tagLoving WivesNo Vanilla Ch. 04

No Vanilla Ch. 04


This is a long story with numerous chapters. Be patient with it to let the characters develop. If you haven't read previous chapters I suggest you do so before you start on this chapter. The story is about Dominance, submission, humiliation, being used and ... well read on to find out. If you are looking for whips, chains and severe beatings you wont find that here. I appreciate all of your feedback.


The coffee pot started beeping at six in the morning. My morning cup of starting fluid was ready. My sleepy little slut lay next to me with her head buried under the blankets. Late last night, when it was very dark she opened the curtains and stood in front of our neighbors totally nude. Now the sun was starting to come up and was flooding the apartment with beautiful sun light. I knew she always needs to pee when she wakes up. She slid out of bed looking for something to cover her naked body with but she couldn't find anything close by. She tugged at the blankets and sheets but I held them tight against my chest. She crossed her arms trying to hide her breasts. She stooped as low as she could and kind of ran - waddled to the bathroom. I laughed hysterically as I lay in my warm bed. She didn't notice the sheers behind the curtains as I almost never use them. I got up and pulled them closed to give her some privacy. When she came out of the bathroom I held up a brand new, white silk robe that I bought just for her. I also held out a cup of coffee.

Chris grabbed the robe and slipped it on "you're an ass. Why didn't you give me this before I got up?"

She had always been very shy in any time anybody but me could see her exposed, even if she exposed her bra or panties. Chris' extreme sexual wildness in private and her shyness in public provide an exciting contrast. We've experimented with public exhibitionism a few times but it was always very tame and I had to insist she do it. I winked at her "because I love to stretch you. Isn't that what you asked me to do, stretch you? And you did want a half and half day. I didn't make you run to your house naked to pee, did I?" She opened her robe and pressed her naked body into my naked body. She pushed me back and stared at my body. Then she wrapped her robe as far around both of us as it would go leaving my bare ass hanging out and we both laughed. "It feels good to laugh like this with you. It's been a long time." We stood there, melted into each other and passionately kissed.

She pushed back and looked up and down my body again "Dammit. Shana was right. You have changed. I hadn't even noticed your muscles instead of your flabby belly. I'm sorry I was so self-absorbed."

I hugged her tightly against my body again. "I'm glad we talked things out last night. Now I can understand why you were self-absorbed. I've been self-absorbed too. But now that time of our lives needs to be a distant memory. We only need to remember so we can learn from it. Let's both let all that other crap go. Are you good with that?"

She nodded and snuggled her head into my chest and softly moaned.

I could feel her happy tears on my chest. "Half and half. Vanilla. No Vanilla. I see I have a whole new vocabulary to learn. Drink up then go get dressed in workout clothes. We're going to the gym; together. We both need to build our stamina. You said you liked my body earlier, and I love your body, but you need a healthier lifestyle just like I did and still do. It took a lot of effort for me to get healthier. You're going to live a healthier life too. Better food, lots of rest and exercise both in and out of bed." I winked at her. "Are you ok with that?"

"Absolutely not. But you make those decisions now. I don't need to think about it. I just need to obey." She snickered, drained her coffee cup, picked up her cloths and headed to the door.

I grabbed her gently and spun her to face me. "Chris. You're very intelligent, playful and full of ideas. I don't want to make all of the decisions. I want to have ... spontaneous playfulness too."

By her expression I could see she was caught completely off guard. "I don't understand. I thought you wanted to have control? What do you mean by spontaneous playfulness?"

"Hum, how do I explain this? I know. I don't want to always be the one to choose what flavors we have in our ice cream Sunday besides vanilla. When we dated you were full of spontaneous playfulness. Do you remember the time we went camping up the river? The campground was almost deserted with just a handful of other campers. There was no moon and it was dark at night; we were roasting marshmallows laying by the campfire. I went to pee and when I got back you had unbuttoned your shirt to your bellybutton and put a melted marshmallow in your cleavage for me to lick off? I didn't have to tell you. You just did it because it felt right to you. I don't want you to lose that kind of spontaneity. If it feels right to you don't worry about me unless it might endanger either of us. I will play along and we can talk about it afterwards. Communication will be one of the keys to our success. Chris I need you to talk to me. Let me know what you want or just show me what you want."

