tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNo Way Out Ch. 04

No Way Out Ch. 04


I would like to thank everyone for their comments and feedback. This is my first story submitted unedited by a volunteer editor. I seem to be cursed with editors. If I find one their real life gets in the way and nothing happens. So I ask your indulgence and try to overlook my spelling and grammatical errors. However please do let me know if you like or dislike the story. Just remember a couple things, one, this is a fantasy, there is no way you could or should get away with this at school. Two no one should ever treat a person as the three amigos do to Kim, and three this story has acts that are degrading and perverted if this is not your interest move on. There are plenty of other stories to read.


Kim arrived at work a nervous wreck. Driving naked scared her to death. Although there was little traffic, being naked both scared and aroused her exhausted body. Sitting in the teacher's parking lot, she was surprised at the number of cars already there. She grabbed her skirt and blouse and dressed without getting out of her car. After she finished dressing she opened the white collar and put it in her purse.

'God I hate that thing I feel like I'm choking every time I put it on,' Kim thought.

Kim looked around checking to see if anyone might have seen her but it appeared that no one was around. Stepping out of the car she straightened her skirt and tucked her blouse in and walked to the door. Walking in the high heels was an adventure. She never wore heels much and never ones so high. It only took a few minutes before her feet and calves started to hurt.

After entering the school, Kim walked down the hall and past the main office. Her heels clicking echoed on the hard floors announcing her arrival. Just after she passed the office, Helen and office assistant walked out into the hall and saw Kim.

"Oh My God what is Kim Watson wearing?" She said quietly looking at the short skirt barely extending to mid-thigh, and a blouse that was quite sheer. You couldn't actually see beneath it but her bra was visible. When she noticed the stilettos she had to say something.

"Good Morning Kim, how are you? Going out after work?" Helen said with a touch of sarcasm.

Kim jumped when she heard her name and turned to see who it was. "Oh Good Morning Helen, you startled me. I'm good, a little tired I didn't sleep well last night. No I just was going home. I did some shopping over the weekend and decided to wear a new outfit."

Helen looked at the obviously nervous teacher and smiled, "A little risky for school don't you think? I'm sure all the boys are going to love it."

Kim just nodded and turned to go to her room when she heard Helen comment. "What a slut, I wonder if she's fucking a student."

Kim kept walking and hurried to her room. As soon as she arrived she dropped into her chair and cried. 'God what am I going to do? By the end of the day I'll be exposing all I have to the last class.'

Kim sat quietly arranging her desk and preparing for classes when her phone vibrated indicating an email. She groaned but opened it anyway. It was from her owner.


Here is the revised list of punishments. One thing to keep in mind, if you are being punished and break a rule, the next punishment is chosen by me. You only get to choose which punishment when you are not being punished.

  1. You will strip naked in your classroom, use your phone and record yourself masturbating at your desk, while screaming out how you want to be a slave to the students and how you want them to use you. You will then send it to me and download it to your computer under the file 'My Fantasies'.

  2. You will seduce the first person you speak with. Male or female student or adult. You will again film and save to your fantasy file as well as send me a copy.

  3. You will have someone paddle your ass for twenty swats. This does not have to happen at school. You will also record it and send it to me as well as save it in your new file.

  4. You will go back the adult store and visit the glory hole and suck off ten men. You will wear any spunk you don't swallow till the next day when you shower.

  5. You will visit a titty bar and dance on amateur night.

You better be good, you might not like what I choose.

Your Owner

Kim read the new list and cringed. Now there weren't any punishments she wanted to do. Choosing the next one was going to be hard. Kim made up her mind that she was going to follow all the rules.

Tom smiled when he sent her the revised list. Wendy already had a plan to force her to break a rule. She was going to slip her a water pill in her coffee this morning. By early afternoon, she will have no choice but to go to the bathroom and take a piss. It was going to be fun watching her squirm trying to not go.

Wendy entered the school just after seven. She headed to her locker which was down the hall from Kimmy's room. When she saw the light on she smiled and walked into the room.

