance. Take a pick, let them come up here and get fucked by the world famous robot. Make their day and when you do it they will realize they are no more human than you. What do you say?"

"Well, that tall redhead looks interesting," Marcus replied, running his hand though the thinning strawberry blonde locks of his hair. "I never thought I'd have a chance with a redhead... we'd clash you see."

"Not any longer, just give me a few minutes."

Surprisingly, in less than tem minutes, the tall redhead was on the kitchen table with her legs spread wide open. Marcus moved to her, running his fingers through her curly, dark red pubic hair while she guided his cock into her pussy. Just the sight of his cock sliding up under those beautiful red curls, slipping deep into her had Marcus ready to come after only three or four thrusts.

Marcus heard a anguished sigh from the redhead as she arched his back and came, spurting his hydraulic cum into the soft pussy. The sigh quickly turning into squeals of delight as once again his cock remained hard and he continued thrusting wildly. In just a few moments the woman arched her back and came, reaching her hands up and running them over the (classified) steel torso.

Taking full advantage of his erection, they moved to the floor where he continued fucking her doggie style while she toyed with her clit. After the floor, they moved to the living room and the couch and then ended up in Marcus's bed. It was the most incredible sexual experience he ever had, hell he lost count of the woman's orgasms but it was at least six or seven. Marcus had come four times and would have kept on but the woman finally begged for him to stop.

He sat on the bed watching her dress and then followed her as she limped, bowlegged to his door. As she slipped through the door into the hall, Marcus noticed the black woman come out of Sidney's door and move out into the hall. All he could do was whisper, "Good bye," as the women headed toward the elevator.

Sidney made arrangements to work full time as Marcus' bodyguard, living in the extra room and over the next few months the two worked through a steady stream of women. Although Marcus often felt a longing for something beyond the sex, Sidney kept convincing him that, at least for the time being, he needed to fully embrace his endless libido.

It wasn't until the eighth month since he got out of the hospital that Marcus began to notice a wavering of his sexuality. Initially, he would lose an erection after coming and it would take several minutes to recover, but it began taking longer and longer for him to get the erection again. The women remained plentiful it's just he couldn't fuck them all night long any longer.

After another month or so he began experiencing some fatigue. Sometimes, after walking a long ways or after just a bit of exercise he had to pause to catch his breath. When he mentioned all this to Sidney, the bodyguard rushed him back to the doctors.

After several thorough examinations and a number of tedious tests the doctors called Marcus and Sidney in to discuss his condition. Dr. Davis, the first man Marcus recalled seeing after the accident sat glumly at his desk as he spoke, "Marcus, this is something we feared. The (classified) space debris that became a part of you did more damage to your body than we originally thought. While we believed most of your own body functions were independent with the (classified) debris, we now realize that it was the (classified) debris that actually kept you alive.

"You see Marcus," he continued after a brief pause, "your organs were powered by the nuclear power source inside the (classified) debris. Now this is the same decaying power source that caused the (classified) object to fall from orbit. Initially there was sufficient power to fuel your body, enough in fact to fuel your incessant libido. Unfortunately, the power continues to decay."

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