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No Pretender


I put a picture of my butt on my Yahoo profile and from time to time I get instant messages from women commenting and most of the time asking to see more.

For a 40-something male, I have a better than average body, 6-1, 190, 34 inch waist (same size as when I played college football), toned but not muscle bound and from what I've been told many times, "a nice small tight ass" that women like. The endowment isn't huge, 7 inches or so, but very, very thick. Let's just say I've never had any complaints.

My response to the instant messages is always essentially the same; "if you want to see more you're going to have to see it in person." That stops the majority of the chitchat and they are never heard from again. Every so often a lady will respond back and we might actually have a few chat sessions, but when it comes time to get on with the getting' on, they disappear. Pretenders is the tag I've given them. There have been a few real women and some hot sex sessions have followed.

And then there is Tina. Tina is definitely no pretender.

Tina popped up on my IM screen one day with a common opening, "Nice butt! Can I see more?"

To which in my normal fashion, I responded, "If you want to see more it will have to be in person."

"That sounds like fun," was her response.

We then went through the normal where do you live, what do you do, are you married, etc. etc.

What I found from all that was that she was 38, married, bisexual, lived in a town about 200 miles away from me, worked 2nd shift in a factory there and loved sex. I told her that I came to her town sometime on business and that we'd have to get together while I was there. That was the first session.

For the next two weeks Tina and I continued to have chat sessions and the discussions got hotter and hotter. She shared with me that she had a girl friend and that the two of them sometimes got together with Tina's husband for three-ways or they would get together for one on one sessions. She told me about wanting to seduce her husband's 19 year old nephew and two days later gave me a blow by blow of how she did it and how hot it was.

Despite all of the pretenders I had come across over the years on the Internet, I was beginning to think that she might be real. Either that or she had one of the most vivid sexual imaginations I had ever come across.

A date was finally set for me to visit her city. I needed to get over there to see a couple of customers and, frankly, was ready to find out if she was real or not. I kept telling myself nothing was going to happen, but deep inside I was hoping it did. This lady was hot in our chat sessions and I wanted all of what she was offering.

The days leading up to my trip the conversations got hotter and plans were made. She asked if I wanted her to bring her girl friend with her. Hello? How many men are going to turn down the opportunity of two ladies at once? Not this one for sure. They were going to come to my hotel after they got off work at 11 PM and would be mine until they had to go back to work the next day at 3 PM, both of their husbands conveniently out of town that night. I reserved a suite at a hotel I normally stay at that not only had a king sized bed but a large, I mean large, whirlpool tub with mirrors all around.

The day before I was to head her way, Tina hit me with another offer.

"I want to ask you a question, but you may think I am a sicko or something," she wrote on IM.

We had talked about some pretty kinky things in the past so I couldn't imagine what she had on her mind that I might consider sick.

"Go ahead," I wrote back.

"I have an 18 year old niece that is a virgin and she wants to lose her virginity to an older man. Would you fuck her tomorrow night, too?"

I have to admit I was a little taken aback. I was a little slow with my response and she wrote back, "I am sorry that is sick isn't it?"

"No not really," I wrote back." Just caught me off guard. Tell me about her."

Tina proceeded to describe this virgin from heaven. She was a cheerleader and senior at the local high school, 5-7, 36C, size 6 dress, long legs, tanned all over, blonde hair, blue eyes and beautiful. Now I knew she was bullshitting! This only happens in dreams, normally alcohol induced dreams.

I pushed it further and wrote, "and you want her too?"

It seemed like an eternity before she answered back with, "probably."

My mind raced through what was supposedly going down. I was going to be met at a hotel by three women, all attractive, horny, two of them for sure bisexual, one an 18 year old virgin. Yeah right!

"Let's do it," I wrote back. "See you tomorrow night."

I made the drive early the next morning, met with my customers and checked into the hotel late afternoon. The room was wonderful and I hoped I hadn't spent an extra $50 for a sex room and it end up just being me. I went out to dinner, made a liquor store run just in case they showed up, went back to the room and took a shower and stretched out on the bed around eight, fully resigned to spending the night alone.

I must have dozed off and was wakened by the phone a little after 11. To my amazement, it was Tina and she was on her way. I gave her the room number and she said "they" would be there in 15 minutes or so.