Kim jumped when the door opened. When she saw Wendy she gasped. After visiting the pet store yesterday, Wendy was the last person she wanted to meet.

"Good Morning Miss Watson, you look great today. I love the new look."

Kim blushed and could only mumble, "Good Morning Wendy, thank you."

"Oh so now today it's Wendy, yesterday it was Miss Wendy. I just wanted to see which color collar you're wearing."

"I'm not wearing a collar today Miss Wendy."

"Just checking I guess you're not being punished anymore?"

Kim just wanted to crawl into a hole, just shook her head and walked to the back of the room to hang a new poster on the wall. As soon as she had her back turned, Wendy dropped two water pills into her coffee. "I have to go Miss Watson, I'll see you later." Wendy said and turned to leave the room. "I can't wait till you are being punished again and have to wear one of your new collars to school."

Kim gasped and turned to say something but Wendy had already left. 'God what have I gotten into. If this goes any further I'm ruined.'

Twenty minutes later the bell rang to start classes. Kim was standing at her desk and slowly opened a button on her skirt. It showed more leg but not enough to raise any comments.

The day started out pretty good. Kim made it through the first two classed with no problem. Now was the start of the third period and she opened a button on her blouse. Again is wasn't too bad, the blouse opened to just above her breasts and showed a little cleavage but nothing too over the top. However Kim knew that the next button would show a lot more. As Kim waited for the students to settle down when she felt the first urge to pee. 'Oh god not now, it's way too early to have to go.'

Melody talked to a couple of friends who also had Miss Watson in the morning. Wendy and Tom had her in the fifth and seventh period. Melody had her for ninth. She asked for her friends to watch Miss Watson closely and tell her how she was dressed. Melody wanted to catch her slave disobeying.

By the fifth period, Kim was very nervous. If she unbuttoned the next button on her blouse, it would open to between her breasts. If she opened a skirt button, she would almost expose her pussy when she sat on the desk. Now the need to pee was serious. It was just the fifth period and she still had four more periods to go. Knowing that she still had three more buttons to open before the day ended, she popped the next button on her blouse and waited for the students to arrive.

Wendy was one of the first to arrive at Miss Watson's fifth period class. As soon as she walked through the door she smiled. Miss Watson was standing at her desk and her blouse was open to the middle of her breasts. So far in fact you could see her bra. She walked confidently up to the nervous teacher and smiled, "Wow, I thought you looked good this morning, but I love it even more now. Are you sure you're not being punished?" She watched the teacher's reaction and noticed that Kimmy was having trouble standing still. She knew right then that the pills were doing their job.

"Please Miss Wendy, keep your voice down. What happened yesterday was not supposed to carry over to here. Please don't embarrass me anymore." Kim pleaded.

"Oh Miss Watson, I didn't mean to embarrass you, but if you're going to open your blouse that far, you should probably take off the bra. That looks tacky." Wendy answered and took her seat.

Kim was still blushing as the other students walked into the classroom and took their seats. Each student noticing the open blouse and giggling amongst themselves, soon all were whispering about how Miss Watson was dressed. Kim heard the whispers and knew she had to gain control of the class. She thought about just having them read, but there was a test coming up at the end of the week and she had to review the material. "Okay everyone take your seats. Today we are going to review for the test."

Kim immediately had everyone's attention. She turned to her desk and grabbed her notes and proceeded to sit on her desk. Making sure she didn't cross her legs. With only one button open, as long as she didn't move around too much, she should be able to keep from exposing her privates to the front row. However with her need to pee it was hard not to squirm trying to hold off going to the restroom.

Kim sat on the desk going over the material for the next ten minutes or so, till Wendy raised her hand.

"Yes Miss Wendy," Kim asked blushing.

"Yes Miss Watson, I seemed to have lost my place and I can't find what you are talking about. Would you mind showing me?"

