tagIncest/TabooNo Shit There I Was

No Shit There I Was


Taking small sips at a bottle of lukewarm water, I debated pouring some of it on my chest to wash away the layer of sweat and ash. I looked past the thin, clear plastic to my sister, who had her own coating of glistening sweat. Her body was hard, tight muscles and taut, rippling power barely contained by her bronze tanned skin. Her hair was pulled back out of her eyes and there was a continual drip of sweat from the tip of her long braid. It swung with her every motion.

The anvil sang a bell ringers song under her hammer.

The long knife blade, cable Damascus with a deep fuller and a full tang, was taking final shape under her skilled hands and by the strength of her arm. She glanced up at me as she lifted the glowing blade from the anvil, in the tongs and nodded.

Reaching up, I caught the rope that leads to our double bellows in the loft above. The forge fires roared up as I pulled down. I eased back into my steady rhythm and the charcoal fires climbed out the bed of coals and up the smoke-blackened metal hood. I watched with a craftsman's eye as she heated the knife blade. Her focus was absolute. At the very second, I would have, she pulled it from the fire. The steel came up out the coals a cherry red with hints of little firefly sparks spitting from the thin tip. She turned and plunged it into the heated salt-water barrel. A thick cloud of steam rose and a loud "thwap" sounded as hot metal touched the water. I knew she was counting in her head. She pulled it from the water only a second later than I would have, but then maybe she was counting slower than I was.

"Looked good," I told her, keeping the rhythm on the rope going. She nodded slightly. She went back to the fire and pulled out her second blade. Bowie style; also patterned Damascus steel. Her eyes watching the straw to red color along the edge closely, then she went to the oil pan and with a hiss, some fire and a belch of smoke another knife was born.

Letting go of the rope the fires began to die down as I watched her. She was inspecting both blades over in the light.

"Looked good, sis."

She smiled, nodded, then sighed and glanced around at the shop.

"Go on. I'll shut down." I grinned at her surprise. "You earned it. Want me to bring these two blades along for you to work on this week?"

She laughed and rolled her eyes. "Yeah. In all my spare time."

We laughed together then I watched her as she hung up her leather apron. The ripple of muscle along her back and shoulders showed through her sweat-soaked shirt. When she turned her nipples were standing out from her breasts, twin hard points. I watched the corded muscles move as she put away her hammer. Three years of beating iron, a part-time job as a fitness instructor, and a somewhat peculiar diet had left my sister ... hell, both of us really with bodies Bowflex couldn't make.

She turned slightly, her eyes catching mine. I saw her grin that I was watching.

As she walked past me-in a sultry sensual strut-my eyes went down her body to the spark-scared brown leather work pants that clung to her powerful thighs and calves. She met my eyes as I looked back up.

Moving faster than a snake her hand went to the back of my head and caught the top of my own long braid. She pulled me into a hard hot kiss. Her lips easily hotter than the forge. She lightly scratched me as she let go and walked away. Hips twitching.

I grinned watching her ass, fingering the scratch on my neck.

I could already see the transformation already beginning. For us both the mundane world was about to fall away again

We were going to war!

** ** ** ** ** ** **

Muttering under my breath, I cranked down the trailer onto the ball hitch at the back of my van. The tarps were tight; the propane tanks were full. We were good to go. If my sister would just get her procrastinating ass in gear

"Stop your griping I'm here." Walking up behind me, she stuffed one last bag into the horribly overcrowded van.

"I didn't say anything," I told her, locking down the hitch.

"You didn't have to." She closed the passenger door with a hard pop.

Sighing, shaking my head, I opened my door and climbed up inside. "Good then I don't have to waste my time talking to my damn kid sister."

She reached over, and when I reached to close my door, she punched my arm hard enough to bruise.

"Oww! Bitch!"


Cranking the van, I paused before putting it into gear. I looked over at her, but as I opened my mouth she spoke.

"Yes before you ask, everything is locked up tight. Now can we go for god's sake?" She rolled he eyes, exasperated.

"You're sure?"

"Oh, for the love of the goddess, Michel! We have been doing this for ten years. I know how to lock up the damn house! Now ... DRIVE!"

Accepting that, I put it into gear. The van took up the trailer's weight and we were off.

Headed to war.

