tagGroup SexNo Tricks, But Here Cum the Treats

No Tricks, But Here Cum the Treats


It was the day of Halloween and Laura was sitting alone in her little apartment. She was lying naked on her white sofa, gently massaging her clit when she heard the phone ring. She sighed as she stood up to answer the phone, as she was just beginning to climax when it had rang. "Hello?"

"Hey Laura, it's Tanya. Wanna come over? I have an idea for tonight."

"Okay, I'll be there in 10 minutes." She hung up the phone. She threw on her pink Capri pants with her black half top that had the word 'sexy' across the front in bright pink glittery letters. She grabbed her keys and purse and left for Tanya's house.

Tanya heard her car pull up, so she ran over to open the door. "Hey, sexy!" Tanya said, smiling looking at Laura's shirt. Laura smiled and asked what the plan was for tonight.

"I just bought us the cutest little Halloween costumes. I say we throw them on and go trick-or-treating. I bet we can get some candy with these outfits!" Tanya said as they went into the house and started heading back to her bedroom where the costumes were.

Laura sat down on the bed.

"Well, sounds good to me! Let's see them." Tanya opened the bag that was on her dresser. She pulled out the first costume. This one was a kitty cat outfit. It was a black bikini with sheer between the bra and the panty part. There was a little tail on the panties and there were a pair of kitty ears on a headband. The other was a very skimpy French maid costume.

"They are so cute! I want to be the cat!" replied Laura after seeing the outfits.

"That's good because the I bought the maid costume for me." They laughed and talked about how much fun they were going to have.

They began to get dressed. It was just about 8:00 P.M. when they decided to go out. They figured all the 'old ladies' would be finished passing out candy by then. They were all dressed up and ready to go. They grabbed a little bag for candy and headed out. The first two houses they went too they were told they were too old to be out trick-or-treating. The next few gave them some candy. After about 10 houses and about 1/4 of their bag full, they knocked on the door of the house of Dominic Troy. They never met Dominic, and had no idea what they were in for.

A very handsome man answered the door wearing nothing but boxer shorts. He had very short blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes. His body was very nicely toned and his skin was the perfect color of tan. "Well, hello there ladies."

Giggling, Tanya and Laura responded, "Trick-or-treat".

"Come inside and I'll give you a treat you'll never forget." Tanya and Laura looked at each other, smiled and took him up on his offer.

As they walked into the living room of the house, the man asked their names. They told him and he told them his name was Dominic. He asked if either of the ladies liked to dance, and they both said 'yes'.

"Great! You want to dance together for me?"

"Sure!" Tonya and Laura responded at the same time.

Dominic put on some music and sat down on the couch. The ladies put down their bags and started to dance. At first they were dancing apart from each other, but it didn't take long for them to start dancing with each other. Dominic stared at them with a smile on his face. Tanya started to dance in front of Laura with her ass rubbing against her front. Laura put her hands of Tanya's back, and slowly started to unzip the back of Tanya's maid costume. She unzipped it down to the small of her back. Laura slid her hand inside the dress and around the front to Tanya's nice round tits. She massaged them for a while as they danced. Then she moved her hands up toward Tanya's shoulders and slid the dress off of her.

She turned around and started to kiss Laura's neck as Tanya started to unzip Laura's costume. Laura slid out of her costume as soon as she felt the zipper hit the small of her back. Tanya and Laura stood their dancing, naked in front of Dominic. Tanya started to kiss Laura. She started with her lips, then her again her neck. She gently moved her hand to Laura's tit and started to massage it gently. Tanya kissed the soft, subtle tit that lay in her hand. Her tongue gently moved across the nipple, back and forth.

Laura laid her head back and slid her hand onto Tanya's head, running her hands threw her hair. A slight moan came from Laura, as Tanya's other hand started to rub against the inside of her thigh. Slowly, she slipped her fingers into Laura, still sucking on her nipple. Tanya moved her mouth onto Laura's stomach. Laura gently put her hands on Tanya's side and she laid on the floor, Tanya on top of her.

