No Way Out


It was the fifteenth of April in sunny Chicago; Joss had been walking along the sidewalk window shopping like she did every Sunday since she had moved to the city. She had already visited the open air Farmers market where she picked up two pears and an apple. Her dark denim jeans, tall brown boots and breezy sweater was the perfect outfit to wear on this in between spring and summer day. Joss was admiring a scarf in the window that would go quite nicely while she nursed the vanilla bean frap that was nearly emptied, when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Excuse me, "The gentleman said, "I believe you dropped this back at the market, I did not want you to fret." He grinned as he held out the chartreuse scarf that she was just admiring in the window. His salt and pepper hair lay perfectly, and although it was warm enough to go without an overcoat, he was well dressed in a suit and tie.

"Sir, that can't be mine. It is beautiful but you must be mistaken." Joss smiled back kindly, but had a sense of alarm as she started to walk away. He was charming and handsome of course, she thought, but she also knew she had been admiring that exact scarf for the last month. How strange.

"How silly of me," The older man called out still extending the scarf toward Joss, "Forgive me, take it anyway?"

Joss paused frozen with a suspicious grin. She was 25, and he must be at least 45, twenty years her senior. Before she could turn around to reply, he was coming up beside her, pulling at the scarf with both hands.

"Do I know you from somewhere? Maybe the school or the store?" Joss held her arms open as if trying to offer up an explanation that she didn't have. She was referring to the children's art academy where she taught or her parents store in Odem, just outside of the city.

"No, neither of those, but I do know you Jocelyn." He grinned a wide toothy smile, he was disarmingly charismatic.

Joss studied him carefully trying to recall a date or time where she had met this beautiful stranger. Perhaps he was a friend of her fathers, which would make even more sense, as he was the only one that still referred to her as Jocelyn.

"Jocelyn? Only my father calls me that." She smiled letting down her guard a bit.

"I know," The stranger stepped in closer gently wrapping the scarf around her neck while brushing away her long, dark hair.

"So Jocelyn, I see you have completely finished that coffee, and it is nearly noon. That tells me, you have not had a satisfactory lunch and would be thrilled to accompany me to Naples for some pasta, would that be true?" He held out his arm and took her tote of fruit off of her arm.

"As long as we walk, Ok? No taxis." Joss insisted.

"Smart girl." He whispered. That was the first time she noticed his slightly British accent.

"Now I know that I don't know you, I would have remembered your accent!" She said with a slight giggle as she pulled her arm away abrubtly.

The man grasped at her fleeting wrist and turned it upside down, placing his thumb firmly near her wrist bone.

"I never said you knew me," he drew her in closer, held her eyes and whispered again, "But I do know you."

Joss immediately withdrew her hand and jerked away in fear.

"I do not want to do lunch anymore." She abandoned her tote of fruit that he held and turned to run. It was the middle of the day on a busy street but she never felt so secluded.

The man cackled loudly enough for her to hear, and called out again, "Jocelyn, dear, I have it on good authority your father is dangerously close to losing his business. You would not want to be the stake that nails the coffin, do you?" The man smiled a twisted, content smile with his arms crossed.

Joss stopped dead in her tracks, how could he know? Was he with the bank? She thought she knew everyone involved with the store, how could this be happening?

She turned to meet his stare again. His eyebrows had high arches that reminded her of every villain she had ever seen in a film. He was removing his suit jacket and laying it across his arm and pulling her in once again with his offered hand.

"Now that I have your attention Jocelyn, I will not give you any more insight into my plans than I have already. At least not until we have eaten." He said placing her arm again in his.

Joss thought her eyes screamed "Help!" to every passerby. But what could she be yelling for? She was not in pain, she was not in harm's way, that she knew of, but she knew something was very wrong.

They walked the sidewalks completely silent. He towered over her 5'3 stature; she was guessing he was probably six foot three, and around 250 pounds. He could probably outrun her, and most definitely could overpower her. He did not exude his strength or size on her at all. Perhaps, she thought, he merely wanted to talk about her father's business after all. However she knew in the back of her mind that he wanted something else entirely.


When they arrived at the restaurant, the matre d apparently knew the man.

