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No-No Natalie


"No way does a guy get naked with a girl and— do nothing!"

Natalie shook her head. "No Jake, me and my boyfriend get naked but we don't mess around, that's a no-no." That November Natalie and I carpooled home every day after band practice. Nattie played clarinet and I played with my flute.

The girl was a real cutie, with curly blonde hair and hefty size tits that stuck out like footballs. But on every trip home she'd prattle on and on about her friend Dicky-Poo. Soon I tired of hearing about The Dick. As a joke I asked if she'd show me where they go to make out.

"I told you Jake, we don't really make out. We just get naked and like... nothing happens."

"Natalie maybe could we do that... you know get naked and do nothing. I mean you're so sexy."

She laughed. "That's awful Jake, wanting to see me naked." Nattie pointed down the road. "Turn down Mill Road and park behind the trees." I drove there, parked under the elms and left the heater running.

Natalie looked nervous and bit her lip. But I knew she didn't bring me here to chat. So I kissed her hard. Nattie pushed me back. "Jake I'm dating Dick so I shouldn't be doing this."

"Doing what? I just want us to get in back and take our clothes off and you know, do nothing."

"You promise not to tell?" Before I could answer she climbed right over the seat. And I prayed to the goddess of naked girls... Sweet Natalie unfastened her dress and slipped it off, revealing her blue bra and and pussy pink panties. She turned her back to me.

"Jake will you unhook my bra? Hey aren't you going to take off your clothes?"

"Ladies first." I unhooked her holsters. The little blonde winked and pulled her bra up. Out sprung her pointy boobs, glowing white in the moonlight, and two hard nipples just begging to be sucked. I sucked them, eagerly.

Jake you wanna see my yum-yum? Natalie slowly removed her panties revealing her curly blonde pussy. She giggled as I stared at her sweet yum-yum and dropped my pants.

My erection jumped out, stiff as iron. Nattie inhaled. "Gosh yours is sooo much bigger than Dicky's... his is like a piccolo but yours is a frickin' bassoon!" She squeezed my hard bassoon. We lay together admiring each other's naked parts.

"Jake you wanna peek inside my sweet yum-yum?"

Naughty Nattie opened her thighs and shut them, playing pussy peek-a-boo. Finally she gripped her ankles and spread her legs wide, letting me gaze into her slice of pink heaven. My prick grew into a throbbing monster, dripping with pre-cum.

"Jeepers Jake is that because of me?" I nodded. Natalie gripped my boner and before I knew it the girl had her mouth on my prick, sucking away. Holy Cow! This was what she meant by not doing anything?

Her naughty tongue swirled around my cockhead, digging into my piss-hole as her little fingers tugged my balls. I was so horny that in two minutes my cum spewed into Natalie throat. And the hungry girl sucked my gushing prick until the last gooey squirt.

"That was awesome Natalie." The girl wiped her lips and took a drink of my soda to wash down the sperm... I let her keep the can.

"Now it's my turn." Moving my head between her I found her curly blonde yum-yum. And licked it.

"Stop that!" Natalie tried to squirm away but I held her thighs and stabbed my tongue deeper into her tasty twat. "Oooh stop it Jake." I kept lapping at her fuck-hole as she hit my head. Soon my tongue found her naughty clitty and spanked it, paddling it back and forth.

"Oh geez JAKE... ooh... ohh... I'M CUMMING! "Natalie's back arched up and her spasming yum-yum gushed with pussy juice. I lapped it up until she collapsed. We lay together and kissed. I slipped my tongue in her mouth letting Natalie taste her own pussy juice.

My mouth moved to her succulent tits and tasty nipples... and my cock grew stiff again.

She stared at my rigid boner. "Like I said Jake, I don't do anything... but sometimes if Dicky's dick is really-really horny I let him rub it on my wet spot. "

"And boy-oh-boy does he like it." Natalie gripped my prick like a handle and yanked me on top of her. The girl rubbed my cockhead along her moist pussy lips.

"Let me put it in you Natalie."

"Jake that's a No-No... I just like feeling your hard muscle rubbing against my— ungh— ungh... oh my... OHMYGOD!" Naughty Natalie's legs flew up as her face twisted in a another orgasm. WOW.

She climaxed again but kept rubbing my prick on her pussy until my cum spewed out... covering her yum-yum in white frosting. Natalie wiped off the cum-frosting. "Remember Jake you promised not to tell."

"I know, don't tell nobody about nothin'."

For a week we carpooled every day, and every day we wound up naked under the elms. She'd suck me off, I'd lick her off, then we'd play 'Rub your prick on my yum-yum.' Eventually I talked Natalie into letting me slip my cockhead just inside her moist little yum-yum.

"Okay but I'm a virgin so don't poke me or nothin'." My throbbing prick slid up and down inside her pussy lips ... until it spewed a load of cum into her hot little crack. She let me do it two more times that night.

Yeah it was fun. But soon my prick might slip and accidentally fuck her fucking brains out.

