tagFetishNo Regrets Ch. 03

No Regrets Ch. 03


That night in bed, Alex scooted over next to me and spooned in right behind my body – reaching over me to cup one of my tiny breasts in his hand while he pushed his hips up against mine.

"Can I ask you something?" Alex asked softly.

I reached up to press his hand lovingly against my breast. "Uh huh." I answered.

"Would you really want to do that stuff you were fantasizing about?" He asked. "You know, with Deb and Dale?"

"Are you asking hypothetically?" I replied. "Or, do you mean for real?"

"For real, I guess." Alex said.

I rolled over to face him and reached for his hand to put it back on my breast. Then, pausing for just a few seconds, I answered him.

"I'm not interested in any other man, if that's what you're asking, Sweetheart." I began. "But, I'd be okay having a little fun with them as long as we both wanted it and we did it together. You know, as a couple."

I went on to tell him I could see the longing in Deb's eyes when he was masturbating in front of her the other night in the hot tub. The way she watched him and encouraged him to stroke himself made it apparent to me she was definitely interested in his cock. Then I told him how I noticed Dale looking at him, too, and he seemed to be just an interested as Deb was.

"There's no question in my mind at all, Sweetheart." I added. "They were both turned on watching you jack off. I'm absolutely sure of it."

I kept on, carefully laying more groundwork for the secret plan Deb and I were scheming. I told him the more I thought about it, the more obvious it was that they both wanted him. I reminded him about all the bisexual stories he told me from his past, and then, it wasn't long before I put two and two together and started thinking about seeing him and Deb, and, him and Dale together. I don't think he was shocked because I've told him numerous times how much I'd love to watch him with another man. So in a way, it was all very plausible. Logically, the way I explained it, it all made perfect sense.

"Think about it, Sweetheart. Guys like the idea of watching two girls together." I added, matter-of-factly. "Is it that hard for you to believe I'd enjoy watching two guys touching and sucking each other?"

"Yeah, I get what you're saying." He answered. "But, where did you come up with the idea of letting Dale get inside your ass?"

"It was just a fantasy, Sweetheart." I replied. "I like it when you're in me back there, but, let's face it, you're pretty big and I'm kind of small. I figure the odds of him being smaller than you are pretty good, so..... you know....."

"And you were thinking if he had a smaller cock, he could fuck your butt more comfortably? Like, while I fucked his wife?" Alex asked. "Is that it? Everybody fucking each other?"

"I guess so," I answered, "but, not at the same time. I actually think it would be more fun to watch each other. You know...... you and Dale, and then you and Deb. Then, let you guys watch Dale and me."

I told him I wasn't exactly sure I'd want another man in my pussy. "I think that's entirely up to you." I said. "But, I honestly wouldn't mind seeing how a smaller cock felt in my bottom."

I let my words sink in for a few moments and then I straight out asked him if he could see himself playing with Dale's cock and sucking him. When he didn't answer for a few seconds, I reached down between us to feel for his cock and found his cock was hard. Gently, I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and told him he could be honest with me.

"If I was absolutely sure you wouldn't ever hold it over my head, and, it would never come back to haunt me, then yes." Alex answered. "I think I probably could."

"What if I told you it would never change the way I feel about you, Sweetheart? I asked. "Would that help?"

I started to tenderly pull on his cock as we lay there, close together in the darkness of our bedroom. I moved a little closer to him and started giving him little kisses on his shoulder and up and down his arm.

"You'd really like to see me playing with him and sucking on him?" Alex asked. "Sally, you have to tell me the truth now."

I spent the next five minutes being as honest and as convincing as I possibly could. In all the times I've told him this, maybe he never really listened to me, or maybe he thought I was kidding. But, I didn't leave any question in his mind this time. I made it crystal clear that I'd very much enjoy seeing him and Dale do things to each other. In fact, I told him even if he did it just to please me, I'd accept it as a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

At that point, I felt like I'd given him enough to think about. Between the things I said to him earlier when he spanked me, and what we'd just talked about, there couldn't be any doubt in his mind that I wanted to see him and Dale together, and I was fine with him and Deb sucking and fucking, too.

