No Panties


Ring.....ring....ring. The telephone awakens me from my nap. When I answer it's my friend Maria on the other end inviting me out dancing at the salsa club. We set a time and I go back to sleep because I want to be energized for tonight. After I awaken from my nap, I run myself a bubble bath and start preparing for my night out. I shave my legs, under my arms, and my pubic area completely bald and apply a lightly scented lotion all over. I'm feeling a little naughty so I don't put on any underwear underneath my dress and I wear my stilettos because they make my butt and legs look fantastic.

When we arrived at the club it wasn't very busy so we sat down at the bar and ordered drinks. The club slowly started filling up and within an hour it was packed. After dancing with several guys I return to the bar for another drink. I need to cool down because the friction caused by dancing without any panties has made me horny and I didn't want to get too worked up without anyone to fuck later that night.

Just then I made eye contact with the most beautiful man I had seen all night. He had a gorgeous honey skin tone, dimples on both cheeks, and a tight body showcased to perfection in his outfit of just snug enough pants and a shirt with the top three buttons undone. As he made his way over to the bar, we maintained eye contact until he stood in front of me and introduced himself as Jose. Just hearing his voice gave me the shivers and made me so wet I thought it was going to start flowing down my legs. He asked me to dance and we moved out to the floor where the first slow song of the night was playing. As we moved to the beat, he rubbed his hands up and down my back and played with my hair making me feel so sexy and attractive.

He told me that he was 30, single, and just recently moved to the city. I told him that I was 26, single, and a long term resident of the city. We danced and talked to each other the whole night getting closer on each song until I was practically ready to throw him down on the floor and take him in front of everyone. When the club closed I invited him to my apartment for a night cap and he said yes.

When we got back to the apartment I was struck by a sudden case of shyness, I hadn't done this before and didn't know how to act. Should I fix some drinks or just jump right into what I knew we both wanted. Jose solved my dilemma by wrapping his arms around me from behind and kissing me on the back of my neck. "I've been wanting to kiss you there all night" he said and then he continued kissing and nibbling on my neck and back until I felt like melting into a big puddle on the floor. Then he turned me around and kissed me like a man starving for my lips. He made me feel like a delicious desert that he couldn't get enough of.

As we made our way through the apartment we shed our shoes pieces of our clothes until both of us were naked. Jose was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I wasn't wearing any panties and very appreciative of the fact that I was "bald" down below. He showed his appreciation by dropping to his knees in front of me and licking and kissing my pussy until my knees gave out and I fell back onto the bed. Once he had me on the bed he spread my legs wide open and put his face into my pussy, sucking on my clit with just the right pressure to make me squirm with pleasure. When he added two fingers and started fucking my pussy as he sucked my clit I couldn't hold back and came all over his face and hands.

After making me cum two times he threw my legs over his shoulder and slid his dick into my pussy right before I came a third time. He felt so good that I screamed out another orgasm and begged him to give me a break but he ignored my pleas and started fucking me harder. As his big dick slammed into my pussy I could feel the walls of my pussy clenching and unclenching around him and I begged him to do it harder and faster. He fucked me until I thought I was going to pass out from the pleasure, and then with a final deep stroke we both came together one last time. We fucked several more times that night, each one better than the last until both of us were satisfied. I tried so many things with him that night, some I had never even heard of but that's another story...................The End

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