Is this actually going to come down, I asked myself? Damn!

I was dressed in jeans and a sweater with no underwear and decided, what the hell, that was good enough. I splashed on some cologne, started the water in the hot tub, poured myself a stiff scotch and popped a Cialis a doctor friend had given me some samples of. Getting hard is not a problem, but if this night came off as planned, I was going to need all the help I could get before it was over. I lit a cigarette and sat back on the bed waiting for the knock on the door.

Time seemed to drag and I was fighting getting a major league hard on just thinking, dreaming about Tina, her girl friend...and her niece.

Finally there was a knock on the door. When I opened it, there stood three woman, Tina, who I had seen a few pictures of, her girl friend, a little older lady, taller, with huge tits and nice body and a young girl who looked like she was 13 with no make up on and wearing shorts and scoop neck top. I didn't have to look; my cock instantly sprang to full erection in my pants.

"Can we come in or are you going to stand there and gawk all night," Tina said laughing.

I opened the door and Tina made the introductions. Sara was the friend. Terri was the niece. Tina and Sara looked totally relaxed, but Terri looked a little tense. I wonder why? Yeah right. I was tense too.

I made drinks around the house and we scattered around the room sitting and talking about nothing and flirting. Well, three of us were flirting. Terri was awfully quiet,

The tub was almost full and I went and turned off the water, started the jets and turned back to my little harem and said, "Shall we ladies?"

Tina and Sara didn't need much encouragement and the clothes started flying off. Soon they stood naked in front of me. Tina was short, maybe 5-2, nice firm tits with the pinkest nipples, shaved pussy, nice plump ass and sexy legs. Sara was closer to 5-10, tits that had to be 38 D or more, trimmed pussy, long, long legs and a small tight ass. Terri was the last to lose her clothes and stood away from the other two. She was every thing that Tina had said she was, and then some.

I was standing there taking in the luscious view when Sara asked, "Well, are we going to see you or not?"

I actually blushed and then pulled the sweater over my head and then turned my back to them as I slipped my jeans off where the first thing they saw was my butt. My cock was rock hard and when I turned around three sets of eyes got big and wide and mouths dropped. Their looks told me they approved.

The four of us climbed in the tub, Tina and Sara taking places close to me with Terri on the other end. The tub was large, but four of us in it made things cozy and legs became intertwined. We laughed and joked and started to feel around on each other. I had explored Tina and Sara thoroughly and they had both had good holds on my cock when I leaned over and took Terri's face in my hands and kissed her hard. When I broke the kiss, I whispered in her ear, "You don't have to do anything you don't want to dear."

She looked at me and smiled, relieved I guess. "But I want to. I want to bad," she whispered back.

I took her hand and put it on my cock and she instantly took a gentle grip, "Is that what you want dear?"

She nodded her head and increased the pressure on my cock.

I turned to Tina and Sara and asked, "What's the game plan here ladies. I am good but I can't fuck all three of you at the same time.!"

Tina said, "I think Terri losing her cherry is the first order of business, don't you Terri?"

Terri turned six shades of red, but then said, "Yes".

The four of us climbed out of the tub, dried each other off and moved to the bed.

"Maybe Sara and I should get things started," Tina said and then started a hot kissing session with Sara that soon had them going at each other like two starved wolves.

Terri and I lay on the bed side by side with my arm around her and watched the show in front of us in silence. I reached over and slowly started to massage one of her beautiful tits and felt the nipple get hard. I could tell her breathing was getting faster and I tweaked the nipple some and began to kiss her. She started to grind her body into mine as we kissed and we soon became obvious to what Tina and Sara were doing to each other. I broke the kiss and started butterfly kisses at her neck and down to her breasts where I took one and then the other of her pink nipples into my mouth and sucked and nibbled. My hand dropped down to her satin soft thighs, slowly spreading them to expose her virgin pussy. I rubbed my fingers on the outside of her lips and could feel her wetness seeping out.

My tongue busy on her breasts and my fingers on the outside of her pussy were proving too much for Terri as she started to groan and moved around, grasping my head and pulling me to her breasts. I slipped one finger into her tight little hole and her moan was louder. I moved it in and out slowly for a short time and then slid a second finger in and increased the pace with her breathing increasing in pace with my fingers, her legs pulling back and opening up giving me even easier access to her love hole.

