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No Strings Attached


An interesting concept to be sure...

"Listen," he said, leaning forward. "How many times have you laid in bed, aching for a nice blowjob, but fed up with every chick you know? You know what I mean...fed up with their constant insecurity, endlessly yakking about nothing, how everything is about them, that attitude that they are gods gift to man and doing you such a favor by letting you have sex with them?"

"Aren't there times when you wish you could just get the blow job and not have to put up with all the bullshit? You know, just stick your cock in their face and get it sucked, blow a load down their mouth and be done with it?"

"Hell yeah I do. That would be great. But that isn't reality. There is not a woman on this planet that would let you get away with that."

"That's right. There isn't a woman like that," he said lingering on the woman. Then after a long pause he continued, "But all you want is the blow job, right?"

"Yeah," he said carefully.

"Well anyone can give a blowjob..." he smiled.

You could hear a pin drop. Bob looked away as thoughts raced through his head. Was Tim saying what he thought he was? And if he was...

Sex with no strings attached. It was certainly an interesting concept. Nothing more than a concept to be sure as it had never happened...ever. But who wouldn't like that deal? He could feel his cock stiffening up.

He wondered if he said yes would he have to return the favor. Nothing had been mentioned in that regard. It would be wise to get that cleared up before this went any further.

"So...are you suggesting that..." he started.

"Yes, I am. Are you interested?"

He could feel the flush covering his face. "Yes."

No sooner had the words left his mouth when he felt Tim's hand reach for his zipper.

"Oh man..." Bob said amazed as Tim pulled it down. He felt Tim's hand slip inside his pants, navigate around his underwear and make contact with his cock. His breath quickened as Tim exposed his now painfully hard cock.

"What?" Tim asked with his fingers wrapped tightly around Bob's cock. "It's just a dick, man. What could be easier than sucking a dick? Seriously. Think about it. You know exactly what to do. It's fucking easy."

Bob felt those lips slip around his cock. For the life of him he couldn't tell the difference. They felt just as good as every other pair of lips that made the trip.

And there it was. That wonderful feeling started to spread across his body as those lips descended further down his shaft. Whatever hesitancy he might have had vanished instantly.

He closed his eyes. He felt his cock descend deeper into the wet, warm mouth. He felt those lips squeezing his shaft. He felt that tongue dancing around all the right places. He realized Tim was right. What could be easier than sucking a dick?

It wasn't long before he was on the edge getting ready to blow. He hated this part. He had to stumble back to reality long enough to issue the warning. "Hey man...I'm close," he said.

He could feel Tim's lips making the trip up his cock and then pulling free, "No problem, go for it." Those same lips went right back down his shaft to the base.

Bob realized his trip to reality was over as Tim's words formed in his brain. He exhaled and slid comfortably back into the zone. There was only one thing on his mind now.

Tim was doing exactly the right thing, the right way and at the right time.

Oh man this is going to be great. His body started shifting gears. His breathing became labored. All resources were being diverted to his balls. Here it comes man, here it comes. He could feel the rush hit his brain. All thoughts were being driven out.

Time stood still. Nothing existed. Electrical storm. Pure pleasure.

Bob opened his eyes. Earth.

He felt something, looked down at his crotch. There was his roommate tucking his cock back into his pants.

It all came back to him.

Tim got up and headed for the kitchen. No fuss, no bullshit.

He returned with two beers and handed one to Bob. "What's on TV?" he asked causally.

"I don't know," he answered still lingering in that beautiful place. He picked up the TV guide. "The Cowboys are playing on channel 4."

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