No Satisfaction


Greg stroked for a few minutes. The squeaky sound of the condom mixed with the wet sounds from her juices. From her looks, there was no pain, but she didn't seem too into it.

"Ohhh..." Donna moaned. Both of them froze.

"Oh, wow," Greg gasped. I could see him quivering as he held still. Then he gave a couple of slow pumps.

Donna moaned louder and pulled at him.

Greg froze again and then quickly pulled out. I moved a little and saw that the condom had torn.

Whoa. Greg had been in there, cock deep inside my wife with no condom.

"Uh, I'll get another," I said as I turned.

"Yeah," Greg sounded out of breath.

"No, I think it's okay," Donna said.

I turned.

"We should be okay." She nodded at me to reassure me about her fertility time frame.

"Oh," I muttered. "Okay.

Greg smiled at Donna and got back between her legs. Once again, as he touched his cock to my wife's pussy, my cock twitched and oozed sperm all over the place. Donna was looking up at Greg and smiling. She appeared to like it. Her wide-open legs were an invitation.

This time, when Greg pushed his cock slowly into my wife, all three of us moaned. I watched him push all the way in and then tilt his hips forward so that his balls pressed against Donna's scrawny little ass. He was all the way in!

Do you know how much I envied him at that moment?

Donna gasped several times and finally let her passion escape. "Ohhhhhh..."

Greg slowly slid out and then back in with a smooth stroke. "Wow, you feel incredible!"

Donna couldn't answer. She quivered and her eyes were as big as I've ever seen them. She was whispering something.

I got close to hear. The look on her face was shock.

As Greg fucked my wife, as his cock slipped easily and smoothly in and out of her pussy, she whispered and gasped. "Ohmygosh... unnhh... it's... so wonderful... it's wonderful.... I can't... believe this... ohhhh..... it's perfect...."

My cock twitched and I wiped more ooze from it. But it felt so good that I kept handling it. I smeared it around and stroked myself as my wife got fucked in front of me. I was so proud of her and felt so happy that it was going so well. If only I could make her feel this good.

"I can't believe how good this feels..." Greg said in wonder.

Greg's pumping changed pace and angle. Within a few minutes, Donna was arching her back in orgasm. I had to stop touching myself. Seeing her lose it like this was exhilarating. She looked so sexy underneath him.

"Oh, yes! Oh my gosh, yes! Ohhh yes!" Tears ran down her cheeks.

Greg's cock became a blur after that as he plowed into my wife. He was doing something I couldn't do - he was ramming her. Tip to root, not hard, but forceful. Donna loved it. For once, I saw her love getting fucked. My own cock twitched in warning and I wasn't even touching it. When Greg buried his cock to his balls and started jerking as he squirted his sperm into Donna's pussy, my cock gave one tremendous twitch and spewed a long rope of sperm.

Donna's mouth was open and her eyes closed, her body moving to Greg's pumps. She saw neither of us. She had let go and allowed her body to take over. The tears were slowing and she quivered with each squirt of sperm Greg jerked into her.

When he finally pulled out, I could see his sperm oozing out of my wife's pussy. I moved up and took his place. For a moment, Donna looked like she would shake her head no, but she just closed her eyes again. I placed my hard cock at her entrance and pushed slowly. Greg's sperm was a fantastic lubricant. With only a small grimace from Donna, I slid my length most of the way into her. His hot sperm and her juices mingled to make sex with her almost pain-free. Far better than any over-the-counter lube.

I lasted all of a few seconds. Pumping my cock into my freshly fucked wife with his sperm still running out of her sent me over the edge. I gently sank my cock in as far as I could and let the sperm rip out of me to mix with Greg's inside of her.

The aftermath of the first time was a mixture of exclamations of wonder and nervous laughter that it had all gone so well. I had thought I would have different emotions like fear, but in the afterglow, I was feeling no pain.

Donna didn't say anything immediately after. No, it was me that talked about how great it had been. I think Donna didn't want to admit to it being so good for fear of hurting me. I could see her thinking, though, and I knew that I'd want her to continue being happy. So, my next plan was to see if Greg would want to repeat and where that all might head.

That is in Chapter 2.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/09/18

What he should have learned from Greg is technique to make love to his wife no just try and fuck her dry, then if he gets her juices flowing 8 inches wouldn't be any problem.

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by Anonymous06/21/17

One star for not finishing!

2005 had you saying there would be a part 2. 12 years later and nothing.
1 star!

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