Between the attention I was giving her tits and the steady finger fucking I could sense she was close to a climax. I slowed down the fingers and then slipped a third one into her, which prompted a soft shriek as her tight pussy was being stretched. I increased the pace with my fingers and sucking hard on her nipples. Her climax caught me by surprise, but I could feel her tension starting inside her pussy and going all over her body until the dam burst and she lost control of her motions as arms and legs flew in different directions and her hips bucked up and down to take my fingers in deeper and deeper as the waves of orgasm flooded through her young body. Her moans were loud but undecipherable.

Before Terri could come down from her first hard orgasm, I spread her legs and attacked her now sopping wet pussy with my tongue. I spread her thighs open and started a tongue fucking like she'd never dreamed up. Her smell and taste driving me to new heights, as I wanted to devour her. Her legs flew up around my head and clamped down where I couldn't have broken away from that sweet mound if I had wanted to...and I didn't want to!.

My hands let go of her hips and reached up to begin grasping and massaging her pert young breast, squeezing the nipples and rolling them around between my thumb and fore finger. I could hear much since her legs were hard against my ears, but I could feel the tension building up in her body again and felt the flood of her juices as the waves of orgasm overcame her again and again, her hips rising to meet my tongue, her hands pushing my head harder and harder against her exposed clit which was being sucked hard and flicked unmercifully by my tongue. I didn't slow down until her body went limp and her legs released my head. I looked up and could see her with her head turned to one side, a soft whimpering coming from her, her eyes half open and breathing heavy.

My vision was broken by the moaning and screaming of the Tina and Sara, who I'd forgotten about. As I glanced over they were entwined in 69 position and devouring each other, lost in their own world. The site of Terri laying there overcome with satisfaction and the other two eating each other like to starved lions had my cock rock hard and needing attention. I moved to where my cock was hanging in front of Terri's half opened eyes and I spread her legs to give her some more tongue-lashing.

"Suck my cock Terri, suck my big cock," I said.

Without a word, he put her hand around my cock as much as she could and slowly started licking the swollen head and then slowly started to take it into her hot young mouth. I lower my head back between her thighs to have some more of her.

"Oh please no, I can't stand it any more, please," she whimpered as my tongue started on the outside of her now swollen pussy lips.

"Suck my cock and hush, " I said. "You need to be wetter than you've ever been to take that cock of mine."

She obeyed and tried to take my entire 7 inches into her mouth. I was amazed at her natural talents or her training. Whatever, she knew how to suck a cock and soon had my entire length in her mouth moving up and down my pole with amazing ability. My tongue was busy lap up her sweet juices, and flicking her hard exposed clit. I ran one, and then two fingers into her pussy as I continued to tongue fuck her. All of this just made her bob up and down on my cock with more enthusiasm. I knew I couldn't last long like this and pulled up and then rolled over on my back. I pulled Terri on top of me and whispered in her ear, "It's time honey, it's time."

Tina and Sara were in between sessions and I looked at them and said, "Get Terri ready to take me on top."

The aunt and her best friend soon had Tina spread and lined her pussy up directly over my now throbbing cock. Tina gave her a kiss and Sara stroked my cock, lining it up with Terri's red little hole. I slowly moved her down and let the head of my cock slip between her wet lips. She gasped a little bit as my cock started to work its way into her virgin cunt. I worked my way in and out giving her a chance to get used to my cock spreading her apart. I soon felt the obstruction of her hymen and pulled almost all of the way back. Terri had risen up so I was barely in her.

"It's going to hurt some Terri," I said. "But it will be worth it. Are you ready."

She moaned and gasp, "Oh fuck yes, I am ready."

I grabbed her by the hips and with no more warning pulled her down on top of me as hard as I could, my cock shredding her hymen in one plunge. She screamed a blood-curdling scream and fell on top of me my cock still deep in her. I could her a whimper of a sob and stroked her hair

"The worst is over, now you're a woman, and I am going to fuck you like a woman."

He answer was a hug and a hard kiss.

