tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNo Way Out Ch. 03

No Way Out Ch. 03


Thanks to all who commented on the first two chapters on this story. You should read the previous chapters to understand what is happening. However it does stand on its own. All persons depicted are over 18 years old and are figments of my imagination. As similarities to anyone in real life are accidental. I would like to thank Chrisj3136 for his help. His input is invaluable.

Please vote and give feedback. I want to know if you enjoy my work.


Kim waited on her knees until the computer dinged with a message. She quickly opened the message and gasped.




Kim stared at the computer and started to cry. "Please don't release the pictures. I forgot and getting the clothes took much longer than I anticipated. I'll get them tomorrow, please forgive me," she pleaded to an empty room. Kim felt even more foolish talking to herself and begging for forgiveness. Before she could do anything else her computer dinged again. Slowly she opened the message:


Not completing a task is not acceptable. You must now complete your first task and an additional one. Now open your bags and pick out the shortest skirt and the sheerest blouse. Put them on, no bra. The blouse won't be buttoned but tied below your tits. Then you must leave the bottom two buttons open on the skirt.

You will go to the Colony Pet Store on Elm St. Make sure you try on several collars and leashes, then ask which one looks best from someone. Have the clerk make up your new bowls and pay for everything. Answer any questions truthfully. You never know, it might be me asking them. If you don't answer truthfully you will be punished.

After finishing at the pet store, wear the collar and leash out and go to the Adult store on High street. It's the one down the road from the school. You are to purchase the following items:

2 pairs of handcuffs

2 pairs of leg shackles, one 6", one 12"

3 anal plugs, 1 medium, 1 large, 1 extra-large.

3 vibrators, of different sizes, nothing less than 8" long and 2" wide.

3 wireless vibrators, 1 egg, 1 butterfly, 1 anal

1 riding crop

2 floggers

3 sets of nipple clips, 1 with alligator clips, one with adjustable clamps, and one with a clit clip too.

I blindfold

1 whip

4 canes each a different thickness.

2 gags, 1 ball, 1 ring

You are to ask the clerk for help picking out these items and anything else they might suggest. If they ask why, you will tell them you are a slave and your owner told you to purchase everything. When you have finished with your purchase, offer to blow or eat the clerk as a thank you. You must wear a set of nipple clips, anal plug, collar and leash when you leave. When you get home, lay everything out on the living room floor and wait on your knees for your next command. You have 2 hours to complete these tasks.

Your Owner

Kim couldn't breathe; just going out wearing what was ordered was humiliating enough, but to do what was expected was beyond comprehension. For almost ten minutes she simply sat there and cried. When her brain started to work again, she slowly stood and dumped the bags from the Thrift Store on the floor and rooted through them until she found what was required for her to wear.

Five minutes later, Kim was standing at her front door. Her blouse was so shear that you could easily see her nipples and not only that, but because of how it was tied, her tits threatened to fall out at any moment. The skirt was so short that when she left the bottom two buttons open, every step exposed her cunt. Stealing herself, she opened the door and walked to her car.

Kim sat in her car for a minute. She was so humiliated being dressed this way out in public. Her body totally exposed and to go to the pet store down the street?

Oh my god what if a student is working there? How will I explain how I'm dressing and what I'm buying? I will be ruined for sure.

All these questions were swirling around in her head, but her body was experiencing something entirely different. Without even realizing it her right hand drifted to her rock hard nipples and started to lightly caress them. She moaned as the sensations shot straight to her crotch. Her left hand slipped beneath her skirt and slid up her slit. Kim groaned as her fingers felt the wetness and her clit pulsed. She closed her eyes as her fingers dipped into her core and her body trembled with arousal. It only took a moment before she climaxed and soaked her hand.

Kim sat in her car oblivious to the outside world as her body shook from the massive climax. Panicking she quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching the nearly naked teacher masturbate in her driveway.

What is wrong with me? Why am I doing this out here? It's bad enough that someone is blackmailing me and forcing me to humiliate myself. But to do this to myself...

