tagBDSMNo Quarter for Katherine Ch. 02

No Quarter for Katherine Ch. 02


Warning: This story contains graphic scenes depicting pain.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, merchandise, companies, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are 18 years or older when in sexual situations.

Recap of Chapter One

Katherine was "TheVelvetGlove," a popular writer on Literotica, particularly in the BDSM category. Her latest series, "Jessie Meets Her New Master," drew a private comment from "NoQuarter." Katherine represented herself on her profile as a male living on the West Coast. In point of fact she was a housewife in New Jersey who lived a purely vanilla existence. The comment called out Katherine as Jessie, the submissive woman. Katherine was forced to admit the commentator was right. They ultimately traded many e-mails that culminated in a planned meeting at a New York City hotel. Katherine saw a man she thought was NoQuarter but got cold feet and left. They agreed to meet again and this time Katherine approached a man she thought was NoQuarter. In fact NoQuarter was Victoria, who was sitting next to the man.

Katherine was flummoxed at meeting a woman when she was expecting a man. They went to Victoria's hotel room. Though Victoria promised not to lay a hand on Katherine they first shared a passionate kiss. Then Victoria used her flogger and then her riding crop to arouse Katherine and ultimately to help her achieve her release. It was the most highly charged sexual encounter of Katherine's life.

Chapter Two begins the following morning with Katherine adding to her new unreleased story, "Kat's Adventure," which was inspired by her experience the previous night.

Chapter Two

Kat knew that she now belonged to her Master. She had submitted to him body and soul. He bestowed her with the rewards of her submission. He took her in every manner she could conceive. Her mouth, her pussy and her ass all received the attention of her Master's mouth and cock. He had taken her to heights she couldn't previously fathom.

Kat was lying in her bed replaying each blissful moment as the morning sunshine streamed onto her nude body. Her body still bore the marks of his crop and flogger and her vagina and anus were still sticky and crusty with the remains of her Master's seed. In the haze of her awakening Kat's right hand lazily wandered down between her legs to enhance those languid memories.


September 26

Michael had already gone to work. I was sitting in my bed with my coffee on my nightstand and my laptop on my legs. I had to work on "Kat's Adventure" after last night's sizzling life changing encounter with Mistress Victoria. Writing was always my therapy. But today I was in turmoil. Was my fiction becoming fact or was my fact becoming fiction? I was bursting at my emotional seams. Writing "Kat's Adventure" did not provide enough of an outlet for my runaway emotions. I had to reach out to Victoria.

TheVelvetGlove: Last night was amazing.

NoQuarter: As it was for me.

TheVelvetGlove: I'm living in two worlds. A world of my own creation that has come to life with you and my vanilla world.

NoQuarter: You're not alone.

TheVelvetGlove: How so?

NoQuarter: I'm married too.

Oh my God. She was married too. She wasn't wearing a wedding ring but I never thought to ask and she certainly didn't volunteer this information. How could I have been so stupid as not to ask?

TheVelvetGlove: I'm so sorry that I didn't bother to ask. Do you have an open relationship with your husband?

NoQuarter: There you go again with the assumptions. I've already told you that you are sexist.

TheVelvetGlove: Shit. Another apology. You have a wife.

NoQuarter: Bingo.

TheVelvetGlove: And she doesn't know.

NoQuarter: My, you're the quick one today.

TheVelvetGlove: Here's the God's honest truth. I have to see you again.

NoQuarter: And here's the God's honest truth from me. I've read all five of your series. That's a total of 27 separate publications. I had a clear mental image of you. I met you. I shared a very intimate moment with you. You've exceeded every expectation of mine. I think I'm in love with you.

Oh shit. What had I started? This wasn't a story where I could delete the last three pages and start over. This was for real. Victoria was a real person with real emotions. So was my husband Michael and my daughter Stephanie. That innocent e-mail exchange several weeks ago between us had suddenly mushroomed into an existential crisis of epic proportions.

TheVelvetGlove: As long as we're leveling with each other I have to tell you I'm scared. This is happening too fast. I have no one but you to talk with about what's going on.

NoQuarter: Don't just dwell on the negative. What we shared last night was like nothing either of us had experienced before.

TheVelvetGlove: That's true for me. But you seemed like you've had a lot experience with BDSM.

