tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNo Smoking. Really!

No Smoking. Really!


"Mrs Barret!" The loud voice from above her caused Lana to drop her half smoked cigarette in surprise. She immediately recognized her boss's voice and her stomach clenched in fear. Oh crap, they must have installed a security camera in what she thought was the last safe place to smoke at Menner. The fear was because she knew what came next.

"Mrs Barret, report to my office. Immediately." The pretty 35 year old divorcee felt sick to her stomach as she climbed the steps to the office level. At the company meeting about abuse of the company's no tobacco policy it was made perfectly clear, one violation meant counseling, a formal warning placed in one's personnel file, and an offer of free smoking cessation treatment. Lana had had her first warning, but chose to ignore the smoking cessation treatment because she was finally trying to get back in the dating scene and was sure she'd gain too much weight if she quit smoking. She already felt heavy and unattractive next to all the twenty somethings out there.

Mr. Menner smiled as he sat in his office watching Lana's progress on the monitors. He was sort of hoping the first one would be one of the younger females, but Mrs. Barret would do just fine. He knew she really needed the job since her derelict husband had disappeared shortly after their divorce leaving her with no alimony. He was fairly certain she would submit to the punishment to keep her job. She just didn't know it was an option. Yet.

Lana opened the door to Mr. Menner's outer office and walked in. His secretary, Anna, looked at her with sympathy. She had helped Mr. Menner with the plans for the punishment alternative and knew about the choice Lana would have to make. She didn't say anything, merely motioned Lana to the inner door. The temperature in Mr. Menner's office was frosty, both temperature wise and attitude. It had to be 65 degrees in here Lana thought as her prominent nipples hardened and began to poke through the filmy bra she had chosen to wear with the low cut, black crepe top. The choice didn't seem quite so smart now.

Mr. Menner had his back turned talking on the phone, she caught the end of the conversation,"she's here now. Go to the locker room and wait, I'll let you know if your services are needed." Lana wasn't sure what that meant, but it seemed to involve her. Mr. Menner turned and studied her before speaking. He liked what he saw, a well built 35 year old brunette about 5'7" tall, not slender, but not heavy exactly. She carried a few extra pounds in her butt and thighs, but it was nicely balanced by her firm, high, full B cup boobs. He almost wished he could take the place of one of the Punishers. They were going to enjoy this.

Her dark blue eyes were starting to tear up, go ahead and cry, that wouldn't change anything. You'll likely be crying plenty later. "Well," he said smoothly,"what do you have to say for yourself, Mrs Barret."

Lana's stomach sank, the fact he used her last name was ominous. "Mr. Menner, I'm so sorry. Please don't fire me, I'll take the program to quit smoking, I'll do what ever I have to. I really need this job. Please, Please."

He loved that she begged. He smiled at her in a way that was menacing, "As luck would have it Mrs. Barret, I have recently designed a program for people like you that choose to ignore my policies."

"Oh thank god, I'll do it, just let me know...."

"Not so fast, perhaps you should hear what is involved before you volunteer."

Lana figured it involved more counseling, maybe extra work at the plant, she had no idea what it would actually be. "It doesn't matter, I'll do it, just tell me what it is."

"I'll do exactly that, then if you still want to go ahead you'll have to sign a release."

A release? Why would she need to sign a release? Maybe just legal in case she didn't complete the punishment they could still fire her. "Ok, tell me what I have to do." Her stomach started doing flips as he enumerated the steps in her punishment.

"You will proceed to the new punishment suite on this floor, suite 2011, in the entry area you will completely disrobe, then stand on the footprints painted on the floor facing the wall." Lana gulped, this sounded like it was going to be worse than she imagined. "Then two employees, two male employees in your case, who have volunteered and been trained for this duty will come and get you to take you into the punishment chamber. There you will be suitably restrained to receive your sentence. Your sentence is ten strokes well laid on. If you are able to keep from crying out your punishment will end there."

Lana was on the verge of crying but held it in,"and what if I can't?"

"Then the next phase is one of the attendants will ravish you vaginally, wearing a condom of course. If you redeem yourself by remaining silent then you are done."

