No Way Out


I want to thank Aisie Lynn for her fine job of editing my latest foray into writing. Please note that this story involves non-consensual sex and blackmail involving teachers and students. Although all characters are over 18 years old and this story is just a fantasy if this isn't your cup of tea move on. Chapter one sets up the story, the action really starts in chapter 2. I never delete comments and welcome them all. The only way I know if you like it is by your comments and votes. I have completed all the 16 chapters and chapter two is at the editor. I hope to submit each chapter in a timely manner.


Kim Watson had just arrived home from vacation. It was late summer and school was about to start again. She taught Mathematics at South High School. It was a middle class school in suburbia with a mixed student population of all races and financial backgrounds. Kim loved working at the school; she has worked there for the last 8 years, starting just a couple years after college. She was about 5'5" tall with blond hair falling down to the middle of her back. She was probably the best looking teacher at the school but worked hard to downplay her looks and figure. Still she knew that most of the boys there lusted after her. It was probably because of her 36 D breasts and her slim athletic build.

Kim went on vacation with her best friend because late last school year, her fiancé left her for a co-worker at his brokerage firm. A year ago they had purchased a home and Kim had put up most of the down payment, so the bank put the mortgage in her name. Now that he was gone, Kim's finances were stretched to the limit to say the least. But the vacation had been planned for almost a year, and she needed to get away and let loose. So Brenda, her college roommate, joined her on the trip to Key West and then to Miami to visit some common friends from the university.

Both Brenda and Kim were ready to let loose and both indulged in things they hadn't done since they had just turned 21. For most of their time in Key West, they were on the beach either naked or semi naked, working on their tans and getting drunk. They both were unattached and horny, so almost every night it was a different man in each of their beds.

After seven days in Key West, they traveled to Miami to meet up with Janice and Joyce, twins who made up their posse when they were in college. For the next two days the four women tore up South Beach. Each woman tried to outdo the others both in dress and actions, bar hopping wearing next to nothing and picking up every hunk that passed them. It culminated with a party at a condo overlooking the beach. When Kim woke the next morning, she was naked and sore and had no idea of where she was. The hangover was immense and the room was still spinning when she sat up. She didn't recognize the room and her clothes were nowhere to be found. She looked beside her to see Brenda also naked and still asleep. Kim stood and walked to the door. When she peaked out into the large room, she saw Janice and Joyce sleeping naked on the floor with three men cuddled up next to them.

Oh shit what did we do last night? she thought. Kim slipped past all the naked bodies and walked into the bathroom. When she looked in the mirror, she groaned as there were a few sucker bites on her tits and neck. There were bruises on her wrists and ankles. Her face was covered with dried cum, as well as her bush.

Oh My God, what did I do? she wondered. Kim quickly washed her face and grabbed a towel to cover her body. She ventured back into the large room in search of her clothes. Unfortunately, when she found her dress it was split up the side almost to her tits, and her underwear was nowhere to be found. Leaving the condo was going to be an adventure. Kim slipped on what was left of her dress and started to wake her friends.

As each woman woke, they moaned and groaned. They all had trouble remembering what had happened. After about an hour of searching, they managed to find some clothes, clean up, and dress. They called a car service and rode back to the hotel. As they compared stories and memories, they were able to piece together some of the evening, but they couldn't recall anything from the last few hours.

That afternoon, Kim and Brenda went to the airport to go home. Kim was glad that whatever happened was in Miami and nowhere close to home. There was no way anyone back home could ever find out what she did while there. The only people that knew her were the twins, and they would never tell.

Kim went to bed as soon as she arrived at home. Her hangover had eased, but she needed sleep. When she woke the next morning, she padded to the kitchen, drank about a gallon of orange juice and devoured a muffin. She settled down at her computer to check her email. After deleting about a hundred useless messages, she narrowed her mail down to about 50 she would need to open. She still wasn't ready to look at all of them, so she walked up to the bathroom to take a long bath. Her mail would wait till later.