** ** ** ** ** ** **

To be specific, Gulf Wars in Lumberton Mississippi. My sister and I are merchants in the SCA, the Society of Creative Anachronisms. We sell swords, knives, leather goods and a few other things. We have been doing this together for about ten years now. Well, as merchants anyway. We both went for several years before that just to camp.

Strange thing the mundane world is to me now. I don't spend more time in it than I have to. Sometimes it doesn't feel real. Most of the times, I don't even think of myself anymore as Michel Shaw, certified welder.

I know my sister feels the same way. She's not Tina Shaw, a part-time fitness instructor at a local gym.


I'm 'Jak o' the Blade or-according to some of the ladies on site- 'Jak the Cute Butt Sword Guy.'


She's Kathrin the Hammer or-according to some of the guys on site-'Kat of the Nice Tail.' What? I can't help it; we both have nice asses. It's the Shaw genetics.

Now, Michel and Tina are brother and sister. We argue all the time like any pair of siblings.

Jak and Kathrin? Well, they're husband and wife. With all that entails.

** ** ** ** ** ** **

When I was twenty and my sister eighteen our aunt-the woman who raised us after our parents died-talked me into taking my "little sister" to an SCA event with me.

It was to be the second big event that I had attended. A year earlier I had been dragged to the monster of all SCA events Pennsics with some friends in August. I returned from that bruised, sore, dirty, broken ... and that was just my cock! I was absurdly in love with every part of the whole Society. I drove myself to every "little" event within a ten hour drive of the house.

Gulf Wars that year was my second big war, and I had to have my little sister tagging along for the trip.

We fought all the way to the edge of town about everything you could think of. Then she fell asleep. She slept the rest of the trip all the way to the Lumberton exit. She's like that. Get her in a car and she's out after about three miles.

As I pulled into Kings Arrow she woke up looking around confused. I walked the zombie threw trolling in and we went looking for my friends. When I pulled the van up outside camp I heard my name being yelled.


It was hugs all around and I soon had a small army of people to help me unload and set up. I turned around twice and Tina was gone.

One of the housemothers had taken her in hand and they were off to the merchant's row to shop for clothes. I caught a glimpse of her for a second as I came walking back through after parking the van in the back of beyond. After that, it was very late that night before I saw her again.

And I didn't know her then.

I was at a Hofla, a huge party, and to say that I was drunk is ... laughable. Truth was I had enough mead in me to float a Viking long boat. To me the world was a beautiful place full of rhythmic drumming, belly dancers, and flirty people. Life was good.

I had gotten up with some notion that a mug half empty is a mug needing to be filled and I was stumbling when a belly dancer had caught me. Of course I wasn't really expecting her to be there, so I kind of wobbled a bit before I caught my balance. Looking down at her, the smoke from the fire was making my eyes a little out of focus. She looked up at me and chuckled.

"Pardon me, most beautiful lady. The ground is a bit uneven here in this camp. Allow me the pleasure of an introduction. I am Jak o' the Blade.'

She laughed again then straightened up and nodded her head at me. "And a pleasure it is to meet you, my lord. I am called Kathrin." Her voice was throaty and beautiful.

"I saw you dancing earlier, you are very good. You move well." I looked down her, She was dress in blowsy clothes reigned in with coin belts. They, and the bracelets on her wrists, jingled as she moved. In the firelight, I saw that her hands and around her eyes were covered in large Henna designs. This lent the air of the Orient to her.

God, she was sexy as hell.

I saw her blush under my scrutiny then chuckled. "Could you show me to the tent? I can't find the camp by myself."

I looked at her for a second a bit taken aback, but then I shrugged. Well, okay. That is a bit quicker than normal for me, but...okay.

"I would be delighted to show you to bed dear lady, but you will have to aid in keeping my feet pointed the right way. I'm afraid this sweet brew may have gotten a bit too me."

She shook her head and giggled. Damn she has a nice laugh. Taking my arm she guided me out the Hofla and I got us pointed the right way down the King's Highway. Trying my best to steady her we managed a stumbling parody of a walk. The poor Lass her feet must be killing her from all that dancing. Oh well, I would see to it she kept them elevated for the rest of the night.

After a bit, we passed out of the torchlight. The sounds of war were all around us, but all I could hear were our feet on the road.

