tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNo Thank You Ch. 02

No Thank You Ch. 02


I woke the following morning with my face buried in my pillow. In grunted inhaling the scent of my own alcohol tainted breath; pushing myself up on my hands I flopped' onto my back and stared up at the ceiling above me. A few moments passed by before I shot straight up when I remembered what had happened the night before. Looking beside me, sure enough there was Sarah or rather Bryan. I ran a hand through my hair as all the memories of everything we had done came rushing back to me all at once. It was a bit to' much to take in at one time and I was' starting to feel a little sick to the stomach. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and stood up, still completely naked and Bryan stirred in the bed. As I started searching for my clothes, Bryan sat up and seemed a little out of it to realize what was going on; he groaned rubbing his head when he noticed me standing there searching for my boxers completely naked.

"Dude...what the fuck happened?"

I laughed shaking my head unsure of how to explain it to him. "Trust me," I said. "You don't want to know; I wish I didn't even know."

Bryan sighed and stood up and that's' when he realized he was also naked but he was still wearing the wig that he wore to dress as Sarah.

"Whoa," he said as it dawned on him. "Did...did we uh...you know?"

I looked over at him and sighed. "Yeah...kind of,"

"Holy shit,"


Silence followed and he nervously started looking for the panties he had been wearing. After a few seconds though I realized he seemed a lot less freaked out by this then I felt. He did not even seem ashamed to be standing in front of me not wearing a single article of clothing. "Dude, doesn't this bother you?" I asked.


"What we did last night...and now, now were in the same room together and neither of us is wearing any clothes doesn't it embarrass you a little?"

"Ha, what's there to be ashamed of Tom? Not like' it's' anything I haven't' seen before. I might have been a little drunk, but whatever."

I couldn't' believe he was taking it this easily. It dawned on me suddenly that perhaps the reason Bryan was not as bothered by this as I was, was' because he had enjoyed what we had done last night. The thought of that made me feel even sicker and I grabbed my boxers slipping into them and ran out of my bedroom straight for the rest room. I dropped to my knees and emptied' the contents of my stomach into the toilet bowl and groaned in disgust. I stood up and walked out of the bathroom to find Bryan heading back to his own bedroom. He emerged a few minutes later wearing his bathrobe and made his way past me to the shower; he brushed right by me like it was nothing. Maybe he was more ashamed of himself now that he had seen my reaction; I almost felt bad for freaking out like this. While Bryan was in the shower, I went about waking everybody up and kindly asking them' to please get their stuff together and head home so that Bryan and I could clean up the apartment and maybe sit down and talk about what had happened last night. They were all very cooperative and used the other bathroom in the apartment while getting their stuff together and by the time Bryan got out of the shower everyone was gone. He got dressed and came out to the living room.

"You can hit the shower if you want," he said. "I'll start cleaning."

I nodded my head and pushed past him heading to my room; I locked the door behind me and stripped out of my clothes wrapping my towel around myself and heading to the bathroom. I turned on the hot water, discarded my towel, and climbed in under the soothing water and leaned back against the wall. I heard the bathroom door open and peaked through the shower curtain to see Bryan coming into the room. Before I could question him' he dropped to his knees and started puking into the toilet. I sighed, shaking my head and started to lather my body with soap.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah," he replied. "Didn't feel sick when we first woke up...guess it's a delayed reaction or some shit."

He started wiping his mouth with a wet rag, and put the toilet seat down and sat down trying to relax. I tried not to think anything of the fact that I had slept with another man the night before and now while I was taking a shower he was sitting on the toilet like it was absolutely nothing.

"Okay listen," I said with a start. "I need to know why your' so calm man."


"Yes, seriously,"

He sighed and leaned forward laughing slightly. "Dude really man; it's no big deal to me because I'm gay."

I froze; did I really just hear him say that. "Are you fucking shitting me?"

"No dude, what you didn't know?"

"No!" I exclaimed. He started cracking up laughing and stood up from the toilet shaking his head in disbelief. "Oh man, I don't believe this." He continued laughing and I sighed in frustration.

"I get it, maybe the reason your freaking out so much is because your-"

"Don't' fucking say it."

"You are; oh my god holy shit, you are aren't you?"

"No, I'm not."

"Your gay aren't you?"

I turned off the shower flung open the curtain and grabbed my towel wrapping it around my waste. "No, I'm not fucking gay."

He laughed as I pushed by him and walked into my room. "Oh come on man, it's' okay to be gay. Look, I will not breathe a word to anyone alright' I promise. You can count on me. What, do you have a crush on me or something, is that why you're freaking the fuck out?"

I slammed my door in his face, and turned away and continued drying off. A few seconds went by and I did not hear anything from him anymore; then my door swung open and in he walked wearing that stupid fucking wig again with a big lopsided grin on his stupid face.

"Hey, Tom, what can I do for you sexy? I had so much fun last night," he said in a feminine voice trying hard not to laugh.

"Fuck off!"

"Oh, that sounds fun."

I sighed in defeat and sat down on the edge of my bed shaking my head. "Dude, really; what's the problem man?"

"I don't know," I said. "Okay? I really don't' have a clue. I mean we were wasted I know so I guess it shouldn't be that big of a deal to me but it is for some reason."