Kim filled the tub with hot water and lots of bubbles and settled down to relax and doze. When finished, she crawled out of the tub and went back to bed. There was nothing she needed to do that couldn't wait.

Tom Morton lived two doors down from Kim Watson's house. He was about to start his senior year. He just turned 18, but was dreading starting the new school year. Tom was what the popular kids called a geek. He was tall, skinny, and uncomfortable in crowds. His only real friends were Melody Baker and Wendy Miller. Melody lived across the street, and they had been friends for most of their lives. She too was average looking and had only two real friends. Wendy Miller, another senior, who lived a couple of doors on the other side of Miss Watson's house, had moved in a couple of years ago and soon became fast friends with the other two. Melody and Wendy were not only friends, but sometimes lovers. Between the three of them, they managed to survive an almost invisible existence at school. What they lacked in looks, they made up for by hacking. Every time someone picked on them, they sought their revenge electronically. Even though there was never any proof that they were involved, it was common knowledge that if you fucked with them, you did so at your own peril.

Tom's father had left his mother when he was seven. He had an affair with his secretary and soon moved out of state. He hadn't heard from his dad in several years. His mother, Julie, had him when she was 18 and was now 36 years old. She worked hard to provide Tom with a good home and worked to keep her shape. She was only 5'2" tall, but maintained her figure exercising two to three times a week. Her tits, though small, fit well on her small frame. She kept her brown hair in a short bob. She dated rarely as she didn't think it was proper to have men spend the night.

Julie had trouble refusing anything Tom wanted. When he decided to make an apartment out of the second floor of the detached garage, she worked overtime to earn the money to make it functional. Tom had moved into the room about two years ago and took full advantage of his freedom. Wendy and Melody spent a lot of time there and had pooled their resources to put together a powerful computer system. Over the last couple of months, they had finally added a powerful hub that enabled them to monitor most of the wireless networks around the apartment. Together with their hacking skills, and wireless cams mounted in some of the trees outside their neighbors houses, they could watch, listen, and eavesdrop on just about anyone within sight of the apartment.

This included Kim Watson's house. When she moved in a year ago, all three of them made it a project to monitor all of her activity. It was pretty boring most of the time, until about 8 months ago when they noticed Kim's fiancé would bring home his lover during the day while Miss Watson was teaching. All of them enjoyed watching him fuck her in Miss Watson's bed and even using some of her toys. They watched in fascination as their relationship disintegrated and finally dissolved. They knew that Miss Watson was financially strapped and was barely making ends meet. They were very surprised when she took off on vacation. It was then that they decided to take their voyeuristic hobby to a new level. As soon as she left, Tom and Melody slipped into her house and planted spy cams all over her house. They now could watch her every move.

As soon as Kim arrived at home, all three were in the apartment watching "Kimmy" (as they now called her) walk in and go to bed. When she woke the next morning and signed on to her computer, Tom was waiting. After she cleaned out her mail and went to take her bath, Tom and Melody were perusing what was left. That was when Tom saw a subject on a couple of messages from J&J: "Pictures from last night!" and "Videos of last night". He quickly opened the files and smiled. Tom grabbed his phone and called Melody and Wendy,

"Get over here now; you aren't going to believe what Kimmy did on her vacation."

Ten minutes later, the three of them opened the files and soon were shocked at what was there. In all there were about 100 pictures of Kim, her friend Brenda and two other women drinking, dancing and carousing at several bars. As they continued through the pictures, the women started to flash their tits and grind against each other. Soon the scenery changed from a bar to what looked like an apartment or condo. The women were now almost naked and there were several shots of each of them. The pictures continued and showed a full-fledged orgy with naked bodies everywhere. The best showed Kimmy being spit roasted, on her knees with a cock buried in her cunt and mouth.