"Mr. Fairfax, we have been expecting you! We have your usual table, by the window in the back. Your niece is joining you today?" The maître d asked chummily, smiling gleefully at Joss. Joss decided to stay quiet and go along with the charade to determine what was going on.

"That would be fine Maxwell, very well." The gray haired man replied with a sigh. The pair followed the waiter back to a very private table set for two. It appeared to be a banquet room that could hold nearly fifty people, but today it was entirely dim, and removed. It was a vast contrast from the beautiful sunny day on the Chicago streets.

"I am not hungry." Stated Joss emotionless.

"We will both have the lamb, rare, a house salad, and a bottle of the best champagne Maxwell, we are celebrating!" The man ordered, removing Joss' sweater, and pulling out her chair.

The Maitre d nodded and disappeared from Joss' sight. She felt like she had just lost a lifeline.

"I will walk," she whispered with a harsh tone, "No...I will run, out of this place as fast as I can if you do not tell me who you are and what it is that you want from me immediately."

He chuckled again in a low gruff manner placing his hands in front of his mouth, as if hiding a secret.

"Very well, Jocelyn." He sipped the water set in front of him.

"My name is Vance Fairfax," he replied, "Does that sound familiar to you at all?"

It did to Joss, but she shook her head and touched her forehead as if trying to recall the information.

"VF?" She mouthed with her lips.

"Yes, that's right. Good girl. You do remember me." He smiled again, pleased.

" ran for an office? Last November?" Joss held a hand up in the air, as if grasping for a thought. She couldn't imagine, what in the world this political figure would want with her? Why in the world would he have had that scarf?

"VF was a part of my campaign, your right. I was a senator for two years..........and now I am the attorney general." He smiled dancing his fingers on the lip of his glass.

"I am sorry Mr. Fairfax... I haven't the slightest idea what this has to do with me or my family." Joss leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms.

The waiter carried out a plate of rolls and butter, champagne and glasses. The waiter was silent and precise. Mr. Fairfax never even blinked.

"All in time Jocelyn." Vance Fairfax winked as he held up his glass in a faux cheers and swallowed the champagne.

The food came out shortly after, and Joss finally broke the silence when the waiter walked away.

"I don't really care for lamb." Joss stated scooting the plate away.

"Have you ever had it?" he asked and she shook her head.

"Well, it's absurd that you would deny yourself any pleasure simply because you had never had it before. How would you know if you enjoyed it or not? I request that you at least try it...I did buy it for you." He ushered the plate back in front of her. He did make a point. She was already at the restaurant and whether she wanted to admit it or not, she was starving.

She took a small bite and enjoyed it so that she began eating it fervently.

"Good girl." Vance smiled again.

At the end of the meal, they both sighed loudly and began their conversation again.

"So tell me, Mr. Fairfax, what business you have with me so that I may be on my way." Joss explained matter of factly. "Please call me Joss."

"I will not call you Joss, your name is Jocelyn and I prefer it. We can talk business now if you like...would you like to talk about it here or your loft?" The smirk he had hidden while he was eating had come right back to his face and rested quite comfortably there.

"How do you know about where I live? How do you know about my family?" She questioned as she could feel her chest rise and fall quickly with haste.

"Alright, we can talk here..." he swallowed the last bit of champagne and began, "Well I ordered the champagne because we are indeed rejoicing. We are celebrating your new scholarship opportunity. I had come across your application to complete your Master's Degree with the University, which is my alma mater. I wanted to inform you that you had been chosen."

Joss remembered the paperwork she had filled out in the fall but they had called to tell her she was denied.

"I know the University denied your request, however, I made a considerable donation to help them.......reconsider." Vance leaned in to the table as if telling a secret.

"But, I don't..." Joss protested and he held his hand up to silence her.

"I am not done." He continued with a stern tone.

"Your father is in far over his head and understanding when it comes to that poor excuse for a diner. He has two loans on it with the bank, and is within a blink of an eye away from losing it. I have it in my power to close it for good, or help it sustain into the far distant future. Your poor mother has had ill health for what, five years now? I can see to it that she never has another hospital bill, with the best care possible, for as long as she lives. Your brother, overseas in the military, yes? I can make one simple phone call that can have him on a plane in an hour and on your parents door step tonight."