I push her back up to where she was sitting on my cock and we started to move in unison and I started to stroke her pussy. I had never felt anything so tight in my life. She was a natural and began fucking herself as I grabbed her tits and started to tweak her hard nipples. I was intently watching the passion build up on her face and could see her orgasm start to rise in her body. The approaching orgasm was not lost to Tina and Sara as they started to encourage her.

"Fuck him Terri, fuck him hard baby," Sara said with excitement.

"Oh yes, fuck that beautiful cock honey," Tina chimed in.

One and then the other started to kiss her and Tina forced my hands away and started sucking on Terri's hard nipples.

And then the floodgates opened.

"Oh shit, fuck, on my...." Terri moaned. "This is so fucking goooooddddd!!!!"

Her entire body started shaking again and her face contorted as her climax started to spread. Her sounds were just a series of moans and shrieks, unintelligible to the human ear, but all telling to those of us watching her. She finally collapsed on top of me again, moaning, sighing, and trying to catch her breath.

When her breathing returned to something resembling normal, I rolled her off and onto her stomach. I pulled her cute ass up into the air and slowly started to work my cock into her doggie. I couldn't stand it and started to pound her hard again. Going as deep as I could and pulling almost all the way out before plunging unabated back into her dark wet hole. Her tight muscles grabbed hold of me and her ass started to move in rhythm with mine.

Tina had moved underneath Terri and began suck her tits again and Sara moved in between Tina's legs, burying her face into the bald pussy that was still dripping.

I felt Terri tensing up again and with no more warning she was screaming into the pillow her face was buried in. Tina soon followed her niece into the realms of ecstasy as Sara dove deeper into her pussy. I was about to cum and pulled out.

I rolled Terri over and spread her legs apart, placed them over my shoulders and plunged my cock into her in one move making her gasp and her eyes rollback into her head. I began to fuck her with reckless abandon, wanting to fill her well-fucked pussy with buckets of my hot cum. She was in rhythm again and I could feel her racing to match my desire. Her pussy walls started to tighten up around my swollen rod and I knew she was at the brink again. I didn't care; I needed to cum and cum then. And I did, my body started shaking, my back arched, I let out a loud moan and goose bumps popped up all over my body as I started to squirt what felt like bucks of cum deep into her pussy.

We were laying there, me still deep in her, trying to catch her breath. All she could do was moan, "Ohhhh....damn....wow....geez....oh fuck..." I could say nothing.

I finally rolled off and onto my back spread eagle, spent. Terri was lying there with her legs spread, her eyes closed and her breast heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

Tina leaned over and kissed Terri softly on the mouth, her tongue going deep into her niece's mouth.

"How do you feel honey," Tina asked.

"Oh aunt Tina, that was unfucking believable. Why have I waited so long."

Tina laughed, "Well honey, from what I saw you just got a fucking unlike many women ever get...you've been spoiled you're first time out."

I looked over and saw the mix of her juices and my cum flowing out of Terri. Her face was flush, her body a bright pink and a smile that can only be described as serene on her face. She looked beautiful.

Sara broke the silence.

"Terri's had hers, I don't know about you Tina, but I want some of that luscious cock for myself," Sara said.

I looked down and my cock was some how or another not totally deflated. Thank goodness I had taken the Cialis or I would have been done for the night after the session with Terri.

Sara noticed my semi-hard cock and made a dive for it, her mouth wide open. I closed my eyes and leaned back as this experienced lady began to give me a blowjob without any rivals. I could feel my cock getting harder and harder with her expertise. Sara stopped and climbed on and started to ride my now steel hard rod, taking me all the way in instantly and started a desperate banging as she wanted to cum and cum quick it appeared. I went to grab her breasts, but Tina beat me to them with her soft lips and tongue. I heard Sara gasp and then felt her pussy tighten as her first climax started to build and then wash over her.

Tina dropped her attack from Sara's tits as Sara continued to ride, racing for another orgasm. Tina spread her legs and lowered herself over my face and my tongue instantly went into her sopping wet pussy. Tina began to furiously fuck my face while Sara was fucking my cock. I pulled Tina into me more and Sara bounced with all her might to bury me deeper and deeper into her. Tina's legs were around my ears and muffled the sounds, but I could tell the two were going over the top what felt and sounded like over and over again. First Sara and then Tina fell off of me and onto their backs.

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