NoQuarter: I have, but not with someone that I'm in love with. My wife isn't interested. My experiences are limited to one night stands with women I've picked up and a few assorted casual male and female friends.

TheVelvetGlove: Tell me where we go from here.

NoQuarter: I can only speak for myself. In time I'm going to tell my wife. Not necessarily about you. But about the fact that I have to pursue the BDSM lifestyle. My experience with you last night cemented this feeling that I've had for a long time. I have to thank you for that.

TheVelvetGlove: ;<)

NoQuarter: Damn tomorrow. Let's live for today. My wife is going to be out of town next week. Come to Philly? You can take the train.

TheVelvetGlove: Let me think about it.

NoQuarter: Don't think about it too long. And if you come this time it's under my rules, and there will be a lot of touching!

I felt like a puppet on a string. I already knew the outcome. I just didn't know the path there. I was going to be in Philly next week. How was I going to rationalize it to myself?

Was I an inherently selfish person? If so the decision was easy. But the decision wasn't easy so I reassured myself that I was not going to do this for purely selfish reasons. Then I thought about Michael. Would he want me to be unhappy in our relationship, with me always wondering what could have been? Of course not. He wouldn't want me if I truly didn't want to be there.

And then of course there was doubt in my mind if I was really making a lifestyle choice or whether this was a midlife crisis moment that would pass. Perhaps it was just a phase and that with my curiosity satisfied I would be content in my marriage.

Here was the bottom line. I could not go on with my life without going down this road. It was the best sex of my life and but for a passionate kiss Victoria literally did not lay a hand on me. The possibilities for my sexual awakening as a submissive were limitless. And Victoria claimed to love me. I could not turn my back on that.

Michael was going to be out of town on Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Since he called me on my cell phone around 9 p.m. when he's out of town I just needed to make sure I took his call. I resolved to go to Philly and I fired up my laptop to make sure I did it before my resolve melted.

TheVelvetGlove: I'll be at the 30th Street Station next Wednesday around noon.

NoQuarter: Excellent. I'll text you with instructions when you get there. Pack clothes for two days, including that blue dress you wore the first time you tried to meet me. Also pack your highest pair of stiletto heels. Make sure your pussy is shaved and that you take your birth control pills.

Hmmmmm. That last comment was food for thought. So there will be men involved?

September 29

It was Wednesday. I was on autopilot since I made the commitment to go to Philly. I went through the motions of my life but there was always a second routine running through my mind that involved Mistress Victoria. I couldn't focus on anything but her and succumbing to her wishes and desires. Michael went off to LaGuardia at the crack of dawn. I decided to leave for Penn Station around 8:30. I packed my blue dress and matching shoes, my highest stiletto heels and an assortment of sexy lingerie.

I boarded my train just before 10 at Penn Station and rolled into Philly around noon. There was a text waiting for me on my phone. It directed me to an address right off of Rittenhouse Square. I Ubered it there. Another text appeared on my phone:

Go to Unit 425. Take off all of your clothes. Fold them carefully and put them next to your travel bag. Stand outside the apartment and wait for me to arrive.

Now I was in the big leagues of humiliation. Public nudity. At age 39. This was a first in what promised to be two days of firsts. It was an attractive older apartment building in an upscale part of downtown. I went up to the fourth floor and navigated my way down a long hallway to Unit 425. I stood outside it and took off all of my clothes. It was cold in the hallway. I prayed to God that no one would see me. I remembered I included a humiliation scene like this one in "Maxine Exposed -- Chapter 3." Perhaps I wouldn't put this element in any future stories. I folded my clothes as instructed and waited.

After about five minutes of waiting a woman came striding confidently down the long hallway. As she approached I noted she had short cropped peroxide blond hair. She appeared to be in her 20's. She had on a sleeveless top with colorful tattoos festooning both forearms, tattered jeans and lace-up black Army boots. She had a small nose ring and pierced eyebrows. Fit and trim body, probably B cup breasts. Perky and extremely cute - - but not Mistress Victoria. She came right up to me.

"Yyyyou're not Mistress Victoria," I stammered.

"Good guess sweet cheeks," replied the woman. "And you're not dressed. Didn't you know you could catch a cold?"

