tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNo Way Out Ch. 02

No Way Out Ch. 02


Thanks for all the votes and comments. As usual all persons in this story are figments of my imagination and are over 18 years old. I would like to thank Chris 3136 for his help and input. His input was invaluable. To understand what has happened you should read chapter one. This story contains non-consensual sex and scenes of humiliation. If this offends you please move on.


Kim woke up early, having set her alarm to get ready for the start of the school year. She went through her normal routine. She showered, dressed and ate breakfast. Then she turned on her computer and logged into her email and was surprised that she hadn't heard from her friends. When she perused her mail, deleting the spam, she noticed the subject on one particular email.

"Who knew you were a slut!" Kim didn't recognize the sender, but after her vacation, she felt a twinge of nervousness tighten her stomach. She put the curser over the mail and clicked on it. There was no message, just a large picture of her naked snorting coke off her friend's naked ass.

"OH MY GOD!" She screamed. Kim paged down looking for something to identify who sent it but there wasn't a sender's name. What she found instead sent shivers down her spine, "Owner!" Kim sat for a second gathering her thoughts. She didn't remember snorting anything, let alone off her friend's ass.

Where did the picture come from? Who took it and what did he want? She stared at the picture not sure what to do. Kim grabbed her phone and called Brenda. When Brenda didn't answer she sat there wondering about where she could be. She couldn't remember a time when Brenda hadn't answered her phone.

When the line went dead, Kim jumped back to her computer and forwarded the email to Brenda, Janice, and Joyce, asking if they had gotten one too. She again called both the twins cellphones but they both went to voicemail again. With her problems at school and not knowing who to trust, Kim sat back and waited for someone to call or email her back. So many thoughts were going through her mind.

Who was sending her the picture? How did he or she get it? What does he want? What am I going to do? Why can't I reach my friends? With all these thoughts swirling around in her brain, but no answers to any of them, she brought her hands to her face and began to cry. She knew that this wasn't the end of it either but only the beginning.

Tom was watching as Kim opened her mail and smiled when he saw her reaction. When her emails hit his server he deleted them, knowing the only response would be another picture. He set up his computer to send her a new picture every fifteen minutes, with each successive picture being a little worse than the last. He knew her smart phone was connected to her email account and she would get each message almost immediately. Tom sat back and watched as with each new ding of her phone, Kimmy's fear grew.

By the end of the day, Kim had received over thirty pictures, with her naked in each one, sucking, fucking, licking, and doing drugs. Kim was in a full-fledged panic. By now she was afraid of what whoever was sending these pictures wanted from her. She called her friends over and over but not once getting through.

Kim was now sitting in her darkened living room afraid to move. Her mind going over each and every one of the pictures. When her phone dinged once again, she jumped. As she reached for her phone with a shaking hand, her body pulsed. It felt like a vice was squeezing her chest and each picture was tightening it more. In spite of her fears, something else was scaring her even more. She slid her hand down between her legs and slipped a finger inside her core. She gasped when she realized her pussy was soaked. She didn't understand how she could be lubricating. How could her body be aroused? Her life was rapidly going down the drain. Nothing about that was arousing.

Kim opened the latest email and was surprised to see there wasn't a picture, but an attached MP4 file. There was only a single sentence.


Kim clicked on the attachment and up popped her viewer. When the video started Kim again dropped her face in her hands and cried. There was her and Brenda, tied up in bed being fucked by four guys. She watched every second, unable to take her eyes off of it until it ended. The men had finished and untied them. When the men finished dressing, two of them gathered her and Brenda's clothes. While the other two turned Kim around and shoved her face into Brenda's sloppy cunt. The two women simply began to lick each other. The men laughed as they walked out of the room.

Kim couldn't take it anymore. She turned off her phone and started to turn off the computer. She didn't want to see anymore. But before she could turn it off, it dinged again. She sat there in shock as it dinged, and dinged, and dinged, and kept dinging. Kim jumped up and unplugged her computer. She felt helpless. That vice she felt before had changed, now it felt like the weight of the world, crushing her spirit, crushing her very soul.

Kim slept on the couch that night. She didn't have the energy to go to bed. When she woke a few hours later she slowly walked to her computer and plugged it back in. When it started up again it wouldn't boot up properly. She was now down to only her phone to communicate with the outside world. She turned on her cell and gasped. Her mail icon said 50 new messages. She clicked on the mail icon and dropped her phone as all of them were from "OWNER".

Kim sat in her robe, her hair a mess, with streaks of dried mascara on her cheeks from crying and her body feeling dirty after seeing all of the pictures and the video. She didn't want to open the mail but knew that if she didn't the OWNER could ruin her with a click of the mouse. She had to see what he wanted. With each picture she felt more and more helpless. Her friends were nowhere to be found. Her coworkers were trying to get her fired, and the new school administration would fire her in a second if any one of these pictures were made public. But she continued to open each one.

Kim worked through each message till she got to the last one:


From now on I own you. If you go to the police, I release the pictures and videos to the internet as well as everyone you know. The police will never be able to trace the origins of any of these messages but you will never work as a teacher again.

