tagIncest/TabooNo Place Like Home

No Place Like Home

byMany Feathers©

I had known that my wife's sister Kate was having a rough go of it at home. Kate and her husband Bill had been on the verge of divorce for the past couple of years, so it came as no real surprise when a few days later my wife informed me it was over. What I didn't expect, though I didn't really have a problem with either, was coming home from work one evening to what appeared to be a rather large pile of luggage that had just arrived from the airport. I walked in, or rather stepped around and then through this sea of baggage. I knew immediately even before Chris, my wife walked from the kitchen area to greet me what was going on.

Several weeks earlier she had mentioned the fact that things were getting worse between her sister and her husband. We had discussed it then, offering her sister (and as it turned out) my niece a place to stay for a while until everything was sorted out. I just wasn't expecting it to happen as quickly as it did, nor was I expecting that my niece would be coming along as well. She'd just graduated from high school, and as I'd heard a while back, had been planning on attending a local university where they lived. Obviously...all that had changed now.

We had plenty of room, so accommodating guests for a while wasn't really any concern. Our own son was currently serving in the Navy, so his room was available, which is the one that Jill, my niece was given to stay in. Kate was of course given the largest guest room downstairs, which was more like an apartment in a way. It had its own bathroom as well as a sitting room, so there was plenty of space for her sister to spread out. When I finally walked into the kitchen area, I was frankly surprised. I hadn't seen my wife's sister in nearly three years due to the distance between us, though Chris had gone for a visit to see her sister on the East Coast at least once a year. But it was Jill who had obviously, and most dramatically changed the most. The last time I had seen her, she was a budding fifteen year old with looks even then that promised her to turn out as quite the looker. Now at eighteen, nearly nineteen, she obviously was.

All three women looked very similar in many ways. They all had very dark brown hair, almost black in fact, though Jill's was long and fell nearly to her waist. Chris and Kate had deep brown eyes, Jill's were almost a golden brown, and very alluring along with her olive complexion, which as I stood there looking at her for the first time in three years, included what appeared to be a very nice tan. When she stood to give me a warm and friendly hug, I was almost taken aback at the sudden development and metamorphosis she had gone through. Like I said, at fifteen she looked nearly full grown, but now even more so. Large, though not overly large breasts seemed to run in the family. And in three years it now seemed, Jill had joined the "C" cup society along with her mother and aunt. When she hugged me, I felt the softness of those (as I now realized) braless breasts pressing against me, and somewhat nervously embraced her, though finally stepping away before it began to look less than innocent.

"I truly hope this won't be too much of an imposition on you Steven," Kate said though it was evident she'd been crying as her eyes were still red and swollen. "But until this mess is finally all sorted out, we didn't really have any place else to go."

I had walked over giving her a warm friendly hug in greeting. "Like we told you a while back Kate, you're always welcome here...for however long you'd like, and need to be. There's plenty of room, and we don't want you feeling in any sort of rush to go anywhere else. Our home...is now your home, for as long as you'd like it to be."

With that, Kate hugged me again, even kissing me on the cheek in thanks, tears once again filling her eyes. I could only smile somewhat guiltily. I had felt the magnificent crush of her breasts against my chest as well, and now stood on the verge of having a hard on, which is the last thing anyone there needed to see or even be thinking about. I quickly excused myself to change into something a bit more comfortable, leaving the three women to chat a bit longer, though I likewise told them as soon as I had done so, I'd help them all with their baggage in getting it to their rooms.

Having slipped into a pair of my favorite shorts and a pull over tee shirt, I headed back downstairs just in time to begin helping Jill with her luggage as my wife and her sister began carting down a few things to where Kate would be staying. As I followed Jill back up the stairs to her room, my eyes were immediately drawn to the twin cheeks of her firm little ass. Had she been my daughter, I'd have been tempted to say something to her. The shorts she was wearing were far too short! As we climbed the stairs together, I could see a great deal of her well-rounded fleshy butt cheeks, the briefest of material even running between her legs making me realize if she were to bend over or sit down with her legs spread even slightly...what I'd most likely be looking at.