"How could you, I mean why..? WHO ARE YOU?" Joss questioned pushing out her chair and raising her voice.

"Oh dear, calm down. I told you who I am. I am only here to help you.........." His voice trailed.

"But...?"Joss interrupted his sentence.

"However, I do need something myself of course. In lieu of payment.... I have a simple request. There is no need for money of any kind. I have no need for more money." Vance let out a sigh and a sly smirk.

Joss simply replied "No."

"No? You do not even know what it is that I am after." He grinned.

"I have an idea." She stood up quickly.

"Jocelyn Tate, sit down or you might as well sign the deed to the diner, wave goodbye to your mothers hospital care, and you can pretty well guarantee you will never see your older brother Thomas again." He said in a gruff, hateful tone.

She nearly fainted into her chair when she heard her middle name. She was beginning to get dizzy. What is it that he wanted...her mind raced.

"Now then, these are the rules for my.....lets label it my, scholarship program." He whispered.

"Number one, you will carry this phone with you at all times. I am the only one that has that number, and I will be the only one that you discuss this relationship with.... Do you understand so far?" He stated sternly.

She nodded and dizzily stated, "I can just go to the..."

"Police, Jocelyn? Really? I thought you were a bright girl....I am the Attorney General. I have the FBI, and CIA in my pocket, do you honestly think I do not have officers bending over backwards to please me?" he looked out the window, pointing to six men on the street.

"One, two three....four, five, six. Six undercover FBI agents, watching my every move. They all know what this is about, and this has been going on a lot longer than today sweetheart." He continued grinning.

"The scarf...." Joss pulled on it around her neck. "How did you know about the scarf, and my family... how did you find me? Why me?"

"Well goodness me, I guess it was about five weeks ago. Yes, five weeks, it was still quite frigid out and you were strolling with Gus in the park." He recalled the name of her dog, and her stomach sank even lower.

"You wore your long beautiful curls down with that hideous knit hat. You were carrying your satchel of art supplies back to the studio and accidently dropped one of your brushes." He finished.

"You picked it up. That is why you looked so familiar." Joss put a hand to her lips from trying to hold in her breath.

"I fell for you then Jocelyn. You snickered when I handed it back to you and of course thanked me." He broke her gaze and looked away recalling the moment.

"I would follow you by that damn store for three weeks while you admired that had to have it."

"Why not just ask me to dinner, or coffee? I might have said yes!" she exclaimed.

"I do not ask, Jocelyn. You see, I get what I want, when I want it.I do not leave it up to you." He took her wrist once again as she tried pulling away slightly. He traced her arm with his middle fingers, sending chills up her arms.

"Think of me as a naughty school boy who does not share his toys," He whispered, "I do not share, and I do not comprehend the word no."

The Loft

Her hands were shaking as she tried to unlock the bolt to her apartment. Vance Fairfax was inches behind her tracing lines on her back.

"Lets go, Jocelyn. I have places to be." He pushed her gently.

She pulled the key out of the lock, and in a last attempt to get some answers she spun around facing him.

"How did you know about everything Mr. Fairfax...where I live, my family, just tell me how?" She demanded meekly.

He placed both of his large hands on her hips and slid his fingers on the inside of her pants.

She gasped for breath while he answered her slowly.

"I just did my due research Jocelyn. I had my investigators wire nearly every square inch of your loft, I hired a brand new executive at the bank that handles all of your father's affairs, and I enlisted a few imperative individuals at the hospital where your mother gets her transfusions. There is no need to call on my military contacts until you and I have established a......genuine and accountable relationship." He leaned in to her neck and she shuttered. He gently kissed behind her ear and down to her shoulder.

She turned around in final protest to unlock the door and he angrily took the keys out of her hand and forcefully turned the lock. She nearly fell into her apartment. He tossed the keys onto the butcher block counter to his left.

He called out "Cease."

"What does that mean?" She questioned.