Kim was slowly gaining control of her body as the climax slowly dissipated. Her mind once again taking charge, she started the car and headed towards the pet shop.

Wendy answered her phone at work. It was Tom calling. "Wendy, Kimmy is on her way, have lots of fun."

Wendy giggled and put her phone back in her purse. The shop wasn't busy and she didn't expect anyone to stop by, as closing time was in 45 minutes. She watched out the window and smiled when she saw Kimmy pull up out front. She almost laughed out loud when she saw how the teacher was dressed. She looked like a hooker.

Kim sat in her car for a minute, but knew she didn't have any time to waste. She got out of the car and walked into the pet store.

"May I help you?" Wendy asked, "Oh Miss Watson, I didn't know you had a pet? What are you looking for?"

Kim tried to talk but her voice was gone. She finally whispered, "I need a dog collar, leash and two dog bowls monogramed."

"I'm sorry, did you say dog collars and dog dishes? Do you have a dog?"

"No Wendy, I don't"

"Then why do you need them? Are they a gift? What size do you need?"

Kim blushed down her chest, she looked down at the floor and quietly stated, "No, they're for me."

"Wow who would have thought that Miss Watson was so kinky? Sure I can help, follow me. Oh what do you want on the bowls?"

"Please put Slave Kimmy on them" She answered.

"OOOH, I thought you were going to a party or something dressed like you are, but you're just a slut slave. This is going to be fun. I can't wait to get back to school and tell everyone."

"OOOHHH GGGOODD NNNOOO, PLEASE DON'T DO THAT!" Kim screamed. "Please keep this between us. I'll pay you. Whatever you want?" Kim begged.

"Oh I like this, my own naked slut teacher begging to do anything I want. Okay, I won't tell anyone, but you owe me. I'll make a copy of the security tape just in case you forget to honor my request. Now follow me back to the dog area and let's see what fits on that pretty neck."

Kim could only agree, "Yes Wendy, I won't forget."

"It's Miss Wendy from now on and don't forget it."

"Yes Miss Wendy."

Wendy was having the time of her life. Here was her teacher, dressed like a slut, and begging to do anything for her. She smiled as she handed Kimmy three different collars. "Here try these and let's see which looks best."

Kim was lost, could this day get any worse. Here she was standing in a pet store, dressed like a whore. She was giving into one of her students and buying a dog collar. She couldn't respond to Wendy but simply nodded her head and grabbed the collars. The first one was a narrow strap, bright pink, with rhinestones and a couple of rings. The second was Black about an inch and a half wide with large studs all around it. It even came with a small lock. The third one was white, 1" wide and a ring.

Kim wrapped the pink one around her neck. Wendy chuckled at how silly she looked. Kim knew that no one would take her seriously when she was wearing it. Wendy nodded and giggled at the blushing teacher. Kim took off the pick collar and tried on the black one. It felt heavy around her neck and being so wide, even loose it felt like she was choking.

Wendy looked at Kim's face when she fastened the black collar around her neck. Wendy watched as her teacher's entire body slumped as soon as she finished buckling it.

'Oh god, that's the one. She feels like a slave when she puts it on. I can see it in her eyes.' Wendy mused.

"Now put on the white one Kimmy."

Kim cringed when she heard what Wendy called her. Normally she would have lit into anyone who called her that. Kim hated that bastardization of her name. It always embarrassed her when someone called her that.

But she didn't want to piss Miss Wendy off, so she just nodded and put the white one on, she actually breathed a sigh of relief when she took off the black one. That collar scared her. The others were bad enough, but the black one made her feel like a slave.

When the white one was secure Kim looked at Wendy and asked. "Miss Wendy, which collar do you like?"

"OOOHH I get to choose? That's fun. I like them all, I especially like the black one though. What do you think, Kimmy?"

Kim cringed again but bit her tongue, "I can't tell, you choose, Please?"

"Sure, I think you should buy all three. It depends on what you're wearing as to which collar to wear. With these three you should have all your bases covered. I mean basic black in school, really?" Wendy the fashionista said.