She smiled and kissed me deeply. "Thank you. When you told me you wanted me to submit to you I was afraid that I'd never have a say in anything. I trust you Ryan." She turned and when she was at the door she said "come get me when you think you can handle me Lover Boy." She giggled all the way back to the big house.

She whined and complained the whole hour and a half we were at the gym. I added her to my membership and the kids while I was at it. I had a trainer set her up with a workout routine. We went home and she asked me to join her for a shower. I grabbed some clothes from my place and quickly ran to join her. I stopped at the entrance to her bedroom and just looked in for a minute.

She had stripped out of her sweaty work out cloths and was waiting for me. "What are you waiting for? Are you going to join me or not?"

"I want you to have a safe room as well as a safe word. I think it might help you with the transition. This is your room. You make the rules here. You can still choose to be my sub but when we're in your room the choice is yours?"

Chris was nodding "I love the idea. So rule number one is don't swat me because I didn't use your title. I don't want to say sir right now." She playfully stuck her tongue out at me and ran, laughing into the shower.

I ran after her. I grabbed her bottle of soap and squeezed a glob into my bare hands and washed her everywhere. I paid close attention to her ass bud. She moved quickly away from me when I touched it with the soap. "I need to wash you. I'll be gentle. Spread your legs as wide as you can." She did as I asked. I was very gentle with her while I continued to wash her body, making sure not to get any soap inside her. Her breasts were also very tender. I examined the nail marks she made on them last night. She broke the skin in a few spots but they were not deep. When I finished washing her she washed me and shampooed my hair. "I smell like girly soap, yuck."

She looked at me and smiled. "You won't for long. You have leaves to rake and lawns to mow. Even in chilly October you'll still work up a sweat." I spun her around and she covered her ass with her hands. "No. You said this was my room and I already said no."

"I am going to shampoo your hair."

"Oh, sorry." Chris put her hands on the shower wall and cooed softly like a dove as I shampooed her hair. She's been coloring the gray for a while now and her hair is long and beautiful. Her cooing and naked body is really turning me on. I was more than half aroused when she looked over her shoulder and smiled.

I tugged at her hair gently and pushed her head back around. "Be still so I can finish."

"Finished? You look like you're about ready to start something." She spun around and looked deep into my eyes. She had a coy smile on her face as she said "I know the perfect parking place for that bus." She quickly rinsed her hair. Then she pulled me to the bed without either of us drying off.

I started to protest but she lightly smacked me on my ass. "This is my room. I make the rules here. Now Lover Boy come give me some vanilla lovin." I grabbed the bed spread and draped it over me for warmth. She lay on the bed with her legs wide apart as knelt straddling her beautiful body. She ran her fingers up my back and into my hair. Gently she pulled my face between her knees. "Make love to my sex" she told me.

I softly kissed my way up one thigh and then I began on her other thigh. When I reached her freshly washed pussy my cock stiffened. I licked between her lips pausing to lick and suck each one into my warm mouth. I played with her opening but didn't go deep. I licked up the sweet juices that made her smell so wonderfully enticing. She was moaning louder and louder in between gentle instructions. "A little to the left. Not so hard. Ohhhhhhh, right there." By the time my tongue reached her clit and flicked she wasn't able to stop her orgasm from ripping through her body. She grabbed my head and forced my mouth hard into her clit. Resisting her forceful hands was hard. I couldn't move so I flicked her clit once more and sucked her into my mouth. "Harder my bad man, harder." I was afraid I'd hurt her. I sucked but only hard enough to make her moan louder. When she started cumming I gently bit clit while holding my sucking pressure. It was more than enough. She bucked upwards, held my head firmly in place and screamed. "Ohhhhh Fuuuuuck." She finally dropped back to the bed and pulled my head up. I tried to kiss her but she moved my head to the side of her head. She gasped "Inside." She had to force her breathing. "Come inside of me."