Tanya started to kiss Laura's leg starting at the calf. She kissed and licked her way to the inside of Laura's thigh. Tanya moved her mouth over Laura's clit. Her tongue grazed Laura's clit as Tanya moved her hand towards her own clit. Gently she started to massage herself as she licked and sucked Laura.

Soon, Tanya felt hands on her back. She knew it was Dominic, so she didn't move her head from Laura. She could feel his hard, hot penis throbbing against her ass. She moaned a little as she felt Dominic's hand move around to her tits. He kissed her back and massaged her tits. Slowly, he began to move his pelvis back and forth, teasing Tanya's asshole every time his penis touched it.

He finally penetrated her asshole, as she began to breathe a little deeper. In and out, slowly at first, then a little faster. Tanya raised her head from Laura, and started to moan from the pleasure. Laura moved so that she was underneath Tanya, her head near her clit. As Laura lay under Tanya and Dominic, she started to lick Tanya's clit. Tanya threw her head back and started to moan even louder. Laura sucked and licked her harder as Dominic pounded her ass. "Oh, oh, aaahhh....ooo yeah, oh God! Harder Dominic, as hard as you can!" yelled Tanya, closing in on her climax.

Dominic started pounding her as hard as he could as Laura sucked her clit as hard as she could. A long, breathless moan escaped Tanya as she climaxed. Laura gently licked her clit, as she knew that Tanya was done. Dominic's hand moved down to Tanya's waist as he pulled her into him. Finally, he climaxed.

They all laid on the floor, clothes strewn about. The only sound in that living room was the music playing on the radio. After a few minutes, Dominic said "That was the best dance I've ever seen!"

"Well, thank you." responded Laura, Tanya too tired to speak. Tanya began to fall asleep.

Laura crawled over Tanya to lay beside Dominic. Laura laid her head on Dominic's chest. He put his arm around her shoulder. She began to kiss his chest, as he gently pushed on her back to make her move on top of him.

Still kissing his chest, she moved one of her legs on the other side of him, and then sat up, straddling him. He slid his hands up to her tits and started to caress them. He rubbed her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She put her hands on his legs and laid her head back a little. He caressed and rubbed her tits for a little while before sliding his hand towards her awaiting clit. His thumb lay gently against her clit as he began to move it up and down.

Soon, she felt his penis begin to rise. She sat forward and moved her hips until her vagina lay over his penis. She started to roll her hips slightly as his penis slid inside her. She placed her hands on the floor beside his head as he began to suck on her nipples. She began to move her body a little faster, up and down. Her vagina, tight over his penis, felt so good to him the faster she went. He sucked her nipples a little harder. Laura began to moan from the pleasure, moving him in and out of her harder, faster. "Oh yeah, oooo...mmm...oh, you feel so good Dominic...aaaahhhh, uh, uh, uh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhh". She found her climax, and let out a long moan.

She slowed her movements a little on his penis. She started rolling her hips again and sat up a little straighter. Dominic put his hands on her hips, and gently laid her on the floor, he on top of her. He slipped his penis into her vagina again and started to move in and out. Laura arched her back a little. In and out, harder and harder he moved. Laura began to get a feel for his rhythm and started to move with him. Every time he pounded his penis back into her, she arched her back. Faster they moved with each other. "Oh yeah...yeah, oh, God, yeah...ooo...aaaahh, mmmm...harder Dominic harder!" yelled Laura as she began to reach her second orgasm. "Uh, uh, uh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". She let out another long moan, as did Dominic. They both finished at the same time.

He lay on top of her. Laura gently rubbed his back. He rolled onto his back on the floor beside Laura. They soon fell asleep, just like Tanya.

The next morning, Tanya and Laura woke up about the same time. Dominic was still sleeping. They quickly dressed, grabbed their bag of candy, and headed back home. As they walked back home, they talked about Dominic and the fun they had together. "Well, Tanya, I have to admit, that was an excellent idea. I can tell you what we're doing next Halloween." "Oh, yeah!"

"Of course, we'll have to try another street and another guy!"


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