tagRomanceNo Tricks, Just Treats

No Tricks, Just Treats


The invitation was printed on black cardstock, the words as Halloween orange as the jack o'lantern that glowed softly on the kitchen table. The scripted letters were as sexy as the message they spelled out..."Be as bare as you dare! Come in for a scare into the witch's lair" .

I was intrigued for a long time over that invitation. I wanted to go to this party, mainly because it was for a good cause. The club was charging a $50 cover fee and the proceeds were going to the cancer foundation. But the admission charge was the only covering for the night because apparently, the theme for the party was to be as sexy as you wanted to be and the hosts were even encouraging nudity. One thing I had not been feeling for a long time was sexy.

My cancer was finally in remission and my brown hair was pretty much gone from radiation and chemo. I had battled this disease and won but it had given me a damn good ass kicking. I'd lost weight too and my once curvy, sexy body had grown thinner than I would have liked it to be. I felt tired all the time and I was struggling to make a comeback. I'd been given a new lease on life but didn't know how to bring my sexy back. Now the opportunity had been thrown into my lap. A Halloween costume party with an erotically charged theme that would be raising money for the very thing that had almost killed me...perfect. The light bulb went on in my head as I thought about being incognito while trying to bring my sexy self back into the swing of things.

The funny thing was that I was only 25 and had always lived my life by the rules. I was a "good girl"...always had been. I had lost my virginity to the only man I had ever loved. I never even wore low-cut blouses or short skirts. But playing by these "nice girl" rules had gotten me nowhere. I could be a bad girl if I wanted to. And I wanted to. Oh yea.

Those pumpkin-orange letters screamed at me to be as bare as I dared to be. Once I got a bit of courage, it wouldn't stop. I was going to be the sexiest, hottest thing at that party if it killed me. I found a long red wig to hide my near-baldness. The heavy makeup I wore accentuated my eyes and my lips...lots of kohl eyeliner and mascara and blood-red lipstick with a sensual coating of gloss on top. I wore a long, flowing black cape and beneath that, the tiniest black string bikini that looked like cobwebs over the essential parts. Completing my sizzling look were black stilettos capable of staking a vampire right through his undead heart.

I was unrecognizable but I still couldn't believe I was going out in public like this. There was no doubt that I looked amazing. I stared at my reflection in the bedroom mirror turning myself on. My shyness was taking a backseat to the charge I was giving myself. I felt empowered by my own sexuality and that gave me the fuel I needed to walk into that party like I owned the place. It was a world of difference from the way the cancer and treatments had made me feel.

Heads turned to look at me...me! I felt like a goddess as the loud music pulsed through my body. The atmosphere was charged with sex. People were bumping and grinding up against each other. Nude dancers gyrated in cages suspended over the crowd. Even with other women who were naked or who looked so much sexier than me, I know I still looked smoking hot. I felt people caressing my body with their eyes and I was getting more turned on with each passing moment.

"Hey, beautiful." A sexy, tanned pirate came up beside me. "How about a dance?"

"Maybe later." I licked my lips suggestively because I once read where men found this to be very erotic. I really just wanted to check out the rest of the festivities and see what else was going on.

There were two levels in the club. The bottom level was where the dance floor was and there was a lot more going on than just dancing. One of the bars was also on this floor and it was packed with people looking for more than something good to drink. The upper level of the club was where tables, chairs and booths were. There was another bar on this floor too but it was more restrained up here.

I made my way past a drunken Frankenstein and his scantily clad bride. They both checked me out with hungry eyes as I took my club soda and went to find a place to sit.

There were lots of couples up here making out and doing much more than that. It was very liberating to see so many people being so open about their sexuality even if they were dressed up like the Flintstones or the Munsters. Other folks were simply sitting and talking while a few others sat alone nursing their drinks.