"As you wish Boss Lady." I pushed a pillow under her ass and raised her legs, resting the back of her legs against my chest. Slowly I slid all the way in. She was softer than the softest satin and wetter than I have ever felt. She never felt so good.

She clamped down once I was in. "Don't move. Not yet." Then she took my hands and placed them on her breasts. "Gently" and she squeezed my hands. We were locked together, staring into each other's glossy eyes. Almost to tears it felt so good. Her hands slid down my sides and grabbed my hips. She pushed up. I got the hint and I pulled out until just the head of my cock was inside of her. She has always liked it when I rubbed her right there and with the pillow under her ass I was massaging her G-spot. I moved about half an inch, in and out, in and out. Then a few slow long deep strokes stopping back at her G-spot. I repeated this several times. Her hands slid up to my ass and she softly rubbed. All of a sudden she grabbed my ass hard, pushed her pelvis up and pulled me deep "give it to me baby. Give it to me hard and deep. Ohhhhh. Give it to me." From years of having sex with her I knew what this meant. Her eyes rolled back into her head and the closed. At that moment she would not have cared if the house burned down. All she wanted was me to pump. Hard and fast, just pump in and out. I did. She stopped breathing; her eyes shot open, looked at me and then her eyes rolled back in their sockets as a very strong orgasm hit her. She put her feet on the bed and spread her legs wide. Her arms were wrapped around my neck and she pulled me onto her chest. She let it out, all of it her pent up love "Ohhhhh baby, I looooove you."

Tears were streaming down her cheeks. I clinched my teeth and exploded. I know it's a cliché but it felt like a shot a gallon or two of cum into her and I groaned "Chrisssss I love you." We collapsed, panting.

It only took a minute before she pushed at my chest. "Ok get off. I'm too hot." I smiled and rolled over. We lay there for a few minutes before she spoke. "I'm ready to paint the house. How about you?"

"Nope. I'm ready for a nap." We laughed. "Chris. I liked vanilla. I don't want to give it up altogether."

"Me either" she said. "But I think we both need more than vanilla. Vanilla once in a while will always be nice. I just don't want to get into the habit of keeping score. I just want to do what feels right."

I smiled "deal."

The rest of the day was a pretty routine Saturday for us. I did my fall, get ready for winter yard work. She did house work and went shopping. As soon as she left I drove to the local stationary store. I knew I would be back before her and the yard work was finished. I picked up a journal and fancy pen set. I wanted Chris to start journaling about our new life.

Chris got back about fifteen minutes after I did. We text the kids and told them thanks for the private time they gave us and it was safe to come home. "At least come home for Sunday dinner tomorrow and bring a friend if you want." This use to be a normal thing for our family. Recently Rob and Shana got jobs that kept them away on Sundays. We haven't seen Cheryl for about 6 months.

When all the work was done I grilled some chicken breasts and she fixed a salad. I told Chris "it's really hard at first but as you lose some weight it'll get better. I find it's easier if I don't buy junk food."

Chris frowned "I know. I really need your help. And the kids help too. I've known for a long time I needed a change in my diet and start exercising. I know I whined, just a little when we were at the gym but I want to go again in the morning. Can we, Sir?"

"Deal. Let's make it a standing date before we go to work. On the weekends I want to use the gym downtown. Afterwards I'll take you for coffee at one of the cafes on the river." I led her to the living room and we watched movies on TV. We sat on the couch curled in each other's arms until Chris got too hot. About five minutes. I got up and went to get some cloths. My warmest sweats and slippers for me and the thinnest tee shirt I could find for her. I also grabbed a warm blanket and a sheet.

When I came back to the living room she gave me a funny look and teased me "are you going to the arctic?"

Late October nights are cold. I opened the windows, and set a bowl of popcorn on the coffee table along with diet soda. "Yep. Strip to just your panties and put this on." I handed her the tee shirt.

We cuddled up on the sofa again. We watched movies, kissed and played with each other's bodies. It was the nicest night, other than last night that either one of us could remember in a long time. We fell asleep like that. Rob came home about one thirty and found us like that. He turned the TV off, covered his mom with the sheet and left us. Shana came home about two in the morning and didn't even notice us.

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