"Again," she whispered as she felt like she was falling into a dark hole, "what if I can't?"

"Then you'll have to endure one final punishment, being ravished anally. No matter how you conduct yourself that will complete your punishment."

"And I keep my present job?"

"Yes, and the promotion you were to receive in two weeks." By the look on her face he knew he had her, the promotion was too much to resist.

Lana looked pensive, but finally said,"alright, I'll take the punishment. But who will it be doing it?"

"You won't know, they'll have hoods over their heads and a jump suit on so you won't see any body features."

"I guess that's better. So when will this happen?"

He took a file from the corner of his desk and slid a piece of paper toward her. "Sign this then go down the hall to 2011."

"Right now! Wait, I need more time to think about it!"

"Sorry, either sign this and submit now, or clean out your desk. I have to warn you if you leave there will be a strip search at security before you can be allowed to leave."

Lana felt like she was falling again, but mustered the resolve to step to his desk and pick up the pen to sign the release. She read it and saw that it spelled out everything he had just told her, they were really serious about this.

She was sobbing as she exited through the outer office, and turned down the hall. 2011 was at the very end, she remembered workman being here for a couple weeks and wondered what was being added. Unfortunately now she knew.

Anna poked her head into her bosses office,"Did she go for it?"

"Yes she did, do you want to watch with me?"

No one would ever have guess that Anna was the one who had originally suggested the program and designed the entire thing. This was just an extension of her after work activities as a pain aficionado.

Lana hesitated outside the door, but finally reached for the handle, she had no choice, she had to keep her job. Inside the room was only 12X12 with two other doors on the far wall, it smelled of fresh paint. The were also clothing hooks on the wall, and the painted feet on the floor. She quickly got undressed and went to stand on the painted feet, which were so close to the wall she had to press herself against the cold concrete to keep from falling backwards. She heard one of the doors behind her open and tried to look around, but before she could a dark hood was pulled roughly over her head. She gasped as two pairs of hands gripped her arms and forced her to turn. She heard what must be the other door open and she was led into what sounded like a larger room.

She was led forward until she bumped into a padded obstacle at waist height. The hands released her arms and one set went to her waist and pushed her against the padded thing, which seemed to be only about 8" wide. The other hands pushed each of her thighs forward until they touched another padded leg, angled away from her, and strapped each thigh in place. She was starting to breath faster and felt a little panicky, she had never be restrained like this before. Once that was done they forced her to bend forward until her chest touched the main part of the bench, which was not horizontal, but up about twenty degrees. Two more straps encircled her at her waist and just below her shoulders, trapping her upper arms against her sides and crushing her hanging breasts against the sides of the bench. She felt panicked again and struggled.

Mr. Menner's voice came from a speaker above her, " the room is entirely soundproof, so feel free to use your voice as much as you like, just remember the consequences."

The hood was pulled from her head, then the two Punishers showed her their tools. First the paddles, two handed wood handles attached to 3" wide by 3' long aluminum paddles, the ends radius-ed so there were no sharp edges and filled with rows of 3/8" holes. The holes made an ominous hiss as they swung the paddles. Then, just so she knew what else might be in store, they opened the zipper in the front of their cover-alls and showed her two of the largest erections she had ever seen. She emitted a soft squeak of fear.

"I'll let that pass, Mrs Barret, but any sounds from you after now will be counted against you. Gentlemen, if you please."

The Punishers positioned themselves on each side of her. Her head was turned toward the one who swung first so she saw him wind up and heard the hiss. SMACK! Lana almost screamed, but was able to hold it in. They waited to see if she would. When she remained silent the other one laid into her with his paddle, SMACK! This time she almost lost it, but was still able to hold on. How could she endure eight more?

The next two came one right after the other. SMACK, SMACK! She was crying silently now, it hurt so much worse than she had imagined it would. But she had to hold on, no way would she give them the enjoyment of raping, or ravishing as Mr. Menner put it, her pussy and ass. There was a short break, they were probably messing with her head. Six to go, almost half way, she could do this. But her ass felt like it was on fire, the last ones would have to hurt even worse.