Each morning you will check your mail. I will assign you a task to complete. Complete the task and you're safe for the day. Fail and you will be ruined.

Today's task is go to into your room and throw out every pair of pants you own. You're to only wear skirts and dresses. No panties, leggings, or panty hose; nothing between your slut cunt and the world. You are also to eliminate any blouse or top that does not button up. I want see the bags of clothes out by the road for trash pickup tomorrow morning. I also want you to send pics of your closet showing what's left of your wardrobe. You have one hour to complete this task.


Kim's body almost collapsed as she read the message. Her chest felt like it was about to implode and her heart was beating so fast she thought it might explode. Kim's hands were shaking and her mind went blank. She sat back and again tried to contact her friends, once more there was no answer. Now she was afraid that they were also being blackmailed and were not allowed to answer her calls. Kim sat for a few more minutes until she looked at the clock. It had already been 30 minutes since she opened the mail giving her the task of the day. 'Oh god when did he send it? I need to do the task!' Her mind screamed at her. In full panic mode she sprinted up the stairs to her room.

Wendy and Tom sat watching as Kim shot off the couch and run up to her room. She tore into her closet and soon clothes were being thrown out onto the floor. Five minutes later, Kim rushed to her dresser and dumped her panty drawer onto the ever growing pile of clothes. Knowing she didn't have much more time, she ran to the bathroom and dumped the clothes hamper on top of everything else. She knew she didn't have to throw everything out from the hamper but she didn't have time to sort it. Kim dashed downstairs and grabbed the box of garbage bags and ran back to her room. Ten minutes later, she was throwing six bags of clothes out by the road. Kim stood panting for a minute thinking she was finished, but then remembered that she needed to send out the pictures of her closet. Kim rushed into her house and up to the closet. She pulled her phone up and gasped. Her closet was almost empty. Hanging there were only about ten dresses and maybe a dozen skirts. She normally wore pullovers tee shirts and sweaters. She only had a handful of button up blouses. She snapped a few pictures and sent them to her OWNER.

As soon as the message was sent, she thought about what she had just gone through and in her head she thought, "Her Owner".

Melody had just arrived as Kimmy was carrying out the bags of clothes. Tom and Wendy were watching intently as Kimmy struggled to finish in under an hour. When the email arrived with her closet pictures, they screamed and hugged. Kimmy had taken her first step towards slavery.

"What's next," Wendy asked?

"Well, I'm going to acknowledge her mail and attach a picture of her bagging her clothes." Tom answered. "When she sees the pic, she'll know we have eyes on her. This will scare the hell out of her but she will remember it and it will make her obey."

Tom reached for the key board and composed the mail. As soon as he sent it, Kim's phone dinged. Kim looked at the display and opened the mail. She read the message, then opened the attachment. When she saw the pic, her legs lost all strength and she dropped to the floor.

"He can see me!"

Kim slowly got up from the floor. She looked closely at the picture and tried to figure out where the camera was. She finally narrowed it down to an area but never actually found it. A few minutes later, she slowly walked to her room and went to bed, making sure she was covered completely.

The next morning she woke early. After going to bed early the night before it was just after daylight when she peaked out from under the covers. Kim looked around the room trying to see if she could locate any cameras but nothing looked out of place. She climbed out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to clean up. But when she sat on the toilet she blushed, "Oh god what if he has a camera in here?" She whispered.

She finished using the toilet and jumped up and turned out the light, hoping that he couldn't see her now. A few minutes later, Kim rushed to her room, grabbed a dress and slipped it on. Feeling a little better after her shower and clean clothes, she walked downstairs and looked for something to eat. Then her computer dinged.

Kim jumped when she heard the mail notification, "I've got to remember to turn it off each night." She thought.

Kim slowly walked to the computer like a condemned woman on the way to the gallows. Sure enough there were two messages from her owner.

I'm starting to think of him as my owner. Oh god what if it's a woman? Kim shoved the curser over the message that had "Open me first" In the subject line.


To answer your question, yes, we have cameras all through your house. Microphones too. We can see and hear everything. Oh and they also have night vision, so it doesn't matter if you leave the lights on or not. Don't try to find them or disable them. If you do, you know what will happen. Now a few rules for you to live by.

  1. From now on you're to be naked at home, no exceptions. You will be given instructions on what to wear at school each day.

  2. Pick out your favorite pair of slut heels. Make sure they are at least 4" high. That is all you're to wear at home.

  3. Never turn off your computer. Turn up the volume so you can hear the message sounder anywhere in the house.

  4. Answer every email within ten minutes of receiving it. Failure to do this means a punishment.

  5. Punishments double for each offence.

  6. Each morning open your daily task at 6 am. You must complete each task in the time allotted. Failure means punishment.

  7. You must remove any hair below your neck.

These rules are to be strictly followed or you will be punished. Other rules will be added at my discretion. You are not to speak to anyone about this unless you are given permission. Today you are to buy a burner smart phone and send us the number. Keep this phone with you at all times. You must answer it within two rings.

Your Owner

Kim read the message and a shiver ran down her spine. She felt like the walls were closing in on her. Now that she knew they had cameras everywhere, it was as if she was in jail, with no privacy.