The next morning, I called Deb to see if she'd made any progress on our plan with Dale. I told her Alex and I talked about the possibilities of a four way together with her and Dale, and how Alex seemed to be okay with the idea of it.

"Yeah," Deb agreed, laughing, "I talked to Dale last night, too, and he's chomping at the bit to see Alex's big penis pumping away inside me. But, I didn't agree or commit to anything, Sally."

"Did he say anything about what he'd like to do with Alex?" I asked.

Deb went into detail, telling me everything Dale told her. I was elated to hear that Dale wanted to have full and equal access to my fiancé's cock as part of Alex and Deb being together. As she explained it, Dale saw it more of a three-way, with the three of them equally touching and playing with each other, even while Alex was fucking Deb.

"I think Dale's biggest fear is that he doesn't want Alex to think he's gay." Deb added. "Believe me, he's not. So, as long as either you or I are involved in whatever they do together, I think he'll be comfortable doing everything he's been dreaming about."

I understood exactly what Deb meant, and I know Alex probably had a little bit of the same hesitation. It's much easier for girls to be together because there's not much stigma attached to it. But, guys are funny about stuff like that. Their pride and need to appear macho all the time keeps them from doing things they might actually like. Fortunately for me, though, Alex had already had a couple of bisexual experiences in his life and honestly enjoyed them. But, if either Dale or Alex needed Deb or me to play along with them so they wouldn't seem blatantly gay to each other that was fine with me. Believe me, I'd be more than happy to play along side the two guys – to gently lead them and help them along. And, the more I thought it, the more I thought it was the perfect way to go.

"It sounds like we're off to a good start." I said to Deb. "You keep working on Dale and I'll keep working on Alex. Let's check in with each other at the end of the week to see where we're at."

As I hung up, I smiled to myself knowing our grand scheme was actually coming together. Both Dale and Alex seemed to be interested and willing to talk about it, so, all Deb and I needed to do was keep them talking and keep them thinking until one of them said they definitely wanted to do something.

I let Alex be the one to bring it up the next three days and he did exactly that. He brought it up constantly, throwing out 'for instance' situations and asking me what I thought about them. Each time, I'd agree or encourage him as long as it moved us toward the goal Deb and I wanted. I was extremely clear about two things, though.

First, I was intentional about using explicit words like, "sucking his cock" and "him sucking your cock". I felt it was important for me to keep putting that idea forward as an expectation and an eventual happening.

Secondly, I kept reinforcing the understanding that whatever happened between the four of us, none of it would affect our relationship as a couple. Anything we did would be just for fun, and as such, he had my complete permission to do whatever he wanted to do with Deb, and of course, Dale.

On Friday, I woke him up early by sucking his morning erection slowly, and slobbering all over his cock just the way he likes me to do. I looked up into his eyes as I sucked him, stopping to smile at him and then drawing his cock back into my mouth and sucking him some more. I kept his shaft wet as I skimmed my little hands up and down his hardness while I sucked around the crown of his cock ever so slowly, trying my best to drive him to the brink of orgasm.

"Is this how you're gonna suck Dale's cock?" I asked him, pulling his erection from between my lips. "Or, are you going to take it all in your mouth at one time?" I looked up at him and we both snickered. I'm sure he didn't know it, but I said it just that way so he'd have the confidence, and feel empowered to do it, when the time came.

After Alex left for work that morning, I called Deb. She was absolutely beside herself, giddy with news and excitement. Apparently, they'd done some role playing the night before where Dale used one of Deb's lifelike dildos on her. Dale took great pleasure pushing it in and out of her vagina while they pretended it was Alex's cock. He'd push the dildo deep into her vagina and then pull it out of her and suck the dildo all the way into his mouth. Dale made a big show of it, cleaning off all her juices and then he'd push it back inside her again, fuck her with it, and then pull it out and suck it. Deb said it was amazingly hot and now, more than ever, she was eager to see her what her husband was willing to do if the boys got together.

When Alex got home after work, I met him at the door and smothered him with kisses and handed him a cold beer. He helped me make dinner and once we'd eaten and cleaned the kitchen up, we wandered back to our bedroom and he helped me change the sheets on the bed and gather up the laundry. As we snuggled next to each other that night, he asked me if I'd shave my pussy smooth while he was out golfing the next day with Dale, and of course, I said I would. I do try to keep it shaved, but, with a few days of growth down there, I think it was a little prickly, so I didn't think much about his request.