Tom, Melody, and Wendy high fived as each had ideas of how to use these pictures and what they could do to the pretty teacher. They then opened the first video. Apparently there was a camera monitoring everything in the condo as it showed everything in high definition. That was when they learned that Kimmy was taking X and was out of control. As the pot and coke was flowing freely, Kimmy was soon licking anything in front of her face, including her friend's cunts and asses. When Kimmy left the main room with Brenda and four guys, Tom quickly opened the other video. It was from the bed room and he quickly fast forwarded to when the six entered the room. Kimmy and Brenda were so out of it that the four men quickly tied them to the bed and double teamed the two very stoned women. After changing positions and fucking all their holes, they untied them and pushed them together. Soon both were licking cum from their holes until they passed out. The men high fived and grabbed the women's clothes, walked out of the room.

Melody turned to Tom and said, "What are we going to do with this?"

Tom smiled and looked at Wendy, "I don't know. What do you think Wendy?"

Wendy, who was so horny her panties were soaked and all she could think of was having the sexy teacher's face buried in her cunt said, "I think we should make her our slave. She can't afford to lose her job right now, and if this got out she would probably never teach again."

Melody screamed and tackled Wendy, kissing her deeply. "My thoughts exactly. How do we want to do it?"

As the two girls looked over at Tom, they noticed his cock tenting in his shorts. "I'm sure you'd like her lips wrapped around your cock, eh Tom?" Melody said.

Tom blushed, but his cock seemed to grow even more at the thought of having the prettiest teacher in school at their beck and call.

"We need to take this slow though. I don't want her to know it's us until she surrenders completely and is under our total control. Agreed?" Tom said.

"That works for me." said Wendy. "Me too," said Melody.

"Ok, let's wait till school starts and start taking her apart piece by piece. But first, I want to erase those emails. I don't want her to know there are any pics until we send them to her. I especially don't want her to know where they came from. Melody, she only has a cell phone, can you modify her contacts' numbers and email addresses? We want to control her incoming mail. We get it first then send it to her after we adjust it. I want to set her system up so her mail only comes from us but is invisible to her. When she sends any mail out, I want us to get it first. We will decide what goes out and what it says. I want to isolate her from any contact from her friends and family unless we control it. I'll modify their email addresses and set up the outgoing mail settings. I want all other traces of her friends gone. If she is like everyone else, she won't have them backed up anywhere. Unless she really looks, it she won't even know we control her mail. By the time she figures it out it won't matter as she'll be our slave by then." Tom said

"Sure, I can take care of that. Piece of cake, I can change the numbers so when she calls it rings to us. I can also hack her contact's phones so her number's blocked. That way they won't even know if she called because she dialed it directly." Melody giggled.

"Great," Tom said, "Wendy, can you mine for any information about her closest friends and family? I want to know whatever you can find out about them, especially any information on her mother and any siblings. I overheard her talking to Miss Taylor last year and mentioned that her mom and dad divorced a few years back. I don't want them showing up unless we want it to happen. Try to get some pictures so we'll know what they look like in case they show up unexpectedly.

"OK sure, but aren't you taking this to the extreme? I mean, we have the pics and she won't want them to get out, why all the cloak and dagger?" Wendy asked.

"I want her totally alone when we spring the trap. I want her to have nowhere to turn and no support system. I want her to feel helpless and alone, so as we increase the pressure she succumbs to our demands." Tom answered. "Who knows, after she submits completely maybe we can trap her mom too."

"OK no problem, but it will take some time to get this set up." Wendy said.

"Time we have. I just want to make sure that when we start she'll have no way out."

Melody looked at Wendy and smiled. "God I'm horny," she said as she slid over and kissed Wendy's neck and slid her hand across her tit. Wendy moaned and lay back on the floor. The three friends had long used each other when the mood hit them. Tom's mother never checked on them and they regularly spent hours naked and fucking each other. In minutes both girls were naked and were passionately kissing each other. Tom smiled as his cock was so hard it hurt. He soon joined the two young women licking Melody's cunt and fingering Wendy's. It didn't take long before each orgasmed and lay panting and fantasizing about the sexy Miss Kim Watson.