Kim gasped as the white collar suddenly got tighter. The mention of wearing a collar 24 / 7 immediately came to mind. "Yes Miss Wendy, I'll take all three."

"Great, here are the matching leashes. Why don't we clip on the leash then get your bowls ready." Wendy said as she pushed past the humiliated teacher blushing in the aisle.

Kim's mind stopped working for a few seconds as it hit her she was in real trouble. In just 24 hours or so she was humiliating herself in front of some of her students. There wasn't anyone around her telling her to do this. It was only her word that she was being forced in the pet store. As a shiver went up her spine, she turned and follow Miss Wendy to the back.

Ten minutes later, they were at the checkout. Kim couldn't look Wendy in the eyes, it was too embarrassing. She only wanted to get out of there and finish the worst day of her life.

Wendy watched as Kimmy walked out the door and called Tom. "She's on her way to pick up the toys."

Kim knew the adult store which her owner told her to go. It was very close to her school and the chances of someone seeing her walking in was pretty good. Kim was afraid to pull into the lot and drove by the store a couple of times before she worked up the courage to pull in. When she did, she pulled all the way to the back so no one would recognize her car. Kim sat slumped down in the seat and peeked out the windows, praying no one saw her.

After a couple of minutes she realized that it was Sunday evening and most everyone was home and the street was deserted. Kim opened the door, stepped out of the car, straightened her clothes as best she could and walked quickly to the door.

When Kim walked in the door, she was surprised. It was clean with wide aisles, and didn't smell bad. She exhaled as soon as she noticed that other than the clerk, no one else was there. Kim looked at the clerk, and was surprised it was a woman. She relaxed a bit and walked to the counter.

"Could you help me?" Kim asked.

"Sure what do you want slut?" Helen stated. It was obvious this woman was not here on her own volition.

Kim blushed and set the list on the counter. She couldn't speak but noticed her name tag, Helen.

Helen smiled and looked into Kim's eyes. "You're fucked, or you fucked up. Well slave, did your master send you in here? Or is it Mistress?"

Kim couldn't speak, her voice was gone, she simply nodded.

"Judging by the way you're dressed and how far down you're blushing you aren't trained yet. Don't worry honey, it's just starting. Soon this might be the highlight of your day, buying new toys to play with and all. Relax and you'll be out of here shortly."

Tears streamed down Kim's face as she listened to Helen. Every statement scared her more and more. By the time Helen had everything on the list Kim was defeated. She simply paid for everything, when she remembered the last task.

"Miss Helen, may I eat you out as a tip?"

"No, maybe next time and there will be a next time, I'll guarantee it."

Kim felt as if she was about to throw up because her stomach was heaving so badly. She grabbed the bags and ran out the door. She got to the trunk, dropped to her knees and vomited. She was alone, afraid, and out of control. There was No Way Out.

When Kim finished vomiting behind her car she slowly stood up. She grabbed the bags, opened the trunk and tossed them in. Twenty minutes later she walked into her house. She stepped into the living room, opened all the bags and spread everything out around her. She slipped out of her blouse and skirt and knelt down with everything around her. Almost immediately the computer dinged.

Kim's body trembled as she reached for the mouse and opened the mail.


It appears that, this time, you finished your tasks in the allotted amount of time, however, in the future always strip before you enter your front door. Tomorrow is the first day of school. To prepare, here are a few rules for you to follow. Failure to follow any rule will result in a punishment.

  1. You must always do as instructed by your owner. No exceptions.

  2. You will never cum without permission.

  3. You will not use the bathroom without permission.

  4. You will use an enema each morning to clean out your ass.

  5. From now on unless otherwise instructed, you will have your ass plugged outside of school. You will take the plug out when you get to your room at school, and insert it back in before you leave the room at the end of the day.

  6. When removing your plug, you will clean it with your mouth.

  7. You may only remove your collar when at school. It must be around your neck all other times.

  8. You may wear anything you wish from you new wardrobe unless otherwise directed by your owner.

  9. Your daily task will be delivered at 6:00 am each morning. You should be waiting for it.

  10. You will from now on at the top of each hour you are not at school, masturbate for 10 minutes. You will not cum.

  11. You will receive a list of punishments. When a punishment is due, you will pick one from the list and tell your owner of your choice. Once you have completed the punishment it will be eliminated as a choice for future punishments.