I got up early with him Saturday morning, dressed only in the same pair of bikini panties I wore the day before, and to bed last night. I took great pains to show my panties off that morning – bending and stretching in front of him so he could see between my legs. I knew he'd end up getting hard and maybe his arousal would carry over while he drove to Dale's house to pick him up for golfing.

After he left our apartment, I decided to try to get some laundry done and clean the kitchen. I got careless and spilled a whole bottle of cooking oil on the kitchen floor and ended up spending a good three hours cleaning that mess up and mopping the floor, twice. I hadn't even taken my shower when Alex returned from his golf game.

"Honey......" He called out loudly, as he walked in. "Deb and Dale invited us over for dinner. Is that okay?"

It was only three in the afternoon, but he said we were invited to go over early, hang out for a while, and then have dinner.

"I guess that's fine." I answered, thinking it would give me a chance to check in with Deb about our plan. "I still need to get in the tub, shave up and wash my hair. Is that alright?"

"That's fine." He replied. "I need to shower, too, so we can just go once you're ready."

That being said, I went into the hall bathroom to get in the tub and get started. I heard Alex turn the water on in the other bathroom for his shower and then went to work shaving my pussy, my pits and my legs. As I was washing my hair, I wondered if Alex and Dale said anything to each other about the four-way we'd been talking about.

When I got out of the bathroom, I walked naked into the bedroom with a towel around my head to find Alex looking through my lingerie drawer.

"Where's that yellow bra and panty set you have?" Alex asked, looking up at me.

He was referring to the sheer mesh bra and panties I bought a year or so back. We'd seen them at a store and he begged me to get them. They were really sheer, and I mean completely sheer. The panties were completely see-through, only having a very small piece of cotton material in the crotch and the bra was nothing but see through mesh material and elastic straps.

I helped him find them, and told him with a smile I'd wear them tonight. He gave me an appreciative look as I laid them on the bed and went into the bathroom to dry my hair. When I was done, I went out to the bedroom to discover Alex had laid one of my shortest skirts on the bed next to the lingerie he wanted me to wear. The skirt wasn't indecently short, but, it was short. I had a nice top I could wear with it, so without bothering to question or argue, I got dressed and found Alex in the kitchen waiting for me.

"Damn." He said, looking up at me. "You look pretty hot."

"Is the skirt too short?" I asked. "Should I change into something else?"

"Hell no! That's perfect." He said, walking over to hug me and run his hand up the front of my legs and directly into my crotch. "Maybe you should leave the panties at home."

"Not with a skirt this short!" I said, giggling. "I don't think Deb would appreciate that."

"Yeah, you're probably right." He chuckled back. "I bet Dale would, though."

As we drove, Alex kept his hand on my thigh, gently caressing my smooth skin and occasionally creeping his hand up my leg until his fingers were touching the skimpy panties under my short skirt. I spread my legs a little to let him have his fun, and when I did, he took advantage of the opportunity by stroking up and down my freshly shaven pussy lips and grinning over at me.

We made small talk as he drove, and before I knew it, we were pulling up into Deb's drive way and shutting off the car. When Deb opened the front door for us, I was gratified to see she was wearing a skirt, too – a short one. Not nearly as short as mine was, but, short enough to be called short. I wondered if the boys put their heads together while they were golfing and decided on short skirts for both of us. And, for that matter, I had to wonder if Deb had sexy lingerie on, too.

Dale came down their stairs as we stood in their entry way, gave Alex a slap on the back and did the fist bump with him. Seeing them act like this made an impression on me, especially knowing they'd eventually be touching each other's erect cock and perhaps even sucking them.

"I got the roast started late." Deb said, as we all followed her into their kitchen. "So, we'll probably have dinner later than we planned..... probably gonna be at least a couple of hours."

"That's fine." I answered. "We're not in any hurry. Maybe Dale can make some of his famous margaritas."

"Oh, you better be careful there!" Dale chimed in. "I'll make some, but, remember what happened the last time we had margaritas!"