She started to cry as she closed the first message and opened the second, "Today's Task" in the subject.


In addition to the burner phone, today you are to complete the following task:

  1. There is a thrift store three blocks from you on Prospect St. Go there at noon and buy some clothes to supplement your wardrobe. You are to buy only the following:

  1. Skirts no longer than four inches above the knee.

  2. Dresses no longer than four inches above the knee and buttons up the front.

  3. Blouses long and short sleeve. Button up, sheer as possible.

  4. Shoes, heels, four inches and higher.

  5. Evening dresses, 6 inches above the knee, sleeveless, and halter tops, and v-neck that extends to your navel.

  1. Visit a local pet store and pick out a nice dog collar and leash. Wear it out of the store and always outside of school. Keep it with you at all times.

  2. Purchase two dog dishes and have them monogrammed with "Slave Kimmy"

You have until 4:00 to finish these tasks. You must purchase at least 10 skirts, and blouses, 10 work dresses, 5 evening dresses, and 4 pairs of shoes. If you need to go to more than one store that is allowed. At 4:00 you must be naked and kneeling in the middle of the living room with your new clothes beside you. Do not disappoint me slut.

Your Owner.

Kim read and re-read the message. Her money was already tight, she would have to cut back somewhere to cover buying everything. She started to cry as everything was hitting her hard. She was losing the battle for control. Kim staggered to the kitchen and grabbed her phone and tried her friends once again.

"Please, please, please answer" she begged, but no one did.

Kim sat at her desk hoping her friends would call her back. She never felt so alone or out of control. She was in a daze when the computer dinged again. She jumped up, hoping it was one of her friends, but when she opened her mail, again it was from her Owner. She slowly clicked on the message and read:


What don't you understand about always naked at home? You need to learn that we know exactly what you are doing and can see everything. Open the attach picture, it has been downloaded to your school website. It will stay there till you comply with the rules. Your rules have also been modified. You have 5 minutes to get naked and wearing your slut heels. You also have to open all blinds, curtains, drapes or anything that covers any window. They will remain open until further notice. If you don't finish this task in the required time the picture remains on the website for one hour for each second you're late. Better hurry slut!


Kim clicked on the picture, it was her naked with her face covered in cum. She screamed, jerked off her robe and ran up to her closet. She tore into the more than thirty shoe boxes looking for her highest heels. As she rarely wore high heels, they were buried deep in her closet and she was panicking as she knew every second mattered. When she found them, she slipped them on and ran to the window. Now a race, she dashed from room to room opening blinds and curtains. By the time she got downstairs, she had less than a minute to finish the final six windows. No longer just opening the blinds but just grabbing them and ripping them off the windows. She couldn't afford to be late. When the last blind came down, Kim dropped to her knees in front of the computer. "Please take down the picture. I completed the task." She begged. It was strange to be talking to no one, hoping that whoever was watching would remove the picture.

Tom and Wendy watched and laughed as they watched Kimmy run naked around the house opening her blinds. Wendy was on her phone talking to Melody who was watching from her house as the naked teacher was clearly visible in her windows. She slid her hand to her core and stroked her clit.

"It won't be long till you are doing this for me slut." She said as she headed out the door to her job at the thrift store.

When the computer dinged again, Kim rushed to open the mail.


It took you long enough, but you made it in time. I will take the picture down but remember, your next punishment will be worse.


Kim sat back with a sigh of relief, but remembered her task for the day. She looked at the clock and realized that she only had 30 minutes to get to the thrift store. Kim slowly stood and walked to her room. She looked at what was left of her clothes. She picked out a skirt and blouse to wear and having only bras, she grabbed one out of the drawer and started to put it on. But Kim remembered her rules and walked to the bathroom to fix her hair and makeup. Ten minutes later, Kim walked downstairs and to the door. She stopped, dressed and took a deep breath. Her mind cleared a bit and she opened the door and walked out to her car and got in. She was on autopilot when she got to the local convenience store. Kim purchased a burner phone and emailed the number to her "Owner". Each time that thought went through her mind it rang a little more true.

Melody sat behind the register waiting for Kimmy to arrive. Her pussy was soaked thinking about how she was going to humiliate her teacher and soon to be slave. When she saw "Kimmy's" car pull up she smiled and texted her friends.

"She's here but it's 12:01. She's late!"

Kim had never been in this store before, she wasn't sure what to expect. The lack of panties and her slut heels already had her blushing. Even though she knew no one would know her that didn't stop her body from still being flushed. She took a deep breath and walked through the door.

Melody stayed behind the counter watching as Kimmy was looking around the store. She could tell her teacher was blushing and very nervous.

'She's going to be blushing a lot more by the time I'm finished with her.' She thought

DING! Kim jumped and looked down into her purse surprised that her phone had gone off. Once the initial shock had worn off she hurriedly rummaged through the purse until she found her phone and pulled it out. 'Please let it be one of my friends,' she thought to herself. But it wasn't one of her friends, instead she saw an emailed titled, "YOU WERE LATE!"

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