"Dumb shit!" I thought to myself. "Quit thinking about your own niece!" I'd just barely managed to get rid of my erection, and now it was threatening to reappear with a vengeance! Something I could ill afford it doing, especially while wearing a pair of my own somewhat tight fitting shorts.

Although the bedroom had at one time been our son Jim's room, he had either taken with him, given away, or had stored most of his personal belongings. Kate had already informed her niece she could redecorate the room as she saw fit, including repainting the recently repainted wall, which was now an off-white, any color she wished to. As I followed Jill into the room, sitting her luggage down next to the bed, she had jumped on it smiling happily. One of the few things Jim had left behind was his bedroom furniture, and the bed just happened to be a queen-sized waterbed.

"I've never slept in one of these before!" she giggled excitedly. I stood there listening to the bed slosh momentarily with Jill laying on it. Images of doing something else suddenly filling my mind, which I immediately tried clearing from my head. It wasn't easy however, as she had to make an effort to get off the bed once she'd gotten on it, swinging her legs as she did, and in doing so, confirming to me the curious image I'd entertained of her when following her up the stairs. I had seen what I now knew to be her bare lips that were protruding around the thinnest strip of Levi material that was somehow digging into her crotch without discomfort. To my relief however, she once again stood facing me, but now there was a whole other problem I had to deal with. I could see very clearly the hard press of her extended nipples against the thin fabric of the cotton tank top she was wearing. Bad enough that it looked painted on her in the first place, but the still somewhat cool feel of the unmade waterbed had been just enough to trigger her nipples into hardness. "Have you?" she had asked me. It took me a moment to realize what it was she was talking about. I even had to tear my eyes away from her twin hard little points, something that wasn't lost on her as she giggled, her face actually turning a little red as she looked down at herself.

I shared her blush, though quickly turning to excuse myself and head back down the stairs in order to cart down the one last remaining, and somewhat heavy bag into Kate's room.

I turned at the door momentarily. "If there's anything else you need, just let me know," I said. Jill stood smiling, her points clearly evident glaring at me, my eyes once again tearing themselves away as I turned and finally left the room. I hadn't gone three feet when I heard a gentle laugh coming from her room. Moments later I discovered why.

I had made a quick detour into the hallway bathroom in order to make some much needed and very necessary adjustments. Walking into the room, I immediately caught my own image there in the floor length mirror behind the door. Bad enough I could see the very obvious bulge showing in my shorts, worse...they happened to be a light beige, and there was a very noticeable wet spot showing through right where my hard pressed dick was laying. "Fuck!" I said as I stood there looking down at myself. There was no way in hell that Jill hadn't seen that! Opening the door that connected the bathroom to our room, I immediately went inside stripping off my now ruined shorts and fished out an entirely different pair. These, a dark blue and a bit baggier than I actually cared to wear. But under the circumstances, I realized I would no doubt be wearing this particular style and color a lot more often than I usually did. My embarrassment had at least softened my once very hard cock as I now made my way down to Kate's room with the last, and largest as well as heaviest piece of luggage. It was actually more awkward than heavy, and so not wanting to stumble and break my own neck coming down the stairs, I did so slowly, eventually reaching the landing, and upon doing that, hearing my wife and her sister talking. Or rather giggling, giggling in a way that you knew damn well they were sharing or discussing secrets. I stopped where I was, just a few feet away from the open door.

"Bill would have killed me if he'd ever found me using something like that," I heard Kate telling my wife. "He thought women who used any sort of mechanical device, or anything for that matter to get off with, was sick and perverted. He often told me that a man should be enough for any woman without resorting to using something like that!"

I now knew they were talking about vibrators, though why on earth they would be I honestly didn't know. I was half tempted to just sit the piece of luggage down, and quietly creep back up the stairs when Chris spoke.