"I guess."

"It's not every day you see a beautiful woman standing naked in a hallway."

"I guess it's your lucky day."

"You know it sweet cheeks, and it's about to be your lucky day as well. I'm Abby," she said extending her hand.

I took her hand in mine. "Katherine."

"I'm a big fan of yours Katherine," replied Abby.

I love meeting fans. But it's always online, not in person. And I would imagine under better circumstances I would have clothes on.

"Mistress Victoria told me all about you. Over the past two days I've read all your stories. They're great. I loved them. So realistic for someone who never actually experienced those scenes. But it's your lucky day, in fact your lucky two days, because we're going to reenact them for you. And you get to be the slut."

Oh shit. So that's what Mistress Victoria had up her sleeve.

Abby fished a key out of her pocket and opened the door. She didn't ask me in. She shut it behind her. I was puzzled. Whose apartment was this?

Now I was feeling really cold. And the tension of being naked in a public hallway was wearing on me. Where was Mistress Victoria? As I was questioning my decision to be here another figure loomed in the distance. As it neared me it was clear it was Mistress Victoria. Thank God!

She looked as beautiful as I remembered. Her long straight black hair was neatly arranged in a braided pony tail. She was wearing an unzipped red suede jacket with the collar turned up, a crisp white shirt, designer skinny jeans and red sandals with 3 inch heels. She was carrying a large duffel bag.

She looked at me dismissively. "Good morning slut."

"Gggood morning Mistress Victoria." I had my arms folded across my body and my knees were shaking.

"A bit chilly here in the hallway. For God's sake you vacuous whore, why didn't you go into Abby's apartment?"

"Bbbecause you told me to wait here for you."

"Oh . . . so I did." Mistress Victoria knocked on the door. Abby answered. They kissed full on the lips, then Victoria took me by the hand and pulled me into Abby's apartment. Abby went outside and retrieved my clothes and my travel bag.

Abby had changed. She was wearing an unbuttoned black leather vest, black lacy suspenders and black lace topped stockings attached to her suspenders. Her neatly trimmed pussy, also dyed peroxide blonde, was exposed. Her breasts flashed with every step she took. Her short stature was improved by her black platform half boots with 5 inch stiletto heels. I was going to be fucked by a biker chick. I loved that thought.

I surveyed the "apartment." It really was a BDSM playroom. There was the obligatory St. Andrew's cross, a spanking bench and the usual assortment of ropes and chains mounted to the ceilings and walls. A "24 Fitness" for the BDSM crowd.

Mistress Victoria interrupted my concentrated survey of my immediate surroundings. "I'm going to get ready. Slut, get acquainted with Abby and I'll be back in ten minutes. Do whatever she says."

"Yes Mistress Victoria." My mind was in overdrive. I felt as if I could hear the clicking of the roller coaster as its chain was taking me to the apex of the first drop. I was at that balancing point at the top, right before the free fall.

Chatty Abby came up to me as if we were having coffee together. "Mistress Victoria and I are fuck buddies. We met online. As you know she is a fantastic Domme. She was telling me about you and I thought it would be more fun to spend your two days here."

Abby sat on the spanking bench and opened her legs. Her neatly trimmed bleach blond pussy was fully exposed to me. "Come here sweet cheeks."

I stood in front of her.

She reached between my legs and inserted a finger into my pussy. I hadn't paid attention to my own needs, being distracted by the humiliation and cold outside and the new surroundings inside. I could feel that her finger easily slid into me. It felt good. Really good. Abby wiggled her finger.

"Ummmmmm," came out of my mouth.

"Sweet cheeks is excited. Good to know that a little public nudity floats her boat. Let's see how good she is at eating pussy. Sweet cheeks, come to Mama." She pointed to her pussy, as if I didn't get the hint.

I knelt in front of her and placed my head a few inches from her pussy. It was glistening and beautiful. I'd never had the privilege of eating pussy but I've had mine eaten hundreds of times and I know what I liked. I was going to find out if Abby liked it that way as well. I first stuck out my tongue and pushed it as far inside Abby's vagina as I could reach. Abby put her hands behind my head and pushed my head deeper into her crotch.

"That's it sweet cheeks. You are a natural."