Kim, already blushing for calling her Miss Wendy, nodded and slid off the desk. When she did her skirt caught on the edge and slid up almost to her crotch giving anyone looking a peek at her naked cunt. Kim quickly slid her skirt down and walked over to Wendy's desk. She leaned over and pointed out where she was in the lesson; when she realized that by bending down she was showing almost the entire class her bra. Caught off guard and not sure what to do, she slowly stood up and walked back to her desk and sat back down. This time she was so concerned about now showing her bra, she didn't pay attention to her skirt. It was now much higher than it was before and Kim had to keep her hands in her lap to keep from exposing herself again. But the movements only increased her need to pee. Kim was sweating trying keep her composure and not expose her body while trying to keep from pissing all over her desk.

Wendy almost squealed with excitement when Kimmy struggled to keep her modesty. She wondered which button she would open when Tom's class started. By the time the class was over, Kim was sweating profusely and her blouse was starting to stick to her skin. This only increased how shear it was and increased the exposure of her tits.

As Wendy walked past the struggling teacher she remarked, "Miss Watson, why don't you go to the restroom if you have to pee. Everyone watching you knows you have to go?"

Kim blushed again and simply said, "I can't."

Wendy laughed and walked out the door. As soon as she hit the hall, she pulled out her phone and texted Tom, 'Kimmy is a basket case, god I wish I had her ninth period class.'

Kim gave up any hope at doing a review for the Friday test during sixth period. Her mind was constantly on her bladder and not pissing herself. She assigned a reading assignment and sat on her desk. Not trusting herself to get off the desk, she sat there the entire period and squirmed trying to hold off the inevitable. By the time the period was over, her skirt had ridden up almost to her core and it was everything she could do to not expose her pussy.

When the bell rang for the start of seventh period, Kim was literally shaking trying to keep from losing control of her bladder. She didn't even get up when the students left. She was panicking wondering how she was going to get through the next two periods. She knew that she wasn't going to make it. Now it was how to get to the restroom without having an accident.

In spite of her growing need to pee, she looked down and nervously opened another button on her blouse. It was now open well below her bra and past her tits. With her sweating over the last hour or so, the blouse simply fell open and threatened to expose most of her chest. Kim gave up trying to keep it closed and just crossed her arms over her chest. But this posed another problem. She had been sitting on her desk for over an hour and now her skirt was way too high on her legs. With her arms covering her tits, she had nothing left to keep from exposing her pussy. Kim waited for the next class to arrive when her pussy pulsed. 'Oh no I can't be getting excited, not now.' But sitting on her desk barely dressed and having to pee so bad the humiliation was causing an orgasm to build.

Tom walked into Miss Watson's room. He gasped when he saw her. Her eyes were wide and her body was shaking. Sweat was pouring down her neck and her blouse was hardly covering her tits. He stood watching her struggle to keep covered as her ass was wiggling on the desk. Tom knew that the water pills had done their job and she would have to surrender to her body's needs soon.

"Hello Miss Watson, are you feeling Okay? You look a little flustered."

Kim could barely answer. "Hi Tom, I'm okay, it must be something I ate for lunch. Please take a seat."

Tom walked to the front row of desks and sat down directly in front of the distressed teacher. Just as class started Helen walked into the room and gasped at how the teacher was dressed. She couldn't believe a teacher would sit in front of the class with her blouse open and her skirt almost up to her waist.

"Miss Watson, Mr Murphy would like you to stop by his office when you can." She said out loud while looking closer at Kim. "Miss Watson, I don't know why you're dressed like this but there must be a good reason. Unless you can explain it to me after school, I'm going to have to report you." She whispered to Kim.

"Thank you Helen, I will stop by your office before I visit Mr Murphy."

Helen knew something was up, she didn't know what but she was sure that Kim was in trouble and she wanted to take advantage.

Tom listened to the exchange and smiled. He knew that Kim couldn't report to the office with all the buttons that would be open by the end of the day. He also watched as Kimmy was squirming on the desk and knew she would have to go to the restroom soon. That would be two rules broken. It was going to be a fun evening.

Kim just sat and looked out over the classroom with a blank look in her eyes. The entire class was silent watching their teacher closely. Kim slowly slid off the desk, dropping her arms exposing her bra encased tits. Her skirt was sliding up even further exposing her slit to the front row, her mind only thinking of getting to the restroom to pee. Even though she was exposing everything she had, the thought of losing control of her bladder and pissing herself was out of the question.