"And that's a crying shame, no wonder the two of you have problems!" My wife stated. "Steven and I enjoy using them all the time! In fact...he's been the one to usually purchase them for me, surprising me with them. In addition to him being a terrific lover, he's not intimidated with incorporating these in our sex play, and it's one of the main reasons why I believe we have such a damn fine sex life!"

Ok, admittedly I was smiling.

"And I've always envied you two for that too," Kate told her then. "And I know you're not going to believe this, but Bill and I haven't had sex for the past three years!"

"You're shitting me!" My wife exclaimed in surprise, pausing for a moment, and then asking. "So...ok, you two haven't, but be honest with me Kate, you did at least find pleasure elsewhere during this entire time yes?"

"Just with these," she responded, though I could only image she was referring to her own fingers obviously holding them up. "Like I said, I've never even used one of these things before either!" I then heard her turn the toy on, listening to it briefly as it hummed away in her hand. Obviously Chris had given her one of our toys to use and try out. I stood there, half panicked, once again wondering if I should make my escape back up the stairs before I was discovered.

I then heard my wife laugh, her voice suddenly lowering though even then I could still hear her clearly enough. "If you'd like...I'll show you later on just before bed how to really use and enjoy it," she told her.

I was stunned hearing her say that, though in an odd way, I guess I really shouldn't have been. Still...

Once again they had giggled, said something, which I didn't quite understand. And now hearing movement inside the room, all I could think to do was cough, pick up the large bag, pretend to struggle with it, and then enter the room. By the time I did, they had obviously secreted away the toy from view, though each of them stood there looking like the cat that had eaten the canary.

"Where would you like it?" I asked trying to appear nonchalant.

"Just toss it onto the bed," Kate told me. "I'll figure out where to put everything from there," she added. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," I answered back. "Well, guess I'll leave the two of you alone then to catch up on stuff while you're settling in." With that, I again turned and headed back up the stairs, but now I had a whole new image inside my head, partially due to what Chris had once shared with me a while back.

"Wasn't he wearing a different pair of shorts?" I then heard Kate asking my wife.

"Shit!" I said silently to myself as I slowly climbed back up the stairs.


In the past, on nights when Chris and I were in a particularly horny frame of mind, we'd often share our thoughts, fantasies, and even experiences with one another, without jealousy or fear of hurting one another's feelings. If anything, just hearing my wife share aspects of her sex-life with me while growing up, softly and sensually fondling my dick as she did so, were some of the most erotic, hot, sensual evenings we'd ever shared together. It had been during one of those particular nights that she had even confided to me that she and Kate had in fact messed around, and had done so on more than one occasion! Just hearing her admit that, and then tell me about it had me rock hard and dying to cum within seconds! Chris was only two years older than her sister, so they had been pretty close growing up most of their life. When as sisters are want to do, they had begun sharing secrets of their encounters with boys, and then asking curiously of one another things which they'd heard or learned about. It became a natural and as far as I was concerned, a normal thing to then explore with one another because of it.

They had explored and experimented kissing. When Kate heard the term "oral" sex, and asked Chris about it, neither one of which had ever done or experienced something like that before, they had quite naturally explored that with one another. When Chris learned what it meant to masturbate, she had immediately told Kate about it. For weeks after they had run off to their room every night, and had either lay on their beds watching one another masturbate, or had eventually turned to actually doing one another at the same time.

It was a closeness they had shared for years, though often going long stretches in-between without doing anything. It had always seemed to be an exploratory, or curious period for them each whenever anything like that ever happened. Eventually it would either taper off, or they'd begin to feel somewhat guilty about doing it, and suddenly stop doing it all together. But the one episode that Chris had shared with me as being the most recent, was two nights just before we had gotten married.