I then started alternating between spearing her vagina with my tongue and then running my tongue upwards across her clit.

"Ahhhhh. You're getting warm."

Abby then put her hands behind her thighs and pulled them toward herself to expose her bottom to me. "Lick my ass sweet cheeks."

I loved it when Michael licked my ass. Even though I hadn't licked his I wasn't opposed to trying with Abby and her cute tush. It felt so good to have my ass licked and then for him to rub my clit. I first starting licking around the rim of her anus and then playfully flicking my tongue on the center of her rosebud. She started squirming on the spanking bench.

Abby took her hands off her thighs and rested her thighs on my shoulders. Abby apparently wanted to take matters in her own hands, so to speak, and started frigging her clit while I concentrated on pleasuring her ass.

"Oh sweet cheeks, Mama is going to cum. Don't stop!"

She took her free hand and pushed my head hard against her ass. I felt the squishiness of her vagina against my nose so I started shaking my head so my nose was added to this messy mix.

"Fuck!!" Abby started cumming and my nose and mouth were saturated with her wetness. I kept licking her ass until she was too sensitive to continue and pushed my head away.

Abby took a moment to catch her breath. "Sweet cheeks. You get an "A" for pussy and ass licking. I'm sure that Master Duncan will be pleased."

I was pleased as well. I felt completely uninhibited here and embraced my emerging submissive streak. I wanted to see how far my desire for submission would go. I was sure Mistress Victoria and Abby were going to help me find out.

Mistress Victoria strode into the room with her braided ponytail swinging back and forth with each stride. She was nude, but for a strap on with what looked like an 8 inch penis and thigh high leather boots with 4 inch stiletto heels. Her nicely rounded C cup breasts jutted out with no support. Her pussy was shaved. She looked magnificent and radiated confidence.

Abby left the room momentarily and returned with my black pumps. She tossed them to me and I put them on.

Mistress Victoria said something that was sweet music to my ears. "Slut Jessie, tell Master Duncan good morning."

Of course, we were in Chapter 5 of "Jessie Submits to Her New Master." This was the story that precipitated this whole chain of events. It was fitting we were starting with this story first. I remembered the first set of exchanges with NoQuarter. When I asked him (her) what I was to do with the realization that I was a submissive he (she) said "Love it and live it." We were now living it. I was ecstatic! I was Jessie!

"Good morning Master Duncan." My voice trembled with true anticipation.

Master Duncan led me to the St. Andrew's cross. I wobbled a bit as it took me a moment to adjust to walking in my heels. He fastened my wrists and ankles to the cross. I had never been bound before. I loved the sensation of helplessness as I tugged on my bonds. I loved the way my heels stretched out my body.

Holding her phone in her hand Abby read aloud from my story:

I picked up my riding crop and traced a line from her neck to her shoulders and down the small of her back. She shuddered, with goosebumps rising on her arms and legs. I lowered the crop to her inner thigh, and then swept it upwards to capture the moisture from her clean shaven pussy and massage those viscous fluids against her inflamed clit. Her inner thighs were now beginning to subtly tremble.

Master Duncan approached me with a riding crop I felt the tip of the crop run across my back. My description was spot on. There were goosebumps on my body. Ohhh. The crop was such a sensual tease. He then took the crop and dipped it into my pussy. It was wet and when he ran the slick tip of the crop against my clit it sent a jolt of pleasure through my body. Jessie and I were soulmates.

I did start to tremble in anticipation of the crop. Other than the teasing of my breasts with a riding crop by Mistress Victoria the last time we met I had never been the subject of true corporal punishment. Master Duncan brandished the crop with clear expertise as he swished it near my ear to tell me that he meant business. The business end of it then hit my left shoulder.

"Fuck!!" That did smart. I wasn't sure that pain was all that it was cracked up to be in my stories. It just hurt. There was no pleasure to be had. Master Duncan paced back and forth behind me to allow the full effects of the first swat to sink in. I knew in my story that the crop dotted Jessie's back. That meant up to a dozen more blows.

Just as the pain was starting to fade . . . SWACK!

"Shit!" My right shoulder was now stinging. I was starting to regret my authorship of "Jessie Submits to Her New Master." I was now starting to think that Jessie was a deranged slut. Who would sign up for this?

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