"A pause for the moment if you please my lady." I turned to her I could just make out her silhouette in the near total dark. I felt the world move under my feet. Damn, who would have thought earthquakes in south Mississippi.

She caught me again with that throaty laugh.

I silenced it with my lips. She was startled and tried to pull back, but my arms were tight about her. I held her to me as ever so slowly I felt her start kissing me back. A very long time passed there in the dark, kissing. My hands could feel the soft warmth of her through the light clothing she wore.

Someone approached and for a second, in the light of their candle lantern I saw her face. Her eyes held a startled look. Her lips twitched into a strange smile then the light was gone and we were in even darker dark. I felt her hand near mine then the mug I had forgotten I was carrying was taken away. I heard her drinking. I had seen her site token for a second. She shouldn't be drinking but there was only about half a mug left.

"If I may have your arm again, Kathrin you said?" she placed her hand onto my arm and we made our way to my camp.

It was quite. Everyone either at the party I had left or at another party somewhere on the site. I opened the flap on the tent and let her walk inside ahead of me. I turned and closed it back. When I turned to her a half step brought me to her lips. With a half stumble, we fell onto my bed. The soft furs pillowing the fall. The soft hairs brushing our skin.

"We -"

She didn't speak to me again after that one word. We didn't seem to have need of words. Far better uses for tongues than forming words. As I slowly began to sober up a little I noticed small things. How smooth her skin was. How sweet the perfume she wore was. It was a deep musk I had never smelled before. It suited her well. At first, I wasn't as gentle as I normally am with a woman the first time we are together. It didn't seem to matter; she was quickly meeting me thrust for thrust!

Long into that night, I made love to this delightful creature. She was by far the best in bed I had ever had although I could tell she was very young. I forgot her name, hell most of the night I would have forgotten my own except that she would whisper it to me as she lay shuddering through the end of yet another orgasm.

My last thought, just after I had cum for a miraculous third time, was "When had I told her my mundane name?" I fell asleep holding her naked body next to mine.

And when I woke to the growing light of dawn that it was my sister's naked body I was holding ... well, that kind of changed my life forever.

On site.

When she got me to calm down from the hysterics I'd gone into she explained it in a way that showed me I had never really paid attention to how intelligent my sister was. In a way, she's almost like the older of us. Tina told me that quite obviously she had not had sex with Michel. He's her brother.

She had been fucking Jak o' the Blade.

And Jak?

Well, just as obviously he had been with Kathrin the belly dancer.

And so it began. On the site, we were Jak and Kathrin, party goers, fighters, merchants, and handfasted lovers. Off-site, we were Michel and Tina, brother and sister.

And those four people never meet in the mundane world!

** ** ** ** ** ** **

I pulled us into King's Arrow after eight long hours behind the wheel. It was late Thursday afternoon. Hell, soon to be Thursday night. Only merchants were getting in at this time. We paid our merchant's site fee and headed towards the Row.

Driving up onto my marked off plot of land, I unhooked the trailer. The tent and all of its poles were carried on it. The tent also attaches to one side of it. When everything is fully set up our trailer is inside the tent, partitioned off from the front. We use it as our bed platform. It sleeps comfortably, will stand up to Klingon sex and holds down the tent very well.

As we were unloading the van into the tent several of the other merchants dropped by to say hello or offer to help with the Rubbermaid's. I watched with a grin as one old fellow tried to talk Tina into a "druid massage" for the second time. He had gotten her real good once years ago.

I set up the folding tables and got our four big gas lanterns out their wooden travel box. Hanging them up from the tent poles, I hooked up the gas lines from the propane tank that stored under the table by the door. Night coming on, I lit one of them as the darkness fell amazingly quick. The other lights were for the coming week, to display our goods, when we stay open late.

Wondering why it had gotten so quiet, I turned towards the back of the tent to see if my sister had gotten the bed set up yet.

Kathrin the Hammer had me by the throat. She looked me over like I was a slug.

"What a pathetic excuse for a man."

She pushed me backward away from her. I tripped and sat down on my foot locker trunk. The one 'Jak' travels in.

"Try looking in there, little man. You might find a spine among my husband's clothes." She walked away her leather-encased hips swinging. From her belt hung a white fox tail. Damn Kathrin has a great ass!