The next day Natalie wasn't at band. After practice I found her at a bus stop, standing barefoot in the rain with tears flowing down her cheeks. She jumped in my car and hugged me. "Jake take me to Mill Road, hurry."

So I drove there and parked under the elms. As soon as we stopped Natalie kissed me hard, squishing her chest against mine. "Dick and I got in a really-really bad fight. It was awful, super awful."

The sobbing girl tore off her clothes and climbed over the seat. I followed. Nattie grabbed my face and shoved her tongue down my throat. As we kissed she leaned back, pulling me on top of her. My hand gripped her warm fuzzy mound.

Natalie crushed her pointy football tits into my face. "Suck my boobs and rub your thing inside my yum-yum... way inside my yum-yum."

I did, rubbing my prick inside her wet pussy lips. Natalie wiggled her hips up while nodding her chin down, pointing like in charades. "Harder Jake. HARDER AND DEEPER! DEEPER!"

No-No was now YES-YES! Rearing back I plunged into her pussy.

"Don't Jake!" I tried to pull out but she held onto my hips. "Jake not in my Yum-Yum! That's a No-No!" Confused as hell I gripped her boobs and pumped harder. The girl moved her crotch up to mine, forcing my boner deeper in her sweet fuck-hole. "Stop it Jake!"

Her feet gripped my ass and pulled. So I rammed my prick in all the way— until it hit bottom. "Oh my god Jake— you're raping me! HELP! HELP!"

Natalie began humping my prick so hard the car rocked. "Ungh, ungh... oh Jake, you're raping me so hard... so wonderfully hard... stop it... OH-NO... OH JAKE... I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!"

Nattie's legs flew up as her pussy muscles clenched my cock. My swollen prick spewed load after load into her sizzling hot fuck-hole. After my prick emptied I rolled off her sweaty body and we lay there panting. I saw a wisp of steam rise up from her freshly fucked yum-yum.

She saw it too. "Wow Jake, that was incredible. I wish Dick could screw me like that, he's never made me cum."

WTF? I felt kicked in the nuts. No-No Natalie wasn't a virgin after all. I drove her home. But on the way the little slut directed me into an alley and had me park in a puddle right behind a house.

Unfortunately I knew it was her boyfriend's house. Natalie stripped and jumped in the backseat. "Jake it's yum-yum time, I want you to do me again. Now."

"No. What you want is revenge sex." She smiled, spreading her legs... And as I have this rule to never turn down wide open pussy— I screwed the bitch. But even with her cunt full of cock her mind was on Dick. So I gave it to Nattie hard, and she screamed hard.

"Ohhh Jake... fuck me... oh yes Jake, gawd yes fuck me like a Real Man!" Slamming her pussy I was ready to spew when her Natalie's cell phone rang. It was Dick.

The bitch answered it. Pulling up my prick, I shot a cum spurt right into her yapping mouth. She swallowed my cum and kept yapping on the phone.

Natalie made up with Dicky-Poo while my sperm dripped from her lips. Dammit. I wiped my cock off on her pretty blonde hair and drove the bitch home. At the font door Natalie kissed me. "Jake do you think I'm naughty?"

"Yes Natalie and I should spank you."

"Okay if you want. But I only lied because I wanted your prick. Haven't you ever lied to get pussy?"

"No, never."

"You liar!" She laughed and rubbed my crotch. "Jake you wanna sneak inside for some fun?" Before I could answer Natalie had my prick out and was pulling it like a leash into her messy bedroom. "Now be quiet and don't wake up my sister."

The naughty girl pulled out a DVD. "I found a porn video of my cousin Suzie and her boyfriend." Natalie started the video and dropped her clothes. "Now promise not to tell, okay Jake?"

I nodded and naughty Natalie hopped on the bed wiggling her nice rump. "Jake do me that way, doggie-style." While she watched the video I set up my cell to record my own porn video. Then I mounted the girl, shoving my cock into her pussy from behind.

"Ouch Jake... dammit you're always so big."

I pounded away at Natalie's twat while she moaned and watched Suzy getting fucked, doggie-style.

Natalie seemed fascinated by the porno. When the guy pulled on the Suzy's tits, Natalie wanted her own tits pulled. When the guy fucked faster, Natalie yelled at me—"Go faster, fuck me faster." So I did

And then the guy pulled his prick out and shoved it in the Suzy's ass... I moved my prick to Nattie's butthole and shoved in. The girl squirmed. "Oh Jake that's nasty— but I love it!" My hard prick pumped her rump as Natalie panted and watched the assfucking video.

She groaned. "Finger me Jake. Dickie always fingers my yum-yum when he screws my ass."

"What the fuck?" Natalie squealed when I forced an empty Coke bottle up her yum-yum, and pummeled her lying ass. I kept double fucking her until my balls spewed and Nattie collapsed. I pulled out of her reamed out asshole and retrieved our fuck video.

Of course I posted it on the net... I promised not to tell, but I didn't promise not to post.

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