"Look, I don't know about you; but I'm not ashamed of what we did even if we were drunk."

I looked up at him confused. "Seriously,"

"Yeah man, seriously; shit, from what I can remember you were fucking-"

"Okay, okay that's enough...really." He laughed and gave me a pat on the head messing up my hair in a joking manner. He was still only wearing his underwear and I jumped back in surprise when he pulled them aside and his hard cock popped free.

"Dude, what the fuck!" I yelled.

"What, come on; you loved the taste of it last night."

Here he was trying to get me to hook up with him again and I was in disbelief that any of this was even happening. Still, I was more amazed at the fact that my own cock was actually starting to get hard underneath the towel. "Come on," he said. "Would it make you feel better if I did my makeup, maybe put on the fake voice and all?"

I sighed and hesitantly nodded my head. "Okay, be right back," he said excitedly running out of my room. He almost looked like some crazy school' girl the way he said it so fast and ran out like lightning. I could not believe I was about to do this again only now I was sober; was I out of my mind or something? I stood up and slowly and started pacing back and forth, my towel dropped to the floor and I hardly noticed until Bryan walked back into the room again fully decked out as Sarah. Makeup, blonde wig, eyeliner I mean everything the whole nine years and his or...her cock, was standing at full attention. I stood staring at her in complete shock at how beautiful she was. She stepped closer to me, smiling and wrapped' her arms around me then leaned in to kiss me softly on the lips. Of course I found myself kissing her back, she slid' her tongue into my mouth and I felt my cock begin to rise. She pushed me back onto the bed and walked over to me so that now we were in the same position we had been twenty minutes ago before she ran off to put on her makeup and stuff. With me on the edge of the bed and her cock just inches from my lips, I took a deep breath and leaned in sealing the deal as I sealed my mouth around her big fat dick. The taste was not nearly as bad as I had imagined it would probably be. A little salty from sweat and there was an odd aroma but not a bad one, it almost turned me on even more.

She ran her hands through my hair as she started thrusting her cock in and out of my mouth, her warm balls pressing up against my chin. As I started getting more and more into the whole process, she started forcing herself further down my throat until I gagged and jumped in surprise. It did not stop her from continuing' on though. She was pretty much throat fucking me now and I was actually starting to like it to.

Just as I swore she was about to cum all over my face, Sarah stopped and pulled her cock free from my mouth moaning and smiling down at me. "That was really good," she said and I could not help but laugh amazed at myself' for what I had just done. "Now I want you to fuck my ass just like you did last night."

I obliged happily, as she shoved me onto my back and grabbed the bottle of lube from my nightstand. She applied a big glob of the stuff to my hard cock and then rubbed an extra amount of it all over her asshole before climbing up on the bed and mounting me. Slowly, she lowered herself down onto my dick and we both moaned as she took me inch by inch into her sweet little asshole. I grabbed her hips just as she reached my balls, I was all the way inside of her now and she was bouncing up and down on me moaning like a real woman. After about a minute of her grinding and bouncing up and down, I flipped over on top of her wrapping her legs around my waste so that now we were in missionary position. The sound of my flesh slapping against hers echoed through the room along with the noticeable sounds of my bed creaking underneath of us. I grunted as I felt my dick begin to swell inside of her asshole, I was getting closer now and any minute I would probably reach the limit. She dug her nails into my back and called out my name and that was all I needed; I went right over the edge and buried myself balls deep inside of her as I started pumping her full of cum. It leaked out and down along the length of my hard cock until I had finished and collapsed on top of her. I could feel something wet and warm between the two of us, and realized she had came as well all over herself probably just before I sank down on top of her.

My dick slipped out of her asshole as it slowly went limb and I rolled over laying beside her and staring up at the ceiling. Again, I found myself in shock at all that I had just done; I had taken it one' step further then I had the night before not only fucking a man in the ass but' sucking a cock and actually enjoying myself. It could not believe this at all.

As we lay there she rest her head against my chest and started tracing circles with her finger around my nipples teasing them until my cock began to stir and rise once again. I could tell she was still very horny and probably wanted to go another round; I was starting to get over the shock of all of this and I figured what the hell. I had never fucked a pussy as tight as her asshole, so why not. I started kissing her passionately, both of our cocks raging now as I implied with my actions that I wanted to go another round and fuck her even harder than the last time. As she got the point though, she broke the kiss and' started laughing pushing me away gently and sat up.

"Not that I don't want to go at it again," she said. "But this time around I'd like to try something a little...different, if you know what I mean that is."

I knew what she meant, but I just wasn't' sure how I felt about that sort of thing. I turned away from her, unsure of what the answer I should give would probably be and turning away was a bit of a mistake. She wrapped her arm around me and I felt her hand move down my back sending chills up and down my spine as she moved it over my ass and started massaging my ass crack. I jumped in surprise and she leaned in close from behind, kissing and licking my neck causing me to shiver in anticipation. Did I want this? Did I want to be' fucked in the ass? Would I enjoy something like that half as much as I had enjoyed sucking her cock or fucking her in the ass? I had no idea...but I could tell whether I wanted to or not, I was about to find out.

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