"I will not have my team recording our time together." He said calmly. He crept up behind her and wrapped his arms around her small waist. She inhaled a shaky breath not wanting o display her nerves. He held her hair up to kiss her neck, and blew a quick breath giving her a quick chill. She winced, drawing up both shoulders.

"To the bedroom Jocelyn, you will find something on the bed. Put it on, and I will be right behind you." He let her go as he began taking off his jacket.

She quickly walked to her bedroom preparing to draw out her cell phone to call her parents, or anyone for that matter, for help. She didn't have a plan, but she did not want to be alone with him without someone else knowing he existed.

He came in seconds behind her. "Are you looking for this?" He held her phone in his palm. He laid it on her bed, next to the beautiful white lingerie. "It no longer works, Jocelyn. Only the new one that I gave you will work now. I will be able to hear every precious word you tell a soul, so do not doubt that I will be on your doorstep should I hear any hint of you spilling the beans about us to anyone."

She felt a tear swelling up in her eyes. She was completely caught up in his web. Mr. Fairfax still wore the smug smile he had worn all afternoon. It was now close to six in the late afternoon and he had drawn all of the blinds, it grew so dark in her room.

"Why are you near tears my dear? I have done so much to please you not appreciate the outfit, the money, or the lengths to which I have gone for you?" Vance pulled her in pressing her damp right cheek to his lips.

"You will enjoy our times together, I assure you." He whispered.

She stood still as he undressed her slowly. First her warm sweater gently fell to the ground. Chills spread rapidly to her stomach; next he fell to his knees and unbuttoned her jeans. He was still in his gray suit and tie which turned her on more than she wanted to admit.

She was wearing nothing but her light pink bra and underwear when he began undressing.

"Put on the lingerie and get on the bed." He demanded pointing to the bed she had crawled out of just that morning.

It was an intricate lacy, beautiful piece of lingerie, she thought. He sat down on her gray chair watching her change. He had removed his jacket and unbuttoned the top of his pants.

"Now, Jocelyn come over, sit on my lap, and unbutton my shirt." He opened his arms and patted his lap. She timidly walked over to him. He took her hand and pulled on her gently.

"You may call me Vance. Ok Jocelyn?" Vance said kindly.

She nodded.

His legs were warm underneath her bare bottom, she could feel his member throbbing beneath her damp underwear. She could feel her shaky breath rising and falling with angst. She began slowly unbuttoning his shirt, rarely looking up to his eyes, which never left hers.

"You look just as I always imagined you would. Perfect. Your skin is so tanned and warm Jocelyn, please do not alter that." He described her like he was looking at a piece of artwork. He took his left hand and removed the straps of the restrictive lingerie. He inhaled sharply as he sat up abruptly taking her in his arms. He stole passionate, wet, and incredibly sloppy kiss as she moaned loudly. She nearly came from earnest desire.

He threw her onto the bed with fierce longing as he pushed his pants to the floor.

"Ahh..." she moaned letting her eyes roll to the back of her head. Before she opened them again his lips were less than an inch away from hers. He pushed her knees flat onto the mattress until the resistance bounced them back.

"Are you ready for me love?" he quietly persisted, holding her hands well above her head.

She nodded emphatically with her dark brown tresses bouncing off of her moist, bare breast. She was ready for this man to take her. She had no opportunity to fight him, no outlet to get away, and he made it so easy. He felt so powerful, and in some twisted, perverted way, she reveled in it.

He thrust his engorged penis into her tight, wet swollen cunt. She let out a cry that could be heard around the building she was sure. He covered her mouth with his hand and grabbed tightly onto her ass with the other. He did not let up, but instead thrust only deeper still. She finally could breathe no longer and tried to gasp for air.

"That's it..that's it, right there isn't it Jocelyn?" he demanded again. She nodded again holding his hand firmly over her mouth.

She pulled her hair behind her neck, as she was growing even hotter. On that cue, he pulled out and threw her over and placed her on her knees. Joss grasped the pillow as hard as she possibly could as he smacked her ass with his hand. She was panting heavily and let out a small cry.

"Jocelyn... what is my name?" He asked. "Do you remember what my name is?" Vance took his right hand and pulled her up by her neck under her chin.

"Vance..." she whispered with her eyes shut. "Vance."

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