You should memorize each rule as you will be required to recite it on demand. If you fail, you will be punished. The rest of your evening is free. Don't forget to follow all rules.

Your Owner

Kim could only sit and look at her rules. They only reinforced the feeling of helplessness. She slowly picked up her toys and new clothes scattered about the living room floor. She carried everything to her room and started to put things up. Kim remembered rule five. She grabbed the smallest plug and groaned. Kim had never had anything up her ass. She'd never even let her ex-husband to touch her ass. Now she had to put this enormous thing in her virgin hole, knowing that if she waited any longer her owner would punish her. She walked to the bathroom to find something to lubricate the plug and her rear passage. Having never done this before, she covered her fingers on her right hand and slid it back to her ass. She coated her ring and slowly inserted a finger. It took a couple of minutes to relax as she pushed it deeper and deeper. When her ass was well coated, she added another finger, and then another. She knew that the plug, over two inches wide at the widest point, would be difficult to get in. Hoping that her preparations were enough, she brought the plug back behind her and pointed it at her brown ring. At first is wasn't too bad and she breathed a sigh of relief. But the further in it went, the more pain. Kim was panting as the plug reached its widest point. The pain was almost unbearable and it wasn't going any further. Kim didn't know what to do. The plug was at a point where the pain kept her from relaxing enough to push it any deeper. Still kneeling on the floor, Kim straightened her legs and sat down hard on the floor. She screamed as her own body weight violently shoved the large plug the final inch into her ass. Kim cried at the pain and her body trembled as her rectum never felt so full. Kim was sure she had damaged her ass, but after a couple of minutes the throbbing slowed and she was able to breathe again.

By then it was very late so she fixed herself something to eat and settled down for the night. Just before she went to bed, she walked into the bathroom and started to pee. She started to sit on the toilet but remembered she had to ask for permission. Feeling very foolish she stood and said out loud, "Please may I go to the bathroom?" She stood there not knowing what else to do. She stood there for at least 10 minutes before she walked back down to the computer to email her owner for permission. Again she waited and now her need to go was even more urgent. Kim sat down in front of the computer, praying for her owner to send her a message.

It was now eleven o'clock and Kim really had to pee, bad. But she had to masturbate for ten minutes. She had masturbated each hour for the last few hours, but now needing to pee so badly she wasn't sure she would be able to keep from peeing when she touched her core. The accumulative effect of masturbating each hour was very noticeable. Her body was staying aroused a little longer after each session. She had just calmed down from the last hour and now she had to do it again.

Kim dropped her hand down past her stomach and touched her cunt. Her entire body jumped as soon as she touched her clit. Her bladder pulsed and a little piss dripped down her crack and over her ass. Kim was breathing hard and her cunt was on a hair trigger. She gritted her teeth and slid her finger down her labia and felt the copious amount of liquid now streaming out of her core. Trying to do anything in her power to keep from orgasming she slowly slid her finger deep inside her body and followed rule 10.

Kim was just able to finish her ten minutes without climaxing. 'God I don't think I'll be able to keep from orgasming next time.' She thought.

It was then the computer dinged. Kim jumped and opened it as quick as she could, praying for permission to relieve herself.


You asked for permission to use the toilet. Sorry not until tomorrow morning. From now on, you will relieve your bladder when you clean your ass. If you piss your bed you will be punished. One more thing, you must use a vibrator when masturbating from now on.

Your Owner

Kim was on her knees begging for her owner to have mercy. "Please Master it's the first day, have mercy and let me use the bathroom. I'm begging you, I'll do anything you wish just let me pee." If anyone had been walking by at the time and looked into Kim's window, they would have been treated to a unique sight. Kim was on her knees, her hands clasped in front of her looking like she was praying, but naked and wearing a dog collar, leash, butt plug, and talking to no one.

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