We all laughed and I saw Deb glance over at me. I gave her a knowing smile and she nodded back to me. We lingered in their kitchen; Alex went over to watch Dale make his margaritas and I wandered over next to Deb and leaned against the counter with her as we watched the guys. Once I was sure the guys were totally consumed in the engineering of the margaritas, I leaned over to Deb and asked her if Dale had said any more about the four-way.

"It's the only thing he's been talking about." Deb whispered.

I looked up at Deb with a serious look on my face and asked, "You think they're ready to talk about it with all of us together?"

Deb's eyes shot open and we looked at each other. She started to giggle, and then we both cracked up, laughing out loud so hard the boys turned to see what we were laughing at. If only they knew......

Once Dale had poured up the margaritas, Deb suggested we relax in their living room, so we all followed her in there. Deb and Dale sat on their couch and Alex and I sat on a love seat across from them. I saw Dale's eyes try to look up my skirt when I sat down, but, I think I crossed my legs quick enough so he didn't see anything.

We had some chit-chat for a few minutes, but, when the discussion died down for a moment, Alex cleared his throat and began to speak.

"Look," he began, "since we've got some time before dinner will be ready, maybe this is a good time for me to bring this up......"

We all turned to look at Alex. I had no idea what he was going to say, but as I looked at Deb, I think we both hoped he might be getting ready to say something about the four-way.

"Last Monday," Alex said, "we had a bit of a problem at the apartment stemming from what happened in the hot tub the last time we were here."

"A problem?" Dale asked. "Don't tell me you guys had a fight over something as silly as that."

"No," Alex answered, "but, I think Sally ought to explain exactly what happened. She owes the two of you an apology."

I was immediately taken by surprise, and I turned to give Alex a firm look. Everyone was looking at me, waiting for me to say something.

"Uh.... it was nothing, really." I stammered, trying to pass it off. "Don't worry about it."

"Sally." Alex said. "I want you tell them the whole story - why you were punished and then apologize for involving them."

"Involving us?" Deb asked. "In what?"

I leaned over to Alex and whispered to him, "What are you doing?"

Alex leaned away and crossed his arms over his chest. "Sally, I'm not kidding." He said. "I want you to explain to them what you did, why you were punished and tell them you're sorry."

I could feel myself starting to blush as Deb and Dale looked right at me. I make it a point never to argue with Alex, especially in front of others, but, I couldn't do what he was asking. I just couldn't. It would be way too embarrassing for me.

"Do the right thing and tell them what you did so I can finish your punishment." Alex said to me. "Then, we'll have our dinner and it'll be over and done with."

"Please, Alex." I said, trying to act calm. "We can discuss this when we get home."

"No, we can't." He answered. "You agreed that I could finish your spanking anytime I wanted. That was the deal we made."

"Sweetheart, please." I begged, turning my body toward him and reaching out to grasp his hand. "You can't be serious. Not here. Not in front of them."

"Sally, I'm not going to ask you again." Alex replied. "Please do as I've asked, or, it'll be much worse. You gave me your word you'd cooperate when the time came, remember?"

"Yes, yes, I remember." I said, panicking. "But, I was talking about at home.... at our apartment. Not here."

Alex sat there with a solemn look on his face and didn't say a word. After a second, he uncrossed his arms, looked at his watch and then at me. I knew I had to do something quick – I was running out of time.

"Alright." I said, turning to face Deb and Dale. "I guess I do probably owe you an apology. You've been so gracious to us..... had us over for dinner and Dale's been a good friend to Alex, and I do feel bad about this......."

"After what happened in the hot tub," I continued, "with my top coming off and Alex, you know...... masturbating in front of you, my imagination got the best of me and I started fantasizing thinking about all that."

"It's kind of funny, actually." I went on, adding in a little laugh hoping it would lighten things up. "I started thinking about the look Deb had on her face when Alex was masturbating in front of her, and I started fantasizing that she wanted to reach out and feel Alex's penis...... and then have sex with him. That's all."

I was hoping Deb and Dale would laugh, but, they were sitting across from me with the look of complete and utter shock on their faces. I sort of expected Deb to jump in right here to help me out, but she didn't make a move or say a word.

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