Cobwebs and orange and black streamers hung everywhere. The orange glow coming from the many lit jack o'lanterns gave the room a festive warmth. I found a place to sit, walking by a sexy witch who complimented me on such an amazing costume. I smiled, thanking her. As I sat down, I allowed my cape to fall open, exposing my body. It felt so good to have this much confidence in myself when for the past year, I felt so ugly and unsure of myself because of my illness. This was giving me a new lease on life.

"Holy shit. You're beautiful." I looked up to see another pirate approach me. He was eyeballing me beneath his heavy kohl makeup. "Damn, I have been waiting for you all night."

Before I could say anything, a deep voice said, "Fuck off, Captain Jack. She's mine."

The tall, muscular phantom stood behind the pirate, glaring at him with deeply intense green eyes. He had a white, half-face mask on, a black cape and a white shirt that was buttoned low, revealing a very muscular, sexy chest.

"Hey, sorry. Didn't know you hung your cape on her." The pirate gave me one last longing look and then moved on to find his next victim.

The phantom grinned at me. "Hope you don't mind but that dude's been at it all night."

I smiled back. "Not at all."

His eyes traveled the entire length of my body. "Mind if I join you?"

"Please." I motioned for him to sit down and he did.

His eyes bore into mine. "That's some costume."

"Do you like it?"

"Do I like it? Hell, what's not to like? You have a gorgeous body."

"Thank you. Yours isn't too shabby either."

"Thanks. Can I get you a drink?"

"Just club soda."

"Sounds kind of boring."

"Do you have any suggestions?"

"If you were a vampire, I'd suggest blood."


He gave me that sexy grin of his again. "Baby, you can bite me anywhere you want to."

"Maybe I will."

He moved closer to me. "So, what's your name, sexy lady?"

"Jess. And you are?"

"Hard as a rock. Oh, you mean my name. It's Aiden. Nice to meet you, Jess."

"Nice to meet you too, Aiden. And thank you for coming to my rescue."

"Anytime. Hey, you're not with anyone, are you?"

"I'm with you." I licked my lips, hoping it would turn him on. I could tell it was working.

"Yea, you are." He put his hand on my thigh. "You really are fucking hot."

"So are you, Aiden." I moved my own hand onto his thigh. "Your muscles are so hard."

"That's not the only thing that's hard right now."

I moved my hand higher. "You're such a naughty phantom, aren't you?"

"Are you going to punish me for being naughty?"

I moved closer to him. "That depends. What kind of punishment do you think I should give you?"

"Like I said, if you were a vampire, you could suck my blood."

"I'm not a vampire but I'm definitely willing to suck something else of yours." I moved my hand up over his crotch. He was definitely turned on. There was no doubt about that.

He sucked in his breath. "Damn, you are so hot."

"Actually, it is kind of hot in here." I dramatically ran my hand across my forehead, pretending to wipe the perspiration off of me. "I feel so over-dressed."

"Baby, feel free to take off whatever you want to take off."

I blinked. "Are you sure?"

The hunger was in his eyes as he nodded. I untied my bikini top and pulled it off. Oh my gosh, I thought to myself. I can't believe I'm doing this in public!! I was being so bold even though I was overdressed compared to so many of the other party revelers. Wow. This feels amazing, I thought to myself as I watched his eyes glaze over with desire.

"You've got such amazing tits." He side his hand up to cover one of my breasts. "You are really fucking gorgeous."

I smiled. "I'm so glad you think so."

"I think so. You feel so fucking good. Your skin is like silk."

I moaned in pleasure as both of his hands cupped and squeezed my breasts. "Wow. You've really got me turned on right now."

"I'm pretty fucking turned on too, babe."

I squeezed his cock through his pants. "You're so big, so hard."

"You do that to me, you sexy witch." He slid his hand down my body and snaked his fingers inside the string of my bikini bottom. I spread my legs to make myself more accessible to him.

"Take it off, baby. Let me see all of you."