Without any warning she received the last six in a flurry of fury. That did it. She screamed in anguish, it was too much to take, and since she had not stayed silent she now screamed and cried and cussed them out. When she finally settled down one of them walked over by her head and exposed his cock. It had to be 3" in diameter and 9" long. Her ex husband's 6" was the only cock she had ever seen or had in her vagina. She couldn't imagine what this would feel like.

He rolled a condom on it, at least they thought of that, then covered it with clear lubricant. Thank god for that too. She felt fingers probing her slit for her opening and was revolted to realize she was quite damp already. Could the brutal spanking have done that?

She felt the chill of more lubricant applied to her tight vagina, then the pressure of the huge cock head trying to invade her. She tried to relax but when it finally forced her open she once more cried out in pain. Oh no! She was going to get the other one in her ass! Nooo, not that. She had never done that, they couldn't do that to her! Her tormenter now pushed his whole length deep into her, making her feel as though she was being stretched beyond what she could take.

But she did take it. He must have felt some sympathy for her because he hesitated for about ten seconds letting her adjust. "What are you waiting for," she heard Mr. Menner from above, "that's not what you were told to do, if you don't want to be replaced then do your job properly."

The Punisher must have wanted to keep his job because now he began pounding her with his entire length, making her grunt at the bottom of each stroke. God help me thought Lana, I think I'm actually starting to get turned on by this! Anna noticed the extra moisture running down Lana's creamy thighs and knew this one was a candidate to be recruited to her group.

The pounding finally ended when he plunged as deep as possible and grunted as he spent his seed into the condom. He quickly pulled out leaving Lana empty feeling, but not for long. The second Punisher must have been readying his tool while the other finished as Lana felt more cold lube squeezed into her crack and a hard finger pushed into her virgin anus.

She didn't have to stay silent any more so she screamed that he was killing her. More lube and fingers invaded her tight brown bud and soon there were four fingers in her. She thought that was enough to make her loose enough for him, but as soon as he pushed the head into her she knew it wasn't even close. It felt like he was sticking a baseball bat in her.

Luckily he didn't just ram it into her. He had been trained to take it slower, because of his size he could injure her if he wasn't careful. He worked his way in with short strokes and soon she felt the rough fabric against her raw buttocks. He soon sped up and fucked her ass hard for at least a couple minutes before he too came. When he pulled out she once more felt empty. It was over! She survived.

The two men removed all the straps and helped her stand up on shaky legs. She was unable to stand, so the larger of the two scooped her up in his arms and carried her through the door the other held open. He set her down and they left her to get dressed on her own.

She sat on the cold floor and cried for five minutes then pulled herself together. There were two white towels hanging with her clothes, someone must have thought about all the moisture on her crotch and legs. She dried herself, and vowed as she got dressed that she was taking off the rest of the day and going home. Her butt was too sore to even wear her panties so she folded them and put them in her pocket.

She felt deliciously naughty when she felt the air blowing on her naked pussy under her full skirt when she opened the door to find Anna waiting in the hall. "Mr. Menner wants you to take the rest of the day off and tomorrow, with pay of course. You did well, very well. You'll be getting that promotion right on schedule. You'll be pretty sore the rest of the day, but tomorrow you'll feel better. You might try soaking in tepid water with epson salts, that helps."

"For my butt?"

"For every thing." "

"How do you know this?"

Anna didn't answer, but pressed a card into Lana's hand and steered her toward the stairwell with her hand in the small of Lana's back. Lana looked down at the card before going down the steps, it said, "House of Pain and Pleasure, Anna McDonnel, proprietor" and a cell phone number. When she looked up at Anna, Anna leaned into her and kissed her full on the lips, then slipped a soft hand under Lana's skirt to caress her hot buttock while she also slipped Lana a little tongue. Anna broke the kiss and smiled,"call me some time if you want to play, You turn me on."

Then she turned and headed back to her office. Lana looked at the card again. Maybe. At least after her soreness went away. She wouldn't mind spanking Anna, now that she thought about it.

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