The girls had gotten together at a local strip club, this one for the ladies. It was to be Chris's bachelorette party of course, and her sister Kate had been the one to set everything up. They had obviously enjoyed their evening stuffing dollar bills down the "g" string pockets of the men's penis pouches, all the while getting a little tipsy with all the booze they had likewise consumed during the evening. Smart enough to have hired a limousine for the night, they had then driven all their friends back to their own homes, dropping off the last one nearly an hour away to and from back to their own home where Kate and Chris were still living at the time. It was on the way back from that, that they had gotten together and done something they hadn't done in years.

I was rock fucking hard as she described the experience to me, still stroking my dick, knowing damn good and well how horny it was making me as she told me the story.

"I remember at the time that I was very, very aroused from the evening's entertainment. One of the dancers had a particularly large cock as I recall, and though we weren't really allowed, or supposed to see them, they did wear these stocking like coverings over their dicks. As long as they wore those, they could get as hard as they liked, and once hard, they would then tease some of the women in attendance with them, slapping them against their faces, or even their asses. As part of my surprise for the evening, I was seated in a special chair on stage, a large sheet was then held up shielding the two of us, though the silhouette of what was actually occurring behind it could be easily seen by everyone sitting in front of it. It was the one and only time that I actually saw his very erect, very long cock, as he brushed it, and then poked it against my face. He did so in such a way, without actually touching my lips with it, but the silhouette, which everyone else could see, made it appear as though I was actually sucking him. Especially when he had me stick out my tongue to "'lick" it, which I did...without ever really doing so. Anyway, it was on the drive back from having dropped Cheryl off that I had mentioned to Kate just how fucking horny I had gotten from all that. And without being embarrassed by saying it, admittedly told her I was half tempted to get myself off right then and there. I remember her laughing, and then telling me to go for it. Like I told you Steven, it had been a couple of years by this time since we'd done anything, and with my marriage to you only a couple of days away, I had pretty much figured that all that sisterly stuff between us was well in the past. When Kate said that, and then said she'd even join me, being just as horny as I was, the next thing I knew, we were stripping off our clothes right there in the back of the limo. I think, that the fact we were in a limo had something to do with it as well, as we'd once shared fantasies about fucking our boyfriends in the back of one."

Chris had then mounted me, slipping her sweet wet pussy over my dick, riding me now as she continued to relate her story to me.

"Now remember...back then, Kate was still technically a virgin. She'd never had sex with a man, though we'd in the past used things on one another, which is actually how she really lost her virginity, by me if you seriously can believe that! But...she had very limited experience with a man, as a matter of fact, I don't think she'd even sucked a guys dick at that time either, she'd only as I recall, ever given a guy a hand-job, and then only a couple of times. Anyway...as I said, we were both fucking horny as hell, and now naked in front of one another, something we hadn't done in quite some time. Before I knew it, we'd gone from just talking about masturbating in front of one another, to masturbating one another, to suddenly curl up in a mutual 69 there on the floor between the seats. We were both delirious with desire, pleasure and excitement. Years had passed by now since we'd actually licked one another like this, and this was far more than that simple curious exploration we'd once so openly experimented with one another. This was...pure raw passion and desire. We devoured one another unlike any time previously, me sucking furiously on my sister's clit, and her likewise licking and sucking on mine. By the time we had gotten home, we had actually asked the driver to drive around a little while longer just so we could get one another off again. Which we did, though only after allowing him to watch us from up front. Later...Kate swore she thought the guy was jerking himself off while watching us, which I didn't doubt even for a single solitary moment. Even after the limo experience, we stumbled into the house, ran upstairs to our bedroom, but not before Kate had confiscated one of mom's rather good-sized cucumbers from out of the refrigerator. We had spent the rest of the night, fucking one another with it like crazy, finally passing out afterwards, and falling asleep in one another's arms. In the morning, mom came in to wake us, saw us lying in bed together, naked, and still snuggled together. She left without saying a word to either one of us, though I heard her leave, and wondered if she might say something later to either one of us about it, but she never did."

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