Over the next three days, Melody, Wendy and Tom worked feverishly to accomplish their tasks. When Wendy called and told Tom she finally finished her research, he knew it was time. "Come on over, I'll call Melody."

Twenty minutes later, they were sitting in Tom's apartment sharing their information. Melody was the first to speak. "Okay, there will be no communication with Kimmy without it going through us. All emails go to a mailbox I've setup that cannot be traced to us. We decide exactly what gets through to her. Any calls to her will be directed to a disposable cell that goes straight to voicemail. Her contacts have been changed so if she emails out it will go to us, and just to be sure, I slipped into her house yesterday and stole her personal phone book. I even went through her purse while she showered and found a smaller one. Unless she has a number memorized, she won't be able to call. I hacked her friends' cells and blocked her number, so they won't even know if she calls. I have also hacked into her Facebook account and locked her out. Right now she thinks that Facebook is pissed at her and deleted her page. I slipped in a program in her pc so whenever she types Facebook it directs her to a blue screen."

Wendy was next, "I found out she has only one sister, she is six years younger and is 26. She is blond, very pretty and a bit of a rebel. It seems that Kimmy and her sister Dawn don't get along. Kimmy didn't approve of Dawn's friends, life, style, or much of anything else. She also rubbed it in her face as often as she could. Kimmy's mother is 46. I guess she had Kimmy when she was 16 by her high school sweetheart. Her mother married Dawn's father after she got pregnant but it didn't last. She brought up both daughters by herself. She married her second husband about ten years ago and divorced him last year. It looks like she made out pretty good and spends a lot of time travelling. I made sure that they can't get to her without us knowing.

Tom smiled as he listened to his friend's results. "Great we have her now. I've been deep inside the school network adjusting her schedule and our classes. I also planted some complaints about her that taken alone would only be a footnote. But I planted them all through her record and only if someone would look closely would incriminate her. That way, if push comes to shove, it will discredit her. When the time comes, we leak out some damaging info and when she reviews her record, she will see the anonymous complaints. She won't know who to trust. That cuts off any help from other teachers."

"Okay are we ready to start? I can't wait till she's naked and begging to eat my pussy." Wendy said.

"First we want to eliminate her co-workers. I'll leak out a rumor that will make her check out her work record. When she does, she will follow a trail I left and it will kinda lead to her closest friends at school. It won't directly implicate them as submitting the bad reports, but it will keep her from trusting them when things get hairy for her. That should only take a day or so. By next week we will send her the first pictures. Then we'll see what happens." Tom detailed.

"Wow, you've put a lot of thought in this." Wendy commented.

"Yeah, ever since we got the pics and videos, I haven't been able to think about anything else. I already sent out the emails that will start the process. I'm pretty sure that by tomorrow afternoon we'll see a definite mood change in Kimmy."

The three of them just sat there for a few minutes before they broke out in laughter.

The next morning they met at the apartment. School was going to start in three days and they hoped that by then their trap would be sprung. They were watching Kimmy as she was showering. All three of them were drooling at the thought of enslaving their teacher.

Kim Watson stepped out of the shower. She had slept late today, knowing that the school year was starting soon. As she walked out of the bathroom, she walked up to her computer and turned it on, letting it boot up. She strolled to her bedroom and picked out a sexy summer dress and pulled it over her head. Kim stretched and headed to the computer to check her emails. Everything seemed normal but one email was from the school server. She opened it and gasped as she read it. It seems that it was an automated message stating that because of the most recent complaint against her, she would be put on probation if she received any more. Kim couldn't believe her eyes and quickly signed into the school network. She pulled up her file and couldn't believe her eyes. Scattered throughout her record were several anonymous complaints about her. She printed it off and started to read it closely. The more she read, it became clear that she wasn't as well liked as she thought. Even though the complaints were unsigned, in each instance there were only certain persons that could have submitted them. Each case led directly back to her closest friends. At first she was furious and started to call each one and to cuss them out. But then she sat back and thought about it. If she did that they would complain again and she would be placed on probation. She finally decided to avoid them till she could figure something out.

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