"Please excuse me. I'll be right back." Kim stated with a shaky voice as she turned and walked out of the room. As soon as she hit the hall, she took off on a dead run, running as fast as her heels would allow. She ran to the end of the hall and into the girl's restroom. Pulling up her skirt not wanting to waste any time when she finally got to the stall.

When Kim burst into the restroom, she was surprised that there were several girls in there and all three stalls were full. She screamed as she was now standing in the middle of the room with her skirt up to her waist and her cunt fully exposed. Every girl in the room turned to look at who had burst in and started to laugh at the obviously distressed nearly naked teacher.

Kim started to cry and pound on each stall, "Please someone get out I need to go." She screamed. But the entire room fell silent and no one moved.

"Please someone help me!" She pleaded.

It was then that Melody took charge, "Sure Miss Watson, just step over to the sink and I'm sure someone will be out soon." As she gently pushed the teacher towards the sink till she was looking at herself in the mirror.

What Kim saw shocked her, her blouse was open to well below her tits. Her bra was fully exposed and her skirt was around her waist exposing her naked cunt. "Oh God," she cried and tried to pull herself together.

But Melody wouldn't let her, "Miss Watson if you want a stall stay exactly as you are and I will make someone get out. If you do anything else no one will move.

Kim's hands stopped where they were and she stood facing the mirror. Her body still exposed and her bladder getting closer to a release. "Please Miss Melody, I can't hold it any longer."

Just as she said that a door opened to a stall and Kim rushed inside and slammed the door. Kim sat on the toilet groaning as her bladder exploded. The feeling of relief coursing through her body. Melody and the other girls stood outside the stall laughing at the teacher's misery. When the flow finally stopped, Kim just sat there wondering what she was going to say to the girls outside the stall door. What she didn't know was Melody had quietly pushed everyone out the main door and she was the only one left. When Kim finally got the nerve to open the door, she almost cried in relief. However Melody was still standing there leaning against the sink.

"Boy Miss Watson, you really had to go. I'll bet you're glad the halls were empty when you came in here. I'm sure that running down the hall flashing your pussy would have made front page news."

Kim couldn't even look at Melody, after this weekend buying clothes from her at the thrift store and now flashing her pussy in the bathroom, Melody could ruin her with just a word. "Yes Miss Melody," Was all she could say.

"Don't worry about it teach, I'll keep the girls quiet here, but in the future maybe you shouldn't wait so long? Oh and by the way, I'm not going to be here on Friday, maybe you could work something out about the test?"

Kim knew she was trapped. If she didn't help Melody she could get her fired or even worse. "Yes Miss Melody, I'm sure we can work something out." Kim whispered.

Melody looked at the defeated teacher and smiled knowing that it wouldn't be long till she was kneeling at her feet. "You better get back to class, you've been gone a while."

"Yes Miss Melody."

Kim made it through the seventh period without too much flashing of her body. But her mind was going a mile a minute knowing that she had broken a rule. She didn't know if her owner knew it yet but she expected that it was a forgone conclusion. When eighth period started, her sweating had stopped and her blouse was no longer stuck to her skin. She was able to keep her tits covered and when sitting on her desk she kept her hands in her lap and didn't flash her pussy but a couple of times. When the bell rang for ninth period, Kim started to panic again. Unbuttoning the blouse was out of the question, it would be open down to her navel and there was no way to keep it closed. Her only option was to unbutton another button on her skirt. However when she did, her skirt was unbuttoned up to her crotch. When she sat on the desk, the skirt fell open and exposed her pussy. But at least she could keep her hands in her lap and keep herself covered from most of the class. Only the front row would get a show.

Melody strolled into Kim's room, trying not to smile too much. She wondered which button Kimmy opened. When she saw the skirt, she sat down right in front of Miss Watson, who was sitting on her desk. Kim figured that the fewer times she got up and down off the desk the fewer times she would flash the class. When Melody sat down in front of her she groaned and knew she was giving her more ammunition to use against her.

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