I was more than happy to oblige. I pulled my bottom off and now everything was out in the open for his viewing and touching pleasure.

"Take the cape off too. I want to see that sweet, sexy ass of yours."

I untied it. I looked around. No one was paying any attention to us. Most of the couples up here were already screwing and other people were drunk or passed out already.

"Come sit on my lap."

I stood up, my naked body glistening in the glowing lights of the jack o'lanterns. I sat on his lap with my back toward him. I spread my legs out and began to move my body against his.

He slid his hands around my body, one going to my breast, the other going elsewhere. He moaned in my ear. "Your pussy feels so good, baby." He rubbed my clit and I was getting wetter with every second that went by.

My gyrations grew more intense on his cock as his fingers probed deeper. I leaned back into him, spreading my legs even wider. I covered my tits with my own hands, caressing my soft flesh as he fingered me.

"Yea, baby," he encouraged me. "Work that ass on me. You feel so good grinding against my cock like that."

Who would have ever thought that sweet, innocent me could be giving a nude lap dance to this hot, sexy guy with the whole entire world watching? Well, it wasn't exactly the whole world and in all honesty, no one was paying any attention to us. Still...

"Oh, Aiden." I moaned as my hand went to cover his, to keep it right where he had it.

"Are you excited, baby? Am I getting you all hot and bothered?"

"Yes, oh, yes." I moved my hips faster, in an uncontrollable frenzy.

"I can tell. Your pussy is soaking wet. You feel so good, baby."

His finger slid faster and deeper inside me and I was so worked up. My tits were bouncing up and down as I moved my ass against his cock. They hadn't had a workout like this since before I found out I was sick. He rubbed my clit, finding my sweet spot and I came so fast I almost couldn't believe it had happened. He held me close to him and he breathed against my neck.

"How was it, baby?"

"It was incredible. Oh God. Oh, Aiden."

He chuckled softly. "You little minx."

"This little minx wants to feel your big fat cock inside of her. Now."

"Turn around. Look at me."

I stood up and turned to face him. He unzipped his pants and his cock sprang out.

"Ride me, Jess."

I sat on him and he easily slid inside my soaking wet pussy. He buried his face between my tits as we fucked. I could feel my cleavage growing damp. I wasn't sure if it was from his mouth or just perspiration. When he came inside of me, he looked into my eyes and I could see why my tits had become moist. There were tears running down his cheek. I pulled his mask off to expose his entire face to me.

"Aiden, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, baby. Everything's right. You're here and I'm here. We're together and that's all that matters. I almost lost you, Jess. You were so worried for so long that I wouldn't find you sexy anymore because you lost all that weight and your hair had fallen out. Baby, you've never been more sexy to me than you are now. I thought coming to this party and pretending to be strangers might somehow help you to overcome your insecurities and I was right. Do you even know how beautiful you are, how fucking hot and sexy you are? I watched how these other guys stared at you. I saw these Frankensteins and Jack Sparrows with one thing on their mind and damnit, that made me proud. They wanted you but you're mine. You belong to me. You're my wife and my best friend, my everything, and I love you. Don't ever forget that or how beautiful you are to me. You're so alive in every sense of the word and I am so grateful for that."

"Oh, Aiden." I held him close, his face smashed between my tits. "I should have realized...I mean, we didn't need this party for me to know how you still feel. But I'm glad we came and I want to cum again and again with you all night long."

"Me too." He sucked one of my nipples. "Let's get out of here so we can go home and I can kiss every inch of this beautiful body of yours."

"I feel so naughty being here in front of other people like this. Can't we stay just a little longer?"

He grinned. "Did you have something else in mind that you wanted to do?"

"That depends. Do you want a trick or a treat for Halloween?"

"No tricks, baby. Just treats."

I slid my hand between his legs and encircled his cock with my fingers. "I've got plenty of those, baby." I leaned in to kiss my man, letting him know how generous I was going to be with my treats tonight.

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