I got up and threw open the locks to my trunk. The smell of cedar and leather greeted me like an old friend. I began to shed the mundane world like my discarded street clothes.

Leather pants, originally black now a worn soft gray, and my tall boots with the cuff that turns down around my knees. They slide on with a crinkling sound. Inside the trunk is a folded collection of shirts but for now, I grabbed up just the vest. Leather like the pants a faded dark gray. I slipped my vambraces onto my forearms. Grabbing a bottle from the small bag inside, I oiled down my long black hair. I tied it with a silver clip at the back and added the silver ring to my ear.

"Michel" faded to memory.

"Jak" was at war.

Now to go find my wife before that 'tail' got her into trouble. Although except for the few of us, the site really wasn't open yet. Maybe only a few hundred people all told. But by this time next week that number would be five thousand plus.

I found her in the tent of a friend of ours looking at a red corset that had just come out a Rubbermaid. I stepped into his tent and caught her by the back of her head. My fingers holding where the top of her braid began. I pulled her around our lips meeting in a fierce kiss.

She kissed me back for a second then pulled away scraping my bottom lip with her teeth.

"About time you got here. There was this pitiful little man in our tent earlier. I thought I might have to bed him tonight. The effort would probably have killed him." She smirked.

"Well, don't worry about him. I chased him away. Besides the only one bedding you is going to be me." I told her grinning.

"Oh, really?"

I grabbed her belt and pulled her towards me to kiss her again. Just as our lips would have met I felt cold steel pressed against the side of my face! I cut my eyes toward the knife I saw there.

"Hey, you two. No murder in my tent." I looked at our friend as he came into the tent through the side opening, carrying a large box. The man still looked like a biker and a silver back gorilla had been merged together. He sat down the box and walked over beside us. "Takes too long to dig a hole for bodies."

Laughing Kathrin put back down his knife that she had grabbed it up off his table. It was one of ours. He sells them for us for a commission. He goes to a lot more events than we do.

"How the hell have you been?" I asked taking his arm. Muscled as I am from the smithy work his arm still dwarfs mine. "You do any good this year?"

"Oh, I do good every year. For one day. Then I get to be wicked for three sixty-four." His smile showed out of his thick gray beard. "How about you two? Still keeping sane?"

He was one of the few in the world, mundane or not, that knew. He didn't have an opinion about us. Said it wasn't his business who does what to who in their own tent. And if we do it in his tent expect the pictures on the Internet by nightfall.

"We're still taking it one event at a time, old friend." I looked up and smiled as I saw his assistant come walking in. A true case of beauty and the beast, she was stunningly sexy. We got hugs from her and a promise from him to come see some of our new blades. We headed out to let him get done unpacking. He has a much bigger set up than Kathrin and I do. They would be half the night loading down tables with everything under the sun.

We use a van. He has a twenty-foot box truck with a sixteen-foot trailer.

When he turned down our offer of help, I pulled Kathrin in against my hip and we went looking for what we could find.

** ** ** ** ** ** **


Suppressing the desire to murder the next person who drove by our tent, I slowly woke up. People had been arriving all through the night. The road to the parking area passes by merchant's row so my tent was already full of road dust. I felt movement on the bed. I opened my eyes to find Kathrin moving to straddle my face. Hell of a way to wake up I'll tell you!

Now I'll tell you after a long day of packing, driving, setting up, unpacking, a quick shower with way too much cold water, and half a night drinking with friends, waking up to my wife's pussy is sweeter than honey wine! I licked at her inner lips as they kissed me good morning.

"Oh, Jak. Mmm ... yes, just like that."

I caught her clit between my teeth and sucked at it as it swelled. If I had been in the least bit homophobic I might have been disturbed by the size of her clit. It's not much smaller than my pinkie! She drove it between my lips. I pressed my tongue against it making her moan then caught one of her outer lips and sucked it clean of the sweet smokey juices. The stubble from where she had shaved the day before scratching at my face as she moved with purpose and I knew my lips would feel raw by the time she was through.

Can't say I cared.

Going lower I slipped my tongue as far up inside her as I could make it go. The inside was thick with honey like liquid that ran down my tongue and out onto my chin. She began to ride my face. Grinding herself against me. I had to catch a breath whenever I could, just licking everywhere and trying to hang onto her hips. She began to buck hard against